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Contains movies from cinema Svetozor program starting February 15, 2005.

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U: July 22

The tragedy struck Norway on July 22, 2011. First with the bomb in the government quarter, then the terrorist attacked the youth at the AUF…(more)
(Utøya 22. juli) Director: Erik Poppe, N, 2018

Showing: Thursday 19. 7. 2018 20:30, Saturday 21. 7. 2018 20:45, Sunday 22. 7. 2018 20:45, Tuesday 24. 7. 2018 13:00

Ukraine is Not a Brothel

Images from the protest actions of the Ukrainian group FEMEN have been seen around the world. But who in fact are these young women who…(more)
(Ukraine is Not a Brothel) Director: Kitty Green, AUS, 2013

UKUS presents

(Sdružení UKUS uvádí) Director: various, CZ - HR, 2010

Ulice spojuje

The movie is playing out in the streets of Prague and presents us Jiří who has been earning a living as a street musician for…(more)
(Ulice spojuje) Director: Anna Dvořáková, CZ, 2014

Ultim8 Freeski Night

Czech premiere of four freeski movies Lifelong, Ultim8 Separation, That´s Alaska man, Retallack and afterpaty. More info…(more)
(Ultim8 Freeski Night) Director: various, , 0000

Ultima Vez: Blush a Body, Body On the Wall

Ultima Vez Belgie: Body, Body On the Wall direction: Wim Vandekeybus a Jan Fabre, 1997 Ultima Vez Belgie: Blush …(more)
(Ultima Vez (Belgie): Blush a Body, Body On the Wall) Director: Wim Vandekeybus, B, 0000

Ultimum Refugium

Ultimum Refugium = the last refuge. The ultimate home of humans. A habitat, place or a gesture which provides a shelter from adversity. This is…(more)
(Ultimum Refugium) Director: Ondřej Vavrečka, CZ, 2011


An ultramarathon is a race in which the competitors run a distance longer than that of the classic marathon. The Spartathlon is actually six times…(more)
(Ultra) Director: Balázs  Simonyi, GR-H, 2017

Ultra Warrior

After the nuclear holocaust, one man rises from the ashes to become the leader of a ragged gang of survivors. They soon discover that their…(more)
(Ultra Warrior) Director: Augusto Tamayo San Román, Kevin Tent, USA-PE, 1990


Pale, sadeyed Dimitri lives in a scruffy 1960s housing project, but has a steady job selling furnished starter homes in a development that recalls the…(more)
(Ultranova) Director: Bouli Lanners, BEL - FRA, 2005


The new competition section will present twenty very short films of a maximum of 98 seconds each. These films are very diverse as the main…(more)
(Ultrashorts) Director: , , 0000

UMAKART in concert

UMAKART in concert…(more)
(UMAKART koncert) Director: various, ČR, 2009

Umění a duše: mezi blázincem a galerií

(Umění a duše: mezi blázincem a galerií) Director: , , 0000

Umění a smrt

Blok dokumentárních filmů České televize O co tančil Ondrej Nepela z cyklu Příběhy slavných …(more)
(Umění a smrt ) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Un Ballo in Maschera | Giuseppe Verdi

Accompanied by a thrilling score, Verdi’s vivid characters grapple with life and love, betrayal and death. Director David Alden’s dreamlike setting provides a compelling backdrop…(more)
(Un Ballo in Maschera) Director: David Alden, USA, 2012

Un homme idéal

Mathieu, 25 ans, aspire depuis toujours à devenir un auteur reconnu. Un rêve qui lui semble inaccessible car malgré tous ses efforts, il n’a jamais…(more)
(Un homme idéal) Director: Yann Gozlan, F, 2014

Un Homme presque parfait

Technological progress today is allowing mankind to conceive of a radically 'improved' human being, a 'Human version 2.0', modeling his own species according to his…(more)
(Un Homme presque parfait) Director: Cécile Denjean , F, 2010

Un Château en Italie

Une femme rencontre un homme. Ses rêves ressurgissent. C’est aussi l’histoire de son frère, malade, et de leur mère, d’un destin : celui d’une grande…(more)
(Un Château en Italie) Director: Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, F, 2013

Un instante en la vida ajena

Desde el punto de vista de su génesis, se trata de un documental único, compuesto por las tomas del archivo personal de Madronita Andreu. Esta…(more)
(Un instante en la vida ajena) Director: José Luis López-Linares, ESP, 2003


Over the last couple of years, Dante Lam has established himself as a prominent Hong Kong action director with a distinctive style, exceeding previous accomplishments…(more)
(Ji zhan) Director: Dante Lam, Hong Kong, 2013

Unbroken - premiere screening

Three women, three heroines, three stories. They live in different countries, cultures, have different education and life stories. However, they are similar to each other.…(more)
(Nezlomené - premiéra) Director: Jarmila Štuková, Olga Šilhová, Markéta Kutilová, Lenka Klicperová , CZ, 2017

Uncertain Glory

In wartorn Spain, during the tumultuous 1937, a Republican young officer will hopelessly fall for the charms of a deceitful femmefatale who will not hesitate…(more)
(Incerta glòria) Director: Agustí Villaronga, E, 2017

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Suffering from acute kidney failure, Uncle Boonmee has chosen to spend his final days surrounded by his loved ones in the countryside. Surprisingly, the ghost…(more)
(Loong Boonmee raleuk chat) Director: Apichatpong Weerasethakul , T - GB - F - D, 2010


A story about censorship and circumcision is set in Ottawa in 1979. Peter Cort, a researcher, is writing a book on male circumcision. Peter Koosens,…(more)
(Uncut) Director: John Greyson, Kanada, 1997

Under Ahmedabad Sky

Every year millions of little fighting kites fill the sky of Ahmedabad with their colors. Makar Sankranti began as only a Hindu religious festival, but…(more)
(Sotto Il Cielo Di Ahmedabad) Director: F. Lignola - S. Rebechi, I, 2007

Under The Palace Wall

From the 16th century the Indian village of Delwara in southern Rajastan was ruled as a principality of the kingdom of Mewar. Its palace, which…(more)
(Under The Palace Wall) Director: David MacDougall, AUS, 2014

Under The Pines

Landes, a region in southwestern France, is the scene of a brilliant story about the determination and commitment of a woman who is able to…(more)
(Landes) Director: Francois-Xavier Vives, F - B, 2013

Under the Radar

Elke Seeberg is a judge and single mother. After a terror warning a bomb explodes right in the middle of Berlin and Elke’s daughter Marie…(more)
(Unterm Radar) Director: Elmar Fischer, D, 2015

Under the Shadow

A breathtaking and triumphant debut feature, Under the Shadow is a terrifying allegory of the wartorn Tehran in the 80s where a mother and daughter…(more)
(Zir e sayeh) Director: Babak Anvari, GB-QA-HKJ-IR, 2016

Under the Skin

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, Under the Skin 2013 is a sciencefiction movie about the journey of a seductive, female alien to Planet Earth: after adopting…(more)
(Under the Skin) Director: Jonathan Glazer, GB, 2013

Under the Sun

North Korean girl Zinmi is getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of supreme leader Kim Jong Il. Acclaimed Russian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky obtains permission to…(more)
(V lučach solnca) Director: Vitalij Manskij, CZ-RUS-LV-D-ROK, 2015

Under the Tree

Agnes throws Atli out and does not want him to see their daughter Ása anymore. He moves in with his parents, who are involved in…(more)
(Undir trénu) Director: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, IS, 2017

Undercover in Tibet

As Tibetan protesters take to the streets in the biggest and most bloody challenge to Chinese rule in nearly 20 years, Dispatches reports on the…(more)
(Undercover in Tibet) Director: Jezza Neumann, GB, 2008

Undercover in Tibet

Prior to escaping across the mountains to India and later settling in the UK, Tash Depta filmed secretly in Tibet for three months. His aim…(more)
(Undercover in Tibet) Director: Jezza Neumann , UK, 2008

UnderFilm - FREE ENTRY

In those days it's much easier to make films, because of the availability of digital technologies. So there are more creators and filmmakers, but not…(more)
(UnderFilm) Director: Various, ČR, 2000


Attention Are you expecting underground productions? The film equivalent to the Plastic People of the Universe or the Velvet Underground? Be warned, you are mistaken…(more)
(Underground) Director: Various, Various, 2000


The story starts with the underground manufacture of weapons in Belgrade, during World War II, and evolves into fairly surreal situations. The black marketer who…(more)
(Underground) Director: Emir Kusturica, YUG, 1995

Underworld: Everything Everything live

Underworld are a British electronic group formed in 1980 in Cardiff and the principal name under which musicians Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have recorded…(more)
(Underworld: Everything Everything live) Director: Jono Griffith, GB, 2000

Unexpected love

This story happens in a small village, where live ordinary people with the oriental temperament, united by their common souvenirs, they have ordinary problems and…(more)
(Жиде. Нежданная любовь) Director: Sabit Kurmanbekov, KZ, 2011


William Munny Eastwood is a widower with two young children. He was once a very vicious gunfighter, but after marrying, gave up gunfighting, drinking, and…(more)
(Unforgiven) Director: Clint Eastwood, USA, 1992

Unheard Voices add Notes to Myself

The Foundation of Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama organizes a monthlong Gurukul program in Dharamshala every year. Young participants are selected from…(more)
(Unheard Voices add Notes to Myself) Director: Dev Agarwal, IND, 2012

Uninvited guest

uninvited guest…(more)
(Nezvaný host) Director: Vlastimil Venclík, CZ, 1969

United 93

The morning of September 11th, 2006, four planes are getting ready for their last flight. Noone besides a few Usama bin Ladin guys knows this……(more)
(United 93) Director: Paul Greengrass, VB - USA - FRA, 2006

United States of Love

Poland is experiencing its first euphoric year of freedom in 1990. When four apparently happy women of different ages decide it is time to change…(more)
(Zjednoczone stany miłości) Director: Tomasz Wasilewski, PL, 2016

Universum Brdecka

Many of the Czech legendary films from the second half of the 20th century are tied to name of Jiří Brdečka. The scriptwriter, writer and…(more)
(Universum Brdečka) Director: Miroslav Janek, CZ, 2017


A biochemist and his dishy wife arrive in Berlin for a conference at which a scientist and his controversial Arab funder will announce breakthrough research.…(more)
(Unknown) Director: Jaume Collet-Serra, USA - GB - D - F, 2011

Unknown Brasil

Elizabeth’s short movies series achieved success not only on festivals, but also on the social media. She has skills to make films that are accepted…(more)
(O Brasil Desconhecido) Director: Elizabeth Rocha Salgado, BR, 0000

Unknown cartoons

711 let Výběr nejzajímavějších animáků pro děti od začínajících filmových profesionálů. Od švédských masových kuliček, které prožívají svoje malá dobrodružství se rychle dostaneme až po hopsavý…(more)
(Neznámé animáky) Director: various, various, 0000

Unknown Soldier

The film follows Finnish army machine gun company in Continuation War against Soviet Union, 1941–1944. Based on Väinö Linna’s best selling novel Tuntematon Sotilas The…(more)
(Tuntematon sotilas) Director: Aku Louhimies, FIN, 2017

Unleashed / Danny the Dog

Danny is a human slave who was taught only one thing in life to fight. He wins lots of money for his owner Bart,…(more)
(Unleashed / Danny the Dog) Director: Louis Leterrier, FRA-VB-USA, 2005

Unmistaken Child

In Nepal, a venerable monk, Geshe Lama Konchog, dies and one of his disciples, a youthful monk named Tenzin Zopa, searches for his master's reincarnation.…(more)
(Unmistaken Child) Director: Nati Baratz, IL, 2008

Unplugged on UFO’s

"Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs" explores past and present sightings from around the world with shocking real footage, much of it never before seen, that…(more)
(Unplugged on UFO’s) Director: David Sereda, USA, 2005


Chronic fatigue syndrome CFS is a serious illness whose causes are not yet medically understood. Young filmmaker Jennifer, who suffers from the illness, records her…(more)
(Unrest) Director: Jennifer Brea, USA-GB, 2017

Unseen Heroes

First, we will look back at the very first clumsy film steps of the famous comics super heroes who were here before the current Hollywood…(more)
(aneb nepovedené a raritní filmové adaptace komiksů ) Director: uvádí: Ivo Legner a Josef Blažek, , 2008

Until Sbornia Takes Us Apart

Nobody expected that during a football match that is played with war axes, there would be such a disaster that forever changes the whole country…(more)
(Até Que a Sbórnia nos Separe) Director: Otto Guerra, Ennio Torresan, BR, 2013

Until Vanishing 1 - Inside/Out

At the heart of Until Vanishing are fi lms by South Asian Canadian video and fi lmmakers who embarked on diasporic journeys that are neither ideal…(more)
(Until Vanishing 1 - Inside/Out) Director: Kaspar J. Saxen, KAN, 2000

Until Vanishing 2 - Star Light

Part of two of Until Vanishing continues to explore the relationship between diasporic longing, dreamborder crossing, illusion and loss. Both parts are curated and presented by…(more)
(Until Vanishing 2 - Star Light) Director: Kaspar J. Saxen, KAN, 2000


"I want to give a view of the world that can only emerge by not pursuing any particular theme, by refraining from passing judgment, proceeding…(more)
(Untitled) Director: Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi, A-D, 2017


30yearold Iranian translator Fariba is applying for political asylum in Frankfurt. The German authorities clearly aren’t going to process her application in a hurry. Fariba…(more)
(Fremde Haut) Director: Angelina Maccarone, NĚM - RAK, 2005


By tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78yearold Carl Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America.…(more)
(Up) Director: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, USA, 2009

Up and Down Through Silk Road

Charismatic travellers open the world in new ways, approaching the local landscapes and people, visiting unusual sites, creative communities and subcultures. They write books, make…(more)
(Nahoru a dolů Hedvábnou stezkou) Director: Karel Svoboda a Martin Šťourač, CZ, 2017

Up for Love

A man finds the phone of a girl and decides to invite her for dinner.…(more)
(Un homme à la hauteur) Director: Laurent Tirard, F, 2016

Up in the Air

Ryan Bingham's job is to fire people from theirs. The anguish, hostility, and despair of his "clients" has left him falsely compassionate, living out of…(more)
(Up in the Air) Director: Jason Reitman, USA, 2009

Upír Nosferatu + Odnaha

Bio|Fonie basic unit is two outwardly different artistic forms fusion the film and live music.
(Upír Nosferatu + Odnaha) Director: Friedrich W. Murnau , D, 1922

Upstream Battle

To the indigenous inhabitants of northern California, who fish salmon in its silvery undulating waters, the Klamath River is a house of prayer. Their life,…(more)
(Upstream Battle) Director: Ben Kempas, D, 2008

Urban dance films

Dance connected to citites, dance in public spaces and about the public spaces, street dance showing various techniques, fates of the people and the…(more)
(Urban dance films) Director: various, USA-GB-F, 2016

Urban Parkour

Nic pro ně není překážkou – skáčou ze střechy na střechu, šplhají po římsách, z balkonu seskakují dvojitým saltem. Říkají si městští parkouristi. Jednoho z…(more)
(Urban Parkour) Director: Tomáš Zony Zonyga, CZ, 0000

Urban Wandering

a day in the city / without a sunmore)
(Urbánní bloudění) Director: Various, Various, 2000


A documentary about the design of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world's foremost architects,…(more)
(Urbanized) Director: Gary Hustwit, USA, 2011

Urbex – Discovering of the abandoned world

Urbex urban exploration – catching beauties of abandoned places to the photos – is as old as humans. Many people all around the world explore…(more)
(Urbex – krása zániku) Director: , CZ, 0000


The dilemma of washroom sex in Toronto. A mystery unnamed man conjures a circle of dead gay literary figures, including Sergei Eisenstein, Dorian Gray, Yukio…(more)
(Urinal) Director: John Greyson , Kanada, 1988

Urine Superpowers

Many of us are oblivious to the fact that our first months of life were actually spent swimming in urine. Indeed, the amniotic sac is…(more)
(Les Superpouvoirs de l'Urine) Director: Thierry Berrod, F, 2014

US 2

A love story about a surprise romance between a deceived wife and her gay hairstylist. The debut by Slobodanka Radun unfolds in contemporary Prague which,…(more)
(MY 2) Director: Slobodanka Radun, CZ, 2014

US Paar

Naveen works with a religious publisher and has moved into a new colony the buildings look scarily similar and the landscape barren. He notices…(more)
(US Paar) Director: Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen, IND, 2007

Úsměvy smutných mužů

Úsměvy smutných mužů přiblíží příběhy úspěšných chlapů, kteří se přes dno lahve dostali na samotné dno života. Na dno, odkud vede už jen cesta vzhůru.…(more)
(Úsměvy smutných mužů) Director: Dan Svátek, CZ, 2018

Showing: Tuesday 17. 7. 2018 13:00, Wednesday 18. 7. 2018 20:45, Thursday 19. 7. 2018 16:00, Friday 20. 7. 2018 16:00, Saturday 21. 7. 2018 16:00, Sunday 22. 7. 2018 16:00, Monday 23. 7. 2018 16:00, Tuesday 24. 7. 2018 16:00, Wednesday 25. 7. 2018 16:00

Utopia | 2012

The programme name hints at places and societies that do not exist or exist only as ideas so the experience will probably not satisfy the…(more)
(Utopie | 2012) Director: various, , 0000


The artist, Zbigniew Bzymek, shot his feature film debut in Brooklyn as a portrait of an unlikely postmodern, queer family that inhabits a house while…(more)
(Utopians) Director: Zbigniew Bzymek, USA, 2011

Utrpení knížete Sternenhocha

First round: Love furious.
(Utrpení knížete Sternenhocha) Director: David Jařab, CZ, 2013

Utrpení mladého Boháčka

(Utrpení mladého Boháčka) Director: František Filip, CZ, 1969

Utterly Alone

Vaitkus’s war film paints a poignant portrait of Lithuania’s tenyear struggle against Soviet occupation and casts new light on folk hero Juozas LukšaDaumantas, the legendary…(more)
(Vienui Vieni) Director: Jonas Vaitkus, LIT, 2004

Úvod do Kabaretu: Vřeteno, Nové měsíce a souhvězdí

La škola je nová hudební pedagogika. Je založena na Hudebních obrazech, Lastrojích a na principu Ponechání původu. Každý má v sobě svůj vlastní repertoár. Zažijeli…(more)
(Úvod do Kabaretu: Vřeteno, Nové měsíce a souhvězdí) Director: , , 0000