Kino Světozor

Black Roses


(Black Roses) Director: John Fasano, CDN-USA, 1988, English / Czech subtitles, 84 min

Watch out kids! The heavy metal is gonna getcha! In the 1980s Americans were afraid of everything: Russia, Dungeons & Dragons, clown vans, even hair metal. Well, in this movie all of Tipper Gore's nightmares come true. When a heavy metal rock band called Black Roses arrives in the small town of Mill Basin to put on some concerts, they are met by parents who are trying to stop them because they're “evil”. Little do the adults know they really are and want to brainwash all the towns teenagers to be their disciples. The whole thing is unrepentantly goofy, but there's plenty of violence, some gore, cool rubber monsters, ample tits, big hair and wailing vocals. They just don't make them like this anymore. Is heavy metal Chaotic Evil or Lawfull Good? And what would Walt Whitman say?


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