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Bahrain, the Forbidden Country

Bahrain, the Forbidden Country

(Bahrain, the Forbidden Country) Director: Stéphanie Lamorre, F, 2012, Arabic-English version / English and Czech subtitles, 52 min

In February and March 2011, footage was circulated around the world of brutally suppressed demonstrations in the capital city of Bahrain, Manama, in which tens of thousands participated. These Arab Spring protests were directed against the absolutist rule of the royal family, which didn’t hesitate to use live ammunition. Dozens were killed; thousands disappeared or were detained or tortured. Bahrain disappeared from our television screens after a few weeks. However, Stéphanie Lamorré’s documentary shows that a human tragedy is still being played out behind this veil of indifference. The film was shot illegally because journalists and filmmakers are denied access to Bahrain in its current strife-ridden state. Representing the Sunni Muslim minority, the royal family mobilised all its forces of repression to put down the uprising. In spite of this, night after night people expressed their opposition to the regime and the failure to observe human rights. This film depicts the unbreakable desire for freedom for which Bahrain’s citizens do not hesitate to lay down their lives.


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