Kino Světozor



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(Beatles) Director: Peter Flinth, N, 2014, Norwegian version / Czech and English subtitles, 114 min

Norway in the 1960s – four young men at the brink of adulthood are caught in the riotous nets of Beatlemania.

Four friends, Kim, Seb, Ola, and Gunnar – like many others – are awash on the wave of Beatlemania. Taking the names of their idols, Kim becomes Paul McCartney, even though he cannot sing or play. And just like the Beatles, they start their own band while trying to win the hearts of girls. As they grow, the world around them changes. The USSR invades Czechoslovakia, the USA goes to war in Vietnam, and oil is found in the North Sea. And as the four friends begin to change, so too does their friendship. The motion picture is based on Lars Saabye Christensen’s bestseller of the same name.

Awards: Norwegian Film Prize Amanda 2015: Best Production Design. IFF São Paulo 2015: Best Foreign Film.


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