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This No Man’s Land of Mine

This No Man’s Land of Mine

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(Moje země nikoho) Director: Filip Rojík, Petr Salaba, CZ, 2016, Czech version / English subtitles, 48 min

A Czech citizen Vít Jedlička was frustrated with the idea of mandatory taxation. So much so that he founded his own state, the Free Republic of Liberland. He pitches his vision to investors as he tries to build a new Dubai in a no-man’s land in the middle of the Balkans. A story of a country seeking recognition and citizenship being sold as a commodity in the days of the European refugee crisis.

The Epic Moving of Pavel Skála to the Free Land of Liberland
CZ | 2016 | 10 min | Ondřej Šálek
Vít Jedlička founded, between Croatia and Serbia, a new state, Liberland, that, for many Czechs, represents a hope for a dignified life without paying taxes to the Czech state. Pavel Skala, Liberland’s Deputy Minister of Finance, is thus on the way to the Balkans to co-fund the new international tax heaven. Will he be smart enough to outfox the Croatian border police? Will he become the first settler of Liberland? What neighbors would he like to have? And why is freedom not for everybody?


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