Kino Světozor

Schools and kids

Světozor offers a number of projects focused on young audiences, for both organized (schools) visits to the cinema and for individual visitors.


Screenings for schools

Big screening hall capacity: 356 seats

Big screening hall capacity: 356 seats

Are you searching for a program for students of basic and high schools or universities? Do you want to make use of the period of school holidays or do you want to illustrate your lecture with a proper film? Do you want to widen your knowledge of world cinema? Would you like to stray further into film education and add the world of film to your students’ list of interests? You've come to the right place then.

Why not make use of the cinema in the very center of Prague!

  • choose a film from the current or future program
  • we can provide also special screenings of films which are not included in our current programs
  • use our specially targeted projects Film actively, Film posters or an organized visit to the backstage of our cinema
  • capacity: Big screening hall 356 seats, Small screening hall 54 seats

More details about screenings for schools and other special educational projects can be found on this special website of cinema Aero. If you are interested in any of these projects and would like to book a screening, or if you have detailed questions, please feel free to contact the coordinator of our educational activities:

Linda Arbanová
T: +420 608 960 016


Leisure time activities

Leisure time activities
Film poster

Leisure time activities

Little School of Animation

This program is moved to cinema Oko

A little school of animation is a two-month course for children between 10–14 years. Children are introduced to the world of classical film animation, both from the theoretical and practical points of view. During the course, children get the basic skills to create their own animated films.