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Black Code

Black Code

(Black Code) Director: Nicholas De Pencier, CDN, 2016, Arabic, English, Portuguese, Tibetan version / Czech and English subtitles, 89 min

Canadian professor Ronald Deibert, the author of an alarming book on internet monitoring, travels around the world to discover how advocates of freedom are doing in the cyberspace war.

The internet and modern technology are great tools for spreading democracy and monitoring human rights. But there are two sides to every coin. Tibet, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Syria – in these and many other countries, activists use mobile phones and the internet to report injustice. But their "tools" can easily turn against them. Authoritarian regimes, as well as the secret services of democratic countries, invest tens of millions of dollars to monitor their citizens more efficiently. By tracing specific examples and involving IT professionals, the documentary provides an informed view on the worrying side of the internet.


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