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Contains movies from cinema Svetozor program starting February 15, 2005.

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B52 is a detailed historical documentary about the construction and capabilities of the United States Air Force's B52, the most effective bomber aircraft in American…(more)
() Director: Hartmut Bitomsky, NĚM, 2001


(B-KULT) Director: Various, Various, 2000

B-kult II. - feat. Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa

(B-kult II. - feat. Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa) Director: T. Miike vs. J. Počtová vs. X. Baumaxa & E. Rudenko, JAP vs. ČR, 2001

B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989

The film captures the unadulterated power of Berlin’s music scene in the 1980s. Pale Blixa Bargeld ensures that guests at the Risiko bar are all drunk…(more)
(B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989) Director: Jörg A. Hoppe, Heiko Lange, Klaus Maeck, D, 2015


B’ella is seventeen and lives with her family in Chazunda on the outskirts of Blantyre in Malawi. Like other girls her age, she enjoys sharing…(more)
(B'ella) Director: Tawonga Taddja Nkhonjera, MW, 2014

Baader Meinhof Komplex

Deutschland in den 1970er Jahren. Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof und Gudrun Ensslin, Kinder der "NaziGeneration", beginnen einen Kampf gegen all das, was sie als "neuen…(more)
(Der Baader Meinhof Komplex) Director: Uli Edel, D, 2008

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Inspired by Indian mythology, this spectacular sequel to a successful fantasy epic offers – to a large extent – a standalone story and a breathtaking…(more)
(Baahubali 2: The Conclusion) Director: S.S. Rajamouli, IND, 2017


From the acclaimed director of Cinema Paradiso comes an epic saga of life and death, love and hatred in a vibrant Sicilian town in the first half of…(more)
(Baaria) Director: Giuseppe Tornatore, I - F, 2009


"Mom has never asked me, she just brought granny home. Now she lies in the middle of my room and I have to take care…(more)
(Bába) Director: Zuzana Špidlová, ČR, 2008


The story of tenyearold Nori plays out in Kosovo, in Germany, and on the road between the two countries. His father Gezim dominates his entire…(more)
(Babai) Director: Visar Morina, D-MK-F, 2015


An American couple Richard and Susan are on holiday in Morocco. Susan’s accidental injury suddenly prolongs their stay … Amelia, a nanny, is worried she…(more)
(Babel) Director: Alejandro González Ińárritu, USA, 2006

Babette´s Feast

In 19th century Denmark, two adult sisters live in an isolated village with their father, who is the honored pastor of a small Protestant church…(more)
(Babettes gæstebud) Director: Gabriel Axel, DK, 1987


A look at one year in the life of four babies from around the world, from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo.…(more)
(Bébe(s) ) Director: Thomas Balmes, F, 2010


After the death of Trudy, a centenarian, some lucrative land with an old house are left at the end of the village. That is convenient…(more)
(Babovřesky) Director: Zdeněk Troška, CZ, 2013

Baby Blues

Natalia is a 17yearold girl who decided to keep the baby when she was pregnant and now she copes with it in her own way.…(more)
(Bejbi blues) Director: Katarzyna Rosłaniec, PL, 2012

Baby Driver

After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail. …(more)
(Baby Driver) Director: Edgar Wright, GB-USA, 2017

Baby Driver + Drive

Expo Outdoor Cinema Výstaviště and Bio Oko present two genre movies in one night. Along with the almost cult movie, Drive, with Ryan Gosling, we…(more)
(Baby Driver + Drive) Director: , , 0000

Baby Fresh

A selection of short animated student films from the Theatre Optique section of Fresh Film Fest. Pictures with no dialogues describe stories about singing milk…(more)
(Baby Fresh) Director: , , 0000

Baby Jesus in Aero

As usual, we will celebrate Christmas with a special screening of Monty Python's Life of Brian the instructional movie about how all of this…(more)
(Ježuch v Aeru) Director: Terry Jones, GB, 1979


After a baby monitor picks up another channel, Anna begins reliving the nightmare she'd recently escaped.…(more)
(Babycall) Director: Pal Sletaune, N, 2011


Oko for kids…(more)
(Bacily) Director: Bio Oko, ČR, 2010


Aero for kids…(more)
(Bacily) Director: Kino Aero, ČR, 2010

Back Soon

Anna Halgrimsdottir vit à Reykjavik mais, lasse du froid islandais, elle décide de vendre son commerce florissant de marijuana à un bon prix avant de…(more)
(Back Soon) Director: Solveig Anspach, IS - F, 2007

Back to Burgundy

Jean left his hometown ten years ago. When his father falls ill, he comes back and reunites with his sister Juliette and his brother Jérémie.…(more)
(Ce qui nous lie) Director: Cédric Klapisch, F, 2017

Back to the Future

Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutoniumpowered DeLorean "time machine" invented by slightly mad…(more)
(Back to the Future) Director: Robert Zemeckis, USA, 1985

Back to The Future

After having worked for 18 years in the U.S., thh „sanspapier“ Richar returns to his country Ecuador with his new American wife. Although divorced from…(more)
(Back to The Future) Director: Hans-Jurg Pffaf , CH, 2013

Back to the Future Part II

Marty McFly has only just gotten back from the past, when he is once again picked up by Dr. Emmett Brown and sent through time…(more)
(Back to the Future Part II) Director: Robert Zemeckis, USA, 1989

Back to the Square

The joy, pride and sense of community experienced during the revolution in Egypt was replaced by the everyday fight for survival. How did the transformation…(more)
(Back to the Square) Director: Petr Lom, CDN - N, 2012

Bad Biology

Frank Henenlotter’s Bad Biology makes an ideal Valentine film experience. The uncurable romantics can wrap themselves safely in a story of two lonely souls that…(more)
(Bad Biology) Director: Frank Henenlotter, USA, 2008

Bad Boy Bubby

It seems kind of appropriate that the line “It is our duty to think God out of existence” comes from a film made in a…(more)
(Bad Boy Bubby) Director: Rolf de Heer , AUS, 1993

Bad Education

Enrico, a successful director, reminisces his childhood spent in a jesuite college. He also reminisces his best friend, together with whom they were discovering the…(more)
(La Mala Educación) Director: Pedro Almodóvar, ŠPA, 2004

Bad Hair

La deprimente situación social en un barrio periférico de Caracas le importa poco a Junior, que tiene nueve años. Lo que sí le importa es…(more)
(Pelo malo) Director: Mariana Rondón, YV-D-USA, 2013


We meet Ponso 24 hours before local elections. Ponso just had a stroke, so he needs help of his son Lando with making his rounds…(more)
(Badil) Director: Chito S. Roño, RP, 2013


25year old rubbish collector Kit has no idea what to do with his ambitions – and the naive singlemindedness of 15yearold Holly gives shape to…(more)
(Badlands) Director: Terrence Malik, USA, 1973

Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Updating some of the classic Bollywood motifs in the context of recent social development in India, this modern romantic comedy humorously criticises the traditionalist view…(more)
(Badrinath Ki Dulhania) Director: Shashank Khaitan, IND, 2017

Bafta 70

Only a few weeks from now, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts will for the 70th time select the best British and international…(more)
(Bafta 70) Director: various, , 0000

Bag of Marbles

The adventure of a Jewish kid and of his brother escaping the Nazi persecution in the occupied France.…(more)
(Un sac de billes) Director: Christian Duguay, F-CDN-CZ, 2017

Bag of Marbles

The adventure of a Jewish kid and of his brother escaping the Nazi persecution in the occupied France.…(more)
(Un sac de billes) Director: Christian Duguay, F-CDN-CZ, 2017


Colombia's Bogota has one of the highest crime rates in the world. In this documentary director Jorge Caballero focuses on one day at a court…(more)
(Bagatela) Director: Jorge Caballero Ramos, E, 2008

Bahrain, the Forbidden Country

In February and March 2011, footage was circulated around the world of brutally suppressed demonstrations in the capital city of Bahrain, Manama, in which tens…(more)
(Bahrain, the Forbidden Country) Director: Stéphanie Lamorre, F, 2012

Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!)

An original fiction documentary which follows a pair of Hungarian Borats on a journey across Europe. Lali, a moustached gypsy, and a bald guy named…(more)
(Bahrtalo! (Jó szerencsét!)) Director: Róbert Lakatos, MAĎ - RAK - NĚM, 2008


A magic lovestory between a young boy from a remote village and a female spacetourist, who got lost after returning to earth.…(more)
(Baikonur) Director: Veit Helmer, D - RUS - KZ, 2011


Story about the brave prince Bajaja.…(more)
(Bajaja) Director: Jiří trnka, CZ, 1950

Bajirao Mastani

The spectacular historical drama based on real events takes us to the first half of the 18th century when much of the Indian subcontinent was…(more)
(Bajirao Mastani) Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, IND, 2015


The film’s title draws attention to a spot that has become a tourist paradise in the mountains of Georgia. But documentarian Salome Jashi takes her…(more)
(Bakhmaro) Director: Salome Jashi, D - GE, 2011

Baking in Su-teren

Sulecture will offer several favorite recipes and practical advice for over comming potencial barriers to their implementation. Come and support your imagination and achieve success…(more)
(Pečeme v Su-terénu) Director: , , 0000


A protest against intolerance presented in an original, minimalist artistic conception. Here we have animated balls and blocks battling it out together in a fight…(more)
(Balablok) Director: Břetislav Pojar, Kanada, 1972

Balada pro banditu

(Balada pro banditu) Director: Vladimír Sís, CZ, 1978

Balada Triste

1937, Spain is in the midst of the brutal Spanish Civil War, but within the circus tent the outside world is drowned out by the…(more)
(Balada Triste) Director: Alex de la Iglesia, E - F, 2010

Balanchine / Millepied | Paris Opera Ballet

Conducted by: Philippe Jordan Music: Georges Bizet a Maurice Ravel Choreography: Georges Balanchin a Benjamin…(more)
(Balanchine / Millepied | Paris Opera Ballet) Director: Georges Balanchin, Benjamin Millepied, F, 2014

Ballads of Love, Sex and Style

International Short Film Competition. The Ballad of Roy and Silo Cold Star Looking…(more)
(Balady o lásce, sexu a stylu) Director: various, various, 0000


An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the…(more)
(Ballerina) Director: Eric Summer, Éric Warin, Francie / Kanada, 2016

Ballymun Lullaby

(Ballymun Lullaby) Director: Frank Berry, IRL, 2012

Baltic Focus

The three Baltic countries have seen a lot of interesting development in the past years, with films being featured at international festivals. Absurd humor, love…(more)
(Baltic Focus) Director: various, , 0000

Banana Kids

After a successful realization and presentation of the film „Who will teach me the half of the character“, the realization team started in August to…(more)
(Banánové děti) Director: Martin Ryšavý, CZ, 2009


The use of the pesticide DBCP in agriculture was banned around the world in 1977, when it was discovered that it caused sterility. However, the…(more)
(BANANAS!*) Director: Fredrik Gertten, S, 2009

Band of fairy tales

Band of fairy tales…(more)
(Pásmo filmových pohádek) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2012

Bandit Queen

Shekhar Kapur’s controversial fi lm tells the story of Phoolan Devi, a woman who fought against the harshness of her socially defi ned fate.…(more)
(Bandit Queen) Director: Shekhar Kapur, IND, 1994

BANFF 2013 - Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition and an annual presentation of short films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, and environment.…(more)
(BANFF 2013 - Mountain Film Festival) Director: , , 2013

BANFF 2014

Banff Mountain Film and Book festival is recently one of the best festival in the world focusing for mountain culture. Best film crews, productions, phographers…(more)
(BANFF 2014) Director: , , 2014

BANFF 2015

"Banff Mountain Film and Book festival" is currently one of the most famous and the best festivals of its kind in the world. Best staffs,…(more)
(BANFF 2015) Director: , , 2015

BANFF 2016

"Banff Mountain Film and Book festival" is currently one of the most famous and the best festivals of its kind in the world. Best staffs,…(more)
(BANFF 2016) Director: , , 2016

BANFF 2017

"Banff Mountain Film and Book festival" is currently one of the most famous and the best festivals of its kind in the world. Best staffs,…(more)
(BANFF 2017) Director: , , 2017

BANFF Moutain Film Festival

33rd edition of mountain film festival, coming to Prague from Canadian city Bannf, Alberta. BMFF is an international competition of the wolrd’s best mountain films and videos. Since…(more)
(BANFF Moutain Film Festival) Director: Various, Various, 2008

Bang Bang

This high budget remake of the hollywood action comedy Knight and Day 2010 brings, unlike the orginal version, more romance and opulent visuality. The film…(more)
(Bang Bang) Director: Siddharth Anand, IND, 2014

Banícky chlebíček

The joys and sorrows of the residents of the SouthEast Slovakian village of Rakovnica are shared in a documentary film by localborn Roman Fábian. Through…(more)
(Miners' Bread) Director: Roman Fábian, SK, 2013

Bar el Chino

Jorge Costa, un cineasta de 47 años, intenta retomar un proyecto que había abandonado: la realización de un documental sobre un pequeño lugar enraizado con…(more)
(Bar el Chino) Director: Daniel Burak, RA, 2003


Described by its director as a "guided meditation" on the relationship between humankind and its environment at its best and worst, Baraka relies solely on…(more)
(Baraka) Director: Ron Fricke, USA, 1992


In the 1980's, a young doctor is transferred to a small provincial hospital in East Germany. While secretly planning her escape to the West to…(more)
(Barbara) Director: Christian Petzold, D, 2012


A director wants to make a biopic about the female singer Barbara. Une actrice va jouer Barbara, le tournage va commencer bientôt. Elle travaille son personnage,…(more)
(Barbara) Director: Mathieu Amalric, F, 2017

Barbara Probst | Blowup

On the occasion of the exhibition Total Uncertainty we've prepared with Galerry Rudolfinum special screening of Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowup. …(more)
(Barbara Probst | Zvětšenina) Director: Michelangelo Antonioni , GB, 1966

Barbara's fairytales

Barbara and cats' stories.…(more)
(Barborčiny pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Barbarella Reloaded | Buchty a loutky

Buchty a loutky /Cakes and Puppets/ – an independent alternative puppet theatre company, performing for children as well as adults. The company was established in…(more)
(Barbarella Reloaded | Buchty a loutky) Director: Radek Beran, CZ, 0000

Bardic Divas

A group noted for powerful performances illustrating the role of the female voice across a variety of Central Asian music styles, including those traditionally considered…(more)
(Bardic Divas) Director: Saodat Ismailova, KYRG - KAZ - UZB - AZB - FRA, 2007

Bardzo fajná night

Bardzo fajný evening is a musicfilm evening dedicated to independent Polish film and music, a culture, which as an audience in the Czech Republic, you…(more)
(Bardzo fajný večer) Director: , PL, 2013

Bardzo fajný večer #2

It is a second evening dedicated to Polish culture called „Bardzo fajný večer“. The audience can look forward to a rich programme – a screening…(more)
(Bardzo fajný večer) Director: various, PL, 0000

Bardzo fajný večer #4 - Divadlo, ženy, zpěv

16:30 Beata Bocek …(more)
(Bardzo fajný večer #4) Director: , , 0000

Bardzofajný Embroidery Workshop –an embroidery workshop for adults

Join us for an afternoon embroidery workshop at which you can embroider a "Bardzo fajný" inscription or other selected theme on our Bardzofajný apron, which…(more)
(Bardzo fajná Zašívárna - vyšívací workshop pro dospělé) Director: , , 0000


Eightyearold Eda is a longdesired and anxiously protected child of parents who had lost one baby before. Eda therefore is a backup child; he even…(more)
(Po strništi bos) Director: Jan Svěrák, CZ-SK-DK, 2017


Eightyearold Eda is a longdesired and anxiously protected child of parents who had lost one baby before. Eda therefore is a backup child; he even…(more)
(Po strništi bos) Director: Jan Svěrák , CZ-SK-DK, 2017

Barefoot - a beneficial screening

Eightyearold Eda is a longdesired and anxiously protected child of parents who had lost one baby before. Eda therefore is a backup child; he even…(more)
(Po strništi bos bez bariér) Director: Jan Svěrák, CZ-SK-DK, 2017

Barefoot - black and white

Eightyearold Eda is a longdesired and anxiously protected child of parents who had lost one baby before. Eda therefore is a backup child; he even…(more)
(Po strniti bos) Director: Jan Svěrák , CZ-SK-DK, 2017


Barfi is a smart, charming, but deafmute young man without any social status. Beautiful Shruti falls in love with him, but due to family pressure…(more)
(Barfi!) Director: Anurag Basu, IND, 2012


Henry Chinaski never cared for the American dream, the thought of needing to become 'something' and fit into the system disgusts him. He believes that…(more)
(Barfly) Director: Barbet Schroeder, USA, 1987

Barking Dogs Never Bite

In his debut feature, Bong Joonho combines genre premises with realistic characters, helping the story avoid the usual generic developments, which is the basic principle…(more)
(Peullandaseueui gae) Director: Bong Joon-ho, ROK, 2000

Barry Lyndon

In the Eighteenth Century, in a small village in Ireland, Redmond Barry is a young farm boy in love of his cousin Nora Brady. When…(more)
(Barry Lyndon) Director: Stanley Kubrick, GB, 1975


Two friends decide to take a holiday in a village in India, not expecting to meet the love of their lives.…(more)
(Barsaat) Director: Raj Kapoor, IND, 1949

Based Down South

Four people of Turkish background who grew up in Germany now work in Istanbul at call centres for German companies. It seems that for only…(more)
(Wir sitzen im Süden) Director: Martina Priessner, D, 2010

Based on a True Story

(Based on a True Story) Director: Walter Stockman, D, 2005

Bashu, the Little Stranger

Bahram Bayzai’s renowned film Bashu, the Little Stranger, a story about the integration of a member of an ethnic minority, is often considered the best…(more)
(Bashu, gharibeye koochak) Director: Bahram Bayzai, IR, 1990

Basket Case

Charming country bumpkin Duane Bradley takes a motel room in New York with no other luggage then a basket. In a flash backseries we learn…(more)
(Basket Case) Director: Frank Henenlotter, USA, 1982

Básník Ticho - recitát

There is no english text here, we are appologize.…(more)
(Básník Ticho - recitát) Director: Básník Ticho, Czech Republic, 2007


Director Mehran Tamadon, an Iranian living in France, travels to his native land with the aim of penetrating the intellectual world of the socalled Bassidjis…(more)
(Bassidji) Director: Mehran Tamadon , F - IR - A, 2009


Commandant, à bord d’un supertanker, Marco Silvestri doit rentrer d’urgence à Paris, abandonner le navire. Sa sœur Sandra est aux abois… Son mari suicidé, une…(more)
(Les Salauds) Director: Claire Denis, F - D, 2012


With its woods, sunshine and clear water, who would think the idyllic island of Bastoy south of the Norwegian capital Oslo was a prison? But…(more)
(Bastoy ) Director: Michel Kapteijns, NL, 2010

Bata-Ville (We Are Not Afraid of the Future)

BataVille We Are Not Afraid of the Future, „ sad film about hope“, is the first featurelength work by artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie.…(more)
(Bata-Ville (We Are Not Afraid of the Future)) Director: Nina Pope - Karen Guthrie, VB, 2005


During the 1920s Tomas Bata and his step brother Jan Antonín Bata, the global icons of the entrepreneurship from a little city of Czechoslovakia called…(more)
(Batalives: Baťovské životy) Director: Karolína Zalabáková, Petr Babinec, CZ, 2017


Alzbeta Bathory has been for years presented as the biggest murderess of all times who used to bath in blood of young virgins. Her life story interests…(more)
(Bathory) Director: Juraj Jakubisko, CZ - SK - HUN - GB, 2008


Gotham City. Crime boss Carl Grissom Jack Palance effectively runs the town but there's a new crime fighter in town Batman Michael Keaton. Grissom's…(more)
(Batman) Director: Tim Burton, USA-GB, 1989

Batman Begins

After training with his mentor, Batman begins his war on crime to free the crimeridden Gotham City from corruption that the Scarecrow and the League…(more)
(Batman Begins) Director: Christopher Nolan, USA-GB, 2005

Batman Returns

Having defeated the Joker, Batman now faces the Penguin a warped and deformed individual who is intent on being accepted into Gotham society. Crooked…(more)
(Batman Returns) Director: Tim Burton, USA, 1992

Battle of the Sexes

The true story of the 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King and exchamp and serial hustler Bobby Riggs. …(more)
(Battle of the Sexes) Director: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris, USA-GB, 2017

Battle Ship Potomkin

The film portrays the crucial events of the revolutionary year 1905, especially the mutiny on the battleship Potemkin. It is a monumental work of art.…(more)
(Bronenosec Potjomkin) Director: Sergej Michajlovič Ejzenštejn, RUS, 1925

Battle Ship Potomkin - festive opening of Projekt 100

The film portrays the crucial events of the revolutionary year 1905, especially the mutiny on the battleship Potemkin. It is a monumental work of art.…(more)
(Bronenosec Potjomkin) Director: Sergej Michajlovič Ejzenštejn, RUS, 1925

Battlefield Titan

far from planet Earth, there is a place where human fantasy, science and religion converge …(more)
(Bitevní pole Titan) Director: Zdeněk Holý, ČR, 2007


This documentary, free of any censorship or even selfcensorship, is dedicated to two unconventional artists and friends from Litvínov. Em Rudenko, a nonconformist Ukrainian construction…(more)
(EM a ON) Director: Vladimír Michálek, CZ, 2011

Bayadère | Royal Ballet

In record
(La Bayadère | Royal Ballet) Director: Natalia Makarova, GB, 2018

BBC Electric Proms: Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams’ BBC Electric Proms performance will be broadcasted to cinema audiences in selected world markets. The sellout London concert will be broadcasted live on…(more)
(BBC Electric Proms: Robbie Williams) Director: , GB, 2009

BDS Prague: Alien is a friend

(BDS Praha: Ufoun je kamarád) Director: Martin Učík, CZ, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Jerry and Mike are lifelong friends. When mechanic Jerry manages to erase the cassettes in the video rental store where Mike works, they try to…(more)
(Be Kind Rewind) Director: Michel Gondry, USA, 2008

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne is Romania’s first found footage movie. While that sentence accurately describes it, Be My Cat is a film…(more)
(Be My Cat: A Film for Anne) Director: Adrian Tofei, RO, 2015

Beach Rats

Frankie lives in a house with his sister and mother, who is looking after their dying father. He spends most of the time on the…(more)
(Beach Rats) Director: Eliza Hittman, USA, 2016

Bear Cub

Pedro, a gay man with an active social life and big circle of friends, takes in his nephew Bernardo for a couple weeks. When it…(more)
(Cachorro) Director: Miguel Albaladejo, ŠPA, 2004

Bear Forest I.

Jazz session about berries and squirrels.more)
(Les medvědů I.) Director: Tomáš Fingerland a Petra Strá, , 0000

Bear Forest II.

Jazz session about bears.more)
(Les medvědů II.) Director: Tomáš Fingerland a Petra Strá, , 2016

Bear Islands

Director Martin Ryšavý continues his exploration of subjects related toYakutia, Russia's Far Eastern Federal District. The film captures the life of residents in the remotest…(more)
(Medvědí ostrovy) Director: Martin Ryšavý, CZ, 2010

Bear With Us

A family has decided to sell their lovely cottage as none of them has visited it for some time. Yet it holds so many nostalgic…(more)
(Chata na prodej) Director: Tomáš Pavlíček, CZ, 2018

Showing: Monday 20. 8. 2018 16:00, Tuesday 21. 8. 2018 16:00, Wednesday 22. 8. 2018 16:00, Thursday 23. 8. 2018 16:00, Friday 24. 8. 2018 16:00, Saturday 25. 8. 2018 13:30, Sunday 26. 8. 2018 13:30, Monday 27. 8. 2018 13:00, Thursday 30. 8. 2018 16:00, Friday 31. 8. 2018 16:00, Saturday 1. 9. 2018 13:15, Sunday 2. 9. 2018 13:15, Tuesday 4. 9. 2018 13:00, Wednesday 19. 9. 2018 13:00

Bears from Kolin

Short animated stories about bears who met aech other in Kolin.…(more)
(Co to bouchlo) Director: , CZ, 0000

Beast love

Fourth round: Love animal.
(Tierische Liebe) Director: Ulrich Seidl, A, 1996

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Nominated for 4 Oscars: Best Picture, Actress Quvenzhané Wallis, Director Benh Zeitlin, Adapted Screen Play In a forgotten wetland community cut off from the…(more)
(Beasts of the Southern Wild) Director: Benh Zeitlin, USA, 2011

Beata Bocek | concert in the café

Beata Bocek is a singer and composer, a versatile musician, who mostly sings in Polish and accompanies herself on theguitar, harmonica, ukulele, koncovka fluteand mbira.…(more)
(Beata Bocek) Director: , , 0000

Beatle family

Short stories about little beatle and his family.…(more)
(Broučkova rodina) Director: , CZ, 0000


Norway in the 1960s – four young men at the brink of adulthood are caught in the riotous nets of Beatlemania. Four friends, Kim, Seb, Ola,…(more)
(Beatles) Director: Peter Flinth, N, 2014

Beats of Freedom

Music and freedom are linked by thousands of stories. This documentary, with its subtitle How to Bring Down a Totalitarian Regime with the Aid of…(more)
(Zew wolności) Director: W. Slota - L. Gnoiński, PL, 2010

Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and The Story of Smile

The behindthescenes tale of the record that was supposed to establish Beach Boys genius Brian Wilson as rock's reigning creative force but instead became the…(more)
(Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and The Story of Smile) Director: David Leaf, USA, 2004

Beautiful in Beaufort Wes

Beaufort West is a small village in the Karoo, a stretch of semidesert reaching from Cape Town up to Johannesburg. It is also home and…(more)
(Beautiful in Beaufort Wes) Director: Walter Stokman, NIZ, 2006

Beautiful Youth

La última película, de momento, de Jaime Rosales, un llamativo representante del cine español, cuenta una historia deprimente sobre la juventud y todavía no se…(more)
(Hermosa juventud) Director: Jaime Rosales, E-F, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Disney's animated classic takes on a new form, with a widened mythology and an allstar cast. A young prince, imprisoned in the form of a…(more)
(Beauty and the Beast) Director: Bill Condon, USA, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Disney's animated classic takes on a new form, with a widened mythology and an allstar cast. A young prince, imprisoned in the form of a…(more)
(Beauty and the Beast) Director: Bill Condon, USA, 2017

Beauty and the Bike

A project established in 2008 to explore more deeply the reasons why girls stop cycling in the UK, which began with a small group of…(more)
(Beauty and the Bike) Director: R. Grassick - B. Wupperman, GB, 2009

Becoming Me

"Thanks to my blog, I don't feel so alone anymore," whispers Laura, a young Finn who scrupulously checks where all the food she eats comes…(more)
(Matka minuksi) Director: Mina Laamo, FIN, 2014

Becoming Who I Was

Fiveyearold Padma Angu is no ordinary boy. He was recognised as the reincarnation of a spiritual teacher in Tibet. The boy is taken under the…(more)
(Becoming Who I Was) Director: Chang-yong Moon, Jin Jeon, ROK, 2017


Witty, intelligent, brash, damn stylish and brutally funny version of the myth of Faust written and starred by the cult British comic duo Peter Cook…(more)
(BEDAZZLED) Director: Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Stanley Donen, GB, 1967


Adam and Barbara are a normal couple...who happen to be dead. They have given their precious time to decorate the house and make it their…(more)
(Beetlejuice) Director: Tim Burton, USA, 1988

Before Flying Back to the Earth

The director of the film visited the children's hospital where boys and girls are sick with leukemia. However, he does not find a place filled…(more)
(Prieš Parskrendant i Žeme) Director: Arunas Matelis, NĚM - LIT, 2005

Before I Met You

The documentary “Before I Met You” uncovers the reality behind the closed doors of delivery rooms where nobody but motherstobe are allowed to enter.…(more)
(Medzi nami) Director: Zuzana Límová, SK, 2016

Before Midnight

Nine years after Before Sunset, their highlyregarded sequel to Before Sunrise, director Richard Linklater reteams with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy for Before Midnight, which…(more)
(Before Midnight) Director: Richard Linklater, USA, 2013

Before My Feet Touch the Ground - cyklocinema

Israeli student Daphni Leef led a quiet life in downtown Tel Aviv. Everything changed when she had to move out of her apartment and found…(more)
(Lifnei Sheharaglaim Nogot Bakarka) Director: Daphni  Leef, IL, 2017

Before Stonewall

In 1969, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York's Greenwich Village decided to fight back, transforming a routine police raid into three nights…(more)
(Before Stonewall) Director: Greta Schiller, USA, 1985

Before Sunset

Jesse, a writer from the US, and Celine, a Frenchwoman working for an environment protection organization, acquainted nine years ago on the train from Budapest…(more)
(Before Sunset) Director: Richard Linklater, USA, 2004

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Three years ago, Sidney Lumet has been awarded an Oscar for his lifelong work, but as his latest film shows, as a director he has no intention to…(more)
(Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) Director: Sidney Lumet, USA, 2007

Before the Last Curtain Falls

Ravel's Bolero resounds through the night on the streets of the Belgian city of Ghent, where the final presentation of "Gardenia" is taking place. The…(more)
(Bevor der letzte Vorhang fällt) Director: Thomas Wallner, B-D, 2014

Before the Rain

The circularity of violence seen in a story that circles on itself. In Macedonia, during war in Bosnia, Christians hunt an ethnic Albanian girl who…(more)
(Pred dozhdot) Director: Milcho Mančevski, MAK - FRA - VB, 1994


(Předvibrování) Director: Vesmírní lidé, CZ, 2006

Begin Again

Gretta Keira Knightley and her longtime boyfriend Dave Adam Levine are college sweethearts and songwriting partners who decamp for New York when he lands a…(more)
(Begin Again) Director: John Carney, USA, 2013


Ewan McGregor, enchanting as ever, stars as Oliver in this bittersweet film about eternal beginners in the field of love. Oliver’s 75yearold father Christopher Plummer,…(more)
(Beginners) Director: Mike Mills, USA, 2010


Twins Pavla and Denisa and several months older Adéla reached adulthood in a children home in Počátky. From there, the path to an independent life…(more)
(Počátky) Director: Linda Kallistová Jablonská, CZ, 2014


The most radical title in this year’s shockproof programme was reportedly inspired by a near death experience the director had after a car accident. A…(more)
(Begotten) Director: E. Elias Merhige, USA, 1990


Well–known Brazilian filmmaker Maria Ramos made this provocative film about juvenile delinquents who end up before a special youth court for their wrongdoings. Every day…(more)
(Juízo) Director: Maria Ramos, BRA, 2007


Behemoth is a biblical monster, the beast of an invincible country. Today, the beast could be seen as man himself, raping the earth to obtain…(more)
(Behemoth) Director: Liang Zhao, F-RC, 2015

Behind the Beautiful Forevers | NT Live

Pulizter Prizewinner Katherine Boo spent three years in Annawadi recording the lives of its residents. From her uncompromising book, winner of the National Book Award…(more)
(Behind the Beautiful Forevers | NT Live) Director: Rufus Norris , GB, 2015

Behind the Candelabra

Scott Thorson, a young gay man raised in foster homes, is introduced to flamboyant entertainment giant Liberace and quickly finds himself in a romantic relationship…(more)
(Behind the Candelabra) Director: Steven Soderbergh, USA, 2013

Behind the Fence

A limited space, empty on the outside, big dramas on the inside. A return to childhood, the time of holidays and hot summers. All of…(more)
(Za płotem ) Director: Marcin Sauter, Polsko, 2005

Behind The Glass

Behind the Glass speaks of a false life in an apparent order, which barely maintains itself in a chaotic disorder. Structured over a period of…(more)
(Iza stakla) Director: Zrinko Ogresta, HR, 2008

Behind the Green Door

Two men enter a fast food place. The owner asks them about a mysterious matter. After some considerations, one of the two guys accepts to…(more)
(Behind the Green Door) Director: A.Mitchell - J. Mitchell, USA, 1972

Behind The Wheel

Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers leave Tajikistan in search of employment. The money sent back provides a huge boost to the economy;…(more)
(Behind The Wheel) Director: Elise Laker , GB, 2013

Being 17

In the most refreshing film of his career, French director, André Téchiné, age seventy, tells of two seventeenyearold boys from a small town in France…(more)
(Quand on a 17 ans) Director: André Téchiné, F, 2016

Being Bhaijaan

Posters of his dance shows say that Shan Ghosh, Salman Khan’s lookalike by profession and passion, is the Junior Salman of Nagpur. He, along with…(more)
(Being Bhaijaan) Director: Samreen Farooqui, Shabani Hassanwalia, IND, 2014

Being Julia

At the peak of her life an aging theatre star Annette Bening realizes she is getting old. The appearance of a young gentleman makes her…(more)
(Being Julia) Director: István Szabó, VB-USA-KAN-MAĎ, 2004

Bel Ami

A chronicle of a young man's rise to power in Paris via his manipulation of the city's most influential and wealthy women.…(more)
(Bel Ami) Director: D. Donnellan - N. Ormerod, GB, 2012

Belarusian Dream

According to this film’s anonymous guide, autumn 2010 was the most beautiful period in Belarus in recent years. His words are illustrated with footage of…(more)
(Belorusskaya mechta) Director: Ekaterina Kibalchich, RUS, 2011


The drama follows two brothers who start a bar and get swept up in its success in the midst of Belgium's nightlife scene.more)
(Belgica) Director: Felix Van Groeningen, B, 2016

Belgium in French

Belgium is a country that is in size, population, history, and a coexistence of two distinct nations with separate languages, closer to the Czech Republic…(more)
(Belgie francouzsky) Director: various, , 0000

Bella and Sebastian

A sixyearold boy and his dog look to foil a Nazi effort to capture French Resistance fighters.…(more)
(Belle et Sébastien) Director: Nicolas Vanier, F, 2013

Bella and Sebastian - first night for dogs

A sixyearold boy and his dog look to foil a Nazi effort to capture French Resistance fighters.…(more)
(Belle et Sébastien) Director: Nicolas Vanier, F, 2013

Bella Mia

Due to suspicion of BSE mad cow disease, a herd of cows from a small farmstead is sentenced to be killed. The animals revolt and…(more)
(Bella Mia) Director: Martin Duba, CZ, 2013

Belle And Sebastian: Fans Only

A feature film about a Scottish band called Belle and Sebastian. It isn´t boring although it doesn´t make sense. Presented by Pavel Klusák…(more)
(Belle And Sebastian: Fans Only) Director: Blair Young, GB, 2003

Belle toujours

The latest fi lm by soontobe centenarian Oliveira could be described as a postmodernist intellectual little piece about the unswerving logic of human life, fi nding…(more)
(Belle toujours) Director: Manoel De Oliviera, P - F, 2006


Woodrow and Aiden are fascinated by the apocalyptic vision of Mad Max 2 and spend all their free time constructing flamethrowers and Medusa, their demonic…(more)
(Bellflower) Director: Evan Glodell, USA, 2011

Bells of Happiness

Roman and Marien have a dream to meet their idols Karel Gott and Dar Rollins. The tragicomic story, so different from ordinary romanticizing or…(more)
(Zvonky šťastia) Director: Marek Šulík / Jana Bučková, SK, 2012


JeanPaul Belmondo revient sur les lieux d'une fantastique carrière de comédien, accompagné de son fils Paul, à la rencontre de ses amis et de son…(more)
(Belmondo par Belmondo) Director: Régis Mardon, F, 2016

Beloved One

When Kundan meets Zoya, he falls in love at first sight. He is not discouraged by the fact that she belongs to another caste or…(more)
(Raanjhanaa) Director: Aanand Rai, IND, 2013

Ben Hur

When a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge.…(more)
(Ben Hur) Director: William Wyler, USA, 1959

Benda Bilili !

Ricky avait un rêve : faire de Staff Benda Bilili le meilleur orchestre du Congo. Roger, enfant des rues, désirait plus que tout rejoindre ces…(more)
(Benda Bilili !) Director: F. de la Tullaye - R. Barret, F, 2009

Bending the Rules

A sharp snapshot of the young and rebellious generation of the Iranian middle class, BENDING THE RULES follows an enthusiastic theatre group who rehearse passionately…(more)
(Ghaedeye Tasadof) Director: Behnám Behzádí, IR, 2013

Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens

Believe it or not even in Smalltown USA there are still people who are unfulfilled and unrelieved in the midst of plenty. Levonna & Lamar…(more)
(Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens) Director: Russ Meyer, USA, 1979

Beneficiary Auction Design Help

The Design Help initiative, for more amiable hospitals organizes on May 22, 2013 charity auction for the benefit of project cultivation interior waiting rooms and…(more)
(Benefiční aukce Design Help) Director: various, , 0000

Benefit concert for a van: Xavier Baumaxa, Bonus a Kopec Šišek

Would you give a ride to three hitchhiking backpackers? And what if one of them was in a wheel chair? In August 2010, Xavier Baumaxa…(more)
(Benefiční koncert na dodávku: Xavier Baumaxa, Bonus a Kopec Šišek) Director: , , 0000

Benefit for Metráž (Yardage)

Upcycling – slow fashion – solidarity
(Benefice pro Metráž) Director: , , 0000

Benigno, Farewell to a Revolution

Marlou van den Berge's documentary is a portrayal of Daniel Alarcón, alias Benigno, the benevolent , a man who began life as an illiterate…(more)
(Benigno, Afscheid Van Een Revolutie) Director: Marlou van den Berge, NIZ, 2005


Recién llegado de México donde consolidó su carrera a finales de los años cuarenta, Benny Moré es el artista que a través de la música y del baile…(more)
(El Benny) Director: Jorge Luis Sánchez, Cuba, 2006

Berg Fidel

A decision is taken that no great debate is needed; if all are agreed, Daniel will receive a reprimand and the matter will be closed.…(more)
(Berg Fidel ) Director: Hella Wenders, D, 2011

Berg Orchestra: film archives

screening with live music accompaniment…(more)
(Komorní orchestr Berg) Director: , , 0000

Bergman Island

In this documentary, Bergman shows us for the first time his world on the desolate and mysterious Baltic island of Fårö. Bergman discovered Fårö for…(more)
(Ingmar Bergman - 3 dokumentärer om film, teater, Fårö och livet av Marie Nyreröd) Director: Marie Nyreröd, SWE, 2005

Berkat and Marsho - Happiness and Freedom

The children's dance group Marsho came into being in the Sputnik refugee camp on the ChechenIngush border. Over 9,000 Chechen refugees have been living here…(more)
(Berkat a Maršo - štěstí a svoboda ) Director: David Čálek , ČR, 2007

Berlin Rebel High School

This high school has no headmaster and no grades. The teachers are paid by the students, who set the curriculum and manage the daytoday running…(more)
(BERLIN REBEL HIGH SCHOOL) Director: Alexander Kleider, D, 2017

Berlin Rebel High School

This high school has no headmaster and no grades. The teachers are paid by the students, who set the curriculum and manage the daytoday running…(more)
(Berlin Rebel High School) Director: Alexander Kleider, D, 2017

Bernstein Centenary / New Wayne McGregor / The Age of Anxiety / New Christopher Wheeldon | Royal Opera House

Live Leonard Bernstein was one of the first classical composers in America to achieve both popular and critical acclaim. He was eclectic in his sources –…(more)
(Bernstein Centenary / New Wayne McGregor / The Age of Anxiety / New Christopher Wheeldon) Director: Wayne McGregor, Christopher Wheeldon, Liam Scarlett, GB, 2018


(Bobule) Director: Tomáš Bařina, CZ, 2008


tlumočeno režisér Alain de Halleux, novinář Václav Vašků, členové rockové skupiny Asfalt…(more)
(Beseda) Director: , , 0000

Beseda s režisérem Lordanem Zafranovićem

(Beseda s režisérem Lordanem Zafranovićem) Director: , , 0000

Beseda s Walkerem Procházkou

Completely subjective view by J.W. Procházky on the issue of superheroes from hieroglyphs to Superman, from St. Agnes to Wonder Woman. Fly the world of…(more)
(Beseda s Walkerem Procházkou) Director: , CZ, 0000

Best Czech Short Docs

A block of short films nominated for the Pavel Koutecký award. Tap water is about a crack, pipe lines and poisoned citizens of Prague 6.…(more)
(Nejlepší český krátký dokument) Director: various, CZ, 2016

Best of Dog Whisperer

Emmyaward nominated Cesar Millan has an uncanny ability to rehabilitate problem dogs of all shapes and sizes. …(more)
(Best of Dog Whisperer) Director: National Geographic, USA, 2009

Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005

It all started in Karlovy Vary in 1992, when we decided to present short films by the Dutchman Paul Ruven, Slovak Miro Šindelka, and Czech…(more)
(Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005) Director: Various, Various, 2000

Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005 - festive opening of the festival, only for invited guests

It all started in Karlovy Vary in 1992, when we decided to present short films by the Dutchman Paul Ruven, Slovak Miro Šindelka, and Czech…(more)
(Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005 - slavnostní zahájení pouze pro zvané) Director: Various, Various, 2000

Best of Khashish

Sundar 2015, 27 min, Rohan…(more)
(Best of Khashish) Director: various, IND, 2014

Best of the Best

The best dance films awarded at international festivals. The Dance Film Festival currator's selection. What a choice …(more)
(Best of the Best) Director: various, USA-I-NL-CDN, 2016


Short films compilation: more)
(Bestiárium) Director: various, , 0000

Bette Bourne: It Goes With The Shoes

(Bette Bourne: It Goes With The Shoes) Director: Jeremy Jeffs, Mark Ravenhill, GB, 2013

Better Things

Duane Hopkins’ powerful debut delivers a sharp insight into the lives of British youth and rural neighbourhood. Gail’s agoraphobia keeps her inside where she escapes…(more)
(Better Things) Director: Duane Hopkins, GB, 2008

Between Animal And Man

Aero for kids…(more)
(Mezi zvířetem a člověkem) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2008

Between Fence And Border And on the Edge of the Map

Twenty years of turmoil in Kashmir and the consequent Indian State response may have brought Kashmir to a point from where there is nowhere else…(more)
(Apour ti yapour. Na jang na aman. Yeti chu talukpeth) Director: Ajay Raina, IND, 2011

Between Heaven and Earth

The circus has a long tradition in Uzbekistan and it has always been one of the main attractions on the legendary Silk Road from China…(more)
(Tussen Hemel en Aarde) Director: M. Novikova - F. Van den Engel, NIZ, 2007

Between madness and art

Film documentation of a famous collection does not relate to its origin, but describes life of male and female artists, interviews scholars of fine arts…(more)
(Between madness and art) Director: Christian Beetz, NĚM, 2007

Between Memories

Eudosia is still searching for her husband's remains in the highlands of Ayacucho, Lucero has been in prison for 25 years now for the crime…(more)
(Between Memories) Director: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, PE, 2015

Between Midnight and the Rooster' s Crow

Nadja Drost, a young Canadian documentary filmmaker, uses the movie camera and journalist accreditation as a shield in her investigation of the policies of corporations…(more)
(Between Midnight and the Rooster' s Crow) Director: Nadja Drost, KAN, 2005

Between the Canals

Liam, Dots, and Scratchcard are three outsiders living on the edge of the law in Dublin. Each has his own vision of who he wants…(more)
(Between the Canals) Director: Mark O'Connor, IRL, 2010

Between two Kims

It was only the second time since 1989 that a group of ordinary Czech tourists could enter North Korea. Each of the tourists had to…(more)
(Na studiích v KLDR - mezi dvěma Kimy) Director: , , 0000

Between two Kims vol. 2

It was only the second time since 1989 that a group of ordinary Czech tourists could enter North Korea. Each of the tourists had to…(more)
(Na studiích v KLDR - mezi dvěma Kimy vol. 2) Director: , CZ, 2016


An intimate look at a visionary artist, seen through a congenial montage of archival sources he appears more relevant than ever before. Joseph Beuys, the…(more)
(Beuys) Director: Andres Veiel, D, 2017

Showing: Monday 10. 9. 2018 20:30

Beware You Beautiful Ones

In a Bollywoodlike and glossy frolic, this film follows Raj Sharma Ranbir Kapoor on his romantic life journey. It all begins on a Euro Rail…(more)
(Bachna Ae Haseeno) Director: Siddharth Anand, IND - USA, 2008

Beyond Borders: Migration and (In)Equality in Central Europe in Comparison – Short Films

Invisible Lives: Romanian Night Workers in London , 2013, 15 min, dir. IuliusCezar Macarie, Tim Marrinan, Romanian, English version / English subtitles …(more)
(Beyond Borders: Migration and (In)Equality in Central Europe in Comparison) Director: various, , 0000

Beyond Digital Picture

New media in the hands of young artists of Prague’s AVU. Presented by: V. Bromová, R. Müllerová…(more)
() Director: , , 2000

Beyond Mountains of Darkness

In 2000 director Tszach Nissenboim set off to see a family of Jewish settlers, who had been living for several decades in the settlement of…(more)
(Me'ever Le'harei Hachoshech) Director: Tszach Nissenboim, Israel, 2004

Beyond Our Differences

What are the fundamental issues facing our world today? Where do world leaders and the biggest thinkers of our time in politics, religion, culture, arts…(more)
(Beyond Our Differences) Director: Peter Bisanz, USA, 2008

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Post–war Europe made the promise to never again allow one nation or race or any one group of people to attempt to systematically wipe out…(more)
(Izvan Razumne Sumnje) Director: Mina Vidakovic, SRB - MONTENEGRO, 2005

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Set in an alternate version of 1983, in a commune called Arboria, the rich and strange debut of Panos Cosmatos is an effective homage to…(more)
(Beyond the Black Rainbow) Director: Panos Cosmatos, CDN, 2010

Beyond the Darkness

A young rich orphan loses his fiancée to voodoo doll mischief on the part of his housekeeper who is jealous of his attentions. He digs…(more)
(Buio omega) Director: Joe D’Amato , I, 1979

Beyond the Numbers: A Human Perspective on Tibet’s Self-immolation + From Nomad to Nobody

###Beyond the Numbers: A Human Perspective on Tibet’s Selfimmolation Katie Lin / IND CDN, 2012 English version / Czech subtitles, 26 min Tibetans have been engaged in…(more)
(Beyond the Numbers: A Human Perspective on Tibet’s Self-immolation + From Nomad to Nobody) Director: Katie Lin, Michael Buckley, IND - CDN, 2012

Beyond Words

On three nights in 1944 the greatest mass murders in the history of the Czech lands was committed. Almost 11,000 Czech Jews were killed in…(more)
(Nesdělitelné) Director: Helena Třeštíková, ČR, 2006

Beyond Wriezen

Jano, 17, used to be a street drug dealer, Imo, 22, is violent and Marcel, 25, killed a 16yearold youth three years ago along with…(more)
(Beyond Wriezen) Director: Daniel Abma, D, 2012

Beztížná zóna

1218h Vyrobte si vlastní kosmickou masku, zúčastněte se soutěže o nekrásnější nakreslenou raketu, obydlujte velkou nově objevenou planetu, zaplňte vesmír dalšími hvězdnými soustavami a především absolvujte…(more)
(Beztížná zóna) Director: , , 0000

Bhután - Hledání štěstí

(Bhután - Hľadanie šťastia) Director: Pavol Barabáš, SK, 2008

Bi the Way

This fresh documentary by a duo of young directors takes the viewer on a ride through the uncharted terrain of bisexuality, because “the divide between…(more)
(Bi the Way) Director: J. Decker - B. Blockman, USA, 2008

Bibliotheque Pascal

In order to regain custody of her daughter, whom she left in the care of her fortunetelling aunt, Mona must tell a social worker her…(more)
(Bibliotheque Pascal ) Director: Szabolcs Hajdu , D - H - GB - RO, 2009

Bienvenido a casa

Click READ MORE for English Eva y Samuel son dos jóvenes enamorados que deciden vivir juntos. Él encuentra trabajo como fotógrafo en una revista de información…(more)
(Bienvenido a casa) Director: David Trueba, E, 2006

Big as Brno

The May Day blockade of a neoNazi procession through the eyes of the students of FAMU Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts…(more)
(Film jako Brno) Director: A. Abramjan - K. Bartošová - N. Císařovská - R. Kvapil - L. Senft - J. Strejcovský - V. Klusák, CZ, 2011

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Just before Swedish documentarian and investigative journalist Fredrik Gertten set off for Los Angeles for the world premiere of Bananas screened at One World in…(more)
(Big Boys Gone Bananas!*) Director: Fredrik Gertten, S, 2011

Big Brother Awards

Multimedia show where worst privacy intruders are named and awarded negative prizes. Newly developing technologies allow for more effective and intrusive snooping into our privacy.…(more)
(Big Brother Awards ) Director: , CZ, 2010

Big Brother Awards

Multimedia show where antiawards for the worst intruders are granted. Still developing technologies prolong the fingers of intuders who like to break our privacy – they…(more)
(Big Brother Awards) Director: , CZ, 2013

Big Eyes

A drama about the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her…(more)
(Big Eyes) Director: Tim Burton, USA, 2014

Big Hero 6

The special bond that develops between plussized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a…(more)
(Big Hero 6) Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams, USA, 2014

Big cheese robbery

Velká sýrová loupež, 47 minut Jak ulovit tygra, 17 minut …(more)
(Velká sýrová loupež ) Director: Václav Bedřich, CZ, 1986

Big Jet

"You know that curiosity kills more people than courage? So shut up", says a voice inside a faecal truck that is clumsily rushing through the…(more)
(Big Jato) Director: Cláudio Assis, BR, 2016

Big Lebowski

When "The Dude" Lebowski is mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, two thugs urinate on his rug to coerce him into paying a debt he knows…(more)
(Big Lebowski) Director: E. Coen - J. Coen, USA, 1998

Big Lebowski

When "The Dude" Lebowski is mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, two thugs urinate on his rug to coerce him into paying a debt he knows…(more)
(Big Lebowski) Director: E. Coen - J. Coen, USA, 1998

Big Restaurant

Topnotch french restaurant owner Monsieur Septime is involved into crime when one of his famous guests disappears.…(more)
(Grand restaurant, Le) Director: Jacques Besnard, F, 1966

Big Storm: The Lynndie England Story

In May of 2004, photographs in which American soldiers abused Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison rapidly spread all around the world. In the…(more)
(Het verhaal van soldaat Lynndie England) Director: Twan Huys, HOL, 2005

Big Time

Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect who tries to defy all sorts of conventions which distances him from many of his peers. He founded the…(more)
(Big Time) Director: Kaspar Astrup Schröder, DK, 2017

Bílá nemoc

"The White Sickness", a leprosylike disease, ravages the world during a war.…(more)
(Bílá nemoc) Director: Hugo Haas, CZ, 1937


Shamim and Jharna are both in their late twenties and blind. They met in a blind school, and fell in love. They now live in…(more)
(Bilal) Director: Sourav Sarangi, IND, 2008

Billu Barber

Billu is a poor barber who lives with his wife Bindiya and their two children in his village. He lives an uneventful life until Bollywood…(more)
(Billu Barber) Director: Priyadarshan, IND, 2009

Billy Elliot

1984: In a northern England mining town, miners are on strike and the atmosphere is tense. Elevenyear old Billy Elliot, whose father and brother are…(more)
(Billy Elliot) Director: Stephen Daldry, GB-F, 2000

Binding Words

Transsexualism is not a mental illness. Male and female are not the only exclusively valid gender identities. Pigeonholing is akin to terror. The protagonists of…(more)
(L’ordre des mots ) Director: C. Arra - M. Arra, F, 2007


Binji is a short documentary about the electronic music scene in Hungary.Take a short glimpse of the situation and the difficulties faced by these inspiring…(more)
(Binji) Director: G. Balogh - S. Lazzaro, H, 2007


First year of unlifted losts & founds charity market in BIO|OKO …(more)
(BIO | OKO - FAIR) Director: various, various, 2010

Bio Design | Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century

Making Faces' is a fascinating design documentary by Richard Kegler that captures the personality and work process of the late Canadian graphic artist and type…(more)
(Tvorba písma: Kovové litery ve 21. století) Director: Richard Kegler, USA, 2011

Bio Oko for kids!

Oko for kids…(more)
(Krtekv Oku) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2012

Bio Oko for kids!

Oko for kids…(more)
(Čekání na léto) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2012

Bio Oko for kids!

Bio Oko for kids…(more)
(Svět Jiřího Trnky) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2012

Bio Oko for kids!

Bio Oko for kids…(more)
(Zažít kino jinak) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2013

Bio Oko reconstruction's presentation

Bio Oko is looking forward for some changes this year. We are glad to present you the plan of its reconstruction. Please pick up your free…(more)
(Prezentace projektu opravy Bia Oko) Director: , , 2015

Biofonie s Kašpárkem v rohlíku

Pásmo klasických němých grotesek s Laurelem a Hardym, Busterem Keatonem nebo Harroldem Lloydem, které naživo doprovodí známá babypunková kapela Kašpárek v rohlíku.…(more)
(Biofonie s Kašpárkem v rohlíku) Director: , , 0000

Biofonie: Cesta na Měsíc vs. BomBarďák

Divoké struny, bláznivé řeči, dance plné rance. Dětská folk kapela BomBarďák doprovodí slavné grotesky praotce filmového scifi Georgese Mélièse a poté odehraje samostatný koncert.
(Biofonie: Cesta na Měsíc vs. BomBarďák) Director: , , 0000

Bird fairytales

Czech animated fairytales for kids.…(more)
(Ptačí pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Tommy Wiseau watch the skies Birdemic is coming In the grand tradition of such classics like The Room and Troll 2 comes this allegory about…(more)
(Birdemic: Shock and Terror) Director: James Nguyen , USA, 2010


Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is a black comedy that tells the story of an actor Michael Keaton – famous for portraying an…(more)
(Birdman) Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu, USA-F, 2014


Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is a black comedy that tells the story of an actor Michael Keaton – famous for portraying an…(more)
(Birdman) Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu, USA-F, 2014


Spoiled socialite and notorious practical joker Melanie Daniels is shopping in a San Francisco pet store when she meets Mitch Brenner. Mitch is looking to…(more)
(Birds) Director: Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1963


First class of La Škola in Oko.…(more)
(Ptáci: Ozdobili se a běhají v kruzích) Director: Tomáš Fingerland a Petra Strá, , 0000

Birds Are Singing in Kigali

We catch up with Polish ornithologist Anna in Africa in 1994 just as Rwanda’s Hutu majority has unleashed genocide against the smaller population of Tutsis.…(more)
(Ptaki śpiewają w Kigali) Director: Joanna Kos, Krzysztof Krauze, PL, 2017

Birds Fairytales

We have chosen fairytales about birds, so that you can prepare for our programme…(more)
(Ptačí pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Birds of Paradise

СССР начала 1980х. Времена открытых массовых преследований вроде бы и в прошлом, но слушать зарубежные радиостанции все еще запрещено, а высказывать свое мнение в присутствии…(more)
(Райские птицы) Director: Roman Balayan, UA, 2008

Birds, Orphans and Fools

In Birds, Orphans and Fools, two friends, Yorick and Ondrej, live in a bombedout church, decorated with the detritus of life old furniture, a bathtub,…(more)
(Vtáčkovia, siroty a blázni) Director: Juraj Jakubisko, SK - F, 1969

Birth / Mother

On 24 April 2004 the Japanese director Naomi Kawase gave birth to a son, Mitsumi. In accordance with tradition, she gave birth to her child…(more)
(Birth / Mother) Director: Naomi Kawase, Japonsko, 2006

Birth Plan

What does childbirth look like? How can it affect the baby's life? And how does it affect the life of the woman? What are the…(more)
(Porodní plán) Director: Gabriela Kontra, Kateřina Kačerovská, CZ, 2007

Bitch Slap

With this year’s focus on films with strong women we simply couldn’t have overlooked the most distinctive entry in this category in recent years. A…(more)
(Bitch Slap) Director: Rick Jacobson, USA, 2009

Bitter Dream

A singular, spooky and remarkably visual piece from the Iranian independent cinema, Bitter Dream mixes cinéma vérité and absurdist black comedy to portray the eerie…(more)
(Khab-e-talkh) Director: Mohsen Amiryoussefi, IR, 2004

Bitter Seeds

Micha X. Peled’s film focuses on the agricultural community of central India to get to the root of the huge number of suicides occurring in…(more)
(Bitter Seeds) Director: M. X. Peled, USA - IND, 2011

Bitter seeds

India has the most farmers in the world, but these people are facing a crisis unprecedented in the history of mankind. On average, one…(more)
(Bitter seeds) Director: Micha X. Peled, IND - USA, 2011

Bittersweet Life

Sunwoo is no ordinary hotel manager. Quickthinking and efficient, he‘s also the right hand man of underworld boss Kang. But tough guy Kang has a weakness:…(more)
(Dalkomhan insaeng) Director: Kim Jee-woon, Korea, 2005


This is a story of a man in free fall. On the road to redemption, darkness lights his way. Connected with the afterlife, Uxbal is…(more)
(Biutiful) Director: Alejandro González Inárritu, E - MEX, 2010

Biutiful Cauntri

In the poor Italian region of Campania local people, mainly farmers and herdsmen, are up against waste dealers and the heads of the Camorra, the…(more)
(Biutiful Cauntri) Director: A. D'Ambrosio - E. Calabria - P. Ruggiero, I, 2007

Björk: Biophilia Live

In 2011, Icelandic artist Björk released her eighth fulllength studio album Biophilia, yet the Biophilia project has continued beyond an album into performances, interactive applications,…(more)
(Björk: Biophilia Live) Director: P. Strickland - N. Fenton, GB-IS, 2014


Black is a presentday, Sanjay Leela Bhansali interpretation of Helen Keller's exceptional life and the role Annie Sullivan played in her life. A timely film…(more)
(Black) Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, IND, 2005

Black and White in Colour

Excellent music documentary about larger than life personality.…(more)
(Černobílá v barvě) Director: Mira Erdevički, CZ - UK, 1999

Black Block

The feature debut of Italian documentary filmmaker Carla Bachschmidta presents testimony about what happened to those who experienced firsthand the atrocities of the police blitz…(more)
(Black Block) Director: Carlo A. Bachschmidt, I, 2011

Black Book

In 1944, a young Jewish girl Rachel suddenly becomes personally involved in the horrible events of the WW 2. After she witnesses the brutal massacre of her own…(more)
(Zwartboek) Director: Paul Verhoeven, NL - GB - D - B, 2006

Black Box BRD

An investigation into two contrary, but equally radical lives, both of which ended through violence: Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the board of Deutsche Bank, died…(more)
(Black Box BRD) Director: Andres Veiel, D, 2000

Black Bridge + 76 Minutes and 16 seconds with Abbas Kiarostami

Black Bridge CZ 2017, 9 min, Širín Nafariehová, Czech version / English subtitles A personal documentary…(more)
(Pol e Siah + Haftad o Shesh Daghigheh o Panzdah Sanieh Ba Abbas Kiarostami) Director: various, CZ-IR, 0000

Black Cat, White Cat

“Black Cat White Cat” is Kusturica´s sixth film. Its first screening took place at the IFF in Venice and won a Silver Lion for direction.…(more)
(Crna mačka, beli mačor) Director: Emir Kusturica, SRN - FRA - JUG, 1998

Black Code

Canadian professor Ronald Deibert, the author of an alarming book on internet monitoring, travels around the world to discover how advocates of freedom are doing…(more)
(Black Code) Director: Nicholas De Pencier, CDN, 2016

Black Delta Religion

A powerful visual record of the Sanctified black churches of the Mississippi Delta, filmed at the end of an era in 1968. The film includes…(more)
(Black Delta Religion) Director: William Ferris, USA, 1968

Black Dynamite

Panic is spreading through the ghetto. The Man supplies the local orphanage with heroin and distributes adulterated malt liquor, both with disastrous consequences. After the…(more)
(Black Dynamite) Director: Scott Sanders, USA, 2009

Black Gold

Starting with a cup of coffee, filmmakers Nick and Marc Francis retrace the chain of events that leads to our daily enjoyment of this delicious…(more)
(Black Gold) Director: N. Francis - M. Francis, VB, 2006

Black Hearts (...the Earth is Not Round )

This film comprises the stories of four Roma families from the four Visegrád states, which were recorded by the directing duo of Monika Rychlíková and…(more)
(Černá srdce (...zem není gulatá))) Director: B. Rychlík - M. Rychlíková, CZ, 2008

Black Christmas

With absent families, impending abortions, volatile boyfriends, a murderous prank caller, and a dead teenager in the attic, the holiday season offers the sisters of…(more)
(Black Christmas) Director: Bob Clark, CDN, 1974

Black Ice

A documentary about 30 people who in September 2013 sailed to Barents Sea to protest against dangerous oil drilling by Gazprom. Their peaceful action was…(more)
(Black Ice) Director: Greenpeace, NL, 2014

Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker, the creator of the BBCChannel4 project Black Mirror, has himself defined the series saying: "If technology is a drug – and it does…(more)
(Black Mirror) Director: O. Bathurst - E. Lyn - B. Welsh, GB, 2011

Black Mozart

Le Chevalier SaintGeorges was a truly remarkable man who overcame massive adversities of class, race and societal prejudice to become a phenomenal celebrity in 18th…(more)
(Black Mozart) Director: Raymond Saint-Jean, ŠVÝ, 2003

Black Mozart

Le Chevalier SaintGeorges was a truly remarkable man who overcame massive adversities of class, race and societal prejudice to become a phenomenal celebrity in 18th…(more)
(Le Mozart Noir) Director: Raymond Saint-Jean, KAN, 2003

Black Narcissus

This 1947 psychological drama deserves an honored place in British film history not only for its exceptional camerawork Jack Cardiff won an Oscar but also…(more)
(Black Narcissus) Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, GB, 1947

Black Out

When final examinations are held in Conarky, the capital of Guinea, hundreds of students set out on a strange pilgrimage every evening, walking to the…(more)
(Black Out) Director: Eva Weber, GB, 2012

Black Peter

Reality movie of a few days in the life of a Czechoslovak teenager when he starts work.…(more)
(Černý Petr) Director: Miloš Forman, CZ, 1963

Black Pinocchio

Marco Baliani, the Italian theatre director and playwright, approached the African Medical & Research Foundation in 2001 with the idea of using drama to help…(more)
(Pinocchio Nero) Director: Angelo Loy, ITÁLIE , 2005

Black Roses

Watch out kids The heavy metal is gonna getcha In the 1980s Americans were afraid of everything: Russia, Dungeons & Dragons, clown vans, even hair…(more)
(Black Roses) Director: John Fasano, CDN-USA, 1988

Black Sabbath: The End of The End

The End of The End chronicles the final tour from the band who forged the sound of metal Black Sabbath. After nearly 50 years…(more)
(Black Sabbath: The End of The End) Director: Dick Carruthers, GB, 2017

Black Sun

This film about the cruel poetry and reality of darkness begins in the spring of 1978 when the French artist and filmmaker Hugues de Montalembert…(more)
(Black Sun) Director: Gary Tarn, VB, 2005

Black Swan

Nina Portman is a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance.…(more)
(Black Swan) Director: Darren Aronofsky , USA, 2010

Black Venus

Hoping to find fame and fortune in Europe, South African Saartjes Baartman follows her Danish boss Hendrick Caesar to London. However, in 1808 she finds…(more)
(Vénus noire) Director: Abdellatif Kechiche, F, 2010

Black Venus | Disabled by normality

Film and discussion series accompanying exhibition Disabled by normality prepared by Centre for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the Jedlička Institute and Schools and Faculty…(more)
(Vénus noire) Director: Abdellatif Kechiche, F, 2010

Blackboard jungle

The Original 50's classic about a decent middle aged school teacher who goes to teach in an unruly high school filled with thugs led by…(more)
(Blackboard jungle) Director: Richard Brooks, USA, 1955


A visit to SeaWorld can make for a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Trained killer whales leap into the air, smack their fins or carry the trainer…(more)
(Blackfish) Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite, USA, 2013


Ron Stallworth, an AfricanAmerican police officer from Colorado, successfully managed to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan and became the head of the local chapter.…(more)
(BlacKkKlansman) Director: Spike Lee, USA, 2018

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Blade Runner - discussion after the screening

Discussion with interesting personalities certainly belongs to the screening of legendary film. Future Gate Festival will be honoured by the presence of a film publicist,…(more)
(Blade Runner - discussion after the screening) Director: , , 0000

Blade Runner 2049

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K Ryan Gosling, unearths a longburied secret that has the…(more)
(Blade Runner 2049) Director: Denis Villeneuve, USA-CDN-GB, 2017

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

A solitary detective Rick Deckard´s task is to stop and eliminate replicants that are indistinguishable from people and forbidden to stay on Earth. During his…(more)
(Blade Runner: The Final Cut) Director: Ridley Scott, USA-GB, 1982

Blaník in Aero

Czech political sitcom humorously reflects events on the Czech political scene. The screening is followed by a moderated discussion with the creators of the show.…(more)
(Blaník v kině) Director: , CZ, 2017

Blanka: The Tunnel

The year is 2015. In Prague, after a series of construction problems, criticism of its opaque financing and several delays, it is finally time for…(more)
(Blanka) Director: , , 2014

Blast 3

The third contribution to the successful series inspired by aesthetic of Hollywood blockbusters is a colossal mixture of action, romance, humour and stunning musical numbers.…(more)
(Dhoom 3) Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya, IND, 2013

Blastersex – 4K Music Video

A year after founding the electro formation Blastersex its members decided to enhance their debut single by art video. In collaboration with director Martin Müller,…(more)
(Blastersex – 4K Music Video) Director: Martin Müller, CZ, 2017


Having recently lost her sight, Ingrid retreats to the safety of her home—a place where she can feel in control, alone with her husband and…(more)
(Blind) Director: Eskil Vogt, N, 2014

Blind date

An ambitious young man struggles to achieve his dream of becoming an employee in a Munich luxury hotel despite being strongly visually impaired. …(more)
(Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben) Director: Marc Rothemund, D, 2017

Blind Date With Aero

A blind date with Aero. Till the very last minute you have no clue what film we are going to screen tonight. On the other…(more)
(Aero naslepo) Director: Aero, various, 0000

Blind date with cinema

Please, pick up your free ticket at Bio Oko or Outdoor cinema Vystaviste cash desk only.
(Naslepo) Director: Letní kino, various, 0000

Blind date with Oko

Please, pick up your free ticket at Bio Oko cash desk only. A blind date with Oko. Till the very last minute you have no clue…(more)
(Oko naslepo) Director: Oko, various, 0000

Blind Date with the Shockproof Aero

A blind date with The Shockproof Film Festival and cinema Aero. Till the very last minute you’ll have no clue what film we are going…(more)
(Otrlé Aero naslepo) Director: ?, ?, 0000

Blind Detective

Johnnie To’s latest film sees the return of the greatest box office magnet of his career: the star duo of Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng.…(more)
(Man tam) Director: Johnnie To, Hong Kong, 2013

Blind Family

(Naslepo) Director: , , 0000

Blind Gulliver

One of the most striking contemporary Czech directors, in receipt of literary awards Martin Ryšavý, plays the central role in his new film. In order…(more)
(Slepý Gulliver) Director: Martin Ryšavý, CZ, 2016

Blind Chance

A young man in Communistera Poland circa 1980 is shown having three fates, all dependent on what happens when he tries to catch a train…(more)
(Przypadek) Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski, PL, 1981

Blind Loves

What is it like when sightless people fall in love? Is it in fact any different from all the “other loves”? Documentary filmmaker Juraj Lehotský…(more)
(Slepé lásky) Director: Juraj Lehotský, SK, 2008

Blind Loves

What is it like when sightless people fall in love? Is it in fact any different from all the “other loves”? Documentary filmmaker Juraj Lehotský…(more)
(Slepé lásky) Director: Juraj Lehotský, SK, 2008

Blind Weekend with Aero

Come have a blind date with our films during the whole weekend. Up until the moment the lights dim and the projector goes on, you…(more)
(Víkend naslepo) Director: various, , 0000

Block of Shorts

(Block of Shorts) Director: various, IR, 2013

Block Party

“I wanted to organize a concert that I myself always wanted to see.” said Dave Chappell. When he got to organizing a party right in…(more)
(Block Party) Director: Michel Gondry, USA, 2005

Block: Adam Gebrian's Inspirations

Frei Otto: Spanning The Future
(Blok: Inspirace Adama Gebriana) Director: various, , 0000

Block: Collectivelly or Housing Development, Neighbors and Collective Housing

My Street Films: Decent House Czech Republic, 2014, 5 minutes, Ivo Bystřičan, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles …(more)
(Blok: Společně aneb sídliště, sousedi a kolektivní bydlení) Director: various, CZ-PL-A, 2014

Block: Double Happiness

My Street Films: Behind the Poster Czech Republic, 2014, 6 minutes, Michal Hříbek, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles …(more)
(Blok: Kopie štěstí) Director: various, A-RC-CZ, 2014

Block: Experimentally

3 Minutes From Bucharest Czech Republic / Romania, 2015, 4 minutes, Haruna Honcoop, experimental A short experimental…(more)
(Blok: Experimentálně) Director: various, CZ-A-J, 2015

Block: Heritage of the Past

My Street Films: Hotel Praha Czech Republic, 2014, 5 minutes, Linda Kallistová Jablonská, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles …(more)
(Blok: Dědictví minulosti) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Block: Koolhaas House Life

Metronomy: Month of Sundays Great Britain, 2014, 4 minutes, Callum Cooper, music video Official music video by…(more)
(Blok: Koolhaas House Life) Director: various, CZ-GB-F, 2014

Block: Oversized

Torre David Venezuela / Switzerland, 2013, 22 minutes, Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz, documentary, in Spanish with English subtitles. …(more)
(Blok: Nadměrná velikost) Director: various, YV-CH, 2013

Block: The Personality of Mies van der Rohe

Colonnade Park
(Blok: Osobnost Mies van der Rohe) Director: various, A-CZ, 0000


The siege of Leningrad has become one of the legends of the 2nd World War. It lasted 900 days, and it was not until the…(more)
(Blokada) Director: Sergej Loznica, RUS, 2005


La historia se inspira en un hecho real que sucedió en Estados Unidos. Un grupo de chicas adolescentes funda un club con un objetivo secreto.…(more)
(Blog) Director: Elena Trapé, E, 2010

Blok filmů s tematikou klinických vyšetření, biologické léčby a dárcovství orgánů

Po projekci následuje debata s MUDr. Jiřím Pešinou: Praktické otázky. Co můžete očekávat u lékaře, jak komunikovat s lékařem? Práva pacienta. …(more)
(Blok filmů s tematikou klinických vyšetření, biologické léčby a dárcovství orgánů) Director: various, , 0000

Blok filmů s tematikou srdečně cévních onemocnění a psychiky

Po projekci následuje beseda s kardiologem Doc. MUDr. Milošem Táborským, CSc. FESc. MBA.: Bojíte se infarktu nebo mozkové mrtvice? Máte problémy se srdcem, či jiné…(more)
(Blok filmů s tematikou srdečně cévních onemocnění a psychiky) Director: various, , 0000

Blok filmů s tematikou ženského zdraví

Beseda s plastickým chirurgem Doc. MUDr. Janem Měšťákem, CSc., režisérkou filmu Pavlou Slancovou a pacientkou Janou. …(more)
(Blok filmů s tematikou ženského zdraví) Director: various, , 0000

Blondie - One Way or Another

The story of the world's most successful femalefronted pop group. With a sound that combined punk, disco and rap, the band changed the face of…(more)
(Blondie - One Way or Another) Director: Matt O´Casey, VB, 2006


For some people in Russia today donating blood is the only way to make money. The film by Alina Rudnitskaya shows the merrygoround of life…(more)
(Krov) Director: Alina Rudnitskaya, RUS, 2013

Blood and Ashes of Jasenovac

A document about the concentration deathcamp run by the Ustashas during WWII. Made to mark the 40th anniversary of the mass escape from this hell.…(more)
(Krv i pepeo Jasenovca) Director: Lordan Zafranović, HR, 1985

Blood Appears

The plot of this movie is inspired by Fendrik’s own family, by memories of father and older brother. Blood Appears puts us with no warning…(more)
(La Sangre brota) Director: Pablo Fendrik, ARG, 2008

Blood Calls You

Director Linda Thorgren, whose mother is Cuban and whose father is Swedish, herself hears the "call of blood", setting out for Cuba, where she falls…(more)
(Blood Calls You) Director: Linda Thorgren, S - FIN - N, 2010

Blood in the Mobile

Has it ever occurred to you that your mobile phone could contain precious minerals stained in the blood of war victims from the Democratic Republic…(more)
(Blod i mobilen) Director: Frank Piasecki Poulsen, DK - D, 2010

Blood of My Blood

Free entrance. A regular family living in the outskirts of Lisbon sees the serenity of their lives shaken beyond any remedy within a week.…(more)
(Sangue do meu sangue) Director: João Manuel Altavilla Canijo, P, 2011

Blood Of The Deceased

Against a background of highly important political events Second World War, expulsion of Germans, Hungarian and Polish revolutions in 1956... evolves a story of a…(more)
(Krev Zmizelého) Director: Milan Cieslar, ČR, 2005

Blood Wedding + Suite Flamenca

BLOOD WEDDING In 1974 Antonio Gades would take a huge step forward for Spanish dance with the creation of his ballet Blood Wedding, or Bodas de…(more)
(Bodas de Sangre + Suite Flamenca) Director: Antonio Gades, E, 2013


One man's journey into the world of the socalled 'Bloodline' conspiracy, at the heart of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, where a secret society,…(more)
(Bloodline) Director: Bruce Burgess, USA, 2008

Bloody Beans

This film, mapping the surrealistic journey of a group of children from the Algerian slums over the course of one hot summer day, is a…(more)
(Loubia Hamra) Director: Narimane Mari, DZ-F, 2013

Bloody Cartoons

When in September 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands–Posten published a series of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed, it sparked unprecedented protests around the Muslim world.…(more)
(Bloody Cartoons) Director: Karsten Kjaer, DÁN, 2007


Once upon a time in a land of blood, guts and puke. This darkly humorous take on classic folk tales features sex with a pig,…(more)
(BLOODY FAIRY TALES) Director: Tereza Kovandová , CZ, 2018


After watching this impressive entry into the subgenre of Christmas horror movies, which includes films like Silent Night, Deadly Night, all you will ever want…(more)
(BLOODY MERRY CHRISTMAS) Director: Jan Cechl , CZ, 2007


(Bloudění) Director: Antonín Máša , CZ, 1965


With respect to the audience, Blowup is Michelangelo Antonioni’s most successful film, based on a short story by Julio Cortázar. The topic is very attractive;…(more)
(Blowup) Director: Michelangelo Antonioni, GB, 1966


This visually impressive documentary shows the impacts of human activity on ocean ecosystems, as well as the possibilities to protect the sea from ourselves. The ocean…(more)
(Blue) Director: Karina Holden, AUS, 2017

Blue Aero - autism day

A day about the autism, people with autism and autism in us. …(more)
(Modré Aero - den o autismu) Director: APLA, CZ, 2015

Blue Beard

(Barbe Bleue) Director: Catherine Breillat, F, 2009

Blue Dragon Film Premiere

The main character of "dobřichovice road movie" the film is shot mostly on location in Dobřichovice near to Prague is George, in one person…(more)
(Premiéra filmu Modrý drak) Director: Kamil Polách, CZ, 2012

Blue Gold - World Water Wars

Wars of the future will be fought over water, as they are today over oil, as the source of all life enters the global marketplaces…(more)
(Blue Gold - World Water Wars) Director: Sam Bozzo, USA, 2008

Blue Cha Cha

Ah Yu is returning from prison and slowly starts to reintegrate into normal life. She is being helped not only by Anna, whom she met…(more)
(Shen hai) Director: Cheng Wen-tang, Taiwan, 2005

Blue Is the Warmest Colour

At 15, Adele doesn't question it: a girl goes out with boys. Her life is turned upside down the night she meets Emma, a young…(more)
(La Vie d'Adèle) Director: Abdellatif Kechiche, F, 2013

Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen trades New York City for San Francisco for his comedy/drama Blue Jasmine, starring Cate Blanchett as a troubled former Manhattenite who is forced…(more)
(Blue Jasmine) Director: Woody Allen, USA, 2013

Blue moon

It is love that leads Johnny Pichler from the West to the East of Europe, first to Slovakia, then to Ukraine – finally down to Odessa,…(more)
(Blue moon) Director: Andrea Maria Dusl, RAK, 2002

Blue Room, The

A man and a woman, secretly in love, alone in a room. They desire each other, want each other, and even bite each other. In…(more)
(La Chambre bleue) Director: Mathieu Amalric, F, 2014

Blue Ruin

The quiet life of a mysterious bum changes dramatically when he finds out the truth about his terrible past. When he gets back to his…(more)
(Blue Ruin) Director: Jeremy Saulnier, USA, 2013

Blue Tiger

In a botanical garden, an island of paradise in an otherwise bustling city, two children find friendship and, when all looks grim, a blue tiger.…(more)
(Modrý tygr) Director: Petr Oukropec, CZ, 2011

Blue Valentine

With its two formal and plot lines interweaved with each other, Blue Valentine traces two young people´s romantic encounter. Initially passionate love, romantic dreams and…(more)
(Blue Valentine) Director: Derek Cianfrance, USA, 2010

Blue Velvet

Jeffrey Beaumont returns to his hometown Lumberton to help his father run a shop. On one of his walks around the neighborhood Jeffrey finds a…(more)
(Blue Velvet) Director: David Lynch, USA, 1986

Blue-Tongue Films 1

In the world of cinema the Australian association BlueTongue Films stands as a unique phenomenon. Seven filmmakers, each very different than the others, cooperate and…(more)
(Blue-Tongue Films 1) Director: various, AUS, 0000

Blue-Tongue Films 2

In the world of cinema the Australian association BlueTongue Films stands as a unique phenomenon. Seven filmmakers, each very different than the others, cooperate and…(more)
(Blue-Tongue Films 2) Director: various, AUS, 0000


Lesley, who lives with her husband and daughter in a small American town, leads a lacklustre life. But all that changes after her shift one…(more)
(Bluebird) Director: Lance Edmands, USA - S, 2012


Resembling a cross between "The Amityville Horror" and a Playboy Playmates video, this film tells the terrifying tale of a cheesy video special effect that…(more)
(BoardingHouse) Director: John Wintergate, USA, 1982

Bob and Bobek travelling

Bob and Bobek travel all around the world in their magic hat.…(more)
(Bob a Bobek na cestách) Director: Ivo Hejcman, CR, 2003

Bob le flambeur

Bob, an old gangster and gambler is almost broke, so he decides in spite of the warnings of a friend, a high official from the…(more)
(Bob le flambeur) Director: Jean-Pierre Melville, F, 1955


Revisits the night Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. With an incredible ensemble cast portraying fictionalized characters from a crosssection of America, the…(more)
(Bobby) Director: Emilio Estevez, USA, 2006


A Raj Kapoor classic, this is a star–crossed of love story set in Bombay. Raja Rishi Kapoor is the son of a rich businessman. Bobby…(more)
(Bobby) Director: Raj Kapoor, IND, 1973

Bobby Deerfield

Bobby Deerfield, a famous American race car driver on the European circuit, falls in love with the enigmatic Lillian Morelli, who is terminally ill. …(more)
(Bobby Deerfield) Director: Sydney Pollack, USA, 1977

Bobby McFerrin: Beyond Words

A fascinating indepth profile/documentary of the life and career of Bobby McFerrin, produced by and for the Bravo Channel. In personal interviews, Bobby reveals the…(more)
(Bobby McFerrin: Beyond Words ) Director: Robert Yuhas, USA, 2003

Bock for President

In the middle of the second district of Vienna is the seat of a charity organization "Ute Bock", offering support to fugitives. Here the needy…(more)
(Bock for President) Director: Houchang Allahyari, Tom-Dariusch Allahyari, A, 2009

Bodkin Ras

An exceptional feature debut that passes the boundaries between fiction and reality in an startling approach, Bodkin Ras follows a mysterious MiddleEastern looking stranger with…(more)
(Bodkin Ras) Director: Kaweh Modiri, NL-GB, 2016


Short film: Łaźnia Three perspectives on how we perceive body and soul depicted by the three protagonists in this highly sensitive film which has…(more)
(Ciało) Director: Małgorzata Szumowska, PL, 2015

Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy

Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy is a true story about two lifelong friends who have made their home in Springfield, Illinois. Diana drives, cooks,…(more)
(Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy) Director: Alice Elliott, USA, 2006

Body of My Body

The film Body of My Body is a presentation of a particular mental space of timelessness. It’s an epiphany of the body in the sense…(more)
(Tělo mého těla) Director: Viola Ježková, CZ, 2012

Bogota Change | The Different City Experience

Saturday Sep24 takes place the 6th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague connected…(more)
(Bogota Change | The Different City Experience) Director: Andreas M. Dalsgaard , DK, 2009

Bohdan Bláhovec - opening evening of FOYER CULTURE

"...This night should be about moving images in a head, around us and on the moviescreen..." Between Slam Poetry and his filmmaking.…(more)
(O obrazech v nás, na plátně i mimo něj) Director: Bohdan Bláhovec, Czech Republic, 2007

Bohemia docta aneb Labyrint světa a lusthauz srdce

Documentary by Karel Vachek.…(more)
(Bohemia docta) Director: Karel Vachek, CZ, 2000

Bohemian Is All Greek to Me

This documentary clarifies the CzechGerman relationship and dispels disillusions and misunderstanding. A collection of interviews with contemporary witnesses is taking place in different locations, including…(more)
(Böhmische Dörfer / Česká vesnice) Director: Peter Zach, CZ-D, 2013

Böhmen liegt am Meer

The image of Bohemia bordering on the sea became thanks to Shakespeare and the famous poem by Ingeborg Bachmann a metaphor of imaginary space which…(more)
(Böhmen liegt am Meer) Director: , , 2016

Boiling Point

Insults and slogans fly through the air. "No savages and monsters in Finland" "Racists out" "God gave each nation its own place on earth" Demonstrations,…(more)
(Kiehumispiste) Director: Elina Hirvonen, FIN, 2017

Bolek and Lolek

Bolek and Lolek are two Polish cartoon characters from the children's TV animated comedy series. The series is about two young friends and their fun…(more)
(Bolek i Lolek) Director: , PL, 0000


Period antiwar rhetoric is taken further here with the idea to visualise dangerous aggression not only in the desire to rule the world, but also…(more)
(Bombomanie) Director: Břetislav Pojar, Československo, 1959

Bombay Beach

In her visually engrossing documentary debut, Israeli director Alma Har’el introduces us to Salton Sea, an artificial lake in the middle of the California desert.…(more)
(Bombay Beach) Director: Alma Har´el, USA - IL, 2011

Bonded Parallels

Конец Второй мировой войны. Женщина по имени Ханна Кнутсен, муж которой участвует в сопротивлении, предоставляет временное убежище сбежавшему военнопленному Аракелу. Появление южанина переворачивает жизнь Ханны.…(more)
(Сплетенные параллели) Director: Ovanes Galstjan , ARM - F - N, 2009

Bones Brigade: autobiografie - premiere

It’s been more than ten years since skateboarding pioneer brought his documentary Dogtown and the ZBoys to the Sundance film festival. Mr. Peralta received the…(more)
(Bones Brigade: autobiografie - premiéra) Director: , , 0000

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Parker is bored with life and wants a change. She gets her chance when she meets a charming young drifter by the name of…(more)
(Bonnie and Clyde) Director: Arthur Penn , USA, 1967

Bony a klid

(Bony a klid) Director: Vít Olmer, CZ-, 1987


For the 1st of May, the Spring Break holiday, the weather at the seaside is cruel. It‘s windy, the water is icecold, half of the hotels…(more)
(Boogie) Director: Radu Muntean, RO, 2008

Book Club

Diane Diane Keaton is recently widowed after 40 years of marriage. Vivian Jane Fonda enjoys her men with no strings attached. Sharon Candice Bergen is…(more)
(Book Club) Director: Bill Holderman, USA, 2018

Book Exchange

Every edition of the Book Exchange will take place in BIO OKO on the bar. Come and exchange your books and meet new people We're…(more)
(Knižní bazar) Director: various, various, 0000

Book Exchange

(Knižní bazar) Director: various, , 0000

Book Exchange

Every edition of the Book Exchange will take place in BIO OKO on the bar. Come and exchange your books and meet new people We're…(more)
(Book Exchange) Director: , , 0000

Book lauch The Fifties

In August 2014, an extraordinary book was published. It is called "The Fifties". In the book, a group of twenty schoolmates of the former La…(more)
(Léta padesátá) Director: , CZ, 2014

Book launch party

A new book launch party in Aerobar. …(more)
(Křest sbírky povídek z kurzů tvůrčího psaní Reného Nekudy) Director: , CZ, 2013

Bordel z kapsy

Mess in the pocket is musical narrative movie, composed of six stories. The main character Mr. Habán is young man who is running away from towns…(more)
(Bordel z kapsy) Director: Viola Tokárová, CZ, 2017

Border Café

Café Transit describes the struggles of a recently widowed mother of two small children in her efforts to live on her own in a maledominated…(more)
(Café Transit) Director: Kambuzia Partovi, IR-F, 2005

Bored in Brno

The film whose genre is closest to sad comedy. During the course of one day and one night the fates of a number of residents…(more)
(Nuda v Brně) Director: Vladimír Morávek, ČR, 2003


It's the summer of 1980 and Björn Borg Sverrir Gudnason is the top tennis player in the world, dominating the sport both on and off…(more)
(Borg/McEnroe) Director: Janus Metz, S-DK-FIN, 2017


Borgman’s arrival in the treelined avenues of an exclusive residential area is the beginning of a series of unsettling events around the carefully constructed facade…(more)
(Borgman) Director: Alex van Warmerdam, NL, 2013

Boris Godunov | M. P. Musorgskij

Bass René Pape takes on one of the greatest roles in a production by monumental theater and opera director Stephen Wadsworth. Valery Gergiev conducts Mussorgsky’s soulful spectacle, which…(more)
(Boris Godunov) Director: Stephen Wadsworth, USA, 2010

Born Dead

Robert Jurczyga is 23 and has been in prison since he was 15. He participates in a rehabilitation programme initiated by the prison and an…(more)
() Director: Jacek Blawut, POL, 2004

Bose: The Forgotten Hero

Shyam Benegal’s film recounts the story of Subhas Chandra Bose, an Indian revolutionary. Born into a prominent Bengali family, Bose dedicated much of his younger…(more)
(Bose: The Forgotten Hero ) Director: Shyam Benegal, IND, 2005

Bosch: Garden of Dreams

It's a documentary of the painting by "The Bosch", "The garden of early delights".more)
(El Bosco. El jardín de los sueños) Director: José Luis López Linares, E, 2016


Contemporary Lebanese society presented in a visually creative way, full of images of life and joy and accompanied by Lebanese rhythm and dance. After fifteen…(more)
(Bosta) Director: Philippe Aractingi, LIB, 2005


Rebeca Duarte is a strong woman and resolute bisexual. When she receives a package from an aunt, Rebeca’s neatly wrapped life begins to unravel.…(more)
(Both) Director: Lisset Barcellos, USA, 2005

Bottle Rocket

Upon his release from a mental hospital following a nervous breakdown, the directionless Anthony joins his friend Dignan, who seems far less sane than the…(more)
(Bottle Rocket) Director: Wes Anderson, USA, 1996


AixenProvence, une nuit de printemps. Christian Lespinglet, galeriste surendetté, sauve des eaux d'un canal un SDF qui tentait de se noyer, Boudu. Héroïque à son…(more)
(Boudu) Director: Gérard Jugnot, FRA, 2004


“Maybe it's never too late to start living the life you really want.” Nolan's peaceful life seems to be satisfying – decades of responsibly performed…(more)
(Boulevard) Director: Dito Montiel, USA, 2014

Bouquet Final

An experiment in harmony based on Stravinsky's orchestral fantasy Fireworks. Twenty members of an orchestra performing their parts separately in their homes, playing at their…(more)
(Bouquet Final) Director: Zahra Poonawala, FRA, 2006

Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by Londonbased reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriaran upgrade to…(more)
(Bourne Ultimatum) Director: Paul Greengrass, USA, 2007

Bowling for Columbine

The United States of America is notorious for its astronomical number of people killed by firearms for a developed nation without a civil war. With…(more)
(Bowling for Columbine) Director: Michael Moore, USA, 2002

Boxtrolls, The

A young orphaned boy raised by underground cavedwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator. Based on the children's novel 'Here…(more)
(Boxtrolls, The) Director: Anthony Stacchi, Graham Annable, USA, 2014


BOY, a dreamer who loves Michael Jackson, lives with his brother ROCKY, a tribe of deserted cousins and his Nan on the rural East Coast…(more)
(Boy) Director: Taika Watiti, NZ, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

We have included the first feature of French director Leos Carax from 1984 in the retrospective of the Danish director for two reasons. First, it…(more)
(Boy Meets Girl) Director: Leos Carax, F, 1984

Boy Meets Girl

Ricky is a girl looking for love, much like all the people her age. But it's not exactly easy for a transgender girl in a…(more)
(Boy Meets Girl) Director: Eric Schaeffer, USA, 2014

Boy Missing

Víctor is a child who is found casually roaming by a country road. His mother, Patricia, a wellknown lawyer who specializes in media trails, soon…(more)
(Secuestro) Director: Mar Targarona, E, 2016


Three films on the love between Jesse and Céline – in its own way, the trilogy Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight was a…(more)
(Boyhood) Director: Richard Linklater, USA, 2014

Boys & guys, day & night

Lloyd Neck Lloyd Neck, director: Benedict Campbell, USA, 2007, 16 min
(Kluci a chlapi ve dne a v noci ) Director: , , 0000

Boys’ Macho Talks

International Short Film Competition. Nonswimmers Prora Seven Days …(more)
(Kluci vedou chlapský řeči) Director: various, various, 0000


A light Spanish comedy with an Almodóvar flavor. A humorous portrait of the famous Madrid gay district Chuecatown. An pair of “teddy bears” in love…(more)
(Chuecatown) Director: Juan Flahn, E, 2007

Boyz and Girlz: Ninja Thyberg

When naming contemporary young filmmakers who managed to find a unique style, we have mention Ninja Thyberg, a Swedish director. Her short films use an…(more)
(Boyz and Girlz: Ninja Thyberg) Director: various, , 0000

Brain Damage

A normal, average guy who lives in New York City becomes dependent on an evil, disembodied brain. The brain feeds the guy a narcotic substance…(more)
(Brain Damage) Director: Frank Henenlotter, USA, 1988

Brain fight

A threefold portrait, presenting the reality within the limits of a subjective view, puts together the lives of an increasingly more remote writer and musician;…(more)
(Souboj s mozkem) Director: Jan Šípek, CZ, 2009

Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo

For centuries, placebos have been thought of as fake medicine, involving trickery and deceit, but the film Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo pulls back…(more)
(Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo) Director: Leora Eisen, CDN, 2013

Branagh Theatre Live | The Winter’s Tale

Shakespeareʼs timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption is reimagined in a new production codirected by Rob Ashford and Kenneth Branagh, following their triumphant staging of…(more)
(Branagh Theatre Live | The Winter’s Tale) Director: Rob Ashford, Kenneth Branagh, GB, 2015

Brasilian Gastro trip

Let´s travel the vast extenses of the Brazilian territory guided by its gastronomic specialities. From the Amazon to the pampas on the south border with…(more)
(Gastro trip po brazilsku) Director: Pavel Šembera, CZ, 2016


One city, one day, several stories. "BRATISLAVAfilm" is a realistic drama about modern day Bratislava. It is a fictional documentary about life in Petrzalka, a…(more)
(BRATISLAVAfilm) Director: Jakub Kroner, SK, 2009

Bratři Orffové a Sounds Like This

(Bratři Orffové a Sounds Like This) Director: , CZ, 2013


A woman is sexually assaulted by two young delinquents in a subway in Barcelona. Because of that, he travels to the countryside to his father's…(more)
(Brava) Director: Roser Aguilar, E, 2017


Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely…(more)
(Brave) Director: M. Andrews - B. Chapman, USA, 2012


Director Kari Anne Moe’s original aim was to capture the essence of the political scene in Norway, regarded as the world’s most sophisticated democracy. Over…(more)
(Bravehearts) Director: Kari Anne Moe, N, 2012


Brazil is a parable of the near future which deals with the idea of individual versus system. Gilliam placed his grotesque story of an emerging…(more)
(Brazil) Director: Terry Gilliam, GB, 1985

Brazil + Filmbrunch

In a near, dystopic future, all you need is a stamp – otherwise the controlfreak totalitarian system won’t let you live in peace. How do…(more)
(Brazil) Director: Terry Gilliam, GB, 1985

Brazilian Film Avant-Garde II. - next wave

moderated by: David Čeněk…(more)
(Brazilian Film Avant-Garde II. - next wave) Director: Various, BRAZ, 2000

Brazilian Film Avant-Garge and Cinema Novo 1930 - 1970

the roots of LatinAmerican avantgardemore)
(Brazilská filmová avantgarda a cinema novo 1930 - 1970) Director: Various, BRA, 2000

Brazilian Western

The film Faroeste Caboclo Brasilian Western is on the borderline of gangster movie, Western and fated romance and merges particular genre features into an impressive…(more)
(Faroeste Caboclo) Director: René Sampaio, BR, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Struggling writer Paul Varjak moves into a New York apartment building and becomes intrigued by his pretty, quirky neighbor Holly Golightly. Holly's lifestyle confuses and…(more)
(Breakfast at Tiffany's) Director: Blake Edwards, USA, 1961

Breakfast on Pluto

Patrick Braden is another one of Neil Jordan´s outstanding characters. Patrick is a popular man, unsuccessfully trying to project an image of a rough guy.…(more)
(Breakfast on Pluto) Director: Neil Jordan, IRS - VB, 2005

Breaking Boundaries

Astad Deboo is one of India's leading contemporary dancers and is known for his path breaking work with disadvantaged youth. In 200910 he began working…(more)
(Breaking Boundaries ) Director: Sukanya Vivek, IND, 2011

Breaking Free

Filmmaker and gay activist Sridhar Rangayan embarks on a personal journey to expose the human rights violations faced by the LGBTQ community in India due…(more)
(Breaking Free) Director: Sridhar Rangayan, IND, 2015

Breaking News

Combining explosive action with a clever script, this film exemplifies the peak era of Johnnie To’s career. A group of ruthless criminals has hidden from…(more)
(Da si gin) Director: Johnnie To, Hong Kong, 2004

Breaking News

Following the tragic death of his cameraman, TV reporter Alex is assigned the difficult task of shooting a video obituary. He himself needs time to…(more)
(Breaking News) Director: Iulia Rugină, RO, 2017

Breaking News

A carefully composed observation of two newsrooms which, in March 2017, were avidly chasing after information about the Czech president’s decision whether or not to…(more)
(Mimořádná zpráva) Director: Tomáš Bojar, CZ, 2018

Breaking The Silence: Music In Afghanistan

Breaking The Silence by Simon Broughton, publisher of Songlines magazine and coeditor of the Rough Guide to World Music, documents the remarkable revival of musical…(more)
(Breaking The Silence: Music In Afghanistan) Director: Simon Broughton, Afghánistán/Velká Británie, 2002

Breaking the Silence: Music in Afghanistan / The Rock Star and the Mullahs

Breaking The Silence, directed by Simon Broughton, publisher of Songlines magazine and coeditor of the Rough Guide to World Music, documents the remarkable revival…(more)
(Narušit ticho: Hudba v Afganistánu - Breaking the Silence: Music in Afghanistan / Rocková hvežda a Mullové - The Rock Star and the Mullahs) Director: Simon Broughton / Angus Macqueen - Ruhi Hamid, Afghanistan - VB / VB, 2002

Breaking the Waves

With Breaking the Waves Danish director Lars Von Trier follows Bess, a naive woman living in a strict religious community in Scotland, who finally experiences…(more)
(Breaking the Waves) Director: Lars von Trier, DK-S-F-NL, 1996


The director from South Korea Kim Kiduk is very popular here not only with festival goers and so it will hardly be a surprise that all his…(more)
(Soom) Director: Kim Ki-duk, ROK, 2007


The inspiring true love story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, an adventurous couple who refuse to give up in the face of a devastating disease.…(more)
(Breathe) Director: Andy Serkis, GB, 2017


In the film Breathing, the director provides a compelling insight into the human psyche. 19yearold Roman Kogler has a chance to be released early from…(more)
(Atmen) Director: Karl Markovics, A, 2011


The movie that heralded the French New Wave movement, this lean and exciting 1959 film directed by JeanLuc Godard A Woman Is a Woman, Weekend…(more)
(A bout de souffle) Director: Jean-Luc Godard, F, 1959

Breathless, Dominance Of The Moment

In the beginning there was a common task: "If you had only 30 days left to live... What would still be important for you? Do…(more)
(Breathless, nadvláda okamžiku) Director: různí autoři, CZ-D, 2009

Brendan and the Secret of Kells

(Brendan and the Secret of Kells) Director: Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey, B-IRL-F, 2009

Bret Stephenson – A Lecture

Bret Stephenson will introduce his experience with troubled youth and his work based on principles of spiritual rites of passage in an indulgent age. A public debate…(more)
(Bret Stephenson – přednáška) Director: Bret Stephenson, USA, 2013


The first documentary film about Brexit seems to choose the easiest method: it asks ordinary people why they voted, how they voted, and what British…(more)
(Brexitannia) Director: Timothy George Kelly, , 2017

Bride And Prejudice

In her new film, Gurinder Chadha, an Indian director, portrayes the encounter of two different worlds. This dichotomy is revealed in the genre of the…(more)
(Bride And Prejudice) Director: Gurinder Chadha, USA - VB, 2005

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

According to an old Kyrgyz proverb, a good marriage always begins with tears. If this were truly the case, then this Central Asian country would…(more)
(Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan) Director: Petr Lom, Kyrgyzstan - KAN, 2004


Set in the turbulent social and political climate of 1922, Brides tells the story of 700 proxy brides young women, some of them teenagers,…(more)
(Nyfes) Director: Pantelis Voulgaris, ŘEC - FRA - ITÁ, 2004

Bridge of Spies

During the Cold War, an American lawyer is recruited to defend an arrested Soviet spy in court, and then help the CIA facilitate an exchange…(more)
(Bridge of Spies) Director: Steven Spielberg, USA, 2015

Bridge over the Wadi

In the Wadi region, which is located in the centre of Israel, Jews and Arabs live beside each other. After decades of violence, parents from…(more)
(Gesher Al-Havadi) Director: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann, IZR, 2006

Bringing Tibet Home

When New York based Tibetan artist Tenzing Rigdol’s father passes away in exile with an unfulfilled wish to take his last breath in Tibet, Tenzing…(more)
(Bringing Tibet Home ) Director: Tändzin Cchetän Čhoglä , IND-GB-USA, 2013

Brink of Life

Cecilia Ellius is brought into the emergency ward after she starts hemorrhaging only three months into her pregnancy. She suffers a miscarriage and is brought…(more)
(Nära livet) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1958

Brit TV: Cambridge Spies I.

In the heady prewar Cambridge of 1934, many of the students, born to the elite, chose to support the Communist cause. They were opposing the…(more)
(Cambridge Spies) Director: Tim Fawell, VB, 2003

Brit TV: Cambridge Spies II.

In the heady prewar Cambridge of 1934, many of the students, born to the elite, chose to support the Communist cause. They were opposing the…(more)
(Cambridge Spies) Director: Tim Fawell, VB, 2003

Brit TV: Queer as Folk I.

Stuart has got it all. He's rich, dropdead gorgeous and always the centre of attention. He can be forgiven the arrogance because he's pretty close…(more)
(Queer as Folk) Director: Charles McDougall, VB, 1999

Brit TV: Queer as Folk II.

Stuart has got it all. He's rich, dropdead gorgeous and always the centre of attention. He can be forgiven the arrogance because he's pretty close…(more)
(Queer as Folk) Director: Sarah Harding, VB, 1999

Brit TV: Tipping the Velvet

Based on the novel by Sarah Waters and adapted by Andrew Davies Bridget Jones‘s Diary, this powerful BBC drama is both a frank depiction…(more)
(Tipping the Velvet) Director: Geoffrey Sax, VB, 2002

British Eye

Towards the end of the 50’s, Great Britain’s filmmakers brought fresh perspective into the world of cinema. Fascination with everydayness, grimy urban and outskirts setting,…(more)
(Britské oko) Director: Various, Various, 0000

British Museum presents: Hokusai

Ultra HD filming and stunning closeups will reveal the extraordinary detail in the work of Katsushika Hokusai, Japan's greatest artist. Discover his work, life and…(more)
(British Museum presents: Hokusai) Director: Patricia Wheatley, James Norton, GB, 2017

Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same

Controversial artist Brock Enright packs a minivan and with his girlfriend Kirsten Deirup travel to her family´s cabin to create his first major New York…(more)
(Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same) Director: Jody Lee Lipes, USA, 2009

Brokeback Mountain

Oscar winning film tells a love story of two young men who meet while working on Brokeback Mountain. After the summer their ways part and…(more)
(Brokeback Mountain) Director: Ang Lee, USA, 2005


Skunk is 11, diabetic, and pretty cool. But after witnessing a brutal beating, the happy certainties of childhood give way to fear and danger.…(more)
(Broken) Director: Rufus Norris, GB, 2012

Broken Embraces

His name was Mateo Blanco and he used to be a film director. After he loses his sight and the woman he loved in a…(more)
(Los Abrazos Rotos) Director: Pedro Almodóvar, E, 2009

Broken Flowers

Don Bill Murray is a bachelor. His last love just left him but he doesn’t really mind. One day he receives a mysterious letter insinuating…(more)
(Broken Flowers) Director: Jim Jarmusch, USA, 2005

Broken Promise

Broken Promise…(more)
(Nedodržaný sl’ub) Director: Jiří Chlumský, SK - CZ - USA, 2009

Broken spring - Normalization night

(Přerušené jaro - normalizační noc ) Director: Milan Maryška, CZ, 1998


The film presents the story of a notorious bully and habitual criminal who prides himself on his hardman façade – a façade he augments by…(more)
(Bronson) Director: Nicolas Winding Refn, GB, 2008


An Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however,…(more)
(Brooklyn) Director: John Crowley, GB-IRL-CDN, 2015

Brother & Sister

The family is the key environment in which the director conceives his ideas, as suggested by the titles of his films over the last few…(more)
(Dos hermanos) Director: Daniel Burman, RA-ROU-E, 2009

Brother Bajrangi

A 5 years old girl from Pakistan gets separated from her mother and she finds shelter with Pavan, an ardent devotee of Hanuman. Set against…(more)
(Bajrangi Bhaijaan) Director: Kabir Khan, IND, 2015

Brother Gordon

Gordon is an AfricanAmerican who grew up in Harlem with his mother, later joined the army and fought in the Vietnam War. Today, instead of attending…(more)
(Brother Gordon) Director: Fredrick Johnson, USA, 2005

Brother Karel

A documentary film capturing the dramatic fate of the most famous Czech bard Karel Kryl. The film introduces many of his bestknown songs, as well…(more)
(Bratříček Karel) Director: Krystyna Krauze, CZ-PL, 2016

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

The beginning of the 13th century, the town of Assisi in Italian Umbria. The son of a rich merchant, Francesco Bernardone, comes back ill from…(more)
(Fratello sole, sorella luna) Director: Franco Zeffirelli, Itálie / Velká Británie, 1972

Brother, open the gate

The documentary film "Bratricku, otvirej vratka" Brother, open the gate shows us the life and family background of Mr. Jan Kryl who is a brother…(more)
(Bratříčku, otvírej vrátka ) Director: Petr Fiřt, CZ, 2017


Michael always had everything going for him: a successful military career, a beautiful wife and two daughters. His younger brother Jannik has had a very…(more)
(Brødre) Director: Susanne Bier, DK, 2004

Brothers of the Night

The young men wandering the nighttime streets of Vienna have come from Romania in search of a better life. But their steps lead from club…(more)
(Brüder der Nacht) Director: Patric Chiha, A, 2016


Borat was so 2006 Flamboyant Austrian fashionista Brüno takes his show to America. Comedy lightning strikes twice for Sacha Baron Cohen when his gay Austrian fashionista…(more)
(Brüno) Director: Larry Charles, USA, 2009

Brutal Relax Show

Some short films in this year’s program can be shown with clean conscience only after dark to a properly prepped crowd. They demand a nervous…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, , 0000

Brutal Relax Show

For those of you who would like to wind down after a draining work week with something with a little more kick, we’ve mixed a…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, , 0000

Brutal Relax Show

Come and witness a really nasty medical procedure, learn how to survive in the forest inhabited by black bears, find out about the secrets that…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, , 0000

Brutal Relax Show | 2013

An evil twin of a kind teacher, zombies in love, biblical kungfu, threats from the depths, supernatural abilities and a bleeding nose, seafood porn, foxes…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, , 0000

Brutal Relax Show | 2014

Eight films that honestly really cannot be screened before the night falls. Even to a well prepared audience. These films require a strong shockabsorbing system,…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, various, 0000

Brutal Relax Show | 2015

Program for those, who need to make sure that the ends are not always happy, that the world is more likely to end in self…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, , 0000

Brutal Relax Show | 2016

A relaxing film package for all those who have long known that the world is much crazier than what the newspapers tell you and that…(more)
(Brutal Relax Show ) Director: various, , 0000

Buddha's Lost Children

The former successful boxer Phra Khru Bah, who is now a distinguished monk, travels around the mountainous region of northern Thailand in the inhospitable Golden…(more)
(Buddha's Lost Children) Director: Mark Verkerk , NIZ, 2006


In the Brazilian road movie Buddies, we follow destiny of three friends who are linked to each other by Down's syndrome, unfulfilled dreams and insurmountable…(more)
(Colegas) Director: Marcelo Galvão, BR, 2012


Ayed Morrar lives with his family in the village of Budrus. Like many communities in the Palestinian Territory, it is due to be separated by…(more)
(Budrus) Director: Julia Bacha, PS - IL - USA, 2009

Buena Vista Social Club

Ry Cooder, a renowned American musician and a long time colleague of Wim Wenders has repeatedly cooperated with Cuban musicians from the band called Super Abuelost…(more)
(Buena Vista Social Club) Director: Wim Wenders, NĚM-VB-USA-FR, 1999

Buenas noches, España

Ésta irresistible película experimental e independiente tiene un argumento enloquecido: dos españoles drogados son teletransportados mediante un televisor a las Filipinas, donde emprenden un viaje…(more)
(Buenas noches, España) Director: Raya Martin, E - RP, 2011

Buffet Bondy - theatre performance

Buffet Bondy theatre performance…(more)
(Bufet Bondy - divadelní představení) Director: Petr Mančal, CZ, 2010

Buffy, the killer of vampires

Buffy, the killer of vampires the attact of tv series against stereotypes moderated by: Iva Baslarová…(more)
(seriálový klín do srdce stereotypů) Director: uvádí: Iva Baslarová, , 2008

Bufo Alvarius

A radical testimony of the strongest known natural psychedelic, tryptamine 5MeODMT produced by Bufo Alvarius, a toad of the Sonoran desert. The breathtaking audiovisual adventure…(more)
(Bufo Alvarius) Director: Filip Záruba, CZ, 2017

Bufo Alvarius - The Underground Secret

(Bufo Alvarius - The Underground Secret) Director: Filip Záruba, CZ, 2017


The ancient Mayan legend about the end of the world comes to life in the sleepy town of Bugarach, in Southern France. An aura of…(more)
(Bugarach) Director: Ventura Durall, Sergi Cameron, Salvador Sunyer, D-E, 2014


Scientist Josh Evans and chef Roberto Flore travel the world in search of all kinds of edible bugs. From large Australian larvae, to Sardinian…(more)
(Bugs) Director: Andreas Johnsen, DK-NL, 2016

Built Images: Herzog & de Meuron Never Modern

A night with two lectures: a lecture by Philip Ursprung on the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, and a lecture by the London architect Tom…(more)
(Philip Ursprung, Stavěné obrazy: Herzog & de Meuron + Tom Emerson, Nikdy moderní) Director: , , 0000

Bullet in the Head

Less than four days of life of a man portrayed as a string of everyday life images – lonesome breakfasts, love affair, trip, murder, kidnap…(more)
(Tiro en la cabeza) Director: Jaime Rosales, E, 2008


Frank Bullitt is selected by Chalmers, a politician with ambition, to guard a Mafia informant. Bullitt's friend is shot and the witness is left at…(more)
(Bullit) Director: Peter Yates, USA, 1968


Two prize–winning independent Swedish filmmakers embarked on a two–year journey with Indian nuclear physicist and anti–globalisation activist Vandana Shiva. They portray a woman full of…(more)
(Bullshit) Director: PeA Holmquist - Suzanne Khardalian, ŠVÉ, 2005

Bunch of fairytales

Today we bring you a bunch of various animated fairytales, for example about Zofka the monkey, or about Mach and Sebestova.…(more)
(Kytice pohádek) Director: , CZ-, 0000

Bunny and the Bull

Stephen Edward Hogg hasn't left his house in months, since a disastrous trip around Europe with his best friend Bunny Simon Farnaby. When an infestation…(more)
(Bunny and the Bull) Director: Paul King, GB, 2009

Bunty Aur Babli

Rakesh alias Bunty and Vimmi alias Babli are two people who don´t want to work. They decide to travel around from city to city to…(more)
(Bunty and Babli / Bunty a Babli) Director: Shaad Ali, IND, 2005

Burden of Peace

In 2010, Claudia Paz y Paz became the first woman to be appointed attorney general in Guatemala, where at that time 95 percent of murder…(more)
(Burden of Peace) Director: Joey Boink, NL, 2015


Paul Conroy es un empleado civil destinado a Irak, donde le secuestrarán y enterrarán vivo, esto sería un breve resumen de este thriller apasionante del…(more)
(Enterrado) Director: Rodrigo Cortés, E - USA - F, 2010


The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess, a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive,…(more)
(Burlesque) Director: Steve Antin, USA, 2010

Burma Storybook

Poetry is a part of daily life in Burma and everyone is, in a way, a poet. At an unrushed pace Petr Lom’s new film…(more)
(Burma Storybook) Director: Petr Lom, CZ-NL-N, 2017

Burma VJ - Reporting from a Closed Country

As a young boy in 1988, Joshua witnessed the Burma military junta's brutal intervention against demonstrators, which resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000…(more)
(Burma VJ - Reporting from a Closed Country) Director: Anders Ostergaard, N - S - DK - UK, 2008

Burn After Reading

A CIA analyst, Osbourne Cox John Malkovich, quits after being demoted because of his problems with alcohol. He writes a memoir of his life in…(more)
(Burn After Reading) Director: J. Coen - E. Coen, USA - GB - FR, 2008


Without question, Drahomíra Vihanová is one of the most original and, at the same time, most controversial Czech film directors. In his latest film, renowned…(more)
(Umanutá) Director: Miroslav Janek, CZ, 2012

Burning Bush

Burning Bush is a threepart miniseries created for HBO by worldrenowned Polish director Agnieszka Holland. Based on real characters and events, this haunting drama focuses…(more)
(Hořící keř) Director: Agnieszka Holland, CZ-PL, 2013

Burning Man - Desert Ritual Vol.2.

Become a part of the desert ritual Burning Man.
(Burning man - rituál v poušti) Director: , , 2016

Burning Man – Desert storm

Míša Rýgrová is an Art Production Manager based in Prague, working around the world, with over a decade of experience from theatre, film, art and…(more)
(Burning Man – bouře v poušti) Director: , CZ, 2018

Burnt By The Sun

The story takes place during a summer day in 1936. It holds the unity of time and place and therefore makes a very dense impression.…(more)
(Utomlonnyje solncem) Director: Nikita Michalkov, FRA - RUS, 1994

Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus

1941. Kotov, a persecuted commander reclassified as an ordinary convict, wakes up from a horrifying dream about Stalin to find himself in the midst of…(more)
(Utomljonnyje solncem 2: Predstojanije) Director: Nikita Michalkov , RUS - D - F, 2010

Burnt Toast / Etter Leggetio / Best of Anděl Music Clips

Burnt Toast, the newest film from awardwinning director Larry Weinstein, is comprised of a series of eight minioperas in contemporary settings, each of which…(more)
(Připálený toast - Burnt Toast / Tango po večerce - Tango Past Bedtime / Best of Anděl Videoklipy - Best of Anděl Music Clips) Director: Larry Weinstein / Kristin Hauksdottir / Various, KAN / NOR / ČR, 2005

Burried Letters

In the 1950s, the village of Kvetusin became the location of a striking social experiment which greatly affected the lives of many people. Its goal…(more)
(Zatajené dopisy) Director: Tomáš Kudrna, CZ, 2015

Bury Me Behind the Baseboard

"Меня зовут Савельев Саша. Я учусь во втором классе и живу у бабушки с дедушкой. Мама променяла меня на карликакровопийцу и повесила на бабушкину шею…(more)
(Похороните меня за плинтусом) Director: Sergej Sněžkin , RUS, 2009

Butch Cassidy a Sundance Kid

Wyoming, early 1900s. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid are the leaders of a band of outlaws. After a train robbery goes wrong they find…(more)
(Butch Cassidy a Sundance Kid) Director: George Roy Hill, USA, 1969

Butch Factor

What does it mean to be male and gay? How does gay masculinity manifest itself? How is our view of masculinity changing, both over time…(more)
(Butch Factor) Director: Christopher Hines, USA, 2009


Young Alexei is openly homosexual. Although his peers have no problem with his sexual orientation, his mother is unable to accept it. This documentary portrait…(more)
(Babochki) Director: Dmitry Kubasov, RUS, 2016

Buyer be Fair

BUYER BE FAIR looks at two major trade goodstimber and coffeeto understand how certification works and whether it works. We take viewers to isolated Indian…(more)
(Buyer be Fair) Director: John de Graaf a Hana Jindrová, USA, 2006

BV Karanth: Baba

BV Karanth runs away from his hometown and becomes part of a touring theater company, led by a famous theater and television personality. Although he…(more)
(BV Karanth: Baba) Director: Ramchandra PN, IND, 2012

Bye Bye Blackbird!

This period drama set in the early years of the 20th century features a bravura performance by James Thiérrée grandson of the late great Charlie…(more)
(Bye Bye Blackbird!) Director: Robinson Savary, LUC - VB - RAK - NĚM, 2005

Bye Bye Shanghai

Distinguished Czech documentarist Jana Boková, who lives in Argentina, decided for her latest film to find out exactly what the word “exile” means. Her first…(more)
(Bye Bye Shanghai) Director: Jana Boková, CZ - ARG, 2008


“A human is nowadays less than a frog, buddy.” This is a movie about Czechs building a highway to Germany. One of them wears noisecancelling…(more)
(Dál nic) Director: Ivo Bystřičan, CZ, 2013


Hopkins second feature Bypass follows Tim, a young man pushed into responsibility after his older brother is put in jail. With an absent father, a…(more)
(Bypass) Director: Duane Hopkins, GB, 2014