Kino Světozor

Taipei National University of Arts present: A Collection of Student Films


() Director: various, Taiwan, 2005, Mandarin / English subtitles, 118 min

4ever Kids
2005, 112 min., written and directed by Wang Cheng-Yang
4 Children share a similar fate. Their fathers fish on the sea. Their mothers are of foreign origin. What are their inner worlds like?

2004, 11 min., written and directed by Chiang Hsiu-Chiung
Should women be ashamed when they breast-feed their children in public? A female film about women's problems and men's taboos.

Follow You Wrong
2005, 26 min., written and directed by Luke Chen
Young Mao-Di spends his whole nights sitting at a computer tweaking digital photographs. One day, he meets the girl of his dreams on the metro. follows her and finds out that she lives across the street. the next day, he is followed by an older man, who lives in the same house as the girl. Mao-Di sets out to discover who the two are.

Happy New Year
2005, 5 min., written and directed by Wang Cheng-Yang
An experimental message to the parents. Or the life in the big city as seen by a homesick young director.

How's Life?
2005, 30 min., written and directed by Tommy Yu
The corpulent, middle-aged protagonists decides to end his suffering by committing a suicide. After a few pitiful attempts, a woman selling encyclopedias rings his doorbell and the drama turns into a comedy.

2005, 28 min., written and directed by Cheng Hsiao-Tse
Shy clerk Douglass is ridden by bad luck. He would like to be rich, but his work bores him. So does his lifestyle. One night in his dream, he sees six numbers which are to change his life. The lottery with the highest jackpot in history is about to close the ticket offices...

She Says...
2005, 6 min., written and directed by Lin Chun-Hua
A bizarre animated film about a girl, who fell out of a toilet.


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