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Black Hearts (...the Earth is Not Round )

Black Hearts (...the Earth is Not Round )

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(Černá srdce (...zem není gulatá))) Director: B. Rychlík - M. Rychlíková, CZ, 2008, original version / English subtitles / translated to Czech, 86 min

This film comprises the stories of four Roma families from the four Visegrád states, which were recorded by the directing duo of Monika Rychlíková and Břetislav Rychlík. There are differences between lives in a settlement in Slovakia, in the Hungarian countryside as well as in cities in the Czech Republic and Poland, but they all have several important common characteristics, such as tradition, family solidarity and a belief in God, which are essential for all the people who appear in front of the camera. Their love of music and children is an equally central part of their lives. This documentary provides details of the culture and mentality of the Roma, which is based on their history. It also expresses some concerns about the future, in which the confluence of cultures could threaten their authenticity. Black Hearts is a film that not only looks at contemporary Roma, but also tells us something about their forebears who perished in concentration camps during the Second World War.

The partner of the screening is Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


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