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Documentary Mondays: Natasha

19. 11. 2010

Documentary Mondays: Natasha

Do not miss the next screening of Documentary Mondays, taking place on Monday Nov 22. The screening will feature Natasha, a documentary by Ulli Gladik. Uli meets Natasha while the latter woman is begging in Graz and, after a number of conversations, accompanies her to her home, a former industrial town near Sofia in Bulgaria. Over a period of two years Gladik, a combination camerawoman and director, visits Natasha in Bulgaria and Austria, documenting the young woman’s life: her journeys and traveling companions, her work as a beggar, her home in Graz, her family life and everyday routine in Bulgaria. The discussion will follow the screening with Kumar Vishwanathan, social worker and founder Czech-Roma Coexistence Village, Renata Gažiová, from civic association Coexistence Life and Arie Farnam, American publicist focusing on multicultural society.


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