Kino Světozor



(Asyl) Director: A. Birismanova - L. Gribenshikova, KYRG, 2006, original version / Czech subtitles, 12 min

The protagonist is a little boy called Asyl whose dream is to become a footballer. When a teacher asks why, he innocently says it is because Kyrgyzstan will one day finally win the World Cup. But Asyl is a long way from making his dream a reality. Instead of regular training or even kickabouts with his pals after school, he has to feed his mother and younger siblings. Every day he and a classmate push a primitive cart from the local abattoir to the market and back. Their little figures doggedly guiding a cart overflowing with joints of meat are an inseparable part of life in this poor Kyrgyz town. This likable film scored with local music was produced by the Kyrgyz–Turkish Manas film school.


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