Kino Světozor

Blocks & festivals / Filmasia 2008(04. 12. 2008 – 07. 12. 2008) 

Filmasia 2008


Archive of program in Světozor cinema

Sun 7. December 08 20:30Hansel & Gretel
  19:00The Good, the Bad and the…
  18:15The Yakiniku Movie: Bulgo…
  16:30Going By the Book
Sat 6. December 08 21:15Shower
  21:00The King and the Clown
  19:00The Silent Holy Stones
  18:15Funky Forest: The First C…
  16:30The Yakiniku Movie: Bulgo…
Fri 5. December 08 21:15Funky Forest: The First C…
  20:30House of Flying Daggers
  19:00Hansel & Gretel
Thu 4. December 08 20:30The Gua Sha Treatment
  19:30Ashes of Time Redux
  18:15The King and the Clown
Within the same festival in cinema Aero:
Sat 6. December 08 21:00
Cinema AeroKorean Horror Night
Cinema AeroAshes of Time Redux
Cinema AeroGoing By the Book