Kino Světozor

Between Fence And Border And on the Edge of the Map


(Apour ti yapour. Na jang na aman. Yeti chu talukpeth) Director: Ajay Raina, IND, 2011, original version / English subtitles, 77 min

Twenty years of turmoil in Kashmir and the consequent Indian State response may have brought Kashmir to a point from where there is nowhere else to go. The film is about how a temporary border, that has remained for too long, disrupts people’s lives all over the divide. It crosses from the personal to the collective, along the borders, borderlands and boundaries within Kashmir, where the quest of selfhood has been suspended, disrupted by a war that happened more than sixty years ago and still continues. It is about the identity of a people betrayed by history.

This film is part of the program curated by Karan Bali, filmmaker and co-founder of

This documentary film is in competition for the “Best Documentary” audience award.


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