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Berg Fidel

Berg Fidel

(Berg Fidel ) Director: Hella Wenders, D, 2011, German version / English and Czech subtitles, 87 min

A decision is taken that no great debate is needed; if all are agreed, Daniel will receive a reprimand and the matter will be closed. This is the scene at a fascinating weekly meeting of eight-year-olds who discuss situations in their class and reach agreement among themselves on solving the problems. The meeting takes place at the school in Berg Fidel, a district of the German city of Münster, where children are taught together for four years without regard to difference in age, nationality or handicap. The extremely gifted David, who wants to become an astronaut, learns alongside his brother Jakob, who has Down’s syndrome. Lukas, planning a career in motor racing, has problems with his hearing and movement, while future supermodel Anita has a learning difficulty. This portrait of several children, who acquire knowledge and social skills at the school, shows what modern education means and what happens when disadvantaged children also are given a chance.


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