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Burnt Toast / Etter Leggetio / Best of Anděl Music Clips

Burnt Toast / Etter Leggetio / Best of Anděl Music Clips

(Připálený toast - Burnt Toast / Tango po večerce - Tango Past Bedtime / Best of Anděl Videoklipy - Best of Anděl Music Clips) Director: Larry Weinstein / Kristin Hauksdottir / Various, KAN / NOR / ČR, 2005, original version / Czech sub-subtitles, 68 min

  • Burnt Toast, the newest film from award-winning director Larry Weinstein, is comprised of a series of eight mini-operas in contemporary settings, each of which depicts a different stage in a romantic relationship. Featuring original music and libretti from contemporary composers, each of the vignettes is a self-contained story, although they are also designed to function together as a cohesive whole. The relationships portrayed are of all types - from the comedic to the passionate, from the merely fantasized to those on the verge of long-awaited demise.

  • The late night tango of a couple struggling to find time for each other. A film that luxuriates in the pure sensuality of movement, and an opportunity to experience some of the most fascinating aspects of tango improvisation, in which nothing is fixed and everything is possible. The Argentinian dancers featured are among the best tangueros in the world. Music by Astor Piazolla and sound design by Bugge Wesseltoft.

  • "Best of Anděl" presents two of the most important and creative Czech music videos of recent years, as chosen by the popular host of the late-night music and culture program "Night with Anděl" on Czech Television. Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere - Předpokládám Album: Illustratosphere Year of Release: 2000 (Sony BMG) Director: Jan Krejčíř Czech Video of the Decade - Critic's Choice Video of the Year 2000 (Academy of Popular Music, Czech Republic) Lucie - Medvídek Album: Větší, než malé množství lásky Year of Release: 1998 (Universal Music / BM Music) Director: Filip Renč Czech Video of the Decade - Audience Award


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