Kino Světozor



(Bakhmaro) Director: Salome Jashi, D - GE, 2011, original version / English subtitles, 58 min

The film’s title draws attention to a spot that has become a tourist paradise in the mountains of Georgia. But documentarian Salome Jashi takes her camera to places that are the exact opposite of Bakhmaro. Despite the wishes of locals, a faded brick building by a motorway that sees only a handful of cars daily doesn’t make it into tourist guides. Even the town’s ornate restaurant, with its vivid green and orange walls, fails to attract customers. Apart from a bored dog, the “clientele” is comprised of a couple of immigrants and an opposition candidate advocating a change of government. The restaurant is a microcosm of Georgia, reflecting the country’s political stasis. Long and well-composed shots convey a sense of timelessness and the desire of locals for a spark to perk things up. Jashi’s film picked up an award at the Jihlava documentary festival and a special mention at DOK Leipzig.

The screening is in partnership with the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


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