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Beyond Wriezen

Beyond Wriezen

(Beyond Wriezen) Director: Daniel Abma, D, 2012, German version / English and Czech subtitles, 88 min

Jano, 17, used to be a street drug dealer, Imo, 22, is violent and Marcel, 25, killed a 16-year-old youth three years ago along with two other neo-Nazis. Young German director Daniel Abma follows the trio for three years in the wake of their release from Wriezen prison. All three have vowed never to return to jail as convicts; to find work, accommodations and girlfriends; and to start anew. While returning to society is far from easy, the young men are all given a chance to make a fresh beginning by someone close to them. One lives with his beloved girlfriend and later a child while another gets help with a home, work and his fits of anger from a friend of his father’s. Will they grasp the opportunity? While the three stories have a lot in common, they develop along different lines, illustrating the difficulty of re-socialising young delinquents and the important role those close to them can play.


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