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Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

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(Apocalypse Now) Director: various, , 0000, original version / Czech subtitles, 94 min

The tales of our world speeding towards doom or spectacular self-destruction have become yet more popular thanks to the largest particle accelerator and the embarrassingly swift collapse of the world’s financial giants. But maybe we have just failed to notice the world fell into a black hole long ago, or turned inside out, or was sucked dry and refilled by some horrible substance. In short, the end of days have come and gone unnoticed or, at best, is just around the corner. This section presents seven films that did notice.

We Who Stayed Behind
Diary of a Perfect Love
The Watermelon Chickens
Melancholy Forest
The Radiant City
Le Dernier cri, directed by Erwin Olaf
I Love Sarah Jane


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