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Terminal Station

Terminal Station

(Konečná stanica) Director: Jiří Chlumský, SR, 2004, Slovak version, 95 min

A small, abandoned and derelict terminal railway station is years beyond its heyday. Once in a blue moon a train passes, making no fuss... Inside of it there are travelers waiting for something that isn’t still to come and wanting to go somewhere, but where? They don’t know. Out of the blue something unexpected happens that disrupts the station’s sleepy atmosphere. A dead body is found in the toilet. Each and every one of the travelers had a motive... The film is full of people’s destinies and stories brimming with humanity, poetic and often humorous situations, moods and daydreams... When the last train leaves the Terminal Station, no one gets on but the lives of the travelers go on nevertheless... The film is an adaptation of the stage play Terminal Station by the Radosina Naive Theatre.


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