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Contains movies from cinema Svetozor program starting February 15, 2005.

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D’amour et d’eau fraîche

Julie Bataille, 23 ans, Bac 5, les petits boulots, elle n’en veut plus. Elle cherche un vrai travail. Lors d’un entretien d’embauche, elle croise Ben…(more)
(D’amour et d’eau fraîche) Director: Isabelle Czajka, F, 2009

D'Wild Wild Weng

There’s an end to every love affair and this year we have our last têteàtête with the star, that has boxed its way into the…(more)
(D'Wild Wild Weng) Director: Eddie Nicart, RP, 1981


Dabangg is a crazy action comedy with one of Bollywood’s most popular stars, Salman Khan. The film immediately became the biggest boxoffice hit of 2010.…(more)
(Dabangg) Director: Abhinav Singh Kashyap, IND, 2010

Dabing Street marathon

Bingewatching marathon of the new comedy series Dabing Street directed and scripted by Petr Zelenka. Dabing Street is a comedy series by Petr Zelenka based on…(more)
(Dabing Street - seriálový maraton) Director: Petr Zelenka, CZ, 2017


Daddy is an extensive portrait of a famous Czech author, actor, lyric writer and screenwriter Zdeněk Svěrák. The film was shot by Zdeněk’s son, the…(more)
(Tatínek) Director: Jan Svěrák a Martin Dostál, CZ, 2004

Daddy & Papa / Masha Mom

The documentary offers a complete look at the phenomenon of gay parenthood in The United States. The film follows the lives of four families…(more)
(Daddy & Papa / Masha Mom) Director: Johnny Symons / Michał Bukojemski, USA / POL, 2002

Daddy or Mommy

Florence et Vincent Leroy ont tout réussi. Leurs métiers, leur mariage, leurs enfants. Et aujourd’hui, c’est leur divorce qu’ils veulent réussir. Mais quand ils reçoivent…(more)
(Papa ou maman) Director: Martin Bourboulon, F, 2014


A provocative, moralistic farce with an unusual and sophisticated narrative form. At the time of its original release the film was even the subject of…(more)
(Sedmikrásky) Director: Věra Chytilová, ČSSR, 1966

Dalai Lama Renaissance

At the edge of the Millennium, The Dalai Lama of Tibet invited 40 of the West‘s leading, most innovative thinkers in their respective fields to…(more)
(Dalajlamovská renesance) Director: Khashyar Darvich, USA, 2007


Swedish cinematography has a certain special atmosphere and some of its old themes are coming back in a new form. Years after saying goodbye, three…(more)
(Masjävlar) Director: Maria Blomová, ŠVÉ, 2004


Based on the true story of acclaimed music icon "Dalida" born in Cairo, who gained celebrity in the 50s, singing in French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew,…(more)
(Dalida) Director: Lisa Azuelos, F, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

In 1985 Dallas, electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof works around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he is himself…(more)
(Dallas Buyers Club) Director: Jean-Marc Vallée, USA, 2013


Every year in the United States billions of dollars are paid out in personal damages. Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder is one of the biggest legal…(more)
(Damages) Director: Thomas Balmés, FRA - FIN, 2007

Damned Rain

This is a Marathi black comedy film about the prevalence of suicide among the droughtstricken farmers in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India. A farmer,…(more)
(Gabhricha Paus) Director: Satish Manwar, IND, 2009

Dance and Camera 2013

Premiere of dance films made within Dance Film Festival's workshop A public presentation of what has been produced within…(more)
(Tanec a kamera 2013) Director: various, , 0000

Dance and real stories

Dance can be a special way to touch the reality, to reveal its hidden positions and layers. The collection of dance documents will take us…(more)
(Tanec a skutečné příběhy) Director: various, NL-A-USA, 2016

Dance Fashion Films

A unique showcase of dance, fashion and film A commented series of films bordering on advertising and experiment will…(more)
(Dance Fashion filmy) Director: various, , 0000

Dance Films from The Netherlands

Hypnagogia 2011 8´ directed by: Frank Scheffer, choreography: Muhanad Rasheed A dance film about…(more)
(Taneční filmy z Nizozemska) Director: various, , 0000

Dance for camera – workshop results presentation

World premiere of dance films made by Czech dancers, choreographers and students of FAMU. Films were created during the Dance for camera workshop led by…(more)
(Tanec a kamera – prezentace výsledků workshopu ) Director: various, CZ, 2017

Dance of the Vampires

The old bat researcher, professor Abronsius and his assistant, Alfred, go to a remote Transylvanian village looking for vampires. Alfred falls in love with the…(more)
(Dance of the Vampires ) Director: Roman Polanski, USA, 1967

Dance. Fashion. Film.

Fashion and dance are closer than they might seem at first sight they are languages that can communicate without words and to fully put…(more)
(Tanec. Móda. Film.) Director: various, , 2017


Sergei Polunin is a breathtaking ballet talent who questions his existence and his commitment to dance just as he is about to become a legend.…(more)
(Dancer) Director: Steven Cantor, GB-USA-RUS-UA, 2016

Dances with Wolves

Having been sent to a remote outpost in the wilderness of the Dakota territory during the American Civil War, Lieutenant John Dunbar encounters, and is…(more)
(Dances with Wolves) Director: Kevin Costner, USA, 1990

Dancin’ Germany

(Dancin’ Germany - taneční film v Německu) Director: various, , 0000

Dancing into Solitude

A musical and documentary composition about a life of the biggest Czech heroineof the 20th century, an enemy of the Nazi and the communist regimes,…(more)
(Do samoty v tanci) Director: Olga Sommerová, CZ, 2008

Dancing Kathmandu

Sangita is a dancer of mixed CzechNepali origin, who journeys to her ancestral home in Kathmandu to study dance traditions in an age of globalization.…(more)
(Dancing Kathmandu) Director: Sangita Shresthová, ČR - Nepál, 2007

Dancing Kathmandu

Sangita was born in the Czech Republic but lived in Nepal with her parents until the age of 18. Now she returns there to do…(more)
(Dancing Kathmandu) Director: Sangita Shresthová , ČR - Nepál, 2006

Daniel Mulloy's Films

Sister Antonio's Breakfast Dad Son …(more)
(Filmy Daniela Mulloye) Director: Daniel Mulloy, GB, 0000

Daniel Pitín v 60 minutách

Painter and visual artist Daniel Pitín will present his work including paintings and videoart during an hourlonglecture. One of the presented works will be his…(more)
(Daniel Pitín v 60 minutách) Director: Daniel Pitín, CZ, 2012

Daniel Takes a Train

Daniel Sandor Zsoter is a Budapest teenager of 1956. On the occasion of the Hungarian uprising, Daniel seeks escape, yearning for the freedom of Western…(more)
(Szerencsés Dániel) Director: Pál Sándor, H, 1982

Daniel's World

So far 25yearold literary academy student Daniel is the sole member of the Czech pedophile community to choose to come out publicly. Screened in the…(more)
(Danielův svět) Director: Veronika Lišková, CZ, 2014

Danny Collins

Inspired by a true story, Al Pacino stars as aging 1970s rocker Danny Collins, who can't give up his hardliving ways. But when his manager…(more)
(Danny Collins) Director: Dan Fogelman, USA, 2015

Danny the Dog / Unleashed

Danny is a human slave who was taught only one thing in life to fight. He wins lots of money for his owner Bart,…(more)
(Danny the Dog / Unleashed) Director: Louis Leterrier, FRA - VB - USA, 2005

Danube Hospital

In statically composed shots of individual floors, departments, operating rooms and life situations ranging from birth to death, renowned director Nikolaus Geyrhalter carries out a…(more)
(Danube Hospital) Director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter, A, 2013

Darfur Now

According to the Sudanese UN Ambassador Abdalmahmood Abdalkhaleem, "We are proud to be an AfroArab country based on tolerance and understanding." In his mind, the…(more)
() Director: Ted Braun, USA, 2007

Dark Knight

Batman raises the stakes in his bourgeois war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out…(more)
(Dark Knight) Director: Christopher Nolan, USA, 2008

Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Vidocq

Paris. 1830. In the heart of the town, Vidocq, a famous detective, disappeared as he fights the Alchemist, an assassin that he has been pursuing…(more)
(Vidocq) Director: Pitof , FRA, 2001

Dark Room

short film on the basic materiality of cinema – the chemicals and the moving people.…(more)
(Dark Room ) Director: Renu Savant, , 2009

Dark Shadows

Entombed for 200 years after betraying vengeful witch Angelique Bouchard Eva Green, 18th century vampire Barnabas Collins Johnny Depp returns to Collinwood Manor in 1972,…(more)
(Dark Shadows) Director: Tim Burton, USA, 2012

Dark Shadows

Entombed for 200 years after betraying vengeful witch Angelique Bouchard Eva Green, 18th century vampire Barnabas Collins Johnny Depp returns to Collinwood Manor in 1972,…(more)
(Dark Shadows) Director: Tim Burton, USA, 2012

Dark Skies

As the Barret family's peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly…(more)
(Dark Skies) Director: Scott Charles Stewart , USA, 2013

Dark Times

As a traditionally agrarian nation now developing into one of the strongest economies in Asia and the world, India is in a state of quiet…(more)
(Dark Times) Director: Avinash Deshpande, IND, 2006

Dark Train + Kyklos Galaktikos

Úkol se zdá jednoduchý – doručit tajemnou zásilku neznámému klientovi. Až na to, že vlak, kterým se jede, není jen tak obyčejný vlak. Až na…(more)
(Dark Train + Kyklos Galaktikos) Director: , , 0000


Azul oscuro, casi negro, podría ser un estado de ánimo o de la mente. Es el color del alma que debe aceptar su propia identidad.…(more)
(Azuloscurocasinegro) Director: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, ŠPA, 2006

Darkest Hour

During the early days of World War II, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the newlyappointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who must decide…(more)
(Darkest Hour) Director: Joe Wright, GB, 2017


Nazar is a 25yearold Austrian rapper with Iranian roots. After spending four weeks in custody on suspicion of armed robbery, he’s now in dire financial…(more)
(Schwarzkopf) Director: Arman T. Riahi, A, 2011


A successful doctor who loses his little brother in a gangrelated assault gives up his privileged life to become a masked warrior and avenge his…(more)
(Underverden) Director: Fenar Ahmad, DK, 2017


A man leaves his busy city life for the peace of the country home where he spent his early childhood. His new life is soon…(more)
(T.M.A.) Director: Juraj Herz, CZ, 2009

Darling, we're gonna be Dads

International Short Film Competition For Dorian Caipirinhas In Ipanema / Caipirinhas en…(more)
(Miláčku, budeme tátové) Director: various, , 0000

Darna at Ding

The most popular figure of Filipino comic books is responce to American Superman. Everytime, when a common girl Narda swallows a mysterious stone she becames…(more)
(Darna at Ding) Director: J. Erastheo Navoa, Cloyd Robinson, RP, 1980

Darwin's Nightmare

Sometime in the late 1960s, no one is sure exactly when, someone, no one is sure exactly who, let a huge predatory fish called the…(more)
(Darwin's Nightmare) Director: Hubert Sauper, RAK - BEL - FRA - KAN, 2004

Das Ewige Antlitz (The Eternal Face)

Since he took his father's death mask he has stopped carving. The sculptor, guided by an internal voice, must leave. He departs from his Bavarian…(more)
(Das Ewige Antlitz) Director: Markus Selg, D-CZ, 2012

Das Rheingold | Richard Wagner

Two unparalleled artists join forces to create a groundbreaking new Ring for the Met: Maestro James Levine and director Robert Lepage. “The Ring …(more)
(Das Rheingold) Director: Robert Lepage, USA, 2010


Short animated films about a dog called Dášenka how did Dášenka grow up and other stories.…(more)
(Dášenka) Director: Břetislav Pojar, CZ, 1979

Dášenka I.

Krtek a ježek, 8 minut Dášenka 2 Jak uviděla svět, 8, minut Dášenka 3 Jak…(more)
(Dášenka I. ) Director: různí autoři, CZ, 0000

Dášenka II.

Dášenka 5 Mnoho vody uteklo, 8 minut Dášenka 6 Jak…(more)
(Dášenka II. ) Director: různí autoři, CZ, 0000

DATATRANSFER - Czech style de luxe

Videos and animations of young Czech graphic designers ● Tomáš Mašín Měsíc Monika Načeva; ● Ivan Zachariáš 200 let Národní galerie; ● Tomáš…(more)
(Czech style de luxe) Director: Various, ČR, 2000

DATATRANSFER - Justin Kerrigan

Retrospective of the British director and discussion with the director…(more)
(Justin Kerrigan) Director: Justin Kerrigan, VB, 2000

Daughter of the lake

Peru, a village in the Andes. The locals worship the lifegiving Mother Water present in the lakes and rivers. The excavation plans of a gold…(more)
(Hija de la laguna) Director: Ernesto Cabellos Damián, PE, 2015

Daughter of the regiment

Experience the “exceedingly yummy operatic cake” that was called “the operatic show of the season” by The Times of London when it opened at Covent…(more)
(La fille du régiment) Director: Laurent Pelly , USA, 2008

Daughters of Wisdom

An intimate portrait of the nuns of Kala Rongo, a rare and exceptional Buddhist Monastery exclusively for women situated in Nangchen, in remote and rural…(more)
(Daughters of Wisdom) Director: Bari Pearlman , USA, 2007


David is a young man of twenty with a mental handicap. The problem is that he is aware of his disability and thus the family…(more)
(David) Director: Jan Těšitel, CZ, 2015

David Bowie is

Described by The Times as “stylish & outrageous” and The Guardian as “a triumph”, the David Bowie is exhibition was the fastest selling in the…(more)
(David Bowie is) Director: Hamish Hamilton, GB, 2016

David Bowie: A Reality Tour

David Bowie performs tracks spanning his 30plus years in the business at Point Theatre in Dublin in 2003 as part of a worldwide tour in…(more)
(David Bowie: A Reality Tour) Director: , GB, 2004

David Gilmour in Pompeii

Documentary 45 years after Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour filmed ‘Live At Pompeii’ in the legendary Roman Amphitheatre there, he returned for two spectacular shows, part of…(more)
(David Gilmour in Pompeii) Director: Gavin Elder, GB, 2017

David Hinton’s Retrospective I.

Jacob´s Dream 1991 6´ a film featuring hiphop star Jacob Marley Touched 1995 14´ made in cooperation with performer Wendy Houston…(more)
(Retrospektiva Davida Hintona I.) Director: David Hinton, , 0000

David Hinton’s Retrospective II.

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men a tribute to Nigel Charnock The Dance Film Festival pays honour to one of the…(more)
( Retrospektiva Davida Hintona II.) Director: David Hinton, GB, 1990

David Lynch presents... Chrysta Bell

"Chrysta Bell looks like a dream and Chrysta Bell sings like a dream. And the dream is coming true." David Lynch …(more)
(David Lynch presents... Chrysta Bell) Director: Chrysta Bell, USA, 2012

David Lynch: The Art Life

Artist and filmmaker David Lynch discusses his early life and the events that shaped his outlook on art and the creative process.…(more)
(David Lynch: The Art Life) Director: Jon Nguyen, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Rick Barnes, USA-DK, 2016

David Wants to Fly

On his search for enlightenment, young filmmaker David follows his namesake and idol David Lynch on the path of transcendental meditation laid out by the…(more)
(David Wants to Fly) Director: David Sieveking, D-A-CH, 2010


An absurd allegory about kolkhozes and communist Latvia in the 1950s. We can come to terms with recent history in a variety of ways, seldom, however,…(more)
(Ausma) Director: Laila Pakalniņa, LV-PL-EST, 2015

Dawn of the Dead

Following an evergrowing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia SWAT team members, a traffic reporter, and his televisionexecutive girlfriend seek…(more)
(Dawn of the Dead) Director: George A. Romero, USA, 1978

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade…(more)
(Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) Director: Matt Reeves, USA, 2014

Day after the Long Night

Czech Libuše Audrlická, Barbara Müller, a Pole, and Ukrainian Inna Klimenková were three women out of a total of 13 million people who were employed…(more)
(Po dlouhé noci den) Director: Tomáš Kudrna, CZ - D, 2011

Day Watch

In this, the second part of the epic adaptation of Sergey Lukyanenko’s fantasy trilogy, the world is still being held together by a delicate balance…(more)
(Dněvnoj dozor ) Director: Timur Bekmambetov, Rusko, 2006

Days of My Youth

DAYS OF MY YOUTH examines skiing as a way of life, offering a glimpse into the journey of selfdiscovery that every skier takes. Traveling the…(more)
(Days of My Youth) Director: MSP Films, USA, 2014

DCI in 2014: Masterclass of Vladimír Smutný with guests

DCI in 2014: Masterclass of Vladimír Smutný with guests…(more)
(Digitální kinematografie v roce 2014: Masterclass Vladimíra Smutného s jeho hosty) Director: , , 2014

De Potentia Dei

Potentia dei is a notion difficult to translate, but possible to explain. The same goes for a film essay by Ondřej Vavrečka, with signs and…(more)
(De Potentia Dei) Director: Ondřej Vavrečka, CZ, 2016

Dead Can Dance: Toward The Within

There are few voices in popular music like that of Dead Can Dance's Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. Perry's is rich and earthy, whereas Gerrard's…(more)
(Dead Can Dance: Toward The Within) Director: Mark Magidson, GB-USA, 1994

Dead in three days

„In 3 days you‘re dead“ At fi rst, Nina and her friends think that it‘s just a stupid joke. But no one is laughing the next…(more)
(In 3 Tagen bist du tot) Director: Andreas Prochaska, A, 2006

Dead Slow Ahead

Winner of the international competition Opus Bonum at Jihlava IDFF. A freighter sails through a barren seascape, apparently drifting aimlessly. Apparently? A highly enigmatic allegory…(more)
(Dead Slow Ahead) Director: Mauro Herce, E-F, 2015

Dead Space

Back in the golden era of video the shelves of videorentals were full of bizarre surprises but also with cheap ripoffs of highbudget hits. Nevertheless…(more)
(Dead Space) Director: Fred Gallo , USA, 1991

Deadliest Prey

In 1987 David A. Prior and his brother Ted unleashed Deadly Prey upon the world, a brain busting cavalcade of nonstop action and homoerotic innuendos.…(more)
(Deadliest Prey) Director: David A. Prior, USA, 2013

Deadly Prey

Forget Rambo and Chuck Norris. Even if they joined forces, they could never stand up to Mike Danton, portrayed by the steroiddriven acting enthusiast Ted…(more)
(Deadly Prey) Director: David A. Prior, USA, 1987


A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool.…(more)
(Deadpool) Director: Tim Miller, USA-CDN, 2016

Deaf Child

In an intimate family portrait, Dutch director Alex de Ronde portrays the childhood and adolescence of his deaf son Tobias and his struggle to obtain…(more)
(Deaf Child) Director: Alex  de Ronde, NL-USA, 2017

Dear Boys

Based on the 1973 novel by Dutch writer Gerard Reve "Lieve jongens". When the rich writer Wolf attends a service at a church with his…(more)
(Lieve jongens) Director: Paul de Lussanet, NIZ, 1980

Dear Fidel

Als \"normal\" kann man das Leben der Marita Lorenz ganz gewiss nicht bezeichnen: Als Kind überlebt sie das KZ Bergen Belsen, im Alter von 19…(more)
(Lieber Fidel) Director: Wilfried Huismann, D, 2000

Dear Mandela

When Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa in 1994, it was a miraculous moment for many of the country’s inhabitants. With the collapse…(more)
(Dear Mandela) Director: D. Kell - C. Nizza, ZA, 2011

Dear Sappho…

Short films compilation: more)
(Dear Sappho…) Director: various, , 0000

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS has finally been resurrected and is now available after twentyfive years of obscurity. This film tracks the macabre story…(more)
(Death Bed: The Bed That Eats) Director: George Barry , USA, 1977

Death by Design

The manufacture of laptops, mobiles and electronics overall is toxic. Aggressive chemicals lead to death from new types of cancer and birth defects in children.…(more)
(Death by Design) Director: Sue Williams, USA, 2016

Death Game

Six dramatic weeks in September and October 1977 have become engraved in the collective memory of the German nation as the socalled “German Autumn.” In…(more)
(Todesspiel) Director: Heinrich Breloer, D, 1997

Death in Gaza

In the spring of 2003 director James Miller and reporter Saira Shah traveled to the Middle East. "We wanted to record the way in which…(more)
(Death in Gaza) Director: James Miller, UK, 2004

Death in Lübeck

On a frosty January night in 1996, a frantic woman in Lübeck, Germany manages to get through to the emergency line. "Neonazis, fire, Hafenstrasse," is…(more)
(Tot in Lübeck) Director: Lottie Marsau, Katharina Geinitz , NĚM, 2003

Death Is Called Engelchen

Jan Kadar plays a Czech partisan fighter in the waning days of the war. Just as peace is declared, Kadar is shot in the…(more)
(Smrt si říká Engelchen) Director: J. Kadár - E. Klos , CZ, 1963


Like many others, NewZealandborn Jason Lei Howden used to cope with teenage angst by a heavy dose of headbanging and listening to loud songs playedback…(more)
(Deathgasm) Director: Jason Lei Howden, NZ, 2015

Debate about films of Aki Kaurismäki

(Debata o filmech Akiho Kaurismäkiho) Director: , , 0000

December Heat

December Heat is a beautifully crafted historical epic with a love triangle at its heart. Estonia’s taste of the roaring ‘20s comes to an abrupt…(more)
(Detsembrikuumus) Director: Asko Kase, EST, 2008

Decentralized Communication Projects

1. Mayday Realtime
(Decentralized Communication Projects) Director: Various, USA, 2000

Decline of the Century - Testament of Lordan Zafranović

Author's intimate confession, mixing documentary images of recent and past with fiction from his films, wondering if all the evil and the beauty is determined…(more)
(Sumrak stoljeća - Testament L. Z.) Director: Lordan Zafranović, HR, 1993

Decline of the Century - Testament of Lordan Zafranović

Author's intimate confession, mixing documentary images of recent and past with fiction from his films, wondering if all the evil and the beauty is determined…(more)
(Decline of the Century - Testament of Lordan Zafranović) Director: Lordan Zafranović, HR, 1993

Decoding Desire

Decoding Desire, a documentary from the production company, Merit Motion Pictures, unravels sexual practice and habits of humans and other animals. The filmmakers also try…(more)
(Decoding Desire) Director: Ryszard Hunka, CDN, 2015


K rázovitému Valašskému Dědovi František Segrado přijíždějí na prázdniny vnoučci Anička Čtvrtníčková a Jáchym Dimov z Prahy. Zaneprázdnění rodiče D. Suchařípa a P. Hřebíčková vysílají…(more)
(Děda) Director: Mejla Basel, Marta Santovjáková Gerlíková, Jiří Novotný , CZ, 2016


In 2100, when humanity has abandoned the earth, a colony of extravagant creatures still thrives in the deepest abyss of the ocean. Deep, an adventurous…(more)
(Deep) Director: Julio Soto Gurpide, E, 2017

Deep Blue

The oceans take up more than seventy percent of the earth's surface and are home to eight percent of all living creatures. Over ninety percent…(more)
(Deep Blue) Director: Alastair Fothergill - Andy Byatt, VB - NĚM, 2003

Deep in the Woods

In 1865, Timothee, a wanderer, arrives in a village in southern France pretending he is deaf and mute. There, he is struck by the beauty…(more)
(Au fond des bois) Director: Benoît Jacquot, F-D, 2010

Deep Web

In February 2015, American Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison for operating the secret Silk Road web market, best known for the range…(more)
(Deep Web) Director: Alex Winter, USA, 2015

Deers' leaps

Deers' leaps.more)
(Jelení skoky) Director: Tomáš Fingerland a Petra Strá, , 2016


Holocaust, Nazi, antiSemitism. These three most frequently heard words in Israeli society prompted director Yoav Shamir to make a documentary seeking answers to the question…(more)
(Hashmatsa) Director: Yoav Shamir, A - DK - IL - USA, 2009


By day Arthur Poppington is a simpleminded construction worker, but at night he puts on his spandex costume to scour the crimeinfested streets of the…(more)
(Defendor) Director: Peter Stebbings, CDN, 2009


Set in the eastern regions of German Nazioccupied Poland now western Belarus during World War II, the film is based on the true story…(more)
(Defiance) Director: Edward Zwick, USA, 2008

Degas’ Little Dancer

Live transmission: Live from the Palais Garnier Ballet in two parts – Subjet by Patrice Bart and Martine Kahane …(more)
(La Petite Danseuse de Degas) Director: Patrice Bart, F, 2010

Dekada ’70

The centre of this epic historical melodrama is Amaud, a wife and mother of five. Based on the novel by famous Filipino writer Luahalti Bautista,…(more)
(Dekada ’70) Director: Chito S. Roño, RP, 2002


A French woman mourning over the death of her husband three years prior is courted by a Swedish coworker.…(more)
(La Délicatesse) Director: D. Foenkinos - S. Foenkinos, F, 2012

Delicate Spaces of Women

Set of lesbian short films The Mindbender directed by Dana Bubáková, CZ, 2009, 5 min …(more)
(Choulostivá místa žen) Director: various, , 0000


The story is centered on a microcosm of a postapocalyptic society where food is so rare it's invaluable and is used as currency. The story…(more)
(Delicatessen) Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro, F, 1991


The film’s main theme is obsession. An obsession with love, with art, originality, copying, with success, money and… with oneself. Sooner or later, if we…(more)
(Rozkoš) Director: Jitka Rudolfová, CZ, 2013

Delikatessen | 2012

This brand new section will remind us that even short films have their classics. Many of them were made by directors that went on to…(more)
(Delikatesy | 2012) Director: various, , 0000


Les, a smalltime celebrity photographer desperate to make it big, befriends Toby, a homeless young man with no direction except a vague desire to become…(more)
(Delirious) Director: Tom DiCillo, USA, 2006


International Short Film Competition Ostia The Final Night / Ostia La Notte Finale …(more)
(Delirium) Director: various, various, 2012

Deliver Us from Evil

Moving from one parish to another in Northern California during the 1970s, Father Oliver O'Grady quickly won each congregation's trust and respect. Unbeknownst to them,…(more)
(Deliver Us from Evil) Director: Amy Berg, USA, 2006


Every metropolis has its dark corners where some people have to live — lonely, unhappy, desperate, homeless, friendless. One night a young man appears among…(more)
(Delivery) Director: Nikos Panayotopoulos, ŘEC, 2004

Delta Force

A 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to Rome and then to New York City is hijacked by Lebanese terrorists. The terrorists demand…(more)
(Delta Force) Director: Menahem Golan, USA-IL, 1986

Delta Force

Delta Force is a followup to the documentary film The Drilling Fields, which described the struggle of the Ogoni people, led by writer Ken SaroWiwa,…(more)
(Delta Force ) Director: Glenn Ellis, GB, 1995


What has Brussels come up with now? A question often read in the news or heard on TV. Director David Bernet decided to find an…(more)
(Democracy - im Rausch der Daten) Director: David Bernet, D, 2015


Director Camilla Nielsson takes an inside look at negotiating teams in a unique film that maps the threeyear process of the creation of a new…(more)
(Democrats) Director: Camilla Nielsson, DK, 2014

Demonios en el jardín

El campo español de las décadas de 1940 y 1950 es el escenario principal de un drama cuya figura central es un niño hipersensible de…(more)
(Demonios en el jardín) Director: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, E, 1980


Diane Connie Nielsen works for a French firm bidding to purchase a Japanese animation outfit. Diane maliciously hatches a plot to take the job of…(more)
(Demonlover) Director: Olivier Assayas, FRA, 2001


Beware of watching horror films, for it’s not just The Tingler, which can wreak havoc in your movie theatre. In 1985 Italian horror auteur Dario…(more)
(Dèmoni) Director: Lamberto Bava, I, 1985

Demons, phantoms and monsters

Demons, phantoms and monsters or how they are afraid in Africa and Latin America…(more)
(Démoni, fantomi a monstra) Director: Nollywood, Various, 2007


Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues…(more)
(Denial) Director: Mick Jackson, USA-GB, 2016


Years of bad weather and drought have taken a toll on the village of Mangrul in Maharashtra. One day Kesha, a herdsman, has a ‘divine…(more)
(Deool) Director: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni, IND, 2011

Depeche Mode: live in Berlin

Depeche Mode Live in Berlin' was filmed on location at the O2 World Berlin on November 25th and 27th, 2013 during the band's extremely successful…(more)
(Depeche Mode: live in Berlin) Director: Anton Corbijn, GB, 2014

Deported to Torture

In 1999, eighteenyearold refugee Ashkan Panjahee was sent back to Iran. The Danish authorities said it was safe for him to return. But after arriving…(more)
(Deported to Torture) Director: Line Fabricius - Hussein Ferdowsipour, DÁN, 2003

Deprivační staniol

(Deprivační staniol) Director: Martin Pohl, ČR, 2008

Der Rosenkavalier | Richard Strauss

The Met’s first new production since 1969 of Strauss’s rich romantic masterpiece is conducted by Music Director James Levine and directed by Robert Carsen, whose…(more)
(Der Rosenkavalier | Richard Strauss) Director: Robert Carsen, USA, 2017

Der Rossen Kavalier | Richard Strauss

Strauss’s comic masterpiece of love and intrigue in 18thcentury Vienna stars Renée Fleming as the aristocratic Marschallin and Susan Graham in the trouser role of her young lover.…(more)
(Der Rossen Kavalier) Director: Nathaniel Merrill, USA, 2010


In the past years Korean cinema is eagerly trying to come up with its own additions to some of the genres until recently associated only…(more)
(Yeongasi) Director: Park Jeong-woo, ROK, 2012


A documentary portrait of one of the most interesting of British directors and artists, Derek Jarman, who 15 years ago succumbed to AIDS. The director…(more)
(Derek) Director: Isaac Julien, GB, 2008

Des vents contraires

La vie de Paul bascule le jour où sa femme Sarah disparaît subitement. Après une année de recherches infructueuses, Paul est un homme brisé, rongé…(more)
(Des vents contraires) Director: Jalil Lespert, F, 2011

Descending Roads

Premiere & feature film debut from Praguebased director R. Scott Williams.US Starring: Dana Syslová, Jacob…(more)
(Descending Roads ) Director: Randall Scott Williams, USA-CZ, 2015


Installée en France, Ana retrouve son demifrère israélien Uli, qui arrive dans l’Hexagone, car leur père vient de mourir. Elle décide de repartir en Israël…(more)
(Désengagement) Director: Amos Gitai , F - IL, 2007

Desert Flower

A woman who achieves stardom against all odds uses her celebrity to make a difference in the land she left behind in this drama based…(more)
(Desert Flower) Director: Sherry Hormann, D - A - F, 2009

Desert Riders

Their giant bodies knocking into each other, the camels struggle to overtake each other at high speeds on a narrow racetrack. Along the route, several…(more)
(Desert Riders) Director: Vic Sarin, CDN, 2011

Design as Process

Experimental designers from London reveal background of their performative projects through short films. Commented screening Design as Performance presents a series of films produced byseveral…(more)
(Design jako Proces) Director: , , 2015

Desires Left Unsaid

Short films programme: Miscommunication with funny or bitter consequences, unspoken desires and suppressed passions affect young men's lives. Desire…(more)
(Desires Left Unsaid) Director: various, , 2015

Desperate Man Blues

Cultural scavenger Joe Bussard is on a oneman mission to rescue a precious commodity: music that exists only on ancient and precarious 78 rpm records.…(more)
(Desperate Man Blues) Director: Edward Gillan, AUS, 2003

Despicable Me 2

While Gru, the exsupervillain is adjusting to family life and an attempted honest living in the jam business, a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen. The…(more)
(Despicable Me 2) Director: P. Coffin - C. Renaud, USA, 2013

Despicable Me 3

Gru meets his longlost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist.…(more)
(Despicable Me 3) Director: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin, USA, 2017


People who travel via Mexico to the USA or Canada in search of a better life have little chance of success and risk unimaginable hardship.…(more)
(Destierros ) Director: Hubert Caron-Guay, CDN, 2017

Detective Downs

It's not easy to be 28 year old detective Robert Bogerud. He is the only detective in the country with Downs syndrome. He has own…(more)
(Detektiv Downs) Director: Bård Breien, N - CZ - DK, 2013

Děti úplňku

Documentary describes life situation of families with children with severe autism and challenging behaviour. I´s part of campaign of coalition „Chance for kids…(more)
(Děti úplňku) Director: Veronika Stehlíková, CZ, 2017


It is no piece of cake turning sixty. Detlef Stoffel lives a lonely life with his 91yearold mom, who is in need of constant care.…(more)
(Detlef) Director: S. Westerwelle - J. Rothstein, D, 2012

Detroit Wild City

Birches grow on a skyscraper in the centre of the city. Youths throw cookers and fridges out of the 11th floor of a tenement building.…(more)
(Detroit Wild City) Director: Florent Tillon, F, 2011


FAMU presents block of animated films from the Department of Animation.…(more)
(DEUS EX ANIMA aneb KAT přichází) Director: FAMU, CZ, 2015

Deus ex Anima 2.

FAMU presents block of animated films from the Department of Animation. A Pig snout…(more)
(Deus ex Anima 2. ) Director: FAMU, CZ, 2016

Deus Ex Anima 2017

Departure of Animation Film at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is once again back with it's load of fresh…(more)
(Deus Ex Anima 2017) Director: FAMU, CZ, 2017


The film follows Devdas and Paro and their tragic love story. Their parents do not agree with their love and unite Paro with someone else.…(more)
(Devdas) Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, IND, 2002

Devil Times Five

Five extremely disturbed, sociopathic children escape from their psychiatric transport and are taken in unwittingly by a group of adults on winter vacation. In a…(more)
(Devil Times Five) Director: Sean MacGregor, David Sheldon, USA, 1974

Devil's Mistress

Česká herečka Lída Baarová je v roce 1934 pozvána do berlínských filmových ateliérů Babelsberg, považovaných za evropský Hollywood. Po počátečních potížích nakonec okouzlí i davy…(more)
(Lída Baarová) Director: Filip Renč, CZ, 2016

Devil’s Freedom

Organised violence penetrates Mexican society like a disease that inexorably attacks victims and offenders. The film presents a tragic picture of ruined human lives in…(more)
(Devil’s Freedom) Director: Everardo Gonzáles, MEX, 2017

Devil' s Miner

Fourteenyearold Basilio Vargas works with his brother in the Bolivian silver mines of Cerro Rico. The mountain, into whose depths they must regularly descend, has…(more)
(Devil' s Miner) Director: Richard Ladkani, Kief Davidson, Bolivie - NĚM - USA, 2004

Devil's tales

Čert a Káča 42’, V čertích službách 17´, Rohatá princezna 14’ …(more)
(Čertovské pohádky) Director: various, CZ, 2000

Devils in Aero

Aero for kids…(more)
(Čertovské dílny) Director: Aero, CZ, 2009

Devils musical chorus

Aero for kids…(more)
(Čertovský hudební sbor) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2010

Devils Sunday

Aero for kids…(more)
(Čertovská neděle) Director: Kino Aero, ČR, 2009

Dhamma Brothers

Donaldson Correctional Facility is situated in the Alabama countryside southwest of Birmingham. 1,500 men, considered the state's most dangerous prisoners, live behind high security towers…(more)
(Dhamma Brothers) Director: Jenny Phillipsová, USA, 2007

Dhananjay Kulkarni „Chandragupt”

A short film on a film writer impersonating a night watchman.…(more)
(Dhananjay Kulkarni „Chandragupt”) Director: Rhivu Laha, IND, 2009

Dharma Guns

Un accident de ski nautique : une jeune fille, Délie, conduit un horsbord qui tire le jeune Stan van der Daeken sur ses skis. Les…(more)
(Dharma Guns) Director: F. J. Ossang, F - P, 2009


He fled the conflict in Sri Lanka, but war found him in the suburbs of Paris. Dheepan is a freedom fighter, a Tamil Tiger. As…(more)
(Dheepan – L’homme qui n’aimait plus la guerre) Director: Jacques Audiard, F, 2015


The tale begins in Bombay where a sophisticated gang of robbers is giving nightmares to the Police department. The high point of these robberies is…(more)
(The Hit / Úder) Director: Sanjay Gadhvi, IND, 2005

Dhoom 2

Second in the Dhoom series, Jai and Ali are back as policemen on a tough assignment so far. "Mr.A", a thief and master strategist, plans…(more)
(Dhoom 2) Director: Sanjay Gadhvi, IND, 2006

Dial M for Murder

An extennis pro carries out a plot to murder his wife. When things go wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan B.…(more)
(Dial M for Murder) Director: Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1954

Dial M for Murder

Extennis pro Tony Wendice decides to murder his wife for her money and because she had an affair the year before. He blackmails an old…(more)
(Dial M for Murder) Director: Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1954

Dialog 09 - Neues Museum

The film project “Dialoge 09 – Neues Museum“ captures Sasha Waltz and seventy dancers, musicians, and singers, while settling down in the empty spaces of…(more)
(Dialog 09 - Neues Museum) Director: Sasha Waltz, D, 2009

Dialogues des Carmélites | Francis Poulenc

Met Music Director Yannick NézetSéguin leads an accomplished ensemble in Poulenc’s devastating modern masterpiece of faith and martyrdom. Isabel Leonard is the young Blanche de…(more)
(Dialogues des Carmélites | Francis Poulenc) Director: John Dexter, USA, 2019

Showing: Saturday 11. 5. 2019 17:45, 17:45

Diamantes negros

Los malienses Amadou y Moussa sueñan con que les fiche uno de los equipos de fútbol europeos. Cuando de verdad les contacta un representante, sus…(more)
(Diamantes negros) Director: Miguel Alcantud, E-P-EST, 2013


Diamantino is a Portuguese soccer player enjoying international stardom. When he fails to deliver the goods during an allimportant championship cup final, he sets out…(more)
(Diamantino) Director: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt, P-F-BR, 2018

Diamonds of the Night

Diamonds in the night is the tense, brutal story of two Jewish boys who escape from a train transporting them from one concentration camp to…(more)
(Démanty noci) Director: Jan Němec, ČSSR, 1964


Kate Snell's intimate biography Diana: Her Last Love serves as the inspiration for Oliver Hirschbiegel's biopic starring Naomi Watts as the illfated Princess of Wales.…(more)
(Diana) Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel, GB-USA-S, 2013

Diaries of Transformation

The film captures the tales of love, violence and social acceptance of seven individuals with transidentities in and around Kolkata, India in times of change.…(more)
(Diaries of Transformation) Director: Anirban Ghosh, IND, 2010

Diary for My Children

Diary for My Children is set in Hungary during the turbulent years between 1943 and 1956. Jan Nowicki plays a dual role as the factoryworker…(more)
(Napló gyermekeimnek) Director: Márta Mészárosová, H, 1982

Diary of a Lost Girl

Thymiane is a beautiful young girl who is not having a storybook life. Her governess, Elizabeth, is thrown out of her home when she is…(more)
(Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen) Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst, D, 1929

Diary of a Lost Girl + Vložte kočku

Czech alternative/electronic rock band Vložte kočku with silent movie Diary of a Lost Girl by G.W.Pabst.…(more)
(Deník ztracené + Vložte kočku) Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst / Vložte kočku, D-CZ, 1929

Días de poder

Román Chalbaud pertenece a los cineastas venezolanos con mayor fama internacional y hasta es considerado fundador del cine venezolano moderno. Su filmografía incluye tanto thrillers…(more)
(Días de poder) Director: Román Chalbaud, YV, 2011

Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?

In 1946, S.E. Branch clearly shot Bill Spann, a black man, in Alabama. One story of many, it can be said, but this time it’s…(more)
(Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?) Director: Travis Wilkerson, USA, 2017

Didi Contractor: Marrying the Earth to the Building

For the past two decades Didi Contractor has been passionately implementing her architectural visions in North West of India, the Kangra Valley, at the foot…(more)
(Didi Contractor: Marrying the Earth to the Building) Director: Steffi Giaracuni, D-CH, 2017

Showing: Tuesday 2. 10. 2018 18:30

Dido and Aeneas

Sasha Waltz’s staging of Henry Purcell’s baroque opera “Dido and Aeneas” was highly acclaimed by critics all over Europe. In her choreographic opera she attained…(more)
(Dido and Aeneas) Director: Attilio Cremonesi, D, 2005

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg | Richard Wagner

James Levine conducts Wagner’s grand human comedy Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg in its firstever Live in HD performance. Johan Reuter stars as Hans Sachs, with…(more)
(Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg | Richard Wagner) Director: Otto Schenk, USA, 2014

Die Walküre | Richard Wagner

The Met has assembled a stellar cast for this second installment of Robert Lepage’s new production of the Ring cycle, conducted by James Levine: Bryn…(more)
(Die Walküre) Director: Robert Lepage, USA, 2011

Die Walküre | Richard Wagner

The second installment of Wagner’s Ring cycle, Die Walküre, stars heroic soprano Christine Goerke as the warrior goddess Brünnhilde, whose encounter with the mortal twins…(more)
(Die Walküre | Richard Wagner) Director: Robert Lepage, USA, 2019

Showing: Saturday 30. 3. 2019 16:45, 17:45, 17:45

Die Zauberflöte | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Music Director Emeritus James Levine conducts the fulllength German version of Mozart’s magical fable, seen in Julie Taymor’s spectacular production, which captures both the opera’s…(more)
(Die Zauberflöte | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Director: Julie Taymor, USA, 2017

Die Zauberflöte 2015 | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This was the groundbreaking broadcast that launched the Met’s heralded Live in HD series, seen by opera lovers in movie theaters around the world. Adults…(more)
(Die Zauberflöte) Director: Julie Taymor, USA, 2006

Dies Irae / The Michael Nyman Songbook

A beautiful and elegiac cycle expressing the penultimate hopes and infinite nostalgia of the voyage, consisting entirely of still images and painstakingly assembled into…(more)
(Dies Irae / The Michael Nyman Songbook) Director: Jean-Gabriel Periot / Volker Schlöndorff, FRA / NĚM, 2005

Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth is mentioned in one breath with Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys. The multitalent, born 1930 in Hannover and dead 1987 in Basle, was…(more)
(Dieter Roth) Director: Edith Jud, Německo, 2003

Different City Experience | outside the cinema

Saturday Sep16 takes place the 12th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague. Bio…(more)
(Zažít město jinak | před Biem Oko) Director: various, CZ, 2016

Different City Experience 2013

Saturday Sep21 takes place the 8th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague. Aero…(more)
(Zažít město jinak 2013) Director: , , 0000

Different City Experience 2014

Saturday Sep20 takes place the 9th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague. Aero…(more)
(Zažít město jinak 2014) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2014

Different City Experience 2015

Saturday Sep19 takes place the 10th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague. Aero…(more)
(Zažít město jinak 2015) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2015

Different City Experience 2016

The 11th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague will take place on September…(more)
(Zažít město jinak 2016) Director: Aero, CZ, 2016

Different City Experience 2017

The 12th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague will take place on September…(more)
(Zažít město jinak 2017) Director: Aero, CZ, 2017

Different City Experience 2018

The 13th edition of the Different City Experience street happening a day long festival in the streets of Prague will take place on September…(more)
(Zažít město jinak 2018) Director: Aero, CZ, 2018

Different Perspective: Hild und K + Kleihues+Kleihues (DE)

Nontraditional facade of city houses and the importance of craft: German architects Andreas Hild and Jan Kleihues will introduce architecture from a different perspective. We…(more)
(Jiná perspektiva: Hild und K + Kleihues+Kleihues (DE)) Director: Andreas Hild, Jan Kleihues, D, 2018

Different Perspective: Thomas Burlon (DE) + Henrique Marques & Rui Dinis (PT)

KRUH invites you to an architectural lecture. The presentation will be held by Thomas Burlon from the German office Brandlhuber Emde, Burlon that is among…(more)
(Jiná perspektiva: Thomas Burlon (DE) + Henrique Marques & Rui Dinis (PT)) Director: Thomas Burlon, Henrique Marques & Rui Dinis, D-P, 2017

Difficult Choice

The documentary is a cinematographic reflection of the democratic political system based on two Slovak elections. It's a movie about the poetics of politics and…(more)
(Těžká volba) Director: Zuzana Piussi, CZ, 2016

Dikolson plays Harold

Live soundtrack for grotesque Grandma's Bay Harold Lloyd by Filip Misek project Dikolson. There's something lovingly sweet about Filip Misek's vibrant debut solo album. Though his…(more)
(Dikolson hraje Harolda) Director: Harold Lloyd, , 0000

Dil Leyla

A few years ago Leyla İmret became the youngest mayor in Turkey. At the age of 26, she faced the difficult task of reviving her…(more)
(Dil Leyla) Director: Asli Özarslan, D, 2016

Dílna Malé oči před zrcadlem

Workshop for kids.…(more)
(Dílna Malé oči před zrcadlem) Director: , , 0000


A lively and pulsating portrayal of one of the most successful musicians from the south Iranian province of Hormozgan, Hamid Said, who travels through the…(more)
(Dingomaro) Director: Kamran Heidari, IR, 2014

Dior and I

Nommé directeur artistique de la maison Dior en avril 2012, suite au départ précipité de John Galliano, le styliste belge Raf Simons ne dispose que…(more)
(Dior et moi) Director: Frédéric Tcheng, F, 2014


August 25th, 1944. The Allies enter Paris. Shortly before dawn, Dietrich von Choltitz Niels Arestrup, German military governor of Paris, prepares to execute Adolph Hitler’s orders…(more)
(Diplomatie) Director: Volker Schlöndorff, F-D, 2014

Diplomas and braces of ugly Betty

soap opera from gender perspective moderated by: Iva Baslarová…(more)
(Diplomy a rovnátka ošklivky Betty) Director: , , 2000

Director Painter Shri Baburao Laad Sahib

A short film on how in the shanty town of Dharavi lives Baburao who runs an acting school in the 10 feet by 8 feet…(more)
(Director Painter Shri Baburao Laad Sahib) Director: Richa Husing, , 2010

Directors under influence... Jiří Menzel

(Režiséři pod vlivem... Jiří Menzel) Director: Aleš Hudský, ČR, 2005

Directors under influence... Vladimír Morávek

(Režiséři pod vlivem... Vladimír Morávek) Director: Aleš Hudský, ČR, 2005

Dirt! The Movie

Dirt – the Earth’s skin – provides us everything we need for life. Although we don’t realise it, dirt surrounds us practically everywhere. We take…(more)
(Dirt! The Movie) Director: Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow, USA, 2009

Dirty Hearts

During the World War II, there was wartime between Brazil and Japan. At that time, tens of thousands of Japanese Brazilians were forcibly resettled by…(more)
(Coracoes Sujos) Director: Vicente Amorim, BR-J, 2011

Dirty Pictures

Dirty Pictures is the seventh part of the Hotel Diaries series by the important and multi–award–winning director John Smith. In a minimalist style, Smith draws…(more)
(Dirty Pictures) Director: John Smith, VB - Palestina, 2006

Discussion about anime with Kamil Fila | mezzanine

Come to have a talk not only about the new anime movie The Boy and the Beast during the Japanese Weekend in Bio Oko. The…(more)
(Beseda o anime s Kamilem Filou) Director: , , 0000

Discussion Family Reunion

..about gay & lesbian parentage.more)
(Diskuse Family Reunion) Director: , , 2000

Discussion night with presentations of festival guests

() Director: , , 0000

Discussion with Adrian Aprá

A short lecture on La Grande Bouffe by Adrian Aprá, a renowed Italian film historian, critic, publicist and a close friend with Marco Ferreri. The…(more)
(Diskuse s Adrianem Aprá) Director: , , 0000

Discussion with Lukáš Přibyl, Matěj Mináč and Marion Wiesel

(Debata s Lukášem Přibylem, Matějem Mináčem a Marion Wiesel) Director: , , 0000

Discussion with Respekt mag

(Debata s časopisem Respekt (aneb mýty roku 1968)) Director: , CZ, 2008

Discussion with Zuzana Justman, Helena Třeštíková, Pavel Štingl and Lukáš Přibyl

(Debata se Zuzanou Justman, Helenou Třeštíkovou, Pavlem Štinglem a Lukášem Přibylem) Director: , , 0000

Discussion: My sixtyeight year

(Debata: Můj osmašedesátý) Director: moderuje Václav Sochor, CZ, 2008

Discussion: Such Normal Families

Discussion follows the screening…(more)
(Diskuze: Takové normální rodiny) Director: , CZ, 2013

Dish: Women, Waitressing & The Art of Service

There are far more waitresses in the world than waiters. Why is that? Why do longdistance truckers want women to wait on them? By contrast,…(more)
(Dish: Women, Waitressing & The Art of Service) Director: Maya Gallus, CDN, 2010

Distant Sky - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live in Copenhagen

Recorded at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena in October 2017, DISTANT SKY captures an extraordinary and triumphant live concert from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Performing…(more)
(Distant Sky - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live in Copenhagen) Director: David Barnard, GB, 2017

District 9

In 1990, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population, nicknamed "The Prawns," appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty years later, the initial welcome…(more)
(District 9) Director: Neill Blomkamp, USA - NZ, 2009


Black and incredibly colorful comedy takes us to the streets of Budapest's 8th district. It is rough and at the same time leisure film, that…(more)
(Nyócker) Director: Áron Gauder, H, 2004

Divided image (audiovisual performance)

Contemporary artists of image and sound present autor versions of their performances.more)
(Dělený obraz (audiovizuální performance) ) Director: various, CZ, 2005

Divided States of America

The film captures the American tour of the Slovenian postavantgarde group. The concerts took place in 2004, at the same time as the American Presidential…(more)
(Razdruzene drzave Amerike) Director: Saso Podgorsek, SLO, 2006

Divine B. B.

Une anthologie des chansons interprétées par Brigitte Bardot Harley Davidson, Comic Strip, La Madrague, Bonnie and Clyde… filmées pour des émissions de télévision : des…(more)
(Divine B. B.) Director: , FRA, 2004

DIY Country

Many residents of Donbass have felt for years that the Ukrainian government ignores their problems and demands. After the annexation of Crimea in the spring…(more)
(DIY Country) Director: Antony Butts, F-GB, 2015

DIY Country

Many residents of Donbass have felt for years that the Ukrainian government ignores their problems and demands. After the annexation of Crimea in the spring…(more)
(DIY Country) Director: Antony Butts, F-GB, 2015

DIY Country

Many residents of Donbass have felt for years that the Ukrainian government ignores their problems and demands. After the annexation of Crimea in the spring…(more)
(DIY Country) Director: Antony Butts, F-GB, 2015

DIY Country

Many residents of Donbass have felt for years that the Ukrainian government ignores their problems and demands. After the annexation of Crimea in the spring…(more)
(DIY Country) Director: Antony Butts, F-GB, 2015

DIY Country

Many residents of Donbass have felt for years that the Ukrainian government ignores their problems and demands. After the annexation of Crimea in the spring…(more)
(DIY Country) Director: Antony Butts, F-GB, 2015


The story of Django Reinhardt, famous guitarist and composer, and his flight from Germanoccupied Paris in 1943. En 1943, alors que la France est occupée, le…(more)
(Django) Director: Étienne Comar, F, 2016

Django Unchained

Nominated for 5 Oscars: Best Picture, Supporting Actor Christopher Waltz, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound Editing Set in the South two years before the Civil War,…(more)
(Django Unchained) Director: Quentin Tarantino, USA, 2012

Django Unchained | midnight bio premiere

With the help of his mentor, a slaveturnedbounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.…(more)
(Django Unchained) Director: Quentin Tarantino, USA, 2012

Djourou, a rope round your neck

Djourou means a debt in Bambara. A debt that becomes a rope around your neck, creates poverty and deprives of freedom. In the seventies, sub–Saharan…(more)
(Djourou, a rope round your neck) Director: Olivier Zuchuat, FRA, 2004

Djs Kohl & Ben

Djs Kohl & Ben will be playing 60s and 70s groove with more than a hint of contemporary R ‘n’ B. Fans of world music,…(more)
(Djs Kohl & Ben) Director: , PL, 0000


A builder who loved to destroy. A timid eccentric, a coldblooded alarmist, an ascetic hedonist, and a benevolent usurper. An inventor of life. If he…(more)
(DK) Director: Bára Kopecká, CZ, 2013

DK - first night

A builder who loved to destroy. A timid eccentric, a coldblooded alarmist, an ascetic hedonist, and a benevolent usurper. An inventor of life. If he…(more)
(DK) Director: Bára Kopecká, CZ, 2013


The 38th parallel north, which divides the Korean peninsula right in the middle, is one of the most closely guarded borders in the world. A…(more)
(DMZ) Director: S. Ruippo - J. Hokkanen, FIN, 2007

DNA Dreams

Eighteenyearold Zhao Bowen leads an expert team investigating the relationship of intelligence and DNA. "Wouldn't you want to choose how smart your child will be?"…(more)
(DNA Dreams) Director: Bregtje van der Haak, NL, 2012

Dnes naposled

(Dnes naposled) Director: Martin Frič, CSSR, 1958

Do I Sound Gay?

All sorts of things bother you after a breakup. Director and scriptwriter David Thorpe suddenly couldn't stand that he speaks too “gay” simply “like…(more)
(Do I Sound Gay?) Director: David Thorpe, USA, 2014

Do kina za krtkem

Bio|Oko for kids.…(more)
(Do kina za krtkem) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Do Not Disturb

When passionate jazz fan Michel finds a rare album at a flea market, he can’t wait to listen to it – at home, on his…(more)
(Une heure de tranquillité ) Director: Patrice Leconte, F, 2014

Do Nothing Live

(Do Nothing Live) Director: Michael Matheson, GB, 2010

Do Rafique

A short film Rafeeq Ellias walks a talk with Rafique Baghdadi around old and fading neighbourhoods tracing the memory of cinema.…(more)
(Do Rafique) Director: Rafeeq Ellias, IND, 2009

Do the Math

The Do The Math documentary is a film about the rising movement in the United States to change the terrifying maths of the climate crisis…(more)
(Počítejte) Director: Kelly Nyks, Jared P. Scott, USA, 2013

Do You Know Who I Am?

The protagonists of the films included in the Do You Know Who I Am? block have one trait in common: the courage to show the…(more)
(Do You Know Who I Am?) Director: , , 0000

Do You Remember Sarajevo

When BosnianSerb forces began shelling Sarajevo in 1992, an officer of the BosnianHerzegovinian army made an appeal to all inhabitants of the city with video…(more)
(Sjećaš li se Sarajeva) Director: Nedim Alikadić, Nihad Kreševljaković, Sead Kreševljaković, Bosna a Hercegovina, 2002

Dobrodružství České televize

(Dobrodružství České televize ) Director: Karel Janák, CZ, 0000

Doc for Kids (age 12 - 14)

Jan's Mom Delete Aleyna Little Miss Neukölln …(more)
(Jeden svět dětem) Director: various, , 0000

Doc for Kids (age 12 - 14)

Love and Rubbish Dancing with Style I Love Hooligans Layla's Melody…(more)
(Jeden svět dětem) Director: various, RUS - NL - FG - DK, 2013

Doc for Kids (age 12-14)

Gabriel Reports on the World Cup Haiduc Sprinkles 4Ever…(more)
(Jeden svět dětem) Director: various, , 0000

Doc for Kids (age 8 - 11)

My Granny Lien Kaloo School In Focus The Little Team …(more)
(Jeden svět dětem) Director: various, , 0000

Doc for Kids (age 8 - 11))

Faridullah's Day Off Lotte: How to Be Good Hear This …(more)
(Jeden svět dětem) Director: various, AFG - DK - D - NL, 2013

Doc for Kids (age 8-12) | 2015

Merlijn and the Red Apple The Lion and the Brave Mouse Giovanni and the…(more)
(Jeden svět dětem) Director: various, , 0000

Docs D.F. documentary selection

Výběr dokumentů ve spolupráci s Docs D.F., festivalem dokumentárních filmů v Mexico City
(Výběr dokumentů ve spolupráci s Docs D.F.) Director: various, MEX, 0000

Docs for Kids

The festival invites children from eight to fourteen years of age to a series of short documentaries on important social issues. For their younger siblings,…(more)
(Jeden svět dětem | 2017) Director: various, , 0000

Docs for Kids III

For the third time in its history, One World invites its audiences to visit a virtual environment containing documentaries about real people and events. This…(more)
(Jeden svět dětem III) Director: various, , 0000

Doctor Atomic

John Adams’s contemporary masterpiece explores a momentous episode of modern history: the creation of the atomic bomb. Director Penny Woolcock makes her Met debut with…(more)
(Doctor Atomic) Director: Penny Woolcock , USA, 2008

Doctors Without Borders | Access to the Danger Zone

The tickets are available at the box office of cinema Aero, Světozor and Oko. The booking and online purchase isn't available. …(more)
(Doctors Without Borders | Access to the Danger Zone) Director: Eddie Gregoor & Peter Casaer, B-EAK-AFG-SO-RCB, 2013

Doctors Without Borders | Affliction

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa seen through the eyes of the local populations, village officials, aid workers, the sick and those who recovered. …(more)
(Lékaři bez hranic | Nákaza) Director: Peter Casaer, B-RG-LB, 2015

Documentaries Block I

Stopover L'Escale
(Documentaries Block I) Director: various, IR, 0000

Documentaries Block II

The Trucker and the Fox
(Documentaries Block II) Director: various, IR, 0000

Documentaries Block III

Memories for all Seasons
(Documentaries Block III) Director: various, IR, 0000

Documentary For People

Philosophical sociological essay about contemporary society. With Václav Bělohradský, Václav Cílek, Jan Keller, Jeroným Klimeš, Milan Knížák, Erazim Kohák, Jitka Vysekalová, David Černý,…(more)
(Dokument pro lidi) Director: Alžběta Hrabicová a Liliana Mikhnevich , CZ, 2012


(DOCUMENTARY MONDAY WITH FAMU) Director: various, ČR, 2005

Documentary Mondays with FAMU

VÍZMBURK CASTLE, dir. Veronika Janečková, 16 min. This film tells the story of a group of archeologists who worked on a research of the Vizmburk Castle…(more)
() Director: různí režiséři, ČR, 2006

Documentary Mondays with FAMU II.

YIPPEE, 12 min. Matěj Ptaszek lives in his world of blues legends and outsiders. He himself feels as an outcast and finds freedom as the most…(more)
() Director: různí režiséři/various directors, ČR, 2006

Documentary Mondays with FAMU III.

Kultura v mrazáku, rež. Tereza Šimíková, 20 min. Sardinie je jedním z malých národů v tlacích velkých, a tak si velice zakládá na svém sebeurčení. Lpí…(more)
() Director: různí režiséři/various directors, ČR, 2006

Documentary Mondays with FAMU IV.

Filmnight event features documentary films of the student of FAMU. There will be screened documentary films Across the Palm Standing a The Castle of Disappearing…(more)
() Director: různí režiséři/various directors, ČR, 2006


An adaptation of a bestselling novel by Michal Viewegh is a comedy about friendship, fateful loves, beauty and ugliness, alcohol, and the search for human…(more)
(Vybíjená) Director: Petr Nikolaev, CZ, 2015

Dog Day Afternoon

Based upon a reallife story that happened in the early seventies in which the Chase Manhattan Bank in Flatbush, Brooklyn, was held siege by a…(more)
(Dog Day Afternoon) Director: Sidney Lumet, USA, 1975

Dog entertainment I.+II.+ III.

Collection of calming video and soothing sounds for the dogs we love. As your dog takes a virtual walk through the woods, it encounters deer,…(more)
(While You Are Gone) Director: Dog sitter video, USA, 2008

Dog friends

Short animated films about two dog friends Staflik and Spagetka and also other popular characters.…(more)
(Psí kamarádi) Director: , , 0000

Dog sitter I.+II.

The Dog Sitter Video movie is jam packed with extras. Includes viewing tips, Dog Sitter Promos and Tim Lepard's Ghost Riders Show world famous cowboy…(more)
(Dog sitter) Director: Cinema-Dog, USA, 2004

Doggie Rex

The adventures ofthe spotted dog Rex, the hero of a popular animated Polish series, and his friends – cats, dogs, chickens and others. The animated…(more)
(Rex) Director: , PL, 0000


A documentary film Odyssey which is freeandeasy, serious, surprising and touching. Formally it is similar to Baraka or documentary films made by Godfrey Reggio. There…(more)
(Dogora) Director: Patrice Leconte, FRA, 2004


Grace, a young foreigner, causes commotion when she enters a sleepy mining town called Dogville. Its inhabitants are still fighting the remains of the economical…(more)
(Dogville) Director: Lars von Trier, USA-DÁNSKO, 2003

Dogville Confessions

Another masterpiece of Zentropa production. This time it is a parallel creation of making the original film Dogville by Lars von Trier. The extravagant filmmaker…(more)
(Dogville Confessions) Director: Sami Saif, DÁN, 2003

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana

Tihar jail, the biggest prison in India. 9000 people are waiting for their trial while 1000 are already sentenced. Place where inmates have been treated…(more)
(Doing Time, Doing Vipassana) Director: Eilona Ariel, Aylet Menahemi, VB, 1997


Three friends two in wheelchairs and one biped took off on two quad bikes and one bike to Lake Baikal. On the way back they…(more)
(Dokolakolem) Director: Filip Mergental, René Vaňo, Tomáš Pučálka , CZ, 2016

Dokolakolem - Bajkal 2014

Three friends two in wheelchairs and one biped took off on two quad bikes and one bike to Lake Baikal. On the way back they…(more)
(Dokolakolem - Bajkal 2014) Director: , CZ, 2016


Bogdanski Dolina, a small town lost somewhere in the Eastern Carpathians, was once attacked by a horde of strange marauders who, so it seems, settled…(more)
(Dolina) Director: Zoltán Kamondi, Maďarsko, Rumunsko, 2007

Dolls and mums

1977 director: Peque Varela, GB, 2007, 8 min
(Panenky a matky ) Director: , , 0000

Dolls Don't Know

A microscopic look at the lives of Iranian women who were married off between the ages 12 and 15. This violent tradition changes their lives…(more)
(Aroosakha nemidanand) Director: Nava Rezvani, IR, 2014

Dolpo Tulku: Return to the Himalayas

The Tibetanspeaking Dolpo in northwestern Nepal is one of the most isolated regions in the world. Surrounded by the enormous Himalayas, the people of Dolpo…(more)
(Dolpo Tulku: Return to the Himalayas) Director: Martin Hoffman, D, 2010

Doma je doma

Hrnečku vař 21 minut Štaflík a Špagetka Rybáři 8 minut Dorotka a ježibaba, 7 minut …(more)
(Doma je doma) Director: různí autoři, CZ, 0000


Domestic is a story about people who eat the animals they love and animals who love people unconditionally. A rabbit, a hen, a cat, a…(more)
(Domestic) Director: Adrian Sitaru, RO, 2012


Top cyclist Roman has had enough of serving as a domestique, a bicycle racer who sacrifices for the team. And since strenuous training and a…(more)
(Domestik) Director: Adam Sedlák, CZ-SK, 2018

Showing: Thursday 27. 9. 2018 20:45, Friday 28. 9. 2018 20:45, Saturday 29. 9. 2018 16:00, Sunday 30. 9. 2018 16:00, Monday 1. 10. 2018 20:30

Domicile conjugal

Antoine Doinel, 26 ans, époux de Christine, professeur de musique. Ils attendent un bébé. Dans son nouveau travail, Antoine rencontre une jeune Japonaise Kyoto, femme…(more)
(Domicile conjugal) Director: François Truffaut, F, 1970

Domino Effect

In order to build up national pride, Rafael, the minister of sport in Abkhazia – a disputed territory that is only partially recognised internationally –…(more)
(Domino Effekt) Director: Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosolowski, PL-D, 2014


Set in 2006, this is a Bollywood adaptation of the 1978 epic film starring Amitabh Bachchan. As the world drug trade spirals out of control,…(more)
(Don) Director: Farhan Akhtar, IND, 2006

Don Carlo | Giuseppe Verdi

“I think Don Carlo is the quintessential Verdi opera,” says director Nicholas Hytner, who makes his Met debut with this new production, which was greeted…(more)
(Don Carlo) Director: Nicholas Hytner, USA, 2010

Don Giovanni | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Simon Keenlyside makes his Met role debut as the unrepentant seducer in Tony Award winner Michael Grandage’s staging of Mozart’s masterpiece. Met Principal Conductor Fabio…(more)
(Don Giovanni | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Director: Michael Grandage, USA, 2016

Don Giovanni | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 2011

Mariusz Kwiecien brings his youthful and sensual interpretation of Mozart’s timeless antihero to the Met for the first time, under the direction of Tony Award®winning…(more)
(Don Giovanni) Director: Michael Grandage, USA, 2011

Don Jon

on Martello objectifies everything in his life: his apartment, his car, his family, his church, and, of course, women. His buddies even call him Don…(more)
(Don Jon) Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, USA, 2013

Don Pasquale | Gaetano Donizetti

Anna Netrebko returns to the role that made her a Met star, with Matthew Polenzani, Mariusz Kwiecien, and John Del Carlo. Music Director James Levine…(more)
(Don Pasquale) Director: Otto Schenk, USA, 2010

Don Quijote | Opera de Paris | ballet

LIVE YOU CAN BUY A SEASON TICKET AT THE CASH OFFICE ONLY. Conductor: Kevin Rhodes, Music: Ludwig Minkus, Choreography: Rudolf Nureyev Cast: The Étoiles, Premiers danseurs and…(more)
(Don Quijote ) Director: Rudolf Nureyev, Francie, 2012

Don Quijote | Royal Ballet

LIVE Love and friendship triumph in Carlos Acosta's vibrant production of this dazzling ballet.…(more)
(Don Quijote | Royal Ballet) Director: Carlos Accosta, GB, 2019

Don Quixote | Bolshoi Ballet

Music: Ludwig MINKUS Choreography: Marius PETIPA, Alexander GORSKY Revival and new choreographic version: Alexei FADEYECHEV …(more)
(Don Quijote | Bolšoj balet) Director: Alexej Fadeječev, RUS, 2011

Don Quixote | Royal Opera House | ballet

LIVE | Ballet in 3 Acts YOU CAN BUY A SEASON TICKET AT THE CASH OFFICE BIO OKO, AERO and SVETOZOR The adventures of Cervantes’ bumbling…(more)
(Don Quixote) Director: , GB, 2013

Don´t Come Knocking

Wim Wenders, the director, and Sam Shepard, the scrip writer and actor, come together after almost twenty years with the intention to follow the success of their film…(more)
(Don´t Come Knocking) Director: Wim Wenders, SRN - USA, 2005

Don't Try This at Home: Von Dogma bis Dogville

Don’t Try This At Home: From Dogma to Dogville is the story of the Mini DV revolution that occurred in independent filmmaking in the late…(more)
(Don't Try This at Home: Von Dogma bis Dogville) Director: Matthias Maass, D, 2006

Don’t Break My Heart, Bitch!

International Short Film Competition. Chloe Likes Olivia Dont brejk maj Turbofolk hart Coffee…(more)
(Dont brejk maj hart, mrcho!) Director: various, various, 0000

Don’t call me son

After discovering the truth about being stolen by the woman he thought was his mother as a child, Pierre AKA Felipe must deal with the…(more)
(Mãe só há uma ) Director: Anna Muylaert, BR, 2016

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as…(more)
(Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) Director: Troy Nixey, USA - AUS - MEX, 2011

Don't Look Back

Jeanne a writer, married, with two children starts to see unsettling changes in her home. Her body is beginning to change. No one around…(more)
(Ne te retourne pas) Director: Marina de Van, F - I - L - B, 2009

Don't Touch the Axe

Durand Armand de Montriveau, général français, débarque dans une île espagnole lors de l'expédition française pour rétablir l'autorité de Ferdinand VII. C'est dans le monastère…(more)
(Ne touchez pas la hache) Director: Jacques Rivette, FR, 2006

Don't Worry I'm Fine

On her return from vacation Lili, 19, is told by her parents, that her twin brother Loic has left home after a violent argument with…(more)
(Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas) Director: Philippe Lioret, FRA, 2006


Three Swedish teenagers, My, Joppe and Natalie, are attracted by girls. All three of them struggle with 'coming out' and hide their orientation, since the…(more)
(DU SKA NOG SE ATT DET GÅR ÖVER) Director: Cecilia Neant-Falk, ŠVÉ, 2003

Donnie Darko

Troubled adolescent, Donnie Darko, receives a disturbing vision that the world will end in 28 days. With the help of various characters, including a 6…(more)
(Donnie Darko) Director: Richard Kelly, USA, 2001


The main plot line takes place in Prague in 1983, amidst the Communistimposed “normalization”, a suffocating atmosphere dominated by the secret police. The story is…(more)
(DONT STOP) Director: Richard Řeřicha, CZ, 2012

Doo Wop

A summer day in Paris. Ziggy wakes up and starts his day as always, in a neighbourhood bistro: a real Parisian type with a hat…(more)
(Doo Wop) Director: David Lanzmann, FRA, 2004

Doomed Beauty

Film Doomed Beauty can be seen as a probe into the life of an extraordinary woman and a description of how a person can be…(more)
(Zkáza krásou) Director: Helena Třeštíková, Jakub Hejna, CZ, 2015

Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Popular Press

This striking odyssey into surrealism stars Delphine Seyrig as a Dr. Mabuselike head of an international press organization who concocts nefarious schemes to increase circulation.…(more)
(Dorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse) Director: Ulrike Ottinger , NĚM, 1983

Dospělým ze dne na den

Dokumentární film mapuje příběhy několika – dnes již dospělých – lidí, kteří vyrůstali v dětském domově. Museli se vypořádat s tím, že nepoznali rodičovskou lásku,…(more)
(Dospělým ze dne na den) Director: Igor Chaun, CZ, 2018

Dotek z druhého břehu

(Dotek z druhého břehu) Director: Viliam Poltikovič, ČR, 2006

Double Agent

With taut direction, perfect performances, and a sleek visual style, Double Agent is reminiscent of the best European and American spy thrillers of the 1960s…(more)
(Ijung kancheob) Director: Kim Hyun-jung, Korea, 2003

Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater

Double Play: A documentary portrait of the friendship between the renowned filmmakers James Benning 13 Lakes, 2004, Twenty Cigarettes, 2011; Stemple Pass, 2013 and Richard…(more)
(Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater) Director: Gabe Klinger, F-P-USA, 2014

Double Trouble

When singer Guy Lambert goes on tour in Europe, he is pursued by two beautiful women, bumbling jewel thieves, and a mysterious killer.…(more)
(Double Trouble) Director: Norman Taurog, USA, 1967

Doubravánek — concert…(more)
(Doubravánek — koncert) Director: Doubravánek, CZ, 2009


It's 1964, St. Nicholas in the Bronx. A charismatic priest, Father Flynn Philip Seymour Hoffman, is trying to upend the schools' strict customs, which have…(more)
(Doubt) Director: John Patrick Shanley , USA, 2008

Down by Law

When fate lands three hapless men an unemployed disc jockey Tom Waits, a smalltime pimp John Lurie, and a strongwilled Italian tourist Roberto Benigini…(more)
(Down by Law) Director: Jim Jarmusch, USA, 1986

Down by Love

Un homme, une femme. …(more)
(Éperdument) Director: Pierre Godeau, F, 2016

Down Terrace

The door never has a chance to close in a small house in the suburbs of Brighton as a procession of friends and acquaintances pours…(more)
(Down Terrace) Director: Ben Wheatley, GB, 2009

Down the Deep, Dark Web

A strange part of the Internet shrouded in mystery and legend. The dark web. What do we really know about it? A platform where the…(more)
(Down the Deep, Dark Web) Director: Tzachi Schiff, Duki Dror, IL-F, 2016

Down there

Israel, Tel Aviv, days in a flat by the sea. The window is open and a light breeze causes a fluttering of the blinds, the…(more)
(Lá-bas) Director: Chantal Akerman, FRA-BEL , 2006


It was the end of April 1945. A few days after his 56th birthday, in his Berlin bunker, Adolf Hitler dictated his last will and testament, got…(more)
(Der Untergang) Director: Oliver Hieschibiegel, NĚM - ITÁ - RAK, 2004


"Downsizing" follows a kindly occupational therapist who undergoes a new procedure to be shrunken to four inches tall so that he and his wife can…(more)
(Downsizing) Director: Alexander Payne, USA, 2017

Dr. Nagesh

In the train station in Bombay India an overcrowded train arrives. When looking at the flowing masses of people, it is impossible to guess which…(more)
(Docteur Nagesh) Director: Dominique Henry, Vincent Detours, Belgie, 2004

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

An insane general triggers a path to nuclear holocaust that a war room full of politicians and generals frantically try to stop. …(more)
(Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) Director: Stanley Kubrick, GB, 1964

Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell is a 2009 American horror film, directed by Sam Raimi, with a screenplay by Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi. The plot…(more)
(Drag Me to Hell) Director: Sam Raimi, USA, 2009

Dragon Inn

Director and screenwriter King Hu tells a story from the Ming period, when a group of royal eunuchs decides to eliminate the respected and just…(more)
(Long men ke zhen) Director: King Hu, Taiwan, 1966


The awardwinning Bengali drama about a country boy nicknamed Phoring, who struggles daily with an alcoholic father, misunderstanding from his family and friends and with…(more)
(Phoring) Director: Indranil Roy Choudhury, IND, 2013

Dragons hole in Oko

Oko for kids…(more)
(Dračí doupě v Oku) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2009

Drahomíra Vihanová Retrospective I.

Drahomíra Vihanová was a prominent member of the Czechoslovak New Wave, but unlike some of her contemporaries, she remained in her country after the Prague…(more)
(Retrospektiva Drahomíry Vihanové I.) Director: , , 2018

Drahomíra Vihanová Retrospective II.

Drahomíra Vihanová was a prominent member of the Czechoslovak New Wave, but unlike some of her contemporaries, she remained in her country after the Prague…(more)
(Retrospektiva Drahomíry Vihanové II.) Director: , , 2018

Drahomíra Vihanová Retrospective III.

Drahomíra Vihanová was a prominent member of the Czechoslovak New Wave, but unlike some of her contemporaries, she remained in her country after the Prague…(more)
(Retrospektiva Drahomíry Vihanové III.) Director: , , 2018

Drahomíra Vihanová Retrospective IV.

Drahomíra Vihanová was a prominent member of the Czechoslovak New Wave, but unlike some of her contemporaries, she remained in her country after the Prague…(more)
(Retrospektiva Drahomíry Vihanové IV.) Director: , , 2018


Set in the political hotbed that is modern Tibet where the present wreaks systematic war over the traditional past and an uncertain future awaits all…(more)
(Drapchi) Director: Arvind Iyer, IND, 2012

Draquila - Italy Trembles

In 2009, at a time when Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's popularity was rapidly declining, the Italian town of Aquila suffered a devastating earthquake, which…(more)
(Draquila – L’Italia che trema) Director: Sabina Guzzanti, I, 2010


Jin wakes up from a nightmare of a traffic accident. It drives him to the very spot where a real accident took place. He follows…(more)
(Bimong) Director: Kim Ki-duk, ROK, 2008

Dream Empire

One of the most absurd consequences of China's efforts to adopt the American dream is the country's famous "ghost towns". For seven years the film…(more)
(Dream Empire) Director: David Borenstein, DK, 2016

Dream fairytales

Another trip to mysterious worlds with the Mole.…(more)
(Snové pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Dream Home

Wouldn't it be nice to have a really good apartment? The one you always dreamed of? Well in Hong Kong you just might have to…(more)
(Waidorleiah yutho) Director: Pang Ho Cheung, RC, 2010

Dream House

Some say that all houses have memories. For one man, his home is the place he would kill to forget. A family unknowingly moves into…(more)
(Dream House) Director: Jim Sheridan, USA, 2011


Night on the streets of Chicago. Brenda stops her car next to a woman standing in the road. They start talking and it doesn't take…(more)
(Dreamcatcher) Director: Kim Longinotto, GB, 2015


Six friends. One city. Six reasons to leave that city behind. One common dream that might just let them do it. Can they make it…(more)
(Zoufalci) Director: Jitka Rudolfová, CZ, 2009


Paris, spring 1968. While most students take the lead in the May 'revolution', a French poet's twin son Theo and daughter Isabelle enjoy the good…(more)
(Dreamers) Director: Bernardo Bertolucci, F-I-GB, 2003

Dreaming Lhasa

Karma, a Tibetan filmmaker from New York, goes to Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama's exile headquarters in northern India, to make a documentary about former political…(more)
(Dreaming Lhasa) Director: R.Sarin - T. Sonam, GB - IND, 2005


The film follows five destinies filled with desperation, loneliness, betrayal, desire and passion. Social worker Judith helps prostitutes and indulges in sexual fantasies; pregnant Lena’s…(more)
(Traumland) Director: Petra Biondina Volpe, CH-D, 2013

Dreamless Nights

The definitive version of a documentary about what became known as "the crisis in Czech television" at the turn of 2000/2001. The film captures its…(more)
(Bezesné noci) Director: R. Špaček - D. Čálek, ČR, 2004


Susanne owns a fashion photography studio. Her favourite model, Doris, has just broken off her engagement to Palle, a student. When Susanne has to go…(more)
(Kvinnodröm) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1955

Dreams Rewired

Dreams Rewired traces the desires and anxieties of today’s hyperconnected world back more than a hundred years, when the telephone, film and television were new.…(more)
(Mobilisierung der Träume) Director: Martin Reinhart, Thomas Tode, Manu Luksch, A-D-GB, 2015

Driffting in USA: Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo

audiovisual psychedelick collage more)
(Driftování v USA: Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo) Director: Leah Singer, USA, 2000


Host: Nils Bökamp In seinem Debütfilm dokumentiert Sebastian…(more)
(Drifter) Director: Sebastian Heidinger, D, 2007


A lonewolf Hollywood stunt driver moonlights as a criminal getaway driver. When the lightningfast wheelman incurs the wrath of L.A.'s most dangerous criminal, the only…(more)
(Drive) Director: Nicolas Winding Refn, USA, 2011

Driving fiend

(Za volantem nepřítel) Director: Karel Steklý, CZ, 1974

Dromo, Tou Rembetikou / Link TV Block 3: Brazil

Rebetiko is the definitive popular music of Greece, often compared to fado or blues, both in emotional resonance and historical significance. Born in the…(more)
(Život v rytmu Rebetika - Link TV Block 3: Brazil / Ways of Rebetiko - Link TV Block 3: Brazil) Director: Timon Koulmasis - Iro Siafliaki / Various, FRA - ŘEC / Various, 2003


Moderní pohádka plná kouzel a temných sil. Jen jediný člověk na světě může v těchto časech ochránit tajemství Universa a spasit tak lidstvo před úplnou…(more)
(Drona) Director: Goldie Behl, IND, 2008

Drona and Me

Drona is crazy about buses and knows the stops of all the bus lines in Amsterdam by heart. He is of Hindu origin and has…(more)
(Drona & ik) Director: Catherine van Campen, NL, 2009


It's like a game. Pursue your target from high up in the sky and then, with one press of a button, destroy it. Thousands of…(more)
(Drone) Director: Tonje Hessen Schei, N, 2014

Drones for Good

From film making to agriculture, from planting trees to hunting poachers, these little flying machines are literally changing the way we see the world.more)
(Drones for Good) Director: , , 2015

Drones to The Rescue

With all the talk about “bad” drones and negative public policies that paint a negative image of drones, we are happy to present these two…(more)
(Drones to The Rescue) Director: , , 2015

Drowning Mirrors

An animated, ironic reconstructio of a deaf girl’s summer crush, a collection of 5 minute timecapsule portraits of FtM transitions, an exceptional lesbian partnership and…(more)
(Drowning Mirrors) Director: various, various, 0000

Drsný Spasitel – Discussion

Discussion with filmmakers of the same name book works by Miroslav Žamboch Drsný Spasitel. How was the idea started, how was it with the screenplay…(more)
(Drsný Spasitel ) Director: , CZ, 0000

Drudgers on the Crime Scene

the world of German crimi series presented by: Pavel Turek…(more)
(Dříči na místě činu) Director: Various, NĚM, 2000

Drug War

The story of an adamant fight of an antidrug squad against an influential cartel of drug producers and traffickers. The recently arrested owner of a…(more)
(Du zhan) Director: Johnnie To, RC, 2012

Druhé dějství

Cilie and her boyfriend Martin, an egoist and unfulfilled translator, are the main characters of this love story about slow yet steady loss of ideals.…(more)
(Druhé dějství) Director: Olmo Omerzu, CZ, 2008

Druhé Vojvodovo: myslet obrazem

Vojvodovo is a village in Bulgaria, inhabited in 1900 – 1950 by several hundred Czech Protestants. During their postwar reemigration to the border areas of…(more)
(Druhé Vojvodovo: myslet obrazem) Director: Michal Pavlásek, CZ, 2013

Dub Echoes

Can you imagine a world without dub? Postpunk, techno, hiphop, drum 'n' bass and their offspring owe a big part of their sound to the…(more)
(Dub Echoes) Director: Bruno Natal, BR, 2007

Dubstep / Noise

Dubstep / Noise dark music & contemporary movies… moderated by: Pavel Klusák Dubstep…(more)
(temná hudba & současný film…) Director: uvádí: Pavel Klusák, , 2008

Duck Duck Goose

A bachelor goose must form a bond with two lost ducklings as they journey south.…(more)
(Duck Duck Goose) Director: Christopher Jenkins, USA-RC, 2018

Duck Season

A comedy about two teenage friends who are looking forward to spending another Sunday afternoon in a free apartment. They have large supplies of porn…(more)
(Temporada de patos) Director: Fernando Eimbcke, MEX, 2004


While traveling through the desert for an appointment with a client, the businessman David Mann from California passes a slow and old tanker truck. The…(more)
(Duel) Director: Steven Spielberg, USA, 1971


When two former lovers run into each other after years, both their current marriages begin to shake up as a result of the encounter. While…(more)
(Duet) Director: Navid Danesh, IR, 2016


Evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches…(more)
(Dunkirk) Director: Christopher Nolan, USA-GB-F-NL, 2017


Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War…(more)
(Dunkirk) Director: Christopher Nolan, USA-GB-F-NL, 2017


Todays program is movie Dunkerque, after that follow discussion with historians and war veterans. Only this morning will be placed Anthropoid exhibision in the hallway.…(more)
(Dunkerk) Director: Christopher Nolan, USA-GB-F-NL, 2017

Durakovo: Village of Fools

The village of Durakovo is situated not far from Moscow. Mikhail F. Morozov rules here with an iron fist at the local chateau and educates…(more)
(Durakovo, le village des fous) Director: Nino Kirtadzé, FRA, 2007

Durban Poison

The Stable Theatre was the first independent black theatre in South Africa, founded in the culturally mixed city of Durban. Its most famous product is…(more)
(Durban Poison) Director: Keith Jones, Michael Lee, Deon Maas, JAR-ČR, 2006

Dust of the Ground

Two brothers, the elder married, the younger with a lover and a young child meet up at their parents' country place after their father has…(more)
(Prach) Director: Vít Zapletal, CZ, 2015

DV8 (UK)

„Dance for Camera" set of short films Dust B, 1996, 4 min., direction: Wim Vandekeybus …(more)
(DV8 (UK): Enter Achilles a krátké zahraniční taneční filmy) Director: various, , 0000


(Dvojka) Director: Jaroslav Fuit, CZ, 2009

Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlove Pass Incident follows a group of students on a trek to investigate the true life mystery of nine Russian skiers who befell an…(more)
(Dyatlov Pass Incident ) Director: Renny Harlin, USA - GB - RUS, 2013

Dying for Beginners

The joint title Dying for Beginners brings together two short films that the directors shot together “in hospices, maternity wards, trains, and elsewhere.” They are…(more)
(Umírání pro začátečníky) Director: Bára Kopecká, Marek Bouda, CZ, 2017