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Black Out

Black Out

(Black Out) Director: Eva Weber, GB, 2012, French version / English and Czech subtitles, 47 min

When final examinations are held in Conarky, the capital of Guinea, hundreds of students set out on a strange pilgrimage every evening, walking to the international airport, petrol stations or wealthier parts of the city … that is, to places where they are sure to find street lights under which they can prepare for their exams. A similar hardship is faced by their teachers: Every day they have to work out how to attract the interest of classes full of exhausted students and how to prepare for the next school day without light. Only one in five in Guinea’s population of 10 million has access to electricity. Outside urban areas, hardly anyone has power. This visually captivating film, by UK documentary filmmaker Eva Weber, shows how much Guineans long for education, capturing the hope they have – after a decade of violence and despotism – in their first democratically elected president, Alpha Conde.


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