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(Breaking News) Director: Iulia Rugină, RO, 2017, Rumunia / Czech subtitles, 81 min

Following the tragic death of his cameraman, TV reporter Alex is assigned the difficult task of shooting a video obituary. He himself needs time to physically and mentally recuperate and to deal with his guilt over the fact that he alone came out of the accident alive. But instead of resting, he sets out to investigate his colleague’s private life. The only member of the family willing to help is the deceased’s daughter, whose relationship to her father was more than complicated. During three pre-Christmas days, Alex becomes an involuntary witness to the girl’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of her dad. At the same time he discovers that he didn’t really know the man he saw every day at work, although he was convinced of the contrary. In her third film, Romanian director Iulia Rugină deftly brings together several motifs: establishing whether we can really know another person, our fascination with others’ private worlds, the relationship between parents and children, and the tendency of contemporary media to sensationalize human affairs.


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