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(Bypass) Director: Duane Hopkins, GB, 2014, English version / Czech subtitles, 105 min

Hopkins second feature Bypass follows Tim, a young man pushed into responsibility after his older brother is put in jail. With an absent father, a surly younger sister and a pregnant girlfriend, Tim finds himself being dragged deep into the criminal underground in order to try and keep the pieces of his fragmented life from floating away even more. But when he starts feel ill, some sort of escape looks increasingly impossible.

Film examines a generation that has effectively been bypassed by society with no hope or direction. Hopkins transcends the clichés often associated with social realism as he indulges in a number of stylistic touches – including chases shot with a handheld camera and touches of the surreal – that create a unique atmosphere. "I wanted the camera as another character,” Hopkins says. “I’ve taken genre cinema and given it a whole new set of tools.”


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