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Brit TV: Cambridge Spies I.

Brit TV: Cambridge Spies I.

(Cambridge Spies) Director: Tim Fawell, VB, 2003, English version / Czech subtitles, 120 min

In the heady pre-war Cambridge of 1934, many of the students, born to the elite, chose to support the Communist cause. They were opposing the evil fascists Hitler, Mussolini and Franco in Spain. These boys seemed to have been on the side of the good, supporting the right of the workers to strike and of gay people to love whom they chose. Into this picture walks four righteous young men, all to-the-manor born: Guy Burgess, Anthony Blount, Donald Maclean and Kim Philby. All played by gorgeous young British actors in this outsanding BBC production. Expect male nudity, gay and straight sex and a very compelling story.

Parts 1 - 2.


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