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Burma Storybook

Burma Storybook

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(Burma Storybook) Director: Petr Lom, CZ-NL-N, 2017, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 81 min

Poetry is a part of daily life in Burma and everyone is, in a way, a poet. At an unrushed pace Petr Lom’s new film follows one of the country’s best-known dissidents, the poet Maung Aung Pwint, who was imprisoned for many years, as he waits for his son’s return to their homeland after decades abroad. The fate of his family is but one fragment of a gallery of images, stories and fleeting shots portraying a country that is only now opening to the world after long years of isolation. Unfortunately, not even modern technology and social networking are able to bring political stability to Burma, or atonement for those persecuted by the regime for many years.


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