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Bergman Island


(Ingmar Bergman - 3 dokumentärer om film, teater, Fårö och livet av Marie Nyreröd) Director: Marie Nyreröd, SWE, 2005, Swedish version, 84 min

In this documentary, Bergman shows us for the first time his world on the desolate and mysterious Baltic island of Fårö. Bergman discovered Fårö for his Oscar awarded film Through a Glass Darkly. The director shot five more films on Fårö. But more important, he found a place to rest and a home. Viewers get to step through the blue gate that bears the notice – in Swedish, of course – "Private Area. Beware of Dog". No dog has lived there, though, since Liv Ullmann's dachshund left the place over thirty years ago. But that text says that here lives a man who wants to be left alone. A man whose only company is the sea and his own demons. Together with filmmaker Marie Nyreröd, Bergman looks back on his life and on his long career in films, the theatre and TV. This documentary includes numerous clips from his best films and unique behind-the-scenes material from his private archives.
In his home at the seashore, Bergman talks about his childhood. He speaks of how he used his own life in the cinema, and how the art of film was often a comfort to him. He tells, too, of love and death – and lists his worst demons.

Marie Nyreröd was born in 1955 in Arvika, Sweden. With an MA in journalism from the University of Stockholm, Marie Nyreröd began working for Swedish national television (SVT) in 1980. In 1987 she started to work as a reporter and producer for the arts department. She has made hundreds of reports about all kind of art such as film, theatre and literature.Today she is more committed to documentaries. Marie met Ingmar Bergman for the first time in 1983.


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