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Bitter seeds

Bitter seeds

(Bitter seeds) Director: Micha X. Peled, IND - USA, 2011, English-Hindi version / Czech and English subtitles, 88 min

India has the most farmers in the world, but these people are facing a crisis unprecedented in the history of mankind. On average, one Indian farmer commits suicide every thirty minutes. In a village located in the epicentre of the suicide epidemic, a farmer and his family are fighting for their land ¬¬- the essence of their very existence. At the same moment, this farmer’s niece is taking her first steps toward becoming a journalist as she attempts to uncover the causes of the crisis driving so many farmers to take their own lives. Her motivation is also personal: her father was one of the farmers who saw the solution to his troubles in a voluntary departure from this world. The documentary film Bitter Seeds addresses the high price paid by people forced to abandon traditional crop production to grow genetically modified food. The investigative film on the power of multinational corporations and the risks of biotechnology is the final work in Micha Peled’s trilogy on globalisation. Bitter Seeds was the winner of the Green Screen Award in the category of environmental films at the prestigious IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

The film will be followed by a discussion with an expert on the given subject.


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