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Terribly Happy

Terribly Happy

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(Frygtelig lykkelig) Director: Henrik Ruben Genz, DK, 2008, Danish version / Czech subtitles, 105 min

A Copenhagen policeman called Robert moves to a provincial town, where he has been temporarily reassigned after a recent case of professional misconduct. Another lingering cloudy day comes to an end in South Jutland and the arrival of the young man from the big city is met by a look of curious satisfaction on the rigid faces of the local inhabitants. The constable, who does everything “by the book”, is soon confronted with the local customs and begins to sense that troubling secrets lurk behind the façade of what appears to be quite ordinary small-town life. Genz’s grotesque drama, with its deviations into the crime, western and horror genres, is striking for its original stylisation and spellbinding evocation of the atmosphere pervading this disturbed community.


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