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Biutiful Cauntri

Biutiful Cauntri

(Biutiful Cauntri) Director: A. D'Ambrosio - E. Calabria - P. Ruggiero, I, 2007, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 79 min

In the poor Italian region of Campania local people, mainly farmers and herdsmen, are up against waste dealers and the heads of the Camorra, the regional mafia. With the silent assent of the local authorities the Camorra controls the local waste removal and liquidation business. For instance it transports to Campania dangerous toxic waste, including materials containing heavy metals, from factories in the rich north of Italy. In a short time these illegal secret dumps become environmental time bombs. Fifteen years ago the Italian prime minister appointed numerous government officials to conduct checks of waste sites, supervise waste water, liquidate illegal dumps and prevent their emergence. However, that government intervention has proven ineffective and links between the mafia, businessmen and politicians remain strong. The film's three directors demonstrate the lack of sufficient controls and the arrogance of official power. They speak to local residents who are powerless in the face of press silence and government participation in this lucrative business.


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