Kino Světozor



(Blokada) Director: Sergej Loznica, RUS, 2005, without dialogs, 58 min

The siege of Leningrad has become one of the legends of the 2nd World War. It lasted 900 days, and it was not until the 1st of March 1944 that the enemy stranglehold on the city with its several million inhabitants relaxed. The city was constantly bombarded, faced hunger and freezing temperatures, but its people kept on working and adjusted their lives to the situation. The film is compiled from authentic news footage. Individual shots have been grouped in thematic passages about various different aspects of the reality of the siege. The director has added no commentary, and his reanimation of the past is based only on the image and evocation through sound. The material includes hitherto unused footage of the blockade. Sergei Loznica is a heavyweight documentary author; his films are marked with distinctive poetics and with the subtle yet penetrating method of holding a single frame beyond its dramatic arch and thus highlighting the flow of the scene after the drama has passed. Slowly yet resolutely, he selects scenes that form a poetic chain made of thematic clusters.

The partner of the screening is International documentary film festival Jihlava.


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