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Andreas Gursky: Long Shot Close Up

Andreas Gursky: Long Shot Close Up

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(Andreas Gursky: Long Shot Close Up) Director: Jan Schmidt-Garre, D, 2010, German / English subtitles, 60 min

Andreas Gursky (born 1955) is one of the most successful contemporary photographers in the world. For two years, fi lmmaker Jan SchmidtGarre accompanied the photographer in the creation of “Hamm, Bergwerk Ost”. From the fi rst viewings of the motive to actually taking the photographs and then digitally processing the fi nal image, he traces the course of the photograph to its fi nal destination in the collection of the Ukrainian collector Victor Pinchuk. In an amenable and open manner, Gursky himself, along with experts and mentors such as Werner Spies and Hilla Becher, introduces us to the technical and aesthetic approach to his art.

Screened together with a short film:
Transformations – Evaporations – Melanosis
CZ 2017, 7 min, Michal Kindernay, no dialogue
This short film plays with the topic of abusing natural resources, their transformation into various forms of energy and with the topic of (not only) industrial architecture legacy. The main theme is water, its metamorphoses and various forms during its cycle that may be natural, but is corrupted by civilization. Ash, „black“, strongly polluted water that flows out of one of the power plants located in the Most region is, in the symbolic way, one of the ingredients that generate a system fault and violate the closed circle of natural harmony with the laws of nature. Exploitation of natural resources and their transformations into dirty energy, associated with a number of side effects – all that cause disharmony that cannot be reversed. Moreover, further non-ecological elements in the complex industrial chain bring permanent harm to the ecosystems and spiritual disorientation of the man. The film has a very free narrative and its structure comprises of several minimalistic images with certain analogic pattern. Visions of black, ash water change with sequences of dark water, of a utopian industrial temple, of waterworks and water transportation. There is both natural and man-made energy, we can see images of industrial, natural and generated objects, and all that bring about atmosphere of vague unease.


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