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Contains movies from cinema Svetozor program starting February 15, 2005.

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F for Fake

Orson Welles' freeform documentary about fakery focusses on the notorious art forger Elmyr de Hory and Elmyr's biographer, Clifford Irving, who also wrote the celebrated…(more)
(Vérités et mensonges) Director: Orson Welles, F- IR - D, 1974

Fårö 1979 / Fårö Document 1979

Following the first document about Fårö, this film depicts one year in the life of this tiny island. In the document from 1970 Bergman interviews…(more)
(Fårödokument 1979) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1979

Fårö Document

Fårö Document is Ingmar Bergman's first documentary. Having recently built a house on the island in the Baltic he was taken by the people who…(more)
(Fårödokument) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1970

Fabricating Tom Zé

A portrait of the ultimate musical noncomformist: a gardener at home in Brazil but a pop star abroad due to his chance rediscovery by David…(more)
(Fabricando Tom Zé) Director: Decio Matos Jr., BRA, 2006

Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema

The story of gay and lesbian cinema is closely related to the world surrounding it, and the use of popular culture is a backdrop against…(more)
(Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema) Director: Lisa Ades, Lesli Klainberg, USA, 2005


The last feature film by film festivals’ favorite Tsai Mingliang is the result of an initiative by the Louvre Museum, which invites acclaimed filmmakers to…(more)
(Visage) Director: Tsai Ming-liang, F - RC - B - NL, 2008

Face the Wall

Stefan Weinerts Dokumentarfilm Gesicht zur Wand ist ein sehr persönliches Porträit über fünf durch ihre StasiHaft traumatisierten Menschen. Diese Menschen haben es in der DDR…(more)
(Gesicht zur Wand ) Director: Stefan Weinert, D, 2008


In a society under the reformed 'RealTime' Calendar, without history nor future, everybody is faceless. A woman panics when she wakes up one day with…(more)
() Director: Manu Luksh, VB, 2007

FACES [:phases]

Působivá vizuální esej ve stylu snímků Godfreyho Reggia nás zavede na nejrůznější místa našeho globalizovaného světa. Záběry na těžce pracující horníky v jihoafrickém dole střídají…(more)
(FACES [:phases]) Director: Holger Ernst, NĚM, 2007

Faces of Meda + The Perpetrator and the Bystander

short film …(more)
(Tváře Medy) Director: Veronika Janečková, CZ, 2015

Facing up

20 year old Stan is a member of a street gang. With his friend, he’s committing some roguish acts and occasional petty theft; but one night,…(more)
(Przebacz) Director: Marek Stacharski, PL, 2006

Factory Girl

When Edie Sedgwick came to New York in the mid1960’s she was just one of hundreds of talented girls yearning to conquer the world. Everything…(more)
(Factory Girl) Director: George Hickenlooper, USA, 2006


Henry Chinaski is a young writer. He drinks. He likes wild women. Once in a while he even gets a job, but he is usually…(more)
(Factotum) Director: Bent Hamer, USA - NOR, 2005

Fade to Winter

Times change, just as each season gives way to the next. For passionate skiers around the globe, however, the time of year can never undermine…(more)
(Fade to Winter) Director: MSP Films, USA, 2015

Faded Glory of Youth

You loved him, you have spent your whole life together, but he's gone now and you're alone. The feeling that follows the death of a…(more)
(Faded Glory of Youth) Director: , , 0000

Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 is a 1966 science fiction drama film directed by François Truffaut and starring Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, and Cyril Cusack. Based on the…(more)
(Fahrenheit 451) Director: François Truffaut, F, 1966

Fahrenheit 9/11

Protibushovský politický dokument amerického režiséra Michaela Moorea Fahrenheit 9/11 získal na letošním MFF v Cannes Zlatou palmu za nejlepší film. V první části filmu předkládá…(more)
(Fahrenheit 9/11) Director: Michael Moore, USA, 2004

Fair Game

Fair Game is the Australian contribution to this year’s major theme of strong female heroines. It is a story of a young woman running a…(more)
(Fair Game) Director: Mario Andreacchio, AUS, 1985

Fair Play

Prague 1983. The eighteenyearold sprinter Anna, a top athlete, is placed on the Programme of “Specialized Care”. She only finds out that she is being…(more)
(Fair Play) Director: Andrea Sedláčková, CZ, 2014

Fair Play FR

Un patron dominateur compulsif, une nouvelle recrue à l'arrivisme forcené, un cadre calculateur et machiavélique et une employée trop victime pour être honnête règlent leurs…(more)
(Fair Play FR) Director: Lionel Bailliu, FR-BE-CR, 2006

Fair Wind

“When do you know that a journey has come to an end?” Bernadette Weigel asks herself in Fair Wind. Her journey carries her east on…(more)
(Fair Wind) Director: Bernadette Weigel, A, 2013

Fairy tale Flying Animal

Aero for children / Fairy tale Flying Animal…(more)
(Létající pohádkové zvířátko) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2009

Fairytales about Krakonoš

Czech animated fairytales.…(more)
(Krakonošovy pohádky ) Director: , CZ, 0000

Fairytales about letters

Short animated stories for kids.…(more)
(Písmenkové pohádky) Director: , , 0000

Fairytales covered by snow

Pohádky pod sněhem nám představí zimní příběhy Dorotky, štěnátka i Brundibárů. Podíváme se také, jak Mikeš zachránil Bobeše, nebo co dělal na pouti. Nakonec se…(more)
(Pohádky pod sněhem) Director: , CZ, 0000

Fairytales for Naughty Girls

International Short Film Competition. Agatha Boa Jenny Mi Amor …(more)
(Pohádky pro zlobivé holky) Director: various, various, 0000

Fairytales from One world

Fairytales for kids from the One world festival about animals, who had to leave their home and are looking for exile somewhere else.…(more)
(Pohádky z Jednoho světa) Director: , , 0000

Fairytales from the space

Short animated stories inspired by universe fantasy and imagination will take us to mysterial worlds.…(more)
(Vesmírné pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Fake Orgasm

(Fake Orgasm) Director: Jordi Sol, E, 2010


Austria's biggest pop star gets the biopic treatment in this dramatization of the life of Johann Hölzel, better known as Falco. Thomas Roth's film chronicles…(more)
(Falco) Director: Thomas Roth, D - A, 2008

Fallega 2011

Tunis’s Kasbah Square was where demonstrators in the Arab world first came together to demand democracy and an end to dictatorship; it also was the…(more)
(Fallega 2011) Director: Rafik Omrani, TN, 2011

Fallgrapp + Himalayan Dalai Lama

The legend of Slovak electronic music Fallgrap comes to Aero to present their new album V hmle. …(more)
(Fallgrapp + Himalayan Dalai Lama) Director: , , 0000


Five women in their early thirties meet for the fi rst time in fourteen years when they return to their small hometown to attend the funeral…(more)
(Fallen) Director: Barbara Albert, A - D, 2006

Falstaff | Giuseppe Verdi

Verdi’s brilliant final masterpiece Falstaff has its first new Met production in nearly 50 years, conducted by James Levine and directed by Robert Carsen. Ambrogio…(more)
(Falstaff | Giuseppe Verdi) Director: Robert Carsen, USA, 2013

Falstaff | Opera de Paris

YOU CAN BUY A SEASON TICKET AT THE CASH OFFICE ONLY. Music: Giuseppe Verdi Conductor: Daniel Oren, Director: Dominique Pitoiset, Cast: Ambrogio Maestri, Artur Rucinski, Paolo Fanale,…(more)
(Falstaff) Director: Dominique Pitoiset, Francie, 2012


Fame is set at New York's High School of Performing Arts, where talented teens train for showbusiness careers. The film concentrates on five of the…(more)
(Fame) Director: Kevin Tancharoen , USA, 2009


At the New York City High School for the Performing Arts, students get specialized training that often leads to success as actors, singers, etc. This…(more)
(Fame) Director: Alan Parker, USA, 1980


Teppiche werden eingerollt, Möbel zugedeckt. Ein Grand Hotel in den Schweizer Bergen geht in Zwischensaison. Schwermütiger Gesang dringt durch die leeren Flure. Mit endlosen Singproben…(more)
(Familientreffen) Director: Sarah Derendinger, CH, 2009


A video diary exploring the most intimate and most universal. The film looks not only at the political climate within one’s own family, but also…(more)
(Rodina) Director: Apolena Rychlíková, CZ, 2013

Family + To rule, to work, to earn, to pray, to collapse

(Rodina + Vládnout, pracovat, vydělávat, modlit se, hroutit se) Director: Apolena Rychlíková / Andran Abramjan, CZ-, 2013

Family album

Spanish videoart: Family Album deals with the relationships between individuals from the same community, between the family and the individual.…(more)
(Family album) Director: různí režiséři / various authors, E, 0000

Family Business / from Videodiary

Director Jakub Wagner attempts to create a family inventory rather than a family portrait. With his pursuit of objectivity masked by suppressed indignation, the director’s…(more)
(Rodinné záležitosti) Director: Jakub Wagner, CZ, 2014

Family Circles

Short films programme: Each family is happy or unhappy…(more)
(Family Circles) Director: various, , 2015

Family Film

Husband and wife set sail on the ocean, leaving their two children at home to explore the freedom offered them by the absence of parental…(more)
(Rodinný film) Director: Olmo Omerzu, CZ, 2015

Family Meeting

When the Wentus Blues Band celebrate their 20th anniversary, they do it in style, inviting some of the finest practitioners of the form exRolling…(more)
(Family Meeting) Director: Heikki Kossi, FIN, 2007

Family Nest

In a oneroom apartment, live a man, his wife and two children along with his grown son and his wife and child a…(more)
(Családi tűzfészek) Director: Béla Tarr, H, 1979

Family Ties

Parents have their own truth. However, whether it's their ideas of their son's coming out or the clothing of their deceased daughter, their opinions sometimes…(more)
(Family Ties) Director: , , 0000

Family Tour

Click READ MORE for English Si pasas un mes en el círculo familiar, tu vida puede trastocarse completamente. Es lo que está viviendo Lili cuando, después…(more)
(Family Tour) Director: Liliana Torres, E, 2013

FAMO graduation films

Two graduate short films tell the story of the main female protagonist, who is affected by contemporary society. …(more)
(Absolventské filmy Famo) Director: FAMO, CZ, 2014

FAMO Sci-Fi Film Night

Works of students of the Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy in Písek will be presented during the FAMO SciFi Film Night. You can enjoy the premiere…(more)
(Noc sci-fi filmů FAMO v Písku) Director: FAMO, CZ, 2013


Písek is a city known not just for the oldest stone bridge in the country, but also for the Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy. The students…(more)
(FAMOSFÉRA) Director: FAMO, CZ, 2016

FAMU and FAMO present - The Best Of 2009

The Best of 2009 student films from FAMU and Film academy Písek.…(more)
(FAMU a Písek uvádí - The Best Of 2009) Director: various, CZ, 2009

FAMU Burmese Films

Directed by the Burmese scholarship students of the FAMU education project during the workshops in Burma, stay at the Film and TV School of Academy…(more)
(Seminář barmských filmů z FAMU) Director: , , 0000

FAMU Center for Audiovisual Studies

Presentation of student art projects AMU’s CAS Center for Audiovisual Studies is an art school within a filmschool. The department…(more)
(Centrum audiovizuálních studií FAMU) Director: various, CZ, 2015

FAMU Documentaries

ZACHYCENÍM DOTEKU: Capturing the human body on paper – a print is created on the surface of film material, a message about a person, about…(more)
(Blok dokumentů FAMU) Director: H. Valentová, A. Culková, M. Dvořáková, ČR, 2000

FAMU Documentaries III.

SMRT LESNÍ: A report about death, monuments and the worries of the members of The Association of Friends of Small Relics “Patriot” in Jizerské hory. /…(more)
(Blok dokumentů FAMU III.) Director: Adam Olha / Jan V. Sacher / Vladimír Voříšek / Jan Palát / Gyula Nemes, ČR, 2004

FAMU Documentaries: Lucie Králová

(FAMU Documentaries: Lucie Králová) Director: Lucie Králová, ČR, 2000

FAMU Evening

The film event where young FAMU filmmakers will present their films. During the evening the audience can watch 3 portraits: a quizzical maverick, an always…(more)
(Večer FAMU) Director: Tomáš Weinreb, Lukáš Kokeš, Jaroslav Kratochvíl, CZ , 2009

FAMU Night – Student Documentary Films

We will present a selection of the best films made in the FAMU documentary department. During their studies, students make films based on specific tasks,…(more)
(FAMU Night – studentské filmy Katedry dokumentu) Director: , CZ, 2015

FAMU present block of documentaries of 1st class.

Screening of documentary films of first class of Prague film university FAMU Zóna bezpečí dir: Lukáš Kokeš, 14 min Hormonální akvárium dir: Tereza Tara, 20…(more)
(Přehlídka prváckých filmů studentů katedry dokumentu na FAMU) Director: - produkce večera: Martina Knoblochová, ČR, 2007

FAMU presents

FAMU presents a selection of the most remarkable documentary films of the past year. Andrš's The Last Shift of Tomáš Hisem shows the reality through…(more)
(FAMU uvádí) Director: various, CZ, 2017

Showing: Monday 16. 7. 2018 20:45

FAMU presents 2015

A night presenting the first screenings of two short films “Familiar Strangers” dir. by Johana Švarcová and “Kink” dir. by Štěpán Pech. To accompany…(more)
(FAMU uvádí 2015) Director: různí, CZ, 2015

FAMU student films

When The Sun Goes Down
(Bakalářské filmy FAMU) Director: various, CZ, 2013

FAMU, SVOŠF a FAMO Písek Introduce

(FAMU, SVOŠF a FAMO Písek uvádí) Director: , CZ, 2007

FAMU, SVOŠP FAMO introduce

(FAMU, SVOŠP FAMO představují) Director: , CZ, 2008


FAMUfest is an annual competitive FAMU Film and TV Academy of Performing Arts in Prague festival. This year´s biggest change is switching from Archa theatre…(more)
(Famufest) Director: various, CZ, 2010

Famufest ´14

You need a festival pass to enter screenings of FAMUFEST. Regular accreditation 100 CZK, AMU students 50 CZK, FAMU students 10 CZK.…(more)
(Famufest ´14) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Famufest Noir 2012

Noir is not just a film genre, noir is a situation around us, it is the way we live. It is a both critique and…(more)
(Famufest Noir 2012) Director: various, CZ, 2012

Famufest Winning Movie

Famufest Winning Movie…(more)
(Vítězný snímek Famufestu) Director: various, CZ, 2014


A characteristically exaggerated Bollywood movie, this thriller with elements of comedy and action largely refers to the personal and professional life of Shah Rukh Khan,…(more)
(FAN) Director: Yash Chopra, IND, 2016


Blind from birth, Zooni Baig lives in a small town 45 kilometers from Gulmarg in the State of Kashmir, India, with her protective parents. When…(more)
(Fanaa) Director: Kunal Kohli, IND, 2006

Fando and Lis

Fando and Lis are a young couple who embark on a journey to the city of Tar. Lis is handicapped and is aided by Fando…(more)
(Fando y Lis) Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky , MEX, 1968


This critically acclaimed Marathi social drama tells the story of a schoolboy, Jabya, who lives in a small village in Maharashtra, as a member of…(more)
(Fandry) Director: Nagraj Manjule, IND, 2013

Fanny and Alexander

A complex picture of a city family from the beginning of the century is based on Bergman’s memories of his childhood as well as on the…(more)
(Fanny och Alexander) Director: Ingmar Bergman, FR - SRN - ŠVÉ, 1982

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.more)
(Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) Director: David Yates, GB-USA, 2016

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is a nimble chicken thief but when he starts getting a little rusty, he launches a new career in journalism and he and…(more)
(Fantastic Mr. Fox) Director: Wes Anderson, USA-GB, 2009

Fantastic Planet

The humans on the planet of Ygam serve mainly as toys and pets for much bigger and more advanced race of aliens called Draags. But…(more)
(La Planète sauvage ) Director: René Laloux , F-CZ, 1973

Far Away the Clouds Escape

(Kauas pilvet karkaavat) Director: Aki Kaurismäki, FIN, 1996

Far From Heaven

In the retrostylistic homage to 1950s American melodramas of Douglas Sirk, this film emancipates the female protagonist, who is dealing with her husband's closeted homosexuality…(more)
(Far From Heaven) Director: Todd Haynes, USA, 2002

Far from Men

1954. Alors que la rébellion gronde dans la vallée, deux hommes, que tout oppose, sont contraints de fuir à travers les crêtes de l’Atlas algérien.…(more)
(Loin des hommes) Director: David Oelhoffen , F, 2013

Far from the Madding Crowd

Based on the literary classic by Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd is the story of independent, beautiful and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene, who attracts…(more)
(Far from the Madding Crowd) Director: Thomas Vinterberg, USA-GB, 2015

Far from the Villages

Thirteen thousand men, women and children from the Koloye region live in Gouroukoun refugee camp in the eastern part of the Central African Republic of…(more)
(Au loin des villages) Director: Olivier Zuchuat, F - CH, 2008

Far Near East - Slovak Film Fest (part 1)

Far Near East Slovak Documentary and Experimental Film Fest part 1…(more)
(Daleký Blízký Východ - slovenský festival dokumentárních a experimentálních filmů (1. část)) Director: , SK, 2009

Far Near East - Slovak Film Fest (part 2)

Far Near East Slovak Documentary and Experimental Film Fest part 2…(more)
(Daleký Blízký Východ - slovenský festival dokumentárních a experimentálních filmů (2. část)) Director: Slovak Film Fest, SK, 2009

Farewell Sun (engl. subt.)

Documentary film about life and work of Alén Diviš.…(more)
(Sbohem Slunce) Director: Martin Řezníček, ČR, 2005


Jerry Lundegaard's inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's bungling and the persistent police work of the quite pregnant Marge Gunderson. …(more)
(Fargo) Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, USA, 1996

Farming on Crisis?

What kind of future will we have if only 7 per cent of European farmers are under 35? Who will produce our food? Filmmaker PavlosGeorgiadis…(more)
(Farming on Crisis?) Director: Haris Donias, GR, 2012


Experimental filmmaker Mike Hoolboom pays homage to one of Canada's most important video artists, Colin Campbell. Born in 1942, Campbell was a sculptor who became…(more)
() Director: Mike Hoolboom, Kanada, 2007

Fashion Circulation vol. IV.

Bio Oko is presenting the fourth Fashion Circulation, “reality show” about clothing and passion related to it. The fourth episode will take place on June…(more)
(Módní Cirkulačka) Director: , , 0000

Fashion fairytales

Czech animated fairytales about clothes and clothing.…(more)
(Módní pohádky) Director: různí, CZ, 0000

Fashion fairytales

Czech animated fairytales about fashion and clothes.…(more)
(Parádivé pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Fashion in Film - Superficiality and Boredom?

Fashion model and the world of fashion in cinema. presented by: Markéta Uhlířová, festival curator …(more)
(Všednost, povrchnost a nuda?) Director: W. Klein - V. Chytilová, FRA - ČR, 1966

Fashion in Film - the Enigma of the Fashion Object: Cases of Clothes That Have Their Own Life

Fashion model and the world of fashion in cinema. presented by: Markéta Uhlířová, festival curator …(more)
(Záhady módy aneb nevysvětlitelné případy oblečení, které si žije svým vlastním životem) Director: Various, Various, 2000

Fate of the Lhapa

Fate of the Lhapa is a featurelength documentary about the last three Tibetan shamans living in a Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal. Each lhapa requested…(more)
(Fate of the Lhapa) Director: Sarah C. Sifers, USA, 2007

Fateful Fortune

Grammar school teacher Jiří is distracted from his solitude and dull routine by an unexpected nocturnal visit from his beloved younger sister, Růžena, a former…(more)
(Osudové peníze) Director: Jiří Krejčík, CZ, 2010

Fateless (cze. & engl. subt.)

The short story by Hungarian writer Imre Kertész, originally published, unnoticed, in 1975 during Kadar’s era, was rediscovered by readers in the 1990s. It caused…(more)
(Sorstalanság) Director: Lajos Koltai, MAĎ - NĚM - VB, 2003

Fateless (engl. subt.)

The short story by Hungarian writer Imre Kertész, originally published, unnoticed, in 1975 during Kadar’s era, was rediscovered by readers in the 1990s. It caused…(more)
(Sorstalanság) Director: Lajos Koltai, MAĎ - NĚM - VB, 2003


First documentary film about famous Czech actor Josef Abrham.…(more)
(Tata) Director: Josef Abrhám, CZ, 2009


Viktor doesn’t accept the health condition of his father, who suffers from an advanced phase of Alzheimer’s. Despite all pressure and complication he refuses to…(more)
(Táta) Director: Václav Huleš, CZ, 2015

Father Christmas in Oko

Father Christmas in Oko…(more)
(Ježíšek v Oku - Vánoční sen) Director: various, various, 0000

Father Christmas in Oko

Father Christmas in Oko…(more)
(Ježíšek v Oku - Sněhulák) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Father of My Children

Parisbased film producer Grégoire Canvel has it all a wife and three daughters he adores and a stimulating job that he's devoted to. At…(more)
(Le Père de mes enfants) Director: Mia Hansen-Løve, F-D, 2009

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is usually associated with paternal love and the giving of cheesy greeting cards and goofy ties. However, this movie will give you a…(more)
(Father’s Day) Director: Astron-6, CDN, 2011


One of the masterpieces of German film expressionism and jewels of the world cinema is built as a spectacular clash between good and evil, eternity…(more)
(Faust – Eine deutsche Volkssage) Director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, D, 1926


Czech artist, surrealist and film director Jan Švankmajer translates the Faust myth into a grotesque parable about human capability to succumb and resist manipulation. Petr…(more)
(Lekce Faust) Director: Jan Švankmajer, CZ-F-GB-, 1993


With „Faust“ Sokurov closes his 4 movies series about the corrupting effects of power on human soul and body. Like on Hitler „Moloch“, Lenin „Taurus“…(more)
(Faust) Director: Alexander Sokurov, RUS, 2011

Faust | Charles Gounod

With Jonas Kaufmann in the title role, René Pape as the devil, and Marina Poplavskaja as Marguerite, Gounod’s classic retelling of the Faust legend couldn’t…(more)
(Faust) Director: Des McAnuff, USA, 2011

Favela Rising

Rio de Janeiro, a destination for tourists and the stage of Carnival, conceals enormous injustices, violence and danger in the shadowy parts of the city.…(more)
(Favela Rising) Director: Jeff Zimbalist - Matt Mochary, USA - BRA, 2005

Fay Grim

This story about the attractive Fay, mother of a 14yearold boy and wife of Henry, who hasn’t been seen for seven years, loosely follows on…(more)
(Fay Grim ) Director: Hal Hartley, USA, Německo, Francie, 2006

FC Roma

Last season, when a new team, consisting primarily of Romany players, made it into the lowest Czech football league, most of their opponents decided to…(more)
(FC Roma) Director: Tomáš Bojar, Rozálie Kohoutová, CZ, 2016

FC Rwanda

Against the backdrop of a football match between implacable rivals – the army club ARP and popular civilian club Rayon Sport – stories unfold that…(more)
(FC Rwanda) Director: Joris Postema, NL, 2013


Rahul’s story, whom nothing and noone can stop on his way to his beloved Kiran, might well surprise you. Rahul is obsessed with Kiran, he…(more)
(Darr) Director: Yash Chopra, IND, 1993

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a whirlwind of a movie, a wacky, drugladen story backed by a fistpumping rock & roll soundtrack featuring…(more)
(Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) Director: Terry Gilliam, USA, 1998

Fear(s) of the Dark

Different blackandwhite animation techniques tell several scary stories. There's a story of a teenage boy who meets the wrong girl. Another tale deals with a…(more)
(Peur(s) du noir) Director: Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire, FR, 2007

Feedback - a premiere screening

First screening of short animated film "Feedback" which was produced in coproduction of two czech animation schools FAMU and FMK TBU in Zlin. There will…(more)
(Premiéra filmu Feedback) Director: , CZ, 2016

Fela Kuti - Music is the weapon

Fela Anikulapo Kuti is to African music what Bob Marley is to Reggae: its Prophet. All contemporary forms of black music from funk to electronic…(more)
(Fela Kuti - Musique au Poing) Director: Stéphane Tchal-Gadjieff, Jean-Jackque Flori, FRA, 1982

FELA! | NT Live

A provocative and wholly unique hybrid of dance, theatre and music, FELA explores the extravagant, decadent and rebellious world of Afrobeat legend Fela AnikulapoKuti. …(more)
(FELA! | NT Live) Director: Bill T. Jones, GB, 2010

Felvidek. Caught in Between

In this animated documentary, a director of SlovakHungarian origin searches for her family's roots, uncovering taboo topics related to issues of national coexistence and origin.…(more)
(Felvidék – Horná zem) Director: Vladislava Plančíková, SK-CZ, 2014

Female Architects: Annette Gigon

In English, without translation, admission 70 CZK / students and seniors 50 CZK …(more)
(Architektky: Annette Gigon) Director: , CH, 2016

Female Architects: Caroline Bos

A lecture of the cofounder of UNStudio, prominent Dutch architect and teacher named “Networks, knowledge sharing and stakeholders in spatial planning processes”. Free entry.…(more)
(Architektky: Caroline Bos) Director: , , 2015

Female Architects: Dorte Mandrup

PUBLIC WORK Lecture by Dorte Mandrup Professor, Founder & Architect MAA. Dorte Mandrup is one of the most renowned female architects of Denmark. Her work…(more)
(Architektky: Dorte Mandrup) Director: , DK, 2015

Female Architects: Kate Otten

In English, without translation, admission 70 CZK / students and seniors 50 CZK …(more)
(Architektky: Kate Otten ) Director: , JAR, 2016

Female Architects: Liesbeth van der Pol

This lecture would be a place to try to pinpoint the essence of my work. But that is not something I have any desire to…(more)
(Architektky: Liesbeth van der Pol) Director: , NL, 2016

Female Architects: Tina Saaby

Copenhagen – A City for People
(Architektky: Tina Saaby) Director: , DK, 2015

Ferat Vampire

A doctor Marek is shocked when his beloved nurse Mima signs a contract with foreign car manufacturer Ferat, in order to work for them as…(more)
(Upír z Feratu) Director: Juraj Herz, CZ, 1981


After Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, is mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return…(more)
(Ferdinand) Director: Carlos Saldanha, Cathy Malkasian, Jeff McGrath, USA, 2017

Fest of Duty

When an Iranian girl reaches the age of nine, she is considered old enough to start observing “her duties”. Fest of Duty follows such girls…(more)
(Jashn e taklif) Director: Firouzeh Khosrovani, IR, 2014

Festiv opening of the filmfestival Filmasia

Only for invited guests …(more)
(Slavnostní zahájení festivalu Filmasia) Director: , , 2000

Festival Fair [birtday celebration of cinema Světozor]

(Festivalový jarmark [oslava II. narozenin kina Světozor]) Director: all festivals, Various, 2006

Festival in the Desert: the Tent Session / Meadowlands to Holyland

The Festival in the Desert, staged annually in the remote dunes outside Timbuktu, is a cultural crossroads for the Tuareg community of Northern Mali…(more)
(Festival v poušti-vystoupení ve stanech - Festival in the Desert: the Tent Session / Z Meadowlands do Svaté země - Meadowlands to Holyland) Director: Sean Barlow - Steven Lawrence - Banning Eyre / Romi Kaplan, USA / IZR - J. Afrika, 2003

Festival In The Desert: The Tent Sessions

The Festival in the Desert held outside Timbuktu has become the destination of choice for World Music cogniscenti. Initially conceived as a way for the nomadic Tuareg…(more)
(Festival In The Desert: The Tent Sessions) Director: S. Barlow - B. Eyre - S. Lawrence, USA, 2004

Festival Intel AI 2024

1. ročník soutěže pro žáky druhého stupně základních a odpovídajících ročníků středních škol o nejlepší krátký scifi film natočený na tablet. Patnáct nejlepších filmů čeká…(more)
(Festival Intel AI 2024) Director: , CZ, 2014

Festival Intel AI 2024

1. ročník soutěže pro žáky druhého stupně základních a odpovídajících ročníků středních škol o nejlepší krátký scifi film natočený na tablet. Jak bude podle vás…(more)
(Festival Intel AI 2024) Director: , , 2014


A presentation of works shot by students of Michael school.…(more)
(FESTMICHAEL) Director: various, CZ, 2010


A presentation of works shot by students of Michael school.…(more)
(FESTMICHAEL 2011) Director: various, CZ, 2011

Few Days

The movie FEW DAYS from the audiovisual company Alternative.NOW focuses on two groups…(more)
(Few Days) Director: Tomáš Galásek, CZ, 2014


Bold policewoman Shivani Shivaji Roy is on the trail of an organized gang, which also specializes in trade with underage girls. After mobsters kidnap her…(more)
(Mardaani) Director: Pradeep Sarkar, IND, 2014

Fig Trees

It is not possible to write an opera about saints, when the main characters don’t die. Therefore Gertrude Stein, avantgarde writer and lesbian icon, is…(more)
(Fig Trees) Director: John Greyson, CDN, 2009

Fight Club

A tickingtimebomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground…(more)
(Fight Club) Director: David Fincher, USA-D, 1999

Fight Club - first night

A tickingtimebomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground…(more)
(Fight Club) Director: David Fincher, USA-D, 1999

Fight Robots, Cute Girls And Creatures With Two Penises

The complicated world of the Japanese anime. Moderated by Kamil Fila. It is a strange alternative stream for us, but a mainstream one in Japan. Anime’s cultural industry even…(more)
(Fight Robots, Cute Girls And Creatures With Two Penises) Director: , , 2000

Fight With Bacillus

Aero for kids.…(more)
(Bacili jsme bacily, nemoci se zbavili) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2008


Aïcha, a highschool student, is a passionate kungfu fighter. Her Turkish parents expect her to get good grades so she can get into medical school,…(more)
(Fighter) Director: Natasha Arthy, DK - S, 2007

Fighting Fear | premiere

From the codirector of Australia's highest grossing cinema documentary, 'Bra Boys', comes a story of two best mates Mark Mathews and Richie 'Vas' Vaculik chasing…(more)
(Fighting Fear) Director: Macario „Kid Mac“ De Souza, AUS, 2011

Fighting the Sky

Marcos is the driver for a family of a general. He and his wife kidnapped a baby in order to get ransom. But suddenly the…(more)
(Batalla en el cielo) Director: Carlos Reygadas, MEX - BEL - FRA - NĚM, 2005

Fila, Stuchlý, Schmarc feature: SUBVERSION / PERVERSION

Sexual scenes beyond the line. How filmchangesour perception of sexuality? Where is the borderline between acceptable and nontolerable? An evening full of sexual fouls and…(more)
(Fila, Stuchlý, Schmarc uvádějí: SUBVERZE / PERVERZE) Director: Fila, Stuchlý, Schmarc, CZ, 2017

Film Adventurer Karel Zeman

A delightful documentary on the life and work of an exceptional filmmaker that regales us with interesting facts and skilfully mediates Zeman’s passion for the…(more)
(Filmový dobrodruh Karel Zeman ) Director: Tomáš Hodan, CZ-CDN, 2015

Film and audiovisual works of CANADA studio

CANADA is an international collective of artists and production studio based in Barcelona and London. Within a few years, it has evolved into a popular…(more)
(Film and audiovisual works of CANADA studio) Director: různí, , 0000

Film Avant-garde In Austria

Viennese archive sixpackfilm moderated by: Vít Havránek…(more)
(Film Avant-garde In Austria) Director: , Rakousko, 0000

Film evening focused on modern and contemporary Japanese architecture

Nakagin Capsule Tower Japanese Metabolist Landmark on the Edge of Destruction 58 min, Japanese version / English subtitles …(more)
(Filmový večer na téma moderní a současná japonská architektura) Director: various, J, 0000

Film evening of Gymnázium Přírodní škola

Students of the Nature School a secondary school i Prague are going to present their new films in premiere. You can look forward to…(more)
(Filmový večer Přírodní školy 2017) Director: , CZ, 2017

Film Evening VŠMU Bratislava

VŠMU is a Slovak film school which has just celebrated its 60th anniversary. Currently there’s an interesting group of young enthusiastic filmmakers who present their…(more)
(Filmový večer VŠMU Bratislava) Director: různí autoři, SK, 2009

film evening with the association Auto*Mat

A documentary film evening about sustainable traffic. London: The Price of Traffic Based on the economic principle of demand management, London’s introduction of a traffic congestion charge…(more)
(Filmový večer se sdružením Auto*Mat) Director: Tad Fettig, USA, 2008

Film changes of the assassination of Heydrich

A series of film clips will show different points of view on the Heydrich´s assassination not only in the Czech cinematography. The film image in…(more)
(Filmové proměny atentátu na Heydricha) Director: , , 0000

Film in Fine Arts and Experimental Space | My Street Films Seminar

MICHAL KINDERNAY, ZBYNĚK BALADRÁN and ADÉLA BABANOVÁ introduce their approaches to visual arts and filmmaking. Hosted by: Andrea Slováková. Creative approaches in video designed for presentation…(more)
(Film ve výtvarném a experimentálním prostoru ) Director: Michal Kindernay, Zbyněk Baladrán, Adéla Babanová , CZ, 0000

Film in Fine Arts and Experimental Space | Short Films Screening

Film in Fine Arts and Experimental Space screening The short films by visual artists Adéla Babanová, Zbyněk Baladrán and Michal Kindernay straddle cinema and the…(more)
(Film ve výtvarném a experimentálním prostoru ) Director: Michal Kindernay, Zbyněk Baladrán, Adéla Babanová , CZ, 0000

Film Machine

(Automat na filmy) Director: Buchty a loutky , ČR, 2007

Film Market Clermont-Ferrand – presentation

24th Short Film Market The ClermontFerrand Short Film Market is a space devoted to professionals. It is the favored place of exchange for delegates from all…(more)
(Film Market Clermont-Ferrand) Director: Various, Various, 2008

Film menu Bistro Ramen (film and ramen)

On Thursday, June 7, Aero Cinema in Žižkov will turn into Ramen Shop. Together with the chefs from Miska Ramen popup restaurant we’ll be dishing…(more)
(Film menu Bistro Ramen (film and ramen)) Director: Eric Khoo, J-SGP, 2018

Film menu Bistro Ramen (film and ramen)

This SingaporeanJapanese film is about the magical power of food that brings people together and redresses past wrongs. And it is also about love. And…(more)
(Filmové menu Bistro Ramen (film a ramen)) Director: Eric Khoo, J-SGP, 2018

Film muss Frisch sein

Präsentiert werden sechs außergewöhnliche Filme deutscher Studenten, die im letzten Jahr entstanden sind. Erwarten kann man einzigartige Techniken, unterschiedliche Herangehensweisen an die verschiedenen Genres, brilliante…(more)
(Film muss Frisch sein) Director: Fresh Film Fest, Various, 2008

Film nights with presentations of festival guests

(Filmový večer s prezentacemi hostujících writerů) Director: , , 2008

Film nights with presentations of festival guests

(Filmový večer s prezentacemi hostujících writerů) Director: , , 2008

Film posters exhibition closing

Film posters exhibition closing…(more)
(Dernisáž výstavy Fenomén kinematografie) Director: , CZ, 2014

Film Quiz

Come to check your film knowledge to Aerobar. Each month you can sign up your quadripartite team to our film quiz at The registration…(more)
(Filmový kvíz) Director: , , 0000

Film Surprise

(Film překvapení) Director: , , 0000

film Zewling

(projekce filmu Zewling) Director: Jakub Rumler a další..., Czech Republic, 2007

Film's Night

Kilomètre zéro
(Filmová noc) Director: Various, Various, 2000


The Fourth Edition of the Asian Film Festival, Filmasia, will take place in Světozor between December 4th and 7th, introducing Far East film production. Filmasia…(more)
(FILMASIA 2008) Director: various, , 0000

Filmasia 2009

The fifth Filmasia focuses on Japan, the largest and best established cinema of the Far East. The goal of the program is to present films…(more)
(Filmasia 2009) Director: , , 0000

Filmbrunch in Aero

Filmbrunch in Aero…(more)
(Filmbrunch v Aeru) Director: , , 2017


Forget the musical Jukebox where you can select a song to listen or dance to. The Film Jukebox is now coming Film Jukebox is the…(more)
(Filmjukebox) Director: Various, Various, 0000

Filmmaker, Fan, Freak

Josef F., a young cartoon filmmaker, living in the world of cinema and theatre is a social case. He has a slight learning disability. The…(more)
(Filmař, fanoušek, podivín ) Director: Kateřina Mikulcová, CZ, 2010

Filmmakers Dialogue

Filming Reality: Truth and the Construction of Meaning in Documentaries Documentary filmmaking has often been defined as presenting reality AS IT IS as being…(more)
(Dialog filmařů) Director: various, , 0000

Filmmakers in Action

Cineastas de acción es continuación de la película Cineastas contra magnates. Esta vez empezando con la experiencia neoyorquina de Salvador Dalí en defensa de su…(more)
(Cineastas in accion) Director: Carlos Benpar, ESP, 2005

Filmmakers VS Tycoons

Interesante ensayo cinematográfico en defensa de los derechos morales de los cineastas frente a las manipulaciones que sufren las películas, desde los orígenes del cine…(more)
(Cineastas contra magnates) Director: Carlos Benpar, ESP, 2005

Filmová a animační dílna

Film and animation workshop for kids.…(more)
(Filmová a animační dílna) Director: Aeroškola, CZ, 0000

Filmové Podles attacks!

Film Podlasie in Attack is one of the most recognizable actions by Bialystok Cultural Centre, since 2004 popularizing independent cinema from northeast Poland. The FPA…(more)
(Filmové Podlesí útočí! ) Director: , PL, 0000

Filmový blok I: Zákon Helena

In total, the sentences meted out came to hundreds of years – the policewoman, as an extra work bonus, received 10 000 Czech crowns roughly…(more)
(Filmový blok I: Zákon Helena) Director: Petra Nesvačilová, CZ, 2016

Filmový blok II: Výchova k válce

The conflict in Ukraine, the migrant crisis and terrorists attacks began to raise the question of how to behave in the event of an armed…(more)
(Filmový blok II: Výchova k válce) Director: A. Komrzýová, CZ, 2016

Filmový blok III: Mimoproud, Rybáři, Do zbraně

The section of short films tells the story of a reclusive but satisfying life on the river; it presents an animation depicting the problems of…(more)
(Filmový blok III: Mimoproud, Rybáři, Do zbraně) Director: , CZ, 2016

Filmový blok IV: Všichni mají pravdu? Karel Floss a ti druzí

A multiportrait of the history of post1989 Czech ideas and sensibilities. A phonecall of Karel Floss and his brother Pavel discussing a letter to the…(more)
(Filmový blok IV: Všichni mají pravdu? Karel Floss a ti druzí) Director: Helena Všetečková, CZ, 2016

Filmový blok V: Na viděnou, Černý dort, Pět jednoduchých tipů, jak potkat spřízněnou duši, Jesus Krisztina

To be abandoned and cope with a loss, to be in a family circle filled with a concealed family lie, or to be under the…(more)
(Filmový blok V: Na viděnou, Černý dort, Pět jednoduchých tipů, jak potkat spřízněnou duši, Jesus Krisztina) Director: , CZ, 2016

Filmový blok VI: Co jsme my, budete i vy, Dveře 8090, Horkej den, Lov, Toda Raba Ben

You can help others on their way out of this world with your behavior and actions, prove your own necessity of existence and complete the…(more)
(Filmový blok VI: Co jsme my, budete i vy, Dveře 8090, Horkej den, Lov, Toda Raba Ben) Director: , CZ, 2016

Filmový blok VII: Vězení, Od detailu k celku, Pravda nebo lež, Rodiny jedoucí nocí

You can work in prison if you set your mind to it. You can also become the one who leads the prisoners away for awhile,…(more)
(Filmový blok VII: Vězení, Od detailu k celku, Pravda nebo lež, Rodiny jedoucí nocí) Director: , CZ, 2016

Filmový blok VIII: 3. poločas, Kittchen- až budu proměněný, Emajõgi, Stopy, střepy, kořeny

Who are we? Sometimes we can surprise ourselves with who we can become under the influence of the world surrounding us. Sometimes we have more…(more)
(Filmový blok VIII: 3. poločas, Kittchen- až budu proměněný, Emajõgi, Stopy, střepy, kořeny) Director: , CZ, 2016

Filmový blok X: Nebezpečný svět Rajka Dolečka

A young director sets out to visit an old professor to ask him for recipes for the body and soul. What advice can a…(more)
(Filmový blok X: Nebezpečný svět Rajka Dolečka) Director: Kristýna Bartošová, CZ, 2016

Filmový večer Přírodní školy | 2015

Students of the Nature School a secondary school from Prague would like to present their new film projects.…(more)
(Filmový večer Přírodní školy) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Filmový večer Přírodní školy 2014 | 2014

Students of the Nature School a secondary school from Prague would like to present their new film projects.…(more)
(Filmový večer Přírodní školy) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Films by Pedro Almodóvar

“I was born in what is bad times for Spain but great times for film.” The screening of the Spanish film genius and bestseller author…(more)
(Films by Pedro Almodóvar) Director: Pedro Almodóvar, ŠPA, 0000

Filmy daddy above rubies

Filmy daddy above rubies Forms of fatherhood in movie Moderated by: Iva Šmídová …(more)
(Podoby otcovství ve filmu) Director: Uvádí: Iva Šmídová, Z různých koutů, 2008


Scheming Bruce Robertson James McAvoy, a bigoted and corrupt policeman, is in line for a promotion and will stop at nothing to get what he…(more)
(Filth) Director: Jon S. Baird, GB, 2013


Lena is seventeen years old and is on the threshold of entering adult life, but her growing up is brutally interrupted by a horrific event.…(more)
(Špina) Director: Tereza Nvotová, CZ-SK, 2017

Fimfarum – The Third Time Lucky

The decision to complete the Fimfarum fairy tale trilogy was made during the developement of a fairy tale About a Hat with a Jay’s Feather.…(more)
(Fimfárum – Do třetice všeho dobrého) Director: V. Pospíšilová - K. Dufková - D. Súkup, CZ, 2011

Fimfarum II.

Following the success of the first film set of fairytales from Jan Werich´s Fimfárum, a number of prominent directors have decided to film a second…(more)
(Fimfárum II.) Director: V. Pospíšilová - B. Pojar - A. Klimt, ČR, 2005

Final Ceremony of Famufest Exposed

Final Ceremony of Famufest Exposed.
(Závěrečný ceremoniál Famufestu Exposed) Director: , , 0000

Finally Sunday

Julien Vercel, directeur d'une agence immobilière, se trouve soupçonné d'un double meurtre : celui de sa femme, MarieChristine et de l'amant de celleci, Claude Massoulier.…(more)
(Vivement dimanche !) Director: François Truffaut , F, 1983

Find Ten Differences

Find Ten Differences Is it an advertisement or an art?…(more)
(Reklama nebo volné umění?) Director: , , 2007

Find Your Way Towards Film

The project My Street Films invites filmmakers from the wide public, both with and without experience, to adapt stories from their neighbourhood – the place…(more)
(Najděte si cestu k filmu) Director: , , 0000

Finding Dory

The friendlybutforgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.…(more)
(Finding Dory) Director: Andrew Stanton, USA, 2016

Finding Vivian Maier

A documentary on the late Vivian Maier, a nanny whose previously unknown cache of 100,000 photographs earned her a posthumous reputation as one the most…(more)
(Finding Vivian Maier) Director: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel, USA, 2013

Fine, Thanks

Fine,Thanks consists of three main stories during the current financial crisis. Miroslav, a man of means with his own way of dealing with problems in…(more)
(Ďakujem, dobre) Director: Mátyás Prikler, SK, 2013


This melodrama from victorian England is based upon a novel by popular british author Sarah Waters. The plot is quite comlicated and almost all strain…(more)
(Fingersmith) Director: Aisling Walsh, VB, 2005

Fincher - Seven - Sladky - Busta

Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives. David Fincher´s cult film Se7en…(more)
(Fincher - Seven - Sladky - Busta) Director: David Fincher, USA, 1995


Finisterrae tells the story of two ghosts who, tired of wandering through limbo, decide to take the Way of Saint James to the end of…(more)
(Finisterrae) Director: Sergio Caballero, E, 2010

Fire at Sea

Situated some 200km off Italy's southern coast, Lampedusa has hit world headlines in recent years as the first port of call for hundreds of thousands…(more)
(Fuocoammare, par-delà Lampedusa) Director: Gianfranco Rosi, I-F, 2016

Fire of Conscience

Policemen at the edge of the law against unscrupulous gangsters a classic genre cliché which the master of action cinema, Dante Lam, spins into…(more)
(For lung) Director: Dante Lam, Hong Kong, 2010


Aero for Kids…(more)
(Světluškaření) Director: Aero, CZ, 2009

First Appearance Of Names Fest Catalog And Document First Run

First Appearance Of Names Fest Catalog And Document First Run…(more)
(Křest katalogu festivalu Names a premiéra filmového dokumentu) Director: Names Fest, CZ, 2008

First Ascent: Alone on the Wall

After gaining international climbing renown for his landmark freesolo of "Moonlight Buttress" V, 5.12, 9 pitches in Zion National Park, Utah, in April 2008, 24yearold…(more)
(First Ascent: Alone on the Wall) Director: P. Mortimer - N. Rosen, USA, 2009

First Cousin Once Removed

Who are you? I have children? And who am I? The once successful poet, translator, critic and university lecturer Edwin Honig doesn't remember the answer…(more)
(First Cousin Once Removed) Director: Alan Berliner, USA, 2013

First Descent

World’s leading snowboard riders have arrived into the most inaccessible areas of Alaska mountains to meet in an extreme race. During their preparations for the…(more)
(First Descent) Director: Kemp Curley - Kevin Harrison , USA, 2005

First Emperor | Tan Dun

In what promises to be the most elaborate Met production since War & Peace, composer Tan Dun Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Symphony 1997: Heaven…(more)
(First Emperor | Tan Dun) Director: Zhang Yimou , CHN, 2006

First Mission

First Mission is a real life drama about the lives and work of a group of European doctors at a remote outpost in South America.…(more)
(First Mission) Director: Boris Paval Conen, NL, 2010

First service

One of the main goals of every short film festival is to encourage young filmmakers. A good way to do that is to remind them…(more)
(First service) Director: , , 0000

First Service - Famous in Shorts

Many cinemagoers might have never considered that the leading directors of today have also started with short films. Even they had to managed their first…(more)
(První podání - krátké filmy slavných) Director: Various, Various, 0000

First Service - Famous in Shorts | 2011

One of the main goals of every short film festival is to encourage young filmmakers. A good way to do that is to remind them…(more)
(První podání - krátké filmy slavných | 2011) Director: various, , 0000

First Service – Famous in Shorts | 2010

One of the main goals of every short film festival is to encourage young filmmakers. A good way to do that is to remind them…(more)
(První podání – krátké filmy slavných | 2010) Director: various, , 0000

First Service | 2008

(First Service | 2008) Director: various, , 0000

First Time is the Last Time

They wanted to experience their 'first time'. They don't want to be disturbed, they made a journey to the abandoned house near the city. None…(more)
(Poprvé a naposled) Director: Martin Müller, CZ, 2017

Fish and Cat

Received in many international festivals with rave reviews, “Fish and Cat” is an authentic attempt to capture an unnerving story in one bravura shot. Layered…(more)
(Mahi va gorbeh) Director: Šahram Mokrí, IR, 2013

Fish and fishes

Oko for kids…(more)
(Ryby, rybky, rybičky) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2010

Fish fairytales

Czech animated fairytales about fish.…(more)
(Rybí pohádky) Director: různí, CZ, 0000

Fish Story

In the year 2012 a meteorite is heading for collision with Earth. While doom seems inevitable a group of people in a music store is…(more)
(Fisshu sutoorii) Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura, J, 2009

Fish Tank

This second feature film by British director and scriptwriter Andrea Arnold has received awards at film festivals worldwide. The film captures the reality of life…(more)
(Fish Tank) Director: Andrea Arnold, GB, 2009

Fistful of Dollars

An anonymous, but deadly man rides into a town torn by war between two factions, the Baxters and the Rojo's. Instead of fleeing or dying,…(more)
(Per un pugno di dollar) Director: Sergio Leone, I-E-D, 1964


Five views from the shore of the Caspian Sea. Each part captures the motion on the beach differently: wood drifted to the bank, people walking around,…(more)
() Director: Abbas Kiarostami, FRA - ÍRÁN, 2004

Five brave men from Famu

Films by Michal Žabka PREMAMMALS, 2001; MRS. G., 2008, Václav Švankmajer TEST, 1999; TORCHBEARER, 2005, Noro Držiak GREAT SNEEZER, 2001; ALOIS NEBEL, 2008, Jan Bubeníček LEWI’S WATCH, 1998; PIRATE, 2002…(more)
(Pět statečných famáků) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Five films of unrest

A selection of short fi lms by young European authors. Using diff erent techniques, the fi lms comment on Europe’s actual personal, social and political subjects.…(more)
(Pět filmů neklidu) Director: Various, FIN - PL - GB - RO, 2006

Five girls in tuk-tuk

Five girls will talk over photos about their travelling in tuktuk through South America. …(more)
(Pět holek v tuktuku) Director: , CZ, 2018

Five Star

In a blend of fiction and reality, FIVE STAR explores the relationship between two men – Primo, an actual gang leader in the East New…(more)
(Five Star) Director: Keith Miller, USA, 2014

Five Tutorials for a Lesbian Relationship

International Short Film Competition The First Date The Mermaids …(more)
(Five Tutorials for a Lesbian Relationship) Director: various, USA - CDN - D - F - I, 2012

Five-hour Premiere of Elite Music Videos II.

Unique set of music videos by Corbijn, Glazer, Sidnaoui… moderated by: Pavel Klusák…(more)
(Pětihodinový křest elitních videoklipů) Director: Corbijn - Glazer - Sednaouia a další.., World, 2000

Five-hour Premiere of Elite Music Videos II.

Unique set of music videos by Corbijn, Glazer, Sidnaoui… moderated by: Pavel Klusák…(more)
(Pětihodinový křest elitních videoklipů) Director: Corbijn - Glazer - Sednaouia a další.., World, 2000

FK pro SŠ

(FK pro SŠ) Director: , , 2000

Flamenco Hoy de Carlos Saura

El famoso director Carlos Saura hizo realidad un viejo sueño al montar un grandioso espectáculo, cuyo objetivo era presentar a la nueva generación de bailaores,…(more)
(Flamenco Hoy de Carlos Saura) Director: P. Lamoureux - F. Lamoureux, USA, 2012


André Demester divides his simple life between his family farm and his girl Barbe, his love since childhood. Although Barbe eludes him, he wants nothing…(more)
(Flandres) Director: Bruno Dumont, USA, 2005


() Director: Herz Frank, LIT, 2002

Flicks from Písek

The screening of 3 graduation films and 1 short animation movie produced by FAMO Písek. Presentation of movies Polda Petr Pekař, Zlatá Žíla Thomas Krakora,…(more)
(Filmy z Písku) Director: různí, CZ, 2014

Flies on the Wall

The documentary filmmaker My Larsen has received a slightly unusual assignment. She is to make a documentary about the conservative municipality of Ravnsborg. Selfconscious and…(more)
(Fluerne på væggen) Director: Åke Sandgren, DÁN, 2005


Seventeen yearold Rohan is expelled from boarding school and returns home after eight years, to his despotic widowed father, who lives in an industrial city…(more)
(Udaan) Director: Vikramaditya Motwane, IND, 2010


Nominated for 2 Oscars: Actor Denzel Washington, Original Screenplay In this actionpacked mystery thriller, Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington stars as Whip Whitaker, a seasoned…(more)
(Flight) Director: Robert Zemeckis , USA, 2012

FLIM - Festival of Tibetan Films and Films About Tibet

A screening of three documentary films illustrating the nonviolent struggle of Tibetans, their background and the roots of their protests. Since 2009, more than 90…(more)
(FLIM Festival tibetských filmů a filmů o Tibetu) Director: různí režiséři / various authors, , 0000

Florence Foster Jenkins

Heiress Florence Foster Jenkins Meryl Streep longs to become an opera star in 1940s New York, despite possessing a horrible singing voice. With the help…(more)
(Florence Foster Jenkins) Director: Stephen Frears, USA-GB, 2016


A 80 ans, Claude Lherminier n’a rien perdu de sa prestance. Mais il lui arrive de plus en plus souvent d’avoir des oublis, des accès…(more)
(Floride) Director: Philippe Le Guay, F, 2014

Flotel Europa

Best Documentary Debut at Jihlava IDFF 2015 In an emotionally gripping, deeply personal story about the loss of one’s childhood and a difficult adolescence in a…(more)
(Flotel Europa) Director: Vladimir Tomić, SRB-DK, 2015

Flower Buds

Flower Buds tells the story of the gradual breakdown of a family living in a small town. Each character lives according to his or her…(more)
(Poupata) Director: Zdeněk Jiráský, CZ, 2011

Flower Day: Guerrilla Gardening and Botanic Manifest

GUERILLA GARDENING AND THE BOTANIC MANIFEST June 21 is the worldwide Flower Day. Celebrate it with AERO and Czech…(more)
(Den květů v Aeru: Guerrila Gardening a botanický manifest) Director: , , 2010

Flowers of Freedom

The peaceful, untouched nature around the Kyrgyz village of Barskon is disturbed by passing trucks. In cisterns they transport a deadly cargo – cyanide. A…(more)
(Flowers of Freedom) Director: Mirjam Leuze, D, 2014


Ógyarmat is a poor dead­end village near the Austrian­ Hungarian border. One day, however, luck smiles upon the villagers. They discover that an oil pipeline…(more)
(Mázli) Director: Tamás Keményffy, H, 2008

FLUXUS - state of continuous change

state of continuous change moderated by: Milan Knížek …(more)
(FLUXUS - stav neustálé změny) Director: , , 2000

FOA - breeding architecture

## Lecture by Farshid Moussavi. Lecture by Farshid Moussavi FOA in connection with recent exhibition Breeding Architecture presented in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery. Part of our UrbanCulture…(more)
(FOA - breeding architecture) Director: , , 2000

Focus Finland

Most of us associate Finnish films with pensive, melancholy shots of abandoned heroes and empty vodka bottles. That’s the unmistakable atmosphere of films by the…(more)
(Focus Finland) Director: , , 0000

Focus Iceland

“It must be lovely to live somewhere, where there are always people…,” remarks one of the characters in the Icelandic film The Last Farm. In…(more)
(Zaostřeno na Island) Director: Various, Various, 2000

Focus Mexico

This year, category Focused on introduces a representative from the American continent: Mexico. This country has long ceased to be regarded merely as an attractive…(more)
(Zaostřeno na Mexiko) Director: Various, Various, 0000

Focus on Infinity

Focus On Infinity is a cinematic journey to the places, people and machines that are involved in exploring the origin of our cosmos and of…(more)
(Focus on Infinity) Director: Joerg Burger, A, 2014

Focus on Israel

The nonEuropean country selected for this year’s focus is Israel, a slightly mysterious place so similar and yet so different from Europe. We hear about…(more)
(Izraelský fokus) Director: various, , 0000

Follies | NT Live

Stephen Sondheim’s legendary musical is staged for the first time at the National Theatre and broadcast to cinemas. …(more)
(Follies | NT Live) Director: Dominic Cooke, GB, 2017

Follow My Voice with the Music of Hedwig

A studied profile of four students at New York City's Harvey Milk School, the first high school dedicated to the special needs of gay, lesbian…(more)
(Follow My Voice with the Music of Hedwig) Director: Katherine Linton, USA, 2006


Perhaps the greatest musical revolution today is taking place far away from the news cameras – on the African continent. The film is a wild…(more)
(Fonko) Director: Lars Lovén, Daniel Jadama, Göran Hugo Olsson, S-D, 2016

Food Matters

"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food." Hippocrates That is the message from the founding father of modern medicine…(more)
(Food Matters) Director: James Colquhoun, Carlo Ledesma, USA, 2006

Food Savers

This is the story of people who are fighting for a different way to deal with food. Farmers, supermarket executives, cooks, design students and completely…(more)
(Food Savers) Director: Valentin Thurn, D, 2012

Football Under Cover

Tehran in April 2006: The first official friendly takes place between the Iranian women’s football team and a local Berlin girl’s team, in front of more…(more)
(Football Under Cover) Director: Ayat Najafi, David Assmann, D, 2008


Eliezer and Uriel Shkolnik are both eccentric professors, who have dedicated their lives to their work in Talmudic Studies. The father, Eliezer, is a stubborn…(more)
(He'arat Shulayim) Director: Joseph Cedar, IL, 2011

Footsteps in Jerusalem

Footsteps in Jerusalem is a tribute to David Perlov, the forefather of modern Israeli documentary cinema, and to his 1963 revolutionary film In Jerusalem, made…(more)
(Footsteps in Jerusalem) Director: various, IL, 2013

Footy Love

After four years, this year’s summer will again belong to fierce rivalry between football teams from all continents and their fans. The World Cup starts…(more)
(Fotbal, má láska) Director: various, , 0000

For 80 Days

Childhood friends Axun and Maite learn first hand that love flourishes at any age. Their paths had converged over fifty years ago but chance brought…(more)
(80 Egunean) Director: J. Garaño - J. M. Goenaga, E, 2010

For a Few Dollars More

Monco is a bounty killer chasing El Indio and his gang. During his hunting, he meets Col. Douglas Mortimer, another bounty killer, and they decide…(more)
(Per qualche dollaro in più) Director: Sergio Leone, I-E-D, 1965

For a Moment, Freedom

Two young Iranian men, Ali and Merdad, have promised to escort their young cousins, sevenyearold Asy and fiveyearold Arman, from Iran to Austria where their…(more)
(Ein Augenblick Freiheit) Director: Arash T. Riahi, A-F-TR, 2008

For Akheem

Daje is 17 and she has just been expelled from high school. She lives in a rough suburban neighbourhood in St. Louis, Missouri, where African…(more)
(For Akheem) Director: Landon Van Soest, Jeremy Levine, USA, 2017

För att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor

Cornelius, a rather precious music critic, visits the summer residence of Felix, a distinguished cellist, in order to write his biography, and finds himself surrounded…(more)
(All These Women) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1964

For Eternal Hearts

A professor of German literature, Su Young Jung Jin Young, King and The Clown is quiet, modest, and unassuming, but behind his averted eyes lies…(more)
(Byeolbit sogeuro) Director: Hwang Kyoo-deok, ROK, 2007

For eye

Aero for Kids…(more)
(Na oko) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2011

For kids!

For kids…(more)
(Děti čtěte! Melounové dny) Director: , CZ, 2011

For kids!

Programm for kids…(more)
(Děti čtěte! Jak zvířátka uzdravila smutný dům) Director: , CZ, 2011

For Semafor

"For Semafor" is a journey through the contemporary Czech music scene taken by the music publicist and publisher Pavel Klusák, the documentary maker Míra Janek…(more)
(For Semafor) Director: Miroslav Janek , CZ, 2010

For the Best and for the Onion!

In Niger, as in many developing countries, agriculture is the key contribution to the local economy. The Galmi purple onion from Niger is prized throughout…(more)
(For the Best and for the Onion!) Director: Sani Elhadj Magori, F - RN, 2008

For The Love Of Prague

For his new love Zdenka left the American cartoon director Gene Deitch in 1958 his family in New York and relocated to Prague. What followed…(more)
() Director: Janek Růžička, ČR, 2007

For The Next 7 Generations

In 2004, thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from all four corners, moved by their concern for our planet, came together at a historic gathering, where they decided…(more)
(For The Next 7 Generations) Director: Bruce Hart, USA, 2009

For Y'ur Height Only

America has Jason Bourne, Britain has James Bond, Germany has Jerry Cotton, Czechoslovakia has major Hradec and the Philippines have agent 00, a 3foottall martial…(more)
(For Y'ur Height Only) Director: Eddie Nicart, RP, 1981

Forbidden Zone

A part of Fotograf Fest 2013 programme the only one screening this Friday 25/10 at midnight & voluntary admission. Midget essential.
(Forbidden Zone) Director: Richard Elfman, USA, 1982

Force Majeure

A family on a ski holiday in the French Alps find themselves staring down an avalanche during lunch one day; in the aftermath, their dynamic…(more)
(Turist) Director: Ruben Östlund, S-F-N, 2014

Foreigners Out! Schlingensief‘s Container

Austria 2000 – a radically right wing party became part of the government. German “artistprovocateur” Christoph Schlingensief reacted by putting the nation to a test:…(more)
(Ausländer raus! Schlingensiefs Container) Director: Paul Poet, AT, 2002

Forest Creatures

The new Dutch owner of a Croatian marketing agency has organized a teambuilding weekend for his employees. Relationships between the Dutch and Croatian groups are…(more)
(Forest Creatures) Director: Ivan-Goran Vitez, HR - SLO - NL, 2010

Forest of the Dancing Spirits

The Yaka/Mbendjele tribe lives in one of the world’s last untouched rainforests, deep in the mists of the Congo Basin. After centuries of minimal contact…(more)
(De dansande andarnas skog) Director: Linda Västrik, S, 2013

Forever Never Anywhere

After an accident, somewhere on a remote road, three men are trapped in their car. Injured, wedged and without any possibility of escape in sight, they await…(more)
(Immer nie am Meer) Director: Antonin Svoboda, A, 2007

Forever Pure

The Beitar Jerusalem football club has a long tradition, a huge base of devoted fans and a major influence on politics. It is said that…(more)
(Forever Pure) Director: Maya Zinshtein, IRL-IL-N-GB, 2016

Forever´s Gonna Start Tonight

The documentary of Michelle Lawler is a tribute to a living legend, the oldest professional American drag artist, Vicki Marlane. The director, Michelle Lawler, maps…(more)
(Forever´s Gonna Start Tonight) Director: Michelle Lawler , USA, 2009

Forget Me Not

David Sieveking shows the domestic care of his mother Gretel, who, like millions of others, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. David’s parents were active in the…(more)
(Vergiss mein nicht) Director: David Sieveking, D, 2012

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

A good filmtitle sequence means a great deal more than just the cast, the film crew and the title. Not only do they succeed in…(more)
(Forget the Film, Watch the Titles) Director: Remco Vlaanderen, NL, 2011

Forgotten Fools

In July 1992, a group of patients from a psychiatric clinic in Jakeš in Bosnia were driven from their country by war. Since 1996 they…(more)
(Vergeten Dwazen) Director: Frans van Erkel, NIZ, 2006

Forgotten Light

Father Holy, a village priest, battles against the state and religious bureaucracies of 1980s Czechoslovakia in his fight to raise money for a new church…(more)
(Zapomenuté světlo) Director: Vladimír Michálek, CZ, 1996

Forgotten Transports to Poland

This is the latest of four films in the Forgotten Transports cycle of documentaries by director Lukáš Přibyl. It deals with lesser known concentration, labour…(more)
(Zapomenuté transporty do Polska) Director: Lukáš Přibyl, CZ, 2009

Forgotten Transports: To Belarusia

It is the second of the four 90minutelong films by Lukáš Přibyl, which are a mosaic of memories of the Jews from Bohemia and Moravia…(more)
(Zapomenuté transporty do Běloruska) Director: Lukáš Přibyl, CZ, 2007

Forgotten Transports: To Estonia

On 5 September 1942 a transport arrived in Estonia bearing one thousand Czech Jews. Roughly a hundred women between the ages of 19 and 25…(more)
(Zapomenuté transporty do Estonska) Director: Lukáš Přibyl, CZ, 2008

Forgotten Transports: to Latvia

Latvian capital, Riga, and into the local camp Salaspils, which is mentioned less often than other work, concentration and annihilation camps. In 1942, three thousand…(more)
(Zapomenuté transporty do Lotyšska) Director: Lukáš Přibyl, ČR, 2007

Formula 17

Tien is a 17yearold, inexperienced boy. Full of expectations, he comes to Taipei to enjoy his summer in a big way. He falls in love…(more)
(Shi qi sui de tian kong) Director: DJ Chen, Taiwan, 2004

Forthcoming Czech Documentaries

What will the 2013/2014 season bring in Czech documentary film? What are the topics the filmmakers are pointing the camera at? A unique occasion to…(more)
(Co se chystá v českém dokumentu?) Director: various, CZ, 2013


This Czech documentary presents a visit to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic a.k.a. TransDniestr as a trip to a museum of communist totalitarianism. The country, whose…(more)
(Pevnost) Director: K. Tasovská - L. Kokeš, CZ, 2012

Fórum ČT: LeGaTo

Free entry …(more)
(Fórum ČT: LeGaTo) Director: , , 2000

Fórum ČT: Smrt pedofila

Free entry …(more)
(Fórum ČT: Smrt pedofila) Director: , , 2000

Forum of the Czech TV - Q

Weekly TV magazine “Q” focuses on cultural, social and political issues through the point of view of the queer community. “Queer” means all uncommon, curious,…(more)
(Forum of the Czech TV - Q) Director: Janek Růžička, Radim Špaček ad., CZE, 2007

Fotball Under Cover

Ayat Najafi und Marlene Assmann sind sowohl mutig als auch hartnäckig. Und sie lieben Fußball. Dank dieser Voraussetzungen gelingt ihnen die Durchsetzung eines politisch höchst…(more)
(Fotball Under Cover) Director: Ayat Najafi, David Assmann, D, 2008

(Fotojatka / Festival tvůrčí fotografie) Director:, CZ, 2009

Fotojatka | 2010

www.fotojatka.cz …(more)
(Fotojatka | 2010) Director: various, various, 0000

Fotojatka | 2011

(Fotojatka | 2011) Director: , , 0000

Fotojatka | 2012

Creative photography screening night. The annual selection from the best of the world’s creative photography on the screen of your cinema.…(more)
(Fotojatka) Director: various, , 2012

Fotojatka | 2013

Creative photography screening night. The annual selection from the best of the world’s creative photography on the screen of your cinema.…(more)
(Fotojatka | 2013) Director: various, , 0000

Fotojatka | 2014

Photographic projections of series made by some of the most noted auhtors in world’s creative and documentary photography in an informal atmosphere of your cinema.…(more)
(Fotojatka | 2014 ) Director: , CZ, 2014

Fotojatka | 2017

After twoyear break a festival of photographic slideshows is returning to cinema screens. Fotojatka presents an original selection of the best in Czech and international…(more)
(Fotojatka | 2017) Director: , CZ, 2017


DAVID SEKANINA and MATHIE NOIROTCOSSON Fotokite project presentation…(more)
(Fotokite) Director: , , 2015

Found The Lost

In July and August 2011, the management of the Šumava National Park illegally cut down 32 hectares of trees in the protected forest district, Na…(more)
(Nalezeni Na Ztraceném) Director: Honza Skalík, Matěj Bajgar, CZ, 2012

Four films of Honza Šípek

Here is no czech version, exuse us.…(more)
(Čtyři filmy Honzy Šípka) Director: Honza Šípek, Czech Republic, 2007

Four Lions

A handful of young men set out to take on the decadent West but are more of a threat to themselves than anyone else in…(more)
(Four Lions) Director: Christopher Morris, GB, 2009

Four Minutes

Pianist Traude Krüger has been giving piano lessons in a women's prison for more than 60 years. She first refuses when she is instructed to…(more)
(Vier Minuten) Director: Chris Kraus, NĚM, 2006

Four Nights with Anna

"Four Nights With Anna" concerns a man wrongly convicted of a vicious rape. Leon Artur Steranko, who has a holy fool air about him, develops…(more)
(Cztery noce z Anna) Director: Jerzy Skolimowski, PL / F, 2008

Four Pairs of Shoes

The story of Professor Jan Wiener. After an adventurous escape from the Czechoslovakia occupied by the Nazis, he joined Royal Air Force. After 1948, Prof.…(more)
(Čtyři páry bot ) Director: Pavel Štingl , CZ, 1997

Four Shades of Brown

The first feature film by Swedish comedy group "Killinggänget" tells four different stories that make up a kaleidoscope of human – specifically Swedish behaviour.…(more)
(Fyra nyanser av brunt) Director: Tomas Alfredson, ŠVÉ, 2004

Four sun and šouStancem

Four sun and šouStancem…(more)
(Čtyři slunce se šouStancem) Director: Bohdan Sláma, CZ, 2012

Four Suns

Fogi is a weirdo, who's enjoying his never ending puberty. But simultaneously, Fogi is also trying to live up to his family duties and bring…(more)
(Čtyři slunce) Director: Bohdan Sláma, CZ, 2012

Four Weeks in June

Film will be introduced by director Henry Meyer. Sandra comes to a new town after being convicted of assault after a…(more)
(Fyra veckor i juni) Director: Henry Meyer, ŠVÉ, 2005

FOX Gallery Workshop

Workshop for kids.…(more)
(Dílna FOX Gallery) Director: , CZ, 2014


Alzbeta is desperate to find a man and create a new home in Ireland. Her older sister, Tina engaged to an Irishman, Steve wants to…(more)
(Lištičky) Director: Mira Fornay, CZ - SK - IRL, 2009

Foxes' steps

Foxes' steps.more)
(Liščí kroky) Director: Tomáš Fingerland a Petra Strá, , 2016


Michael and Dafna experience gutwrenching grief when army officials show up at their home to announce the death of their son Jonathan. Michael becomes increasingly…(more)
(Foxtrot) Director: Samuel Maoz, IL-D-F-CH, 2017

Foxtrot - Premiere Screening

Michael and Dafna experience gutwrenching grief when army officials show up at their home to announce the death of their son Jonathan. Michael becomes increasingly…(more)
(Foxtrot) Director: Samuel Maoz, IL-D-F-CH, 2017

Fragile Identity

In Fragile Identity, Slovak director Zuzana Piussi examines her fellow countrymen’s current notions of nationality. She expresses her concern that Slovak national sentiment is rather…(more)
(Krehká identita) Director: Zuzana Piussi, SK - CZ, 2012


Likable filmmaker Ahang lives in Stockholm, seemingly not lacking anything in life. But as she nears 30 this spoiled youngest child starts experiencing inexplicable anxiety…(more)
(Skörheten) Director: Ahang Bashi, S, 2016

Fragments of P.K.

Koutecky is priceless Pavel Koutecký, one of the most outstanding of all Czech makers of documentaries and director of the film Citizen Havel, is presented through…(more)
(Fragmenty P. K.) Director: Jana Počtová, CZ, 2013

Frame by Frame

This documentary follows a foursome of Afghan photojournalists who are in the country after the fall of the Taliban and were among the first to…(more)
(Frame by Frame) Director: Alexandria Bombach, Mo Scarpelli, AFG-USA, 2015

Framing the Other

The Mursi tribe lives in the basin of the Omo River in the south of the east African state of Ethiopia. The women are known…(more)
(Framing the Other) Director: W. Timmers - I. Kok, NL - ETH, 2011

Francesca da Rimini | Riccardo Zandonai

Zandonai’s compelling opera, inspired by an episode from Dante’s Inferno, returns in the Met’s ravishingly beautiful production, last seen in 1986. Dramatic soprano EvaMaria Westbroek…(more)
(Francesca da Rimini) Director: Piero Faggioni, USA, 2013


When Russian director Alexander Sokurov received permission to shoot at the Louvre, he was given the chance to follow up on his famous film from…(more)
(Francofonia ) Director: Alexandr Sokurov, F-D-NL, 2015


This untraditional, stylistically bold tragicomedy follows an eager yet untalented musician named Jon, who, in his attempt to extricate himself from his smalltown life and…(more)
(Frank) Director: Lenny Abrahamson, IRL - GB, 2014


This untraditional, stylistically bold tragicomedy follows an eager yet untalented musician named Jon, who, in his attempt to extricate himself from his smalltown life and…(more)
(Frank) Director: Lenny Abrahamson, IRL - GB, 2014

Frankenstein | NT Live

IN RECORD A new play by Nick Dear based on the novel by Mary Shelley. Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered creature is…(more)
(Frankenstein | NT Live) Director: Danny Boyle, GB, 2011

Frankenstein | NT Live: Cumberbatch

RECORDED SHOW As Viktor Frankenstein: Benedict Cumberbatch As A Monster: Jonny Lee Miller Frankenstein returns to…(more)
(Frankenstein | NT Live) Director: Danny Boyle, GB, 2011

Frankenstein | NT Live: Miller

RECORDED SHOW As Viktor Frankenstein: Jonny Lee MillerBenedict Cumberbatch As A Monster: Benedict Cumberbatch Frankenstein returns to international cinemas this Halloween, to mark the 200th anniversary of Mary…(more)
(Frankenstein | NT Live) Director: Danny Boyle, GB, 2011

Frankenstein | Royal Opera House

The world premiere of Liam Scarlett’s new fulllength ballet, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece. The Royal Ballet’s Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett has become known…(more)
(Frankenstein ) Director: Liam Scarlett, GB, 2015

Frankenstein Project

Long ago, a young man fathered a child without ever knowing what became of him. Now 17, his son Rudi returns home hoping to reunite…(more)
(Szelíd teremtés - A Frankenstein-terv) Director: Kornél Mundruczó , H - D - A, 2010


Nominated for 1 Oscar: Animated Feature Film When young Victor's pet dog Sparky who stars in Victor's homemade monster movies is hit by a car, Victor…(more)
(Frankenweenie) Director: Tim Burton , USA, 2012

Frankenweenie | Dog friendly screening

When young Victor's pet dog Sparky who stars in Victor's homemade monster movies is hit by a car, Victor decides to bring him back to…(more)
(Frankenweenie) Director: Tim Burton, USA, 2012

Franta's loves 2014

Photo by Dita Havránková
(Františkovy lásky 2014) Director: , , 2014

Franta's loves 2015

For the first of May, the day for those in love, this time in love with all world, Františka Křížka Street explodes into…(more)
(Františkovy lásky 2015) Director: , , 2015

Franta's loves 2016

Bio Oko a divadlo Alfred ve dvoře Vás po roce zvou na prvomájovou oslavu Františkovy lásky. Mottem letošní tradiční pouliční slavnosti je „láska prochází…(more)
(Františkovy lásky 2016) Director: , , 2016

Franta's loves 2017

FRANTIŠEK’S LOVES 2017, organized by Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre & Bio Okomore)
(Františkovy lásky 2017) Director: , , 0000

Franta's loves 2018

Františak's Loves 2018, organized by Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre & Bio Okomore)
(Františkovy lásky 2018) Director: , , 0000


While in Paris attending a conference, Dr. Richard Walker's wife Sondra mysteriously disappears. When the French police prove to be of little help, he begins…(more)
(Frantic) Director: Roman Polanski, USA-F, 1988

František Kupka + Industrial Elegy

Documentary about František Kupka – pioneer of Czech abstract painting. …(more)
(František Kupka + industriální elegie) Director: Daniela Gébová, CZ, 2006

Františkovy lásky

For the first of May, the day for those in love, Františka Křížka Street explodes into bloom with a city festival. Refreshments, flea market, workshops,…(more)
(Františkovy lásky) Director: , , 2013


In a bungalow at the pictureperfect lakeside of a natural reserve, fisherwoman Rosa lives with her architect girlfriend Karen. Their worldview is utterly different: Rosa…(more)
(Frauensee) Director: Zoltan Paul, D, 2011

Freak Orlando

A freeform adaptation of Virgina Woolf’s classic novel Orlando. In the form of a "small theatre of the world", a history of the world from…(more)
(Freak Orlando) Director: Ulrike Ottinger , NĚM, 1981

Frédéric Dubois: CROSS-MEDIA – New Possibilities of Storytelling

What is crossmedia and what does it have to do with documentary film? Come and see a presentation by the worldrenowned documentarymaker Katerina Cizek, who…(more)
(Frédéric Dubois: CROSS-MÉDIA – nové možnosti vyprávění) Director: Katerina Cizek, , 0000

Free Birds

Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course…(more)
(Free Birds) Director: Jimmy Hayward, USA, 2013

Free Interpretation

Film made as a respond to all those who suspected the authenticity of the scenes shown in Occupation in 26 Pictures. Live witnesses speak of…(more)
(Slobodna interpretacija) Director: Lordan Zafranović, HR, 1979

Free Lunch Society

Just a few years ago, an unconditional basic income was considered a pipe dream. Today, this utopia is more imaginable than ever before intense…(more)
(Free Lunch Society) Director: Christian Tod, A-D, 2017

Free Range / Ballad on Approving of the World

Fred is an impetuous young journalist and budding writer for whom personal freedom is of the utmost importance. But when he gets fired from the…(more)
( Free Range / Ballaad maailma heakskiitmisest ) Director: Veiko Õunpuu, EST, 2013

Free Smetana

This film by Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda documents the muchcovered case of Olomouc bus driver Roman Smetana, who received a jail term for drawing…(more)
(Svobodu pro Smetanu) Director: V. Klusák - F. Remunda, CZ, 2012


Young avantgarde theatre director Irena Mirković accepts a proposal put forward by prison chaplain Don Iridio: to attempt to stage an Easter Passion play with…(more)
(Tutta colpa di Giuda) Director: Davide Ferrario, I, 2009

Freedom Riders

In May 1961, two groups of young people, comprising whites and AfricanAmericans, left Washington on bus routes bound for the southern states of the USA.…(more)
(Freedom Riders) Director: Stanley Nelson, USA, 2010

Freedom's Road

In the production of the Slovak Nation’s Memory Institute a Czech documentary filmmaker Kristina Vlachová made a mediumlength film belonging to the cycle Crimes of…(more)
(Cesta naděje) Director: Kristina Vlachová, ČR, 2005

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme

The definitive film about freestyle, the improvised and completely spontaneous form of hip hop MCing. From the roots of street poetics to legendary freestyle rivalries.…(more)
(Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme) Director: Kevin Fitzgerald, USA, 2006

Freetekno subculture nad freeparty phenomenon: as a reflect in the miror of majoritan society

Original purpose of this film was like an attachment to bachelor´s work focused on freetekno subculture and phenomenon of freeparty in the context of Czech…(more)
(Freetekno Subkultura a fenomén freeparties: jako odraz v zrcadle majoritní společnosti) Director: Ladislav Švec, CZ, 2012

Freight Station Zizkov two years after: Monument. And then what? | Panel debate

Two years after: lost or gained? 15 16,00 Station monument: destruction or salvation? 16 17,30 New…(more)
(Nákladové nádraží 2 roky poté. Co dál?) Director: , , 0000

Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping

A "Made in Bangladesh" label on your coat does not mean that the entire garment originates from the South Asian country. Its parts have most…(more)
(Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping) Director: Denis Delestrac, E-F, 2016

French Film Festival

The current French film production will be introduced within the 11th annual edition of the French Film Festival The festival will introduce 6 films in…(more)
(Festival francouzského filmu) Director: various, FR, 2008

Fresh Czech Competition 1/2

59/184/84; director: Lukáš Kokeš; 2009 Negative Pressure; director: Robert Hloz; 2009 The Borders;…(more)
(Soutěž Fresh Czech 1/2) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Fresh Czech Competition 2/2

Saharan Sands; director: Josef Tuka; 2009 director; director: Rozálie Kohoutová; 2009 UFF; director: Vladimír Turner; 2009 …(more)
(Soutěž Fresh Czech 2/2) Director: various, , 0000

Fresh Czech: Short Films 1 | 2013

A Book about a Plan Maria Stock …(more)
(Fresh Czech) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Fresh Film Fest

The 7th International Festival of First Features and Student Films – Fresh Film Fest will take place in Světozor between Aug 25 Aug…(more)
(Fresh Film Fest) Director: various, various, 2010

Fresh Film Fest 2013

(Fresh Film Fest 2013) Director: , , 0000

Freshfilmfest 2008 selection

(Výběr Freshfilmfest 2008) Director: , CZ - D - RO, 2008


Fifteenyearold Daniel and his friends hang out on a Friday night in Oslo looking for a party or something to do. During the course of…(more)
(Fredag) Director: Eirik Svensson, N, 2010

Friday Night

The main character of this film based on popular short story by Emmanuele Bernheim is about to move in her boyfriend’s place – just before…(more)
(Vendredi soir) Director: Claire Denis, F, 2002

Friday or Another Day

The film tells the story of a famous French actor, a member of Comédie Francaise, who in 1877, together with an artistic ensemble leaves Marseille to promote…(more)
(Vendredi ou un autre jour) Director: Yvan Le Moine, B - SK - F - I, 2005

Fried Fish, Chicken soup and a Premiere Show

The film takes place in Manipur, a conflict region on the IndiaBurma border, and is a journey through the landscape of picturesque hills and narrative…(more)
(Fried Fish, Chicken soup and a Premiere Show) Director: Mamta Murthy, IND, 2012

Friendly movie II.

trial for camerasmore)
(Přátelský film II.) Director: Various, ČR, 2006


Here is a story about two guys, Sameer Acharya Abhishek Bachchan and Kunal Chauhan John Abraham, who meet during their apartment hunting. When they are…(more)
(Dostana) Director: Tarun Mansukhani, IND, 2008

From Afar

Armando, de 50 años y con una vida holgada, encuentra en la calle a Elder, un joven problemático que subsiste a duras penas en la…(more)
(Desde allá) Director: Lorenzo Vigas, YV-MEX, 2015

From Affects to Effects

or from Voyage to the Moon to Matrix …(more)
(Od afektů k efektům) Director: Various, , 0000

From Balkan with Love

The Balkans Peninsula has always been a meeting place of cultures and religions as well as a bloody warzone. At the same time, it became…(more)
(Srdečné pozdravy z Balkánu) Director: various, , 0000

From Dusk Till Dawn -remix

„Everyone would love to spend at least one night in an adult theatre. And those who want to deny, still dream about it." Off program…(more)
(Od soumraku do úsvitu – remix) Director: , , 0000

From House No. 37

Years have passed since the death of Sadegh Hedayat. His works get translated repeatedly and The Blind Owl ranks among the top ten world surrealist…(more)
(Az Khaneye Shomareh 37) Director: Sam Kalantari, Mohsen Shahrnazdar, IR, 2010

From Cherries to Cherries / Everything Is Shit

Producer Čestmír Kopecký is presenting two Prague FAMU graduates documentary movies. Two portrets, where Jana Boršková and Tomáš Weinreb are taking up a everyday life.…(more)
(Od višní do višní / Všechno je sračka) Director: Jana Boršková / Tomáš Weinreb, CZ, 2011

From Love to Hatred

They all wanted just a normal life. What followed after the wedding could not be imagined. The documentary follows 5 women who went through both…(more)
(Z lásky nenávist) Director: Romuald Štěpán Rob, CZ, 2017

From Prague to the World

Hana Machalova gives handon instructions how to travel from Prague. This is her 2nd exteded edition with practical examples of journeys spread all over the…(more)
(Z Prahy do světa) Director: Hana Machalová, CZ, 2018

From the Land of the Moon

Gabrielle a grandi dans la petite bourgeoisie agricole où son rêve d'une passion absolue fait scandale. A une époque où l'on destine d'abord les femmes…(more)
(Mal de pierres) Director: Nicole Garcia, F, 2016

From the Life of the Marionettes

Made in Munich while Bergman was in selfimposed exile from Sweden, From the Life of the Marionettes is not so much a "whodunit" as a…(more)
(Aus dem Leben der Marionetten (Ur marionetternas liv)) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1980

From the New World | Antonín Dvořák

Czech Filharmonic, Rudolfinum – Dvořákova síň
(Z Nového světa | Antonín Dvořák) Director: , CZ, 2014


For three years after being forced from office, Nixon remained silent. But in summer 1977, the steely, cunning former commanderinchief agreed to sit for one…(more)
(Frost/Nixon) Director: Ron Howard, USA, 2008


It’s been two years since the mysterious disappearance of Kath Swarbrick’s older sister Annie. But Kath Shirley Henderson remains haunted by the need to know…(more)
(Frozen) Director: Juliet McKoen, VB, 2005


(Frozen) Director: C. Buck - J. Lee , USA, 2013

Frozen Angels

Sunny California is not just a factory of dreams. Thanks to Californian magicians, the genetic engineers with high salaries and headquartered in reproductive clinics, rich…(more)
(Frozen Angels) Director: F. Sandig - E. Black, NĚM, 2005

Frozen Angels

Sunny California is not just a factory of dreams. Thanks to Californian magicians, the genetic engineers with high salaries and headquartered in reproductive clinics, rich…(more)
(Frozen Angels) Director: F. Sandig - E. Black, NĚM, 2005

Fruit of paradise

(Ovoce stromů rajských jíme) Director: Věra Chytilová, CZ-B, 1969

Fshion in Oko

Oko for kids…(more)
(Módní návrhářská dílna v Oku) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2010

Fuck For Forest

There are many environmental organizations trying to save the rain forests of the Amazon, but one charity group believes shooting porn movies can help achieve…(more)
(Fuck For Forest) Director: Michał Marczak, PL, 2012

FuckUp Night Prague - Designblok Special Reloaded

FuckUp Night Prague Designblok Special Reloaded.more)
(FuckUp Night Prague - Designblok Special Reloaded) Director: , , 0000

FuckUp Nights Prague Vol. XVIII

Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear…(more)
(FuckUp Nights Prague Vol. XVIII) Director: , CZ, 2017

Fuenteovejuna | Teatro Real Madrid

Music: Antón García Abril, Modest P. Musorgskij, baroque music, Antonio Gades, Antonio Solera, Faustino Núñez Choreography: Antonio Gades …(more)
(Fuenteovejuna | Teatro Real Madrid) Director: Antonio Gades, E, 2011

Fuerza del balón

El primer y el único documental sobre los éxitos de la selección panameña de fútbol. Esta película recoge con técnicas de reportaje las circunstancias, problemas…(more)
(Fuerza del balón) Director: Alberto Serra, PA, 2017


An unknown woman suffering from memory loss turns up one day at Warsaw’s main station. Two years later, going by the name of Alicja, she…(more)
(Fuga) Director: Agnieszka Smoczyńska, PL-CZ-S, 2018

Full Metal Jacket

A twosegment look at the effect of the military mindset and war itself on Vietnam era Marines. The first half follows a group of recruits…(more)
(Full Metal Jacket) Director: Stanley Kubrick, USA-GB, 1987

Full Metal Village

Director SungHyung Cho, who was born in South Korea, and has lived in Germany for 17 years, fi lmed this accurate, humorous and complex portrait of…(more)
(Full Metal Village) Director: Sung-Hyung Cho, D, 2006

Fulmaya, the Girl with Skinny Legs

Slovak musician and actress Dorota Nvotova, known for her work in the films “Děvčátko” “Perníková věž” and “O život” and her Nepalese alter ego Fulmaya…(more)
(Fulmaya, děvčátko s tenkýma nohama) Director: Vendula Bradáčová, CZ, 2013

Funky Forest: The First Contact

No story, no structure, and absolutely no sense at all. A wild ride on absurd humour, grotesque fantasy and electronic beats. The film conceptually represents…(more)
(Naisu no mori: The First Contact) Director: Katsuhito Ishii - Hajime Ishimine - Shunichiro Miki, J, 2005

Funny Games

Two seemingly welleducated young men, who call each other Paul and Peter among other names, approach a family on vacation. They are, apparently, friends of…(more)
(Funny Games USA) Director: Michael Haneke, A, 1997

Funny Games USA

Anna and George take their son on a trip to a cottage by a lake. Suddenly, two seemingly innocent guys turn up. They decide to…(more)
(Funny Games USA) Director: Michael Haneke, USA-VB-FR-D-IT, 2007

Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!

A onehorse town in central Japan does not look like the kind of place where passions would flare. Nonetheless, set to the backdrop of the…(more)
(Funukedomo, kanashimino ai wo misero ) Director: Daihachi Yoshida, Japonsko, 2007

Further Off the Straight & Narrow

Six Feet Under, Will and Grace, Big Brother, these are but a few examples of TV formats which feature GLBT characters. The film examines in…(more)
(Further Off the Straight & Narrow) Director: Katherine Sender , USA, 2007


April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battlehardened army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank and his…(more)
(Fury) Director: David Ayer, USA, 2014

Futura – Kathrin Wolkowicz

This evening´s compilation circles around the personal, bodily and social relation to space. It features short films that reflect on spatial concepts and the understanding…(more)
(Futura – Kathrin Wolkowicz ) Director: various, , 0000

Future Baby

A film about the future of human reproduction as it is happening right before our eyes. Maria Arlamovsky’s exploration takes her all around the world—to…(more)
(Future Baby) Director: Maria Arlamovsky, A, 2016

Future June

Portraits of four inhabitants of São Paulo and their families capture the exciting social situation before the Football World Cup in 2014. A financial analyst,…(more)
(Future June) Director: Maria Augusta Ramos, BR-NL, 2015

Future My Love

This film about futurologist Jacque Fresco and his technologicalsocial theories works with design as an umbrella term for thinking towards the future. The director engages…(more)
(Future My Love) Director: Maja Borg, GB-S, 2013

Future Shorts_August

The Future Shorts summer of dreams continues with this summer festival selection of shorts. Heading out into the open air, Future Shorts turns the heat…(more)
(Future Shorts CZ) Director: Various, Various, 2008

Future Shorts_July

Future Shorts is in the mood for summer this July with a sultry, dreamy and raw collection of films from here and yonder. Playing with…(more)
(Future Shorts CZ) Director: Various, Various, 2008

Future Shorts_June

Future Shorts returns in JUNE with an extremely high calibre programme of short films and music videos including the 2007 CANNES WINNER ‘VER LLOVER’ Watching…(more)
(Future Shorts CZ) Director: Various, Various, 2008

Future War

The thing about watching directtovideo movies is, that just when you think you’ve seen the worst, you see something even worse. But it’s going to…(more)
(Future War) Director: Anthony Doublin, USA, 1997