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Böhmen liegt am Meer

Böhmen liegt am Meer

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(Böhmen liegt am Meer) Director: , , 2016, Czech and German, 120 min

The image of Bohemia bordering on the sea became thanks to Shakespeare and the famous poem by Ingeborg Bachmann a metaphor of imaginary space which has never been unambiguous and tangible reality, and yet takes effect. We can relate this metaphor on the history of contacts and conflicts of cultures on the historical territory of Bohemia - even on their current tracks. This event provides a probe into Bohemian history and Czech-German literary relations, among others through the eyes of contemporary writers and translators Jaroslav Rudiš, Kateřina Tučková, Kristina Kallert, Ondřej Buddeus and Martina Lisa.

The publicly accessible evening is part of the conference [Vielfältige Konzepte – Konzepte der Vielfal( Interkulturalität(en) weltweit, taking place at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.


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