Kino Světozor

August Winds


(Ventos de Agosto) Director: Gabriel Mascaro, BR, 2014, Portuguese / Czech and English subtitles, 77 min

Young woman called Shirley introduces us to the atmosphere of northeastern Brazil, coconut plantations and vast ocean. She came to her grandmother’s to take care of her, but she also dreams of a career as a tattoo artist. Despite a love affair between Shirley and a local vagrant- fisherman, the film story is mostly about universal values ​​- death and eternity. While fishing, the protagonist couple finds a human skull on the ocean floor. Who did it belong to? Who does it belong to today? Should it be properly buried? Remarkable discovery provokes the characters but also the audience to ask basic questions of existence and at the same time reminds us about the absurdity of the human destiny. Through carefully composed images of banality, August Winds speaks about things that transcend us, and simultaneously builds its peculiar film poetic. The director Gabriel Mascaro previously focused mainly on documentary films, but for his feature film debut he took the challenge of directing it and also assumed the role of the director of photography.


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