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A Hard Day

A Hard Day

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(Ggeutggaji ganda) Director: Kim Seong-hoon, ROK, 2014, Korean version / Czech and English subtitles, 111 min

Detective Go from the murder investigation department is troubled while preparing his mother’s funeral, when he accidently drives his car into a random walker. What to do with the body becomes the first of many problems that day. Korean cinema is famous for tough dramatically intense police thrillers that circle around morality of human kind, however, this movie is unique in its genre, because of the enjoyable ironic humour. Thanks to the well-written screenplay, there are brilliant dramatic twists and turning points, which often result in absurd situations and moreover, the morality of the story mingles with a specific dark humour. The chain of decisions, their consequences and ceaseless coincidences are particularly charming due to the exceptional performance and energy of the main actor.


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