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Born Dead

Born Dead

() Director: Jacek Blawut, POL, 2004, anglické titulky, 53 min

Robert Jurczyga is 23 and has been in prison since he was 15. He participates in a rehabilitation programme initiated by the prison and an institution for the mentally handicapped in Krakow. Every day, Robert works at the institution, mainly with children and adolescents. Though nervous and awkward at first, Robert soon adapts to life in the institution. He is strict when necessary, but also sings and dances with the children, holds their hands, and even teaches one of them to play basketball. He learns how to change a diaper and helps the children to brush their teeth. In interviews in prison, Robert talks about his experiences. The film switches back and forth between the two worlds Robert inhabits: the silent, chilly, gray-blue prison and the lively, bright, colourful world of the institution... Film was awarded the Don Quijote prize at Krakow film festival in 2004.

The partner of the screening is civic organization Inventura - Projections with a presence of director Jack Blawut!


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