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Contains movies from cinema Svetozor program starting February 15, 2005.

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C'est la vie!

A hectic wedding party held in an 18th century French castle comes together with the help of the behindthescenes staff. …(more)
(Le sens de la fête) Director: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano, F, 2017

C'est la vie!

A hectic wedding party held in an 18th century French castle comes together with the help of the behindthescenes staff. Charming French comedy about a…(more)
(Le sens de la fête) Director: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano, F, 2017

Caballero Ape

Films like Machete, Father’s Day or Hobo with a Shotgun have proven that the best way to make a grindhouse film is to fist make…(more)
(Caballero Ape) Director: Jan Votýpka, CZ, 2014

Cabaret Balkan

In Beograd, 20 people‘s paths crisscross one night. A slackard youth dents a car; its owner hunts him down and trashes his father's flat. Michael,…(more)
(Bure baruta) Director: Goran Paskaljević, JUG-MK, 1988

Cabeza de perro

Click READ MORE for English Esta historia psicológica con rasgos de realismo mágico se compone, entre otras cosas, de las fantasías de Samuel, un chico de…(more)
(Cabeza de perro) Director: Santi Amodeo, E, 2006


Comical goings on at an exclusive golf club. All the members are wealthy and eccentric, and all the staff are poor and slightly less eccentric.…(more)
(Caddyshack) Director: Harold Ramis, USA, 1980

Caesar Must Die

A group of inmates of a Roman prison decide to stage William Shakespeare's classic tragedy, Julius Caesar. The directors spent six months in one of…(more)
(Cesare deve morire) Director: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani, I, 2012

Café Lumière

Apart from being an intimate portrait of the young Japanese woman Yoko, this film is also a tribute to the important Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozuo…(more)
(Kôhî jikô) Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien, Japonsko / Taiwan, 2003

Café Society

Bobby leaves his everbelligerent Jewish family and heads to Hollywood to learn about the world. Mesmerized by the dazzling glamour of movie stars and, above…(more)
(Café Society) Director: Woody Allen, USA, 2016

Café Waldluft

For decades it was a family hotel, the starting point for walks into the Bavarian mountains. Today tourists annually heading to Berchtesgaden are in for…(more)
(Café Waldluft) Director: Matthias Koßmehl, D, 2015


Ali always had a bad luck in her relationships and this time she ends up on the streets and has no place to go. Finally,…(more)
(Cages) Director: Graham Streeter, Singapur, 2005


Cahuenga is the owner of an erotic video store in a slowly dying city. The streets are overrun with mutants and gangs yet he still…(more)
(Cahuenga) Director: Jan-Karel Pavlík, , 2017

Cain`s Children

Three men, each committed murder as children. They passed their entire youth in communist Hungary’s most brutal prison, where they were first filmed. Disturbing archive…(more)
(Káin gyermekei) Director: Marcell Gerő, H-F, 2014

Calamari Union

(Calamari Union) Director: Aki Kaurismäki , FIN, 1985

Caliber 9

Just out of prison, excon Ugo Piazza meets his former employer, a psychopathic gangster Rocco who enjoys sick violence and torture. Both the gangsters and…(more)
(Milano calibro 9) Director: Fernando Di Leo, I, 1972

California dreamin (endless)

In May 1999, a NATO military train is heading across Romania for the Serbian border to install the radars to monitor the SerbKosovan confl ict.…(more)
(California dreamin (nesfarsit)) Director: Cristian Nemescu, RO, 2006


In collaboration with HBO, we have a great show for fans of tv series. On Saturday, September 26, beginning at Noon, don’t miss a marathon…(more)
(Californication) Director: Various, USA, 2007


Live transmission: Live from the Palais Garnier Ballet in five acts – Subjet by Nicolas Le Riche and Guillaume Gallienne …(more)
(Caligula) Director: Nicolas Le Riche, F, 2011

Call Girl

Sweden in the 1970s was a time of liberalization and the sexual revolution, but also a period of tension caused by the cold war and…(more)
(Call Girl) Director: Mikael Marcimain, S, 2012

Call It Karma

Call it Karma is the inspiring true story about a young Tibetan Monk named Gyalten Rinpoche who in 1995 was sent on a spiritual pilgrimage…(more)
(Call It Karma) Director: Geoff Browne, CAN, 2004

Call Me by Your Name

It's the summer of 1983 in the north of Italy, and Elio Perlman Timothée Chalamet, a precocious 17 yearold AmericanItalian, spends his days in his…(more)
(Call Me by Your Name) Director: Luca Guadagnino, USA-I-F-BR, 2017

Call Me Kuchu

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender in Uganda during the 3rd millenium is a liferisking situation. Local religious leaders, inspired by American evangelists, instigate hysterical…(more)
(Call Me Kuchu) Director: K. F. Wright - M. Zouhali-Worrall, USA, 2012

Call Me Marianna

Marianna was born as Wojtek and spent her childhood in communist Poland and her adult life with wife Kasia and two children in a free…(more)
(Mów mi Marianna) Director: Karolina Bielawska, PL, 2015

Call of the Toad

Alexander and Alexandra, both widowed, meet in Gdansk in 1989. They find they have something in common in that he had to leave Gdansk and…(more)
(Wróżby kumaka) Director: Robert Gliński, POL - NĚM, 2005


Maria Callas was undoubtedly the most infamous opera diva of the late twentieth century. This biographical portrait was made in 1978 and narrated by her…(more)
(Callas) Director: John Ardoin, KAN, 1978


Larry is an ardent evangelical Christian, lives in New York, works as a mover, and dreams of breaking into the world of commercial acting. As…(more)
(Callback) Director: Carles Torras, E-USA, 2016


The Confession begins Father James’ weeklong Calvary in a small Irish town. He sets out to meet all its inhabitants, and finds each to be…(more)
(Calvary) Director: John Michael McDonagh, IRL-GB, 2014

Cama in Africa

Two filmmakers went to Congo to make a documentary about Hanka Böhme working there hard with her sniffer dog Cama to protect Congo’s threatened animal…(more)
(Cama v Africe) Director: Michal Varga, Standa Adámek a Hanka Böhme, CZ, 2016

Camera Threat + Krida

Camera Threat …(more)
(Camera Threat + Krida) Director: Bernd Lützeler, Param Tomanec, IND-D, 2017

Camille Claudel 1915

The biographical drama about the French sculptor Camille Claudel – the first student of Auguste Rodin, then his mistress and, ultimately, a patient at the…(more)
(Camille Claudel 1915) Director: Bruno Dumont, F, 2013


Camino es una niña corriente de Madrid, que comparte juegos y sueños infantiles con su amiga Begoña, hasta que es sorprendida por su primer amor. Este inesperado sentimiento…(more)
(Camino) Director: Javier Fesser, E, 2008

Camino on Wheels

The film Camino on Wheels originated in the background of the six hundredkilometerlong St. Jacob Way, which was made by Jan Dušek with his friends…(more)
(Camino na kolečkách) Director: Eva Toulová, CZ, 2017

Camp 14 -Total Control Zone

Shin DongHyuk was born in a North Korean concentration camp to parents who were married on the orders of wardens. At the age 23, by…(more)
(Camp 14 -Total Control Zone) Director: Marc Wiese, D - ROK, 2012

Camp Victory Afghanistan

The US National Guard has been given a difficult task: to turn Afghan refugees, illiterate farmers, and occasional fighters into a future army with defence…(more)
(Camp Victory Afghanistan) Director: Carol Dysinger, USA, 2010


Can a candidate without either political experience or charisma win in elections? If he has the backing of the Japanese prime minister Koizumi and his…(more)
(Senkyo) Director: Kazuhiro Soda, JAP - USA, 2007


A new Czech comedy about students, teachers, parents and graffiti. Staff of a local grammar school composed of pedantic and boring teachers has nothing much to offer…(more)
(Gympl) Director: Tomáš Vorel, ČR, 2007


The four characters in this documentary by Swiss director Charlie Petersmann tell stories of their everyday life in Cuba. A farmer who dreams of one…(more)
(Cantos) Director: Charlie Petersmann, CH, 2013

Capitains and sailors

Aero for kids…(more)
(Kapitáni a námořníci) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2011


The head of a giant European investment bank desperately clings to power when an American hedge fund company tries to buy them out.…(more)
(Le Capital) Director: Costa-Gavras, F, 2012

Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' comes home to the issue he's been examining throughout his career: the disastrous impact of corporate dominance on the…(more)
(Capitalism: A Love Story) Director: Michael Moore, USA, 2009

Capitalist Drive

Awardwinning filmmaker Barbara Chobocky turns the camera on her own extended family to discover how ordinary people cope with social and personal upheaval. For 40 years,…(more)
() Director: Barbara Chobocky, AUSTRÁLIE, 2004


Capote is an Academy Awardwinning 2005 film about Truman Capote on a writing assignment for The New Yorker. The film follows the events during the…(more)
(Capote) Director: Bennett Miller, USA, 2005

Capriccio | Richard Straus

Renée Fleming dazzled audiences when she sang Capriccio’s final scene on Opening Night of the 2008–09 season. Now she sings Strauss’s entire diva showcase, with…(more)
(Capriccio) Director: John Cox, USA, 2011

Captain Abu Raed

Abu Raed is an old airport janitor who has always yearned of seeing the world but has never been able to afford to travel. One…(more)
(Captain Abu Raed) Director: Amin Matalqa, HKJ, 2007

Captain Fantastic

In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to…(more)
(Captain Fantastic) Director: Matt Ross, USA, 2016

Captain Pantoja and the Special Services

Pantaleón Pantoja, capitán del Ejército Peruano, es un hombre íntegro, buen esposo y excelente profesional. Debido a su carácter serio y responsable, a su discreción, a sus dotes de…(more)
(Pantaleón y las visitadoras) Director: Francisco Lombardi, Peru, 2000

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips is a multilayered examination of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. It is…(more)
(Captain Phillips) Director: Paul Greengrass, USA, 2013


On 20 February 2014, on the Maidan in Kiev, over 50 people died in clashes between government troops and demonstrators. Biology student Sashko, treated the…(more)
(Бранці) Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy, UA, 2015

Car Fairy Tales

Car Fairy Tales is a featurelength animated film comprising five 14minute tales that have the same manner of narration and the same cast. Each episode has a…(more)
(Autopohádky) Director: B. Pojar - M. Žabka - L. Píxa - J. Kohák, CZ, 2011


Caracremada es el apodo que la Guardia Civil usaba para referirse a Ramón Vila Capdevila, el último guerrillero catalán, que incesantemente luchó contra el régimen…(more)
(Caracremada) Director: Lluís Galter, E, 2010

Cargo 200 of an Undeclared War

Since the war in Afghanistan, "Cargo 200" has been the designation marked on shipments containing bodies of fallen soldiers. Dead bodies were sent to Russia…(more)
(Lading 200 van niet-verklaarde oorlog) Director: Masha Novikova, NL, 2015


Vicente Vallejo, biólogo extranjero, recibe una herencia y se dirige al exuberante y multicultural Caribe costarricense para realizar su sueño de vivir con su esposa, Abigail, junto al mar.…(more)
(Caribe) Director: Esteban Ramirez, Kostarika, 2004

Caribou – Marino: The Videos

Caribou – Marino: The Videos…(more)
(Caribou – Marino: The Videos) Director: various, USA-GB, 2005

Carla's Journey

For a long time, Don Juan Hotel in Las Palmas was a place Carla Antonelli, penniless and hailing from the small town of Güímar on…(more)
(El viaje de Carla) Director: Fernando Olmeda, E, 2014


A mouse called Carlito and a black magic box. An intelligent and funny story contemplating, in an unexpected way, the seeming evidence of image. Colombianborn…(more)
(Carlitopolis) Director: Luis Nieto, Francie, 2006

Carlos Castaneda: Enigma Of A Sorcerer

A bestselling author for 30 years, Carlos Castaneda inspired millions to break free from social dogma, fueling controversy over his work's authenticity and assertions of…(more)
(Carlos Castaneda: Enigma Of A Sorcerer) Director: Ralph Torjan, USA, 2004


Carmen is the middle part of Carlos Saura’s trilogy, the other parts being Blood Wedding 1981 and A Love Bewitched 1986. This film, whose creative…(more)
(Carmen) Director: Carlos Saura, E, 1983


Text in process...…(more)
(Carmen) Director: Vicente Aranda, ESP-UK-I, 2003

Carmen | Georges Bizet

One of the most popular operas of all time, Carmen “is about sex, violence, and racism — and its corollary: freedom,” says Olivier Awardwinning director…(more)
(Carmen) Director: Richard Eyre, USA, 2010

Carmen | Georges Bizet

Richard Eyre’s “gripping and brilliant production” of Carmen The New York Times is the most popular opera in the history of the Live in HD…(more)
(Carmen | Georges Bizet) Director: Richard Eyre, USA, 2014

Carmen | Georges Bizet

Clémentine Margaine is opera’s ultimate seductress, opposite Roberto Alagna, who captivated Live in HD audiences as Don José in 2010. Louis Langrée conducts Sir Richard…(more)
(Carmen | Georges Bizet) Director: Sir Richard Eyre, USA, 2019

Showing: Saturday 2. 2. 2019 18:45, 18:45

Carmen | Opera de Paris

LIVE YOU CAN BUY A SEASON TICKET AT THE CASH OFFICE ONLY. Music: Georges Bizet Conductor: Philippe Jordan, Director: Yves Beaunesne Cast: Anna Caterina Antonacci, Nikolai Schukoff, Genia Kühmeier,…(more)
(Carmen) Director: Yves Beaunesne, Francie, 2012

Carmen | Teatro Real Madrid

Music: Antonio Gades, Solera Freire, Georges Bizet: Carmen, M. Penella: El gato Montes a José Ortega Heredia / Federico García Lorca „Verde que te quiero…(more)
(Carmen | Teatro Real Madrid) Director: Stella Arauzo, E, 2011

Carmina o revienta

Carmina es la peculiar dueña de una tienda que ha sufrido varios robos. Como la aseguradora no piensa indemnizarla, Carmina se inventa una manera de…(more)
(Carmina o revienta) Director: Paco León, E, 2012

Carne de perro

La película se fija en una semana de la vida de Alejandro. Este hombre, soltero, frágil e impredecible, esconde un secreto oscuro. Somos testigos de…(more)
(Carne de perro) Director: Fernando Guzzoni, F-RCH-D, 2012

Carnem & The Pleasure Garden

BioFonie|Fonie/ basic unit is two outwardly different artistic forms fusion the film and live music. Next edition joins together Alfred Hitchcock's directorial debut with…(more)
(Carnem & Bludiště lásky) Director: Alfred Hitchcock, GB-D, 1925

Carnival of Souls

It would be illadvised to rush into the All Souls Day mood abruptly like a hanged man through a trapdoor, it is much more appropriate…(more)
(Carnival of Souls) Director: Herk Harvey, USA, 1962


Steven Spielberg get stuffed, Roger Corman, bringing funky bad movies to the screen before any of us even hatched, scores again His extremely endearing contribution…(more)
(Carnosaur) Director: Adam Simon, Darren Moloney, USA, 1993


In this adaptation of the novel "The Price of Salt" by Patricia Highsmith, Therese Rooney Mara, a young departmentstore clerk in 1950s Manhattan, meets Carol…(more)
(Carol) Director: Todd Haynes, GB-USA, 2015

Carpet workshop

Aero for kids…(more)
(Kobercová dílna) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2011


Carrie White is a shy young girl who doesn't make friends easily. After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction to her totally…(more)
(Carrie) Director: Brian De Palma, USA, 1976

Cars 3

Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.…(more)
(Cars 3) Director: Brian Fee, USA, 2017


(Carstensz - Siedma hora) Director: Pavol Barabáš, SK, 2008

Carte Blanche

The International Criminal Court ICC in The Hague was established to try perpetrators from around the world for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes.…(more)
(Carte Blanche) Director: Heidi Specogna, D - CH, 2011

Carte Blanche

Short film: Łaźnia Inspired by a true story. A popular highschool history teacher in Lublin Eastern Poland is losing his vision. He is so…(more)
(Carte Blanche) Director: Jacek Lusiński, PL, 2014

Cartel Land

A riveting look behind the scenes at the battles with the Mexican drug cartels, which plays out almost like a feature film. The filmmakers follow…(more)
(Cartel Land) Director: Matthew Heineman, USA-MEX, 2015

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is a small fishing village on the Gulf of Havana. Nelsa 76 and her son Vladimir 37, who has Down syndrome, share a…(more)
(Casa Blanca) Director: Aleksandra Maciuszek, PL, 2015


Long considered by many to be one of the best movies ever made, Casablanca returns to the big screen Here is the 1942 American romantic drama…(more)
(Casablanca) Director: Michael Curtiz, USA, 1942

Case: Osterberg

A film noir thriller capturing the battle for power in the fashion of TV series The Wire. After several years away, Rok Osterberg returns home to…(more)
(Psi brezčasja) Director: Matej Nahtigal, SLO, 2015

Castaways in Oko

Oko for kids…(more)
(Trosečníci v Oku) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2009

Casting Shadows

Set in the heart of the Bgrade film industry in Mumbai, Casting Shadows takes a look at the unusual lives of two lookalikes. In a…(more)
(Casting Shadows) Director: Nayantara Kotian, IND, 2007

Castle in The Sky

A young boy stumbles into a mysterious girl who floats down from the sky. The girl, Sheeta, was chased by pirates, army and government secret…(more)
(Tenkú no širo Laputa) Director: Hayao Miyazaki, J, 1986

Casual Day

El casual day es un término procedente de Estados Unidos que se refiere a viajes de grupos de empleados de grandes empresas, cuyo objetivo es fomentar las relaciones…(more)
(Casual Day) Director: Max Lemcke, E, 2008

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The fifth Tennessee Williams play to reach the screen, wealthy Mississippi plantation owner Big Daddy Pollitt, unaware that he's dying of cancer and disturbed by…(more)
(Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) Director: Richard Brooks, USA, 1958

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof | NT Live

Tennessee Williams’ twentieth century masterpiece Cat on a Hot Tin Roof played a strictly limited season in London’s West End in 2017. Following his smash…(more)
(Kočka na rozpálené plechové střeše | NT Live) Director: Benedict Andrews, GB, 2018

Catenaccio a la Drnovice or Journey to the Beginning of the Time of Economic Transformation

The remarkable rise of the Drnovice village club among the soccer elite and the advance of local soccer boss Jan Gottwald into the entrepreneurial first…(more)
(Drnovické catenaccio aneb Cesta do pravěku ekonomické transformace) Director: Radim Procházka, CZ, 2010


The story of the action comedy revolves around corruption, Taipei gangs, shortlived celebrities and tabloid press. The main protagonist is Gene, whom the police send…(more)
(Guoshi wushuang) Director: DJ Chen, Taiwan, 2006

Catch Me If You Can

A true story about Frank Abagnale Jr., who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars' worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot,…(more)
(Catch Me If You Can) Director: Steven Spielberg, USA, 2002

Catch the Billionaire

When the media fabricates a report accusing successful businesssman Patrik Grossmann of racism, the atmosphere gets so thick that he becomes everybody’s punching bag. Gross mann’s demise seems…(more)
(Ulovit miliardáře) Director: Tomáš Vorel, CZ, 2009

Catching Haider

Dead in a car crash in 2008, Joerg Haider, former leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, was the first to bring a far right populist party…(more)
(Fang den Haider) Director: Nathalie Borgers, A, 2015

Cats and mouses / Active program for children

Aero for kids…(more)
(Kočky a Myši / Aktivní nedělní program pro děti v kině Aero) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2009

Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci | Pietro Mascagni / Ruggero Leoncavallo

David McVicar directs the first new Met production of the popular verismo double bill in 45 years, with Marcelo Álvarez making his company role debut…(more)
(Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci | Pietro Mascagni / Ruggero Leoncavallo) Director: David McVicar, USA, 2015

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog gains exclusive access to film inside the Chauvet caves of Southern France, capturing the oldest known pictorial creations of humankind in their astonishing…(more)
(Cave of Forgotten Dreams) Director: Werner Herzog, CDN - USA - D - F, 2010


An affluent couple from New Delhi – a filmmaker and a lawyer – have a quiet family life; at least until they learn about the…(more)
(Cecilia) Director: Pankaj Johar, IND-N, 2015

Ceija Stojka

“Ceija Stojka” is a film about the past in the present, about a life of traumatic experiences and about the joy of living. It is the portrait…(more)
(Ceija Stojka) Director: Kathrin Berger, RAK, 1999

Cemetery of Splendor

Cemetery of Splendor takes an invigorating plunge into the surreal visions of soldiers with a mysterious sleeping sickness as they are transported to a clinic…(more)
(Rak ti Khon Kaen) Director: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, T, 2015

Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého

The documentary introduces the original personality of the greatest Czech art theorist of the 20th century Jindřich Chalupecký as well as the history of the…(more)
(Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého) Director: Lenka Lindaurová, CZ, 2011

Cena Pavla Kouteckého

(Cena Pavla Kouteckého) Director: , , 0000

Cendrillon | Jules Massenet

“Glorious,” raved the New York Times when Joyce DiDonato sang the title role of Cendrillon at the Royal Opera in 2011. “Her performance was thoroughly…(more)
(Cendrillon | Jules Massenet) Director: Laurent Pelly, USA, 2018

Center of Audiovisual Studie’s Intake

Center of audiovisual studies’s intake You can become the student of CAS at FAMU too moderated by: Pavlína Míčová and Tomáš Pospiszyl …(more)
(Staň se studentem CAS) Director: FAMU, CAS, ČR, 2007

Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Mexico City short movies

Přání, 14 minut, režie Marie Benito
(Blok krátkých filmů studentů Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Mexico City.) Director: various, MEX, 0000

Ceny hráčů 2014: vyhlášení nejlepších her roku 2014

Vyhlášení nejlepších her 2014 RePlay a Score. Konec roku vždy vybízí k bilancování a hodnocení. V tomto duchu je letos ve spojení TV pořadu REPLAY s…(more)
(Ceny hráčů 2014: vyhlášení nejlepších her roku 2014) Director: , , 0000

CERN or The Factory For the Absolute

CERN or The Factory For the Absolute is a documentary film about the largest Hadron Collider in the world LHC which is located near the French…(more)
(Cern: továrna na absolutno) Director: Jan V. Sacher , CZ, 2010


The last one.more)
(Vysvědčení) Director: Tomáš Fingerland a Petra Strá, , 2016

Certified Copy

A man and a woman meet by chance in a village in southern Tuscany. The man is a British writer come to talk about his…(more)
(Copie conforme) Director: Abbas Kiarostami, I-IR-F, 2009

Certified Universal

The city of Mumbai is a living film set that provides the backdrop for screen lives as well as real lives to unfold. 'Certified Universal'…(more)
(Certified Universal) Director: Avjit Mukul Kishore, , 2009


Stalo je jednou, že se v pekle uklízelo. Čerti se jen hemžili, ale protože si k práci neuměli šikovně zajít, navzájem si překáželi a klopýtali…(more)
(Čertoviny) Director: Zdeněk Troška, CZ, 2017

Cervanova Case

A detective story made by wellknown Slovak documentary director that has taken eight years. Judicial manipulation, secret service games, physical and mental torture, blackmailing of…(more)
(Kauza Cervanová) Director: Robert Kirchhoff, SK - CZ, 2013


One hundred roles in 5,000 performances on stages scattered across five continents. Such is the professional career of opera singer Soňa Červená, whose life is…(more)
(Červená) Director: Olga Sommerová, CZ-SK, 2017

Cesta z kanclu - sama napříč Asií

Jedna žena, jeden kontinent, jeden rok. A taky 66 000 kilometrů stopem a vlakem, 12 asijských zemí a jeden ovčácký pes. Zuzana dala výpověď, prodala…(more)
(Cesta z kanclu - sama napříč Asií) Director: , CZ, 2015

Ciant presents: Pleix - selection of short films

introduction: Laetitia Rouxel FR PLEIX screening is a selection of short movies from this artistic…(more)
(Ciant uvádí: Pleix - výběr krátkých filmů) Director: Various, FRA, 2007

Cigarettes and Songs

Jana Belišová decided to connect Roma and nonRoma music and organized a workshop where musicians from all over the world were singing traditional Roma songs.…(more)
(Cigarety a pesničky) Director: Marek Šulík / Jana Bučková, SK, 2010

Cikán a křišťálový lustr

La škola je nová hudební pedagogika. Je založena na Hudebních obrazech, Lastrojích a na principu Ponechání původu. Každý má v sobě svůj vlastní repertoár. Zažijeli…(more)
(Cikán a křišťálový lustr) Director: , , 0000

Cinderella | Australian Ballet

Witty, vibrant, glamorous and romantic, Alexei Ratmansky’s Cinderella will sweep you off your feet. After sellout seasons in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, this smashhit crowdpleaser…(more)
(Cinderella) Director: Australský balet, AUS, 2016

Cinderella | Birmingham Royal Ballet

Cinderella from the Birmingham Royal Ballet is a new production created to mark Birmingham Royal Ballet’s 20th Anniversary year. David Bintley, the artistic director of…(more)
(Cinderella | Birmingham Royal Ballet) Director: David Bintley, GB, 0000

Cinderella | The Dutch National Ballet

This brandnew Cinderella ballet, choreographed by the internationally acclaimed Christopher Wheeldon, was premiered by the Dutch National Ballet at the Amsterdam Music Theatre in December…(more)
(Cinderella | The Dutch National Ballet) Director: Christopher Wheeldon, NL-USA, 2013

Cinderella | The Royal Opera House

For the first time ever, The Royal Opera presents the story of Cinderella as told in Massenet’s opera Cendrillon. ThIs new Royal Opera production is…(more)
(Cinderella | The Royal Opera House) Director: Laurent Pelly, GB, 2012

Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Prague

CINE MAR movie night to Prague for all the ocean lovers, surfers and lifelong wanderers chasing the best wave ever. As a stop on our…(more)
(Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Prague) Director: various, , 0000

Cinedans Moving Media Festival

Cinedans 2011 selection of short films Shadowed Hamish Anderson
, UK 2010, 4…(more)
(Cinedans Moving Media Festival) Director: various, , 0000

Cinema Cuisine: Volume I.

Buy tickets here Cinema Cuisine is a new concept of a popup restaurant combining culinary art and the art of film. For a single evening, your…(more)
(Cinema Cuisine: Volume I.) Director: , CZ, 2013

Cinema Cuisine: Volume II.

Cinema Cuisine is a new concept of a popup restaurant combining culinary art and the art of film. For a single evening, your favourite cinema…(more)
(Cinema Cuisine: Volume II.) Director: Wes Anderson, USA, 2014

Cinema Cuisine: Volume III.

The filmgourmet popup concept Cinema Cuisine is returning to Bio Oko for its third installment on November 12th. The Argentinian black comedy ‘Wild Tales’…(more)
(Cinema Cuisine: Volume III.) Director: , , 2014

Cinema cupping

Coffee Source will teach you how to explore a world of coffee during special tasting on Bio Oko mezzanine. Let's try a cupping method together.…(more)
(Kino cupping) Director: , , 0000

Cinema for kids!

Cinema for kids…(more)
(Za africkým sluncem) Director: Cinema, CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Cinema for kids…(more)
(O vodě) Director: Cinema, CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Cinema for kids…(more)
(Masopustní rej masek) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Cinema for kids…(more)
(Vesmírné putování) Director: Cinema, CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Program for kids…(more)
(Jak bydlí strašidla) Director: , CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Program for kids…(more)
(Návštěvní den v ZOO) Director: , CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Cinema for kids…(more)
(Cesta do Číny) Director: , CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Cinema for kids…(more)
(Kočičí hrátky) Director: , CZ, 2013

Cinema for kids!

Program for kids…(more)
(Barevný ohňostroj) Director: , CZ, 2014

Cinema from inside

Krátké filmy z Prague Shorts interaktivní program
(Kino všemi smysly) Director: , , 0000

Cinema Futures

A multigenre collage consisting of variations on educational films, interviews with famous people film theorist David Bordwell, director Christopher Nolan, and freeassociation poetry, Cinema Futures…(more)
(Cinema Futures) Director: Michael Palm, A, 2016

Cinema Paradiso

Come to celebrate 20th Aero birthday with the screening of iconic Italian movie Cinema Paradiso. The cinema visitors can looking forward to the small present…(more)
(Cinema Paradiso) Director: Giuseppe Tornatore, I-F, 1988

Cinema Studies: Digitální filmový trik

Filmové triky se používají k realizování takových obrazů a scén např. mluvící hlava bez těla, které jsou běžnými způsoby nedosažitelné. Zároveň se používají tam, kde…(more)
(Cinema Studies: Digitální filmový trik) Director: Filip Kršiak, CZ-, 2010

Cinema Studies: Distribution and promotion

Distribuční strategie filmu zásadně ovlivňují co, jak a jestli vůbec je film uváděn v kinech a v multikinech. Propagace filmu umožňuje prvotní setkání potencionálního diváka…(more)
(Cinema Studies: Distribuce a propagace) Director: Filip Kršiak, CZ-, 2010

Cinema, Mon Amour

The film follows the story of Victor Purice – manager, former projectionist and lifetime cinephile in his everyday battle to preserve the Dacia Cinema…(more)
(Cinema, Mon Amour) Director: Alexandru Belc, RO-CZ, 2015


Living in the age of reality TV, in a society hungry for sensation, it is easy to feed on the highly emotional stories of people…(more)
(Cinematerapie) Director: Ivan Vojnár , CZ, 2010

Cinemensonge (Film-Lie)

A story of partner relationships serves as a starting point for survey of conscience and its relation to reality, but is shot as a suicidal…(more)
(Cinémensonge (Film-lež)) Director: Tomáš Petráň, CZ, 2008


Who considers him/herself a genuine professional film gourmet? He/she spends half of the year travelling and at film festivals, especially the international ones. The gourmet…(more)
(CINEPUR Choice) Director: various, , 2008

Cinergy Kristian Eidnes Andersen

Kristian Eidnes Andersen is a Danish film sound designer and composer. He heads the department of sound design at the National Film School of Denmark…(more)
(Cinergy Kristian Eidnes Andersen) Director: _, DK, 2017

Cinergy: Master Class of Eskil Vogt

Master Class of Norwegian film director and screenwriter whose directing debut Blind was screened at the Berlinale and Sundance Film Festival and received the World…(more)
(Cinergy: Master Class Eskila Vogta) Director: , , 2015

Cinergy: Master Class of Yves Cape

Master Class of Belgian director of photography known foremost thanks to the long lasting cooperation with extravagant French director Bruno Dumant Humanité, Flanders, Outside Satan.…(more)
(Cinergy: Master Class Yvese Capea) Director: , B, 2015

Cinergy: Master Class with Joachim Trier

CINERGY Prague is an educational platform organizing master classes with foreign filmmakers. Next event will be focused on Norwegian director and screenwriter Joachim Trier. A…(more)
(Cinergy: Master Class Joachima Triera) Director: , N, 2017

Cinergy: Master Class with Yorgos Mavropsaridis

Our last guest in 2017 will be the Greek film editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis, a close collaborator of Yorgos Lanthimos. Mavropsaridis edited all Lanthimose’s films, starting…(more)
(Cinergy: Master Class Yorgose Mavropsaridise) Director: , GR, 2017

Circle of Poison

The environment knows no borders. In some places banned, elsewhere widely used, pesticides whirl into their circle of poison all around the planet. In the…(more)
(Circle of Poison) Director: Evan Mascagni a Shannon Post , USA-RA-IND-MEX, 0000

Circus fairytale

Czech animated fairytales about circus.…(more)
(Cirkusové pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Cirkus Rwanda

Rosťa Novák, the face of Cirk La Putyka, has decided to train for a performance with a Rwandan troupe of acrobats. But can they get…(more)
(Cirkus Rwanda) Director: Michal Varga, CZ-SK, 2018


Aero for kids…(more)
(Cirkusáreo) Director: Kino Aero, CZ, 2009

Cities for people

Cities should be made for people. But in times with expanding urbanisation on a global scale, architecture and city planning is not always improving for…(more)
(Cities for people) Director: Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen, DK, 2000


Though this was Ritwik Ghatak’s first feature project, this film was only released after his death. In it, we meet Ramu, a young man looking…(more)
(Nagarik) Director: Ritwik Ghatak, IND, 1977

Citizen Dog

Shy country boy Pod sets off for Bangkok to find happiness. Soon he starts working in a fishtin factory by the sardines line, where he…(more)
(Mah nakorn) Director: Wisit Sasanatieng, Thajsko, 2004

Citizen Havel

Documentary film maker Pavel Koutecký filmed and observed the first Czech president from 1992 until 2005. Throughout the thirteen years he collected a lot of…(more)
(Občan Havel) Director: P. Koutecký - M. Janek, CZ, 2007

Citizen Havel - director's cut

special director's cut 25min. longer than distribution film print Documentary film maker Pavel…(more)
(Občan Havel) Director: P. Koutecký - M. Janek, CZ, 2007

Citizen Havel special - extended 4h version

Documentary film maker Pavel Koutecký filmed and observed the first Czech president from 1992 until 2005. Throughout the thirteen years he collected a lot of…(more)
(Občan Havel speciál - rozšířená 4h verze) Director: P. Koutecký - M. Janek, CZ, 2009

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

A portrait of journalist, writer and activist Jane Jacobs 1916–2006, who greatly influenced today’s appearance of New York and other American cities – not through…(more)
(Citizen Jane: Battle for the City) Director: Matt Tyrnauer, USA, 2016

Citizen K.

A group of twelve artists are not indifferent to the increasing control on the part of the state. By means of a simple trick with…(more)
(Občan K.) Director: Michal Romeo Dvořák, CZ, 2012

Citizen Kane

This drama concerning the life story of Charles Foster Kane, a controversial newspaper tycoon, is a flashback mosaic of eyewitness accounts. Thanks to the perfect…(more)
(Citizen Kane) Director: Orson Welles, USA, 1941

Citizen Khodorkovsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky spent ten years as a prisoner u/nder Putin. There were fears that the Russian leader would never let him free. Then in December…(more)
(Citizen Khodorkovsky) Director: Eric Bergkraut, CH-D-RUS, 2015


A hotel room in Hong Kong in June 2013. Speaking intently to the camera is a man who in a few days will make headlines…(more)
(Citizenfour) Director: Laura Poitras, D-USA, 2014

City another way

Oko for kids…(more)
(Město jinak) Director: Bio Oko, CZ, 2011

City farmer

The gardeners themselves narrate the film, giving a heartwarming and sometimes painful account of the struggle to keep their gardens alive. They tell of life…(more)
(City farmer) Director: Meryl Joseph, USA, 2006

City of Ghosts

The film is a raw depiction of the atrocities committed in Syria as seen through the eyes of civilian journalists Hamoud and Hassan, who, despite…(more)
(City of Ghosts) Director: Matthew Heineman, USA, 2017

City of the Roma

A railway underpass on the edge of a Roma ghetto in the Bulgarian town of Sliven. Every morning Angel Yichaliev, an activist and teaching student,…(more)
(La Cité des Roms) Director: Frédéric Castaignede, F, 2008

Cizinci u nás – Indové v Čechách

How do South Asians live in the Czech Republic? How did they come here? What are their fears? Their aspirations? How do they live their…(more)
(Cizinci u nás – Indové v Čechách) Director: Vlastimil Šimůnek, ČR, 2003

Clash on Broadway

Classic record of The Clash's famed visit to New York in 1981. Incendiary live performances alternate with the band's discovery of hiphop and street culture.…(more)
(Clash on Broadway) Director: Don Letts, VB, 1982

Class Enemy

This high school drama shows us that every coin has two sides and that nothing is as black and white as it may seem at…(more)
(Razredni sovražnik) Director: Rok Biček, SLO, 2014

Classical fairytales

Short animated stories for kids.…(more)
(Klasické pohádky) Director: , , 0000

Claude Nougaro - Concert

L’album Embarquement immédiat est le fruit de la collaboration entre Nougaro et le jeune arrangeur Yvan Cassar. Le chanteur lui a confié ses textes et…(more)
(Claude Nougaro en concert) Director: Yvan Cassar, FRA, 2001

Claudio Abbado's Return to La Scala

recorded performance …(more)
(Claudio Abbado's Return to La Scala) Director: , , 2010

Clay Pigeon

A love game interrupted by war. A famous story disguised in an unusual narrative. Miloš Tomić is studying at FAMU in Prague and has become…(more)
(Hliněný holub) Director: Miloš Tomić, Česká republika, 2005

Clean Ending: The Improv Movie Premiere

Born of Stone
(Clean Ending: The Improv Movie Premiere) Director: Emilio Bellu, I-CZ, 2016

Cleo from 5 to 7

This movie shows us Cleo, a French singer, who is afraid of getting the result of an doctor. She is of the opinion, that she…(more)
(Cléo de 5 à 7) Director: Agnès Varda, FRA - ITÁ, 1961

Clerks II

A calamity at Dante and Randall's shops sends them looking for new horizons but they ultimately settle at Mooby's, a fictional fastfood restaurant. Free…(more)
(Clerks II) Director: Kevin Smith, USA, 2006


In the mid 90's, 20 urban dancers join together for a threeday rehearsal in a closeddown boarding school located at the heart of a forest…(more)
(Climax) Director: Gaspar Noé, F, 2018

Climber Marek Holeček - forum with projection

Marek Holeček forum with projection…(more)
(Horolezec Marek Holeček - beseda s projekcí) Director: Marek Holeček, CZ, 2010

Climbing Higher

The film presents best Czech climber Radek Jaroš's long and difficult life journey to the top of K2, the last eightthousander to finish The Crown…(more)
(Cesta vzhůru) Director: David Čálek, CZ-SK, 2015


Not accessible under 18 years. Jasna is a beautiful teenage girl living in an outoftheway Serbian town. Her daily family life consists of hassles about…(more)
(Klip) Director: Maja Milos, SRB, 2012


Little Tomo lives in a flat with her mother who, not for the first time, leaves her home alone and without a note saying when…(more)
(Karera ga Honki de Amu toki wa ) Director: Naoko Ogigami, J, 2017

Closed District

"During the filming of the lives of the people living here, I felt surrounded by the constant thought of death," says Belgian director PierreYves Vandeweerd,…(more)
(Closed District) Director: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, Belgie, 2004

Closely Watched Trains

This Academy Award winning comedydrama about the troubles of everyday life against the background of war is based on a novel by an original Czech…(more)
(Ostře sledované vlaky) Director: Jiří Menzel, ČSSR, 1966


USA 2004, dir. Mike Nichols 104 mins, English version / Czech subtitles Passion, unfaithfulness, interrogations preceding a breakup... Closer, an American emotional thriller, reveals all sides…(more)
(Closer) Director: Mike Nichols, USA, 2004

CLOSING - Awarded Films

(CLOSING) Director: , , 0000

Closing + Wild tales

49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Closing Ceremony. Wild Tales, dir. Damián Szifron, 2014 A demolition engineer,…(more)
(Relatos salvajes) Director: Damián Szifron, RA-E, 2014

Closing ceremony

(Closing ceremony) Director: , , 2014

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony which will obtain everything you know and you ever wanted to know…(more)
(Ceremoniál) Director: , , 0000

Closing Ceremony

(Závěrečný ceremoniál) Director: , , 0000

Closing ceremony (invited only)

Famufest awards ceremony.more)
(Závěrečný ceremoniál (jen na pozvánky)) Director: , , 0000

Closing Ceremony: Awarded Films

Awarded Films…(more)
(Closing Ceremony: Vítězné filmy) Director: various, , 0000

Closing Ceremony: Awarded Films

Awarded Films…(more)
(Closing Ceremony: Vítězné filmy) Director: various, , 0000

Cloud 9

Die 69jährige Inge verliebt sich HalsüberKopf in den 76jährigen Karl. Wie ein junges Mädchen gibt sie sich ihren Gefühlen hin und verlässt schließlich nach über…(more)
(Wolke 9) Director: Andreas Dresen, D, 2008

Cloud Atlas

An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a…(more)
(Cloud Atlas) Director: T. Tykwer - L. Wachowski - A. Wachowski, D-USA-SGP-HK, 2012

Cloud Atlas | midnight bio premiere

Six stories of varying genres come together into one vast and epic narrative. It starts with a story of a captive traveler sailing in 1850…(more)
(Cloud Atlas) Director: T. Tykwer - L. Wachowski - A. Wachowski, D-USA-SGP-HK, 2012


“I loved you for thirtyone years. I loved you when you got fat, I loved you when you went blind,” the tough, romantic Stella professes…(more)
(Cloudburst) Director: Thom Fitzgerald, CDN, 2011

Clouds of Sils Maria

At the peak of her international career, Maria Enders is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous twenty years…(more)
(Sils Maria) Director: Olivier Assayas, F-D-CH, 2014

Clouds of Yesterday

The debut feature of solitary filmmaker Takushi Tsubokawa is a tranquil and beautiful homage to the past, mainly to silent movies of the thirties. Three…(more)
(Utsukushiki Tennen) Director: Takushi Tsubokawa, J, 2005

Cloudy Times

Arami Ullon is a Paraguayan filmmaker in her 30s who lives in Switzerland. She has a sick mother back home who suffers from epilepsy and…(more)
(El tiempo nublado) Director: Arami Ullón, CH-PY, 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

After the disastrous food storm in the first film, Flint and his friends are forced to leave the town. Flint accepts the invitation from his…(more)
(Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) Director: C. Cameron - K. Pearn , USA, 2013


At the beginning of their careers Oskar, Max and Viktor created a superstar clown trio called The Busters. Their clownery personified little islands of freedom…(more)
(Klauni) Director: Viktor Tauš, CZ - FIN - SK, 2013

Clubs for Žižkov

Clubs for Žižkov are heading for a mission in space, where they will find out about quickly approaching extincion of planet Earth. The astronauts are…(more)
(Kluby pro Žižkov) Director: DDM Ulita, CZ, 2012

Co dělat?

What Is to Be Done? is second part of Karel Vachek's documentary tetralogy.…(more)
(What Is to Be Done?) Director: Karel Vachek, CZ, 1996

Coach to Vienna

Coach to Vienna is an intimate psychological drama about the subtle transition of fear into hatred. The heroine Krista is played by Iva Janžurová who…(more)
(Kočár do Vídně) Director: Karel Kachyňa, ČSSR, 1966

Coal in the Soul

A paradox of an impoverished castle wedged in rock and an exhausted village. How big is the scope of the interests of the coal tycoons?…(more)
(Ženy SHR) Director: Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník, CZ, 2010


It was July 3, 2010. Twentythree yearold Suzanna had just started her hormonal therapy and decided to publicly document her transition on YouTube. The girl…(more)
(Coby) Director: Christian Sonderegger, F-USA, 2017

Coca – The Dove from Chechnya

Houses burnt to the ground, streets destroyed by shelling, mothers crying over their dead children, mass graves full of mutilated bodies – such is the…(more)
(Coca – Die Taube aus Tschetchenien) Director: Eric Bergkraut, ŠVÝC, 2005

Cocaine Prison

A unique insight into life in an overcrowded Bolivian prison, where prisoners must pay US dollars for each night of their stay in a cell.…(more)
(Los Burritos) Director: Violeta Ayala, AUS-BOL-USA-F, 2017

Cockneys vs Zombies

When a construction company demolishes an ancient tomb in a London suburb and ends up waking up hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, the British capital looks…(more)
(Cockneys vs Zombies) Director: Matthias Hoene, GB, 2012


Meera, an introvert girl with traditional values, arrives to London and meets Veronica, an uninhibited party girl. Although both are total opposites, they become friends…(more)
(Cocktail) Director: Homi Adajania, IND, 2012


Despite his family's baffling generationsold ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove…(more)
(Coco) Director: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina, USA, 2017

Coco Before Chanel

Several years after leaving the orphanage to which her father never returned for her, Gabrielle Chanel finds herself working in a provincial bar both. She's…(more)
(Coco avant Chanel) Director: Anne Fontaine, F, 2009


Seven lonely lives in Paris: a middleaged estate agent who thinks a colleague is sending messages in video tapes she loans him; his coworker whose…(more)
(Coeurs) Director: Alain Resnais, F, 2005

Coffee and Allah

Coffee & Allah is a film about a young Muslim woman’s appetite for coffee, Islam and a good game of badminton. …(more)
(Coffee and Allah) Director: Sima Urale, NZ, 2007

Coffee and Cigarettes

In each of eleven stories that Jim Jarmusch shot since 1986, the main characters discuss the most peculiar topics over coffee and cigarettes: for instance…(more)
(Coffee and Cigarettes) Director: Jim Jarmusch, USA, 2003

Cold Fish

Following his epic tale of love, religion and deviations Love Exposure, the master of bizarre tales Sion Sono presents his next original vision of contemporary…(more)
(Tsumetai nettaigyo) Director: Sion Sono, J, 2010

Cold Heart

Karthik, an aspiring filmmaker, finds a producer who is willing to make his film on one condition: it should be a fierce gangster flick. He…(more)
(Jigarthanda ) Director: Karthik Subbaraj, IND, 2014

Cold Souls

In this melancholy comedy by debuting director, Sophie Barthes, we find Paul Giamatti playing the wellknown New York actor, Paul Giamatti in the midst of…(more)
(Cold Souls) Director: Sophie Barthes, USA, 2008

Cold War

Cold War is a passionate love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, who are fatally mismatched and yet fatefully condemned to each…(more)
(Zimna wojna) Director: Paweł Pawlikowski, PL-F-GB, 2018

Showing: Monday 16. 7. 2018 20:30, Tuesday 17. 7. 2018 18:15, Wednesday 18. 7. 2018 13:00, 20:30, Thursday 19. 7. 2018 14:00, 18:15, Friday 20. 7. 2018 14:00, 18:15, Saturday 21. 7. 2018 14:00, 20:30, Sunday 22. 7. 2018 14:00, 20:30, Monday 23. 7. 2018 18:15, Tuesday 24. 7. 2018 18:15, Wednesday 25. 7. 2018 13:00

Cold Winter Sun

Adrián is a wealthy 25 yearold man who frequently commits himself into a mental health institution due to his psychological problems. Having lost his mother,…(more)
(Frío sol de invierno) Director: Pablo Malo, ŠPA, 2004


Sabah is 40, single, an immigrant from Syria living in Toronto with her family, responsible for her mother's wellbeing. Since her father's death, her brother…(more)
(Sabah) Director: Ruba Nadda, CDN, 2005


A teenage boy is forcefully taken from his home in the middle of the night by his parents consent, to a harsh reform facility. There…(more)
(Coldwater) Director: Vincent Grashaw, USA, 2013


Arnost Lustig was one of the world's most renowned literary authors of our times. Lustig's novel 'A girl from Antwerp' upon which our film Colette…(more)
(Colette) Director: Milan Cieslar , CZ - NL - SK, 2013


The career of dramatist Robert is in steep decline – his last play was canceled after a twoweek run. On top of that he is…(more)
(Collaborator) Director: Martin Donovan, CDN, 2010

Collaborators | NT Live

Collaborators a new play by John Hodge screenwriter of Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, The Beach directed by National Theatre Director Nicholas Hytner.
(Collaborators | NT Live) Director: Nicholas Hytner, UK, 2011


Americans generally like to hear good news. They like to believe that a new president will right old wrongs, that clean energy will replace dirty…(more)
(Collapse) Director: Chris Smith, USA, 2009

Collection of items help refugees

In Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and the Czech Republic.
(Sbírka na pomoc uprchlíkům) Director: , , 0000

Collector of Bedford Street

This documentary takes a warmhearted and optimistic look at mental illness and love. Larry Selman, 59, is mentally retarded. He does not understand well the…(more)
(Collector of Bedford Street) Director: Alice Elliot, USA, 2001


A young woman's desperate search for her abducted boyfriend that draws her into the infamous Colonia Dignidad, a sect nobody ever escaped from.…(more)
(Colonia) Director: Florian Gallenberger, D-L-F, 2015

Color of The Ocean

Nathalie, a German tourist, witnesses a tragic accident in the Canary Islands. A boat carrying African refugees who are desperately seeking a better life in…(more)
(Die Farbe des Ozeans) Director: Maggie Peren, D - F, 2011

Colour fairytales

Colourful fairytales.…(more)
(Barevné pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story

In London in the 1990s, a balding alcoholic with an unsteady American accent introduces himself in pubs and other social settings as Stanley Kubrick. Drinks…(more)
(Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story) Director: Brian W. Cook, GB-F, 2005


They are young, there is three of them, they live in the Brazilian megalopolis of São Paulo, smoke one cigarette after another, and of course,…(more)
(Cores) Director: Francisco Garcia, BR, 2012

Colours of the Alphabet

Firstgraders sit at desks in a small rural school and stare blankly at their teacher. They aren't stupid; they just do not understand her. Their…(more)
(Colours of the Alphabet) Director: Alastair Cole, Scotland-NZ-Z, 2016

Combat Girls

Marisa hates foreigners, Jews, cops, and everyone whom she finds guilty for the decline of her country. She provokes, drinks, fights and her next tattoo…(more)
(Kriegerin) Director: David Wnendt, D, 2011

Come As You Are

Three twentysomething specialneeds men go on a road trip to Spain to lose their virginity in Come As You Are, a likable seriocomedy loosely inspired…(more)
(Hasta la vista) Director: Geoffrey Enthoven, B, 2011

Come Closer, Candy (Czech-South African Dreams)

For several years ten Czech and South African artists have worked together in a unique theatre project. The theme of their performance deals with one…(more)
(Pojď blíž, cukrátko (Česko-jihosfrické sny)) Director: Pavel Koutecký, ČR, 2005

Come Sweet Death

Brenner, ehemals Detektiv, arbeitet nun als Rettungsfahrer und gerät, sehr zu seinem Missvergnügen, in eine Fehde zweier rivalisierender ErsteHilfeOrganisationen. Brenner selbst wird auf die Seite…(more)
(Komm süßer Tod) Director: Wolfgang Murnberger, A, 2000

Come What May

Mai 1940. Pour fuir l’invasion allemande, les habitants d’un petit village du nord de la France partent sur les routes, comme des millions de Français.…(more)
(En mai fais ce qu'il te plaît) Director: Christian Carion, F, 2013

COME.BACKSTAGE with Kelly Reichardt and Carlo Chatrian

An onstage conversation between the filmmaker and the director of the Locarno Film Festival. Carlo Chatrian…(more)
(COME.BACKSTAGE with Kelly Reichardt and Carlo Chatrian) Director: , , 2016

Comedy Special – Dave Johns

Comedy Prague, Film Europe and Kino Světozor are proud to present Dave Johns, live for one night only Dave Johns will…(more)
(Comedy Special – Dave Johns) Director: Dave Johns, GB, 2017

Coming Out

Filip is a teacher starting his first job at a high school. He meets Tanja, a colleague whom he soon starts dating. But the relationship…(more)
(Coming Out) Director: Heiner Carow, D, 1989


In this early action classic that features his unique blend of thrills and offbeat humor, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Col. John Matrix, ultimate soldier and…(more)
(Commando) Director: Mark L. Lester, USA, 1985

Comme un chef

Jacky Bonnot, 32 ans, amateur de grande cuisine, au talent certain, rêve de succès et de grand restaurant. La situation financière de son couple le…(more)
(Comme un chef) Director: Daniel Cohen, F - E, 2011

Common Deities

For many people, Santería is like voodoo. Its exotic rites capture the imagination. This religion is a strange mixture of the ancient gods, worshipped by…(more)
(Common Deities) Director: Csilla Szigeti, H, 2006

Common Roads - Pilgrimage and Backpacking in the 21st Century

Whereas the label of «pilgrim» is still mostly associated with devout persons leaving home for purely religious motives, young people taking to the road as…(more)
(Common Roads - Pilgrimage and Backpacking in the 21st Century) Director: Tommi Mendel, CH, 2013

Common Sense

Nearly threeyears of gathering material in the Czech countryside, exploring what topics farmers and entrepreneurs in agriculture live in, how and why subsidies work, why…(more)
(Selský rozum) Director: Zuzana Piussi, Vít Janeček, CZ, 2017

Common Suspects

In the course of the shooting of this film, the journalist Jan Čáp gets into a number of situations in which his right to privacy…(more)
() Director: Marek Dušák, ČR , 2006


Being the head of the household is a great responsibility and hard work. This is especially true for Ola, a 14yearold Polish girl who cares…(more)
(Komunia) Director: Anna Zamecka, PL, 2016


Winner Best Documentary at the European Film Awards 2017. When adults are ineffectual, children have to grow up quickly. Ola is 14 and she takes…(more)
(Komunia) Director: Anna Zamecka, PL, 2016


"Poverty is a permanent threat to our friendship," says Peruvian Daniel Barrientos to director Mikael Wiström at the beginning of the film. These two men…(more)
(Compadre) Director: Mikael Wiström, ŠVÉ, 2004


Filthy, 87min, Tereza Nvotová…(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.5) Director: various, , 0000


NEIL, 6min, Martin Pošta …(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.1) Director: various, , 0000


108M, 5min, Kryštof Melka …(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.2) Director: various, , 0000


A Stack 1., 14min, MarieMagdalena Kochová TOURIST, 22min, Myroslava Klochko …(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.3) Director: various, , 0000


A Part, 19min, Tereza Vejvodová The…(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.4) Director: various, , 0000


Bo Hai, 26min, Dužan Duong …(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.6) Director: various, , 0000


Bad Luck City, 2min, Anna Paděrová …(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.7) Director: various, , 0000


Czech Power, 7min, Kristýna Kopřivová Prague. A foreigners’ perspective, 5min, …(more)
(Soutěžní blok č.8) Director: various, , 0000

Competition || Confrontations 1

Friday Surrounded by Friends Dear AnneMarieke Shoplifting …(more)
(Soutěž || Konfrontace 1) Director: various, , 0000

Competition || Fresh Czech 1

Cagey Tigers Bastards Midnight…(more)
(Soutěž || Fresh Czech 1) Director: various, , 0000

Competition || Fresh Czech 3

Horní Jiřetín Thirteenth Week My Life Before Me…(more)
(Soutěž || Fresh Czech 3) Director: various, , 0000

Competition || Theatre Optique 1

Gallery Graffitiger Jeannine M. The Tongueling Noumeno …(more)
(Soutěž || Theatre Optique 1) Director: various, , 0000

Competition 1

This year's 18 competition films were selected from more than one thousand works entered and are as varied as it gets. They perfectly demonstrate the…(more)
(Competition 1) Director: , , 0000

Competition 1

Competition 1:
(Soutěžní blok 1) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Competition 2

This year's 18 competition films were selected from more than one thousand works entered and are as varied as it gets. They perfectly demonstrate the…(more)
(Competition 2) Director: , , 0000

Competition 2

Soutěžní blok 2:
(Soutěžní blok 2) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Competition 3

This year's 18 competition films were selected from more than one thousand works entered and are as varied as it gets. They perfectly demonstrate the…(more)
(Competition 3) Director: , , 0000

Competition 3

Competition 3:
(Soutěžní blok 3) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Competition 4

Competition 4:
(Soutěžní blok 4) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Competition 5

Competition 5:
(Soutěžní blok 5) Director: 2014, CZ, 2014

Competition 6

Competition 6:
(Soutěžní blok 6) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Competition 7

Competition 7:
(Soutěžní blok 7) Director: various, CZ, 2014

Composers & Film - Chamber orchestra Berg

The fifth concert of serial cycle BERG 2005. · chamber orchestra Berg · conductor Peter Vrábel…(more)
(Skladatelé & film - Komorní orchestr Berg) Director: , ČR, 2000


A shy young woman suspects that her enigmatic boyfriend is cheating on her. When start looking for the truth she will find a sinister secret…(more)
(Compulsión) Director: Ángel González, E, 2017

Comrades In Dreams

This film is about several people for whom the cinema is their life. One of them is Han Jong Sil from North Korea. She enjoys…(more)
(Leinwandfieber) Director: Uli Gaulke, SRN , 2006

Con Man Confidential

Con Man Confidential portrays four men who pass on a special knowledge the knowledge of obtaining something you don’t have the right to by…(more)
(Die Hochstapler) Director: Alexander Adolph, NĚM, 2006

Conan the Barbarian

A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and…(more)
(Conan the Barbarian) Director: Marcus Nispel , USA, 2011

Conan the Barbarian

A village is attacked by the evil ruler of the Snake Cult, Thulsa Doom James Earl Jones and his evil warriors, when Thulsa Doom and…(more)
(Conan the Barbarian) Director: John Milius, USA, 1982

Concerning Violence

The title refers to the first chapter of celebrated – and in its day, banned in France – book The Wretched of the Earth by…(more)
(Concerning Violence) Director: Göran Hugo Olsson, S-DK-FIN-USA, 2014

Concrete Night

Directed by Finnish filmmaker Pirjo Honkasalo, Concrete Night is the story of a 14yearold boy, Simo, in search of his own identity: roaming around a…(more)
(Betoniyö) Director: Pirjo Honkasalo, FIN, 2013

Concrete Stories

A history of panel “rabbit hutches”, starting with the original simple business plan through to the utopian vision of Soviet planners who strived to create…(more)
(Concrete Stories) Director: Lorenz Findeisen, CZ-F, 2014

Confessor Caressor

Confessor Caressor is a short mockumentary about a man who claims to be a serial killer. A film which gave Bad Boy Bubby the face…(more)
(Confessor Caressor) Director: Timothy Nicholls , AUS, 1989


This fictional documentary follows the preparations of three young couples who, with the help of professional wedding planners, are competing for the title “most original…(more)
(Confetti) Director: Debbie Isitt, VB, 2006

Confrontations 1 | 2013

Playpals Me, Nobody and I Mares and parakeets Olkiluoto Syndrome…(more)
(Konfrontace 1) Director: various, AUS - CH - RA - FIN - PL, 0000

Confrontations 1 | 2014

The international competition of narrative and documentary student films presents 17 films produced by European, American, Asian and Latin American film schools in 2013 and…(more)
(Konfrontace 1 | 2014) Director: various, , 0000

Confrontations 2

More, 12', Germany The Wait, 25', Finland The Swedish Job, 17', Poland …(more)
(Konfrontace 2) Director: various, various, 0000

Confrontations 2 | 2013

Charlie Says Out of Body Odessa Rio 2016 …(more)
(Konfrontace 2) Director: various, USA - GB - RO - IL - D, 0000

Confrontations 2 | 2014

The international competition of narrative and documentary student films presents 17 films produced by European, American, Asian and Latin American film schools in 2013 and…(more)
(Konfrontace 2 | 2014) Director: various, , 0000

Confrontations 3

Nothing Can Touch Me, 30', Denmark Girls Full of Eco Emotions, 11', Czech Republic Could See a…(more)
(Konfrontace 3) Director: various, various, 0000

Confrontations 3 | 2013

Perspire Signalbox #100 Bad Boys Last Calls …(more)
(Konfrontace 3) Director: various, MEX - GB - IL, 0000

Confrontations 3 | 2014

The international competition of narrative and documentary student films presents 17 films produced by European, American, Asian and Latin American film schools in 2013 and…(more)
(Konfrontace 3 | 2014) Director: various, , 0000

Confrontations 4

517 Füwatown, 12', Germany A Billion Laughs, 16', France Migratory Bird, 24', Finland …(more)
(Konfrontace 4) Director: various, various, 0000

Confrontations 4 | 2013

Brown Blue Z1 On Ice Didactica Magna: Against the Grain…(more)
(Konfrontace 4) Director: various, , 0000

Confrontations 4 | 2014

The international competition of narrative and documentary student films presents 17 films produced by European, American, Asian and Latin American film schools in 2013 and…(more)
(Konfrontace 4 | 2014) Director: various, , 0000

Congo na biso - Waiting for Democracy

This film systematically maps the modern history of the Democratic Republic of Congo formerly Zaire. It presents the country's dictators and bloody civil war, as…(more)
( Congo na biso) Director: Chuck Liedekerke, de, Yannick Muller , FRA - BEL, 2006


(Svědomí) Director: Jiří Krejčík , CZ, 1948

Conspirators of Pleasure

A bizarre black comedy, a psychological, erotic yet fascinating film with practically no dialogue, naturally with resourceful use of music, a manual on selfabuse, observations…(more)
(Spiklenci slasti) Director: Jan Švankmajer, CZ, 1997

Constantin and Elena

A bittersweet documentary where the sweet is the love that an old couple still feel for each other after 55 years of marriage and the…(more)
(Constantin şi Elena) Director: Andrei Dăscălescu, RO - E, 2008


John Constantine is approached by Det. Angela Dodson who needs his help to prove that her twin sister Isabel's death was not a suicide. The…(more)
(Constantine ) Director: Francis Lawrence, USA, 2005


Contact follows a platoon of British soldiers on patrol in Northern Ireland. The lack of narrative arc or even pacing evokes perfectly the eternal present…(more)
(Contact) Director: Alan Clarke, GB, 1985


A thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the…(more)
(Contagion) Director: Steven Soderbergh, USA-UAE, 2011

Contemporary Animation - VŠUP

department of film and television graphicsmore)
(Současná animace - VŠUP) Director: Various, ČR, 2005

Contemporary Czech Videoart

CONTEMPORARY CZECH VIDEOART – The introduction of new generation Moderated in Czech by Pavlína Míčová…(more)
(Současný český videoart) Director: various, ČR, 2006

Contemporary Czech Videoart II.

next artists – next centres – next trendsmore)
(Současný český videoart II.) Director: Various, ČR, 2006

Contemporary Czech Videoart III.

Really new pieces of the Czech audiovisuals.more)
(Současný český videoart III. - zpět do Prahy) Director: Various, ČR, 2005

Contemporary London Videoart - 2000/2005

London artists' film and video awards 2000–2005 presented by: Pavlína Míčová…(more)
(Současný londýnský videoart - 2000/2005) Director: Various, VB, 2005

Contemporary Russian Film 2010

For the second time, Světozor will host a festival of interesting contemporary Russian films. Discussions with filmmakers will be a natural part of the festival…(more)
(Přehlídka současných filmů zemí SNS 2010) Director: various, RUS, 0000

Contested City Day 1.

Check in for free on Contested City
(Contested City) Director: , , 2015

Contested City Day 2.

Check in for free on Contested City
(Contested City) Director: , , 2015

Contested Streets

The American documentary Contested Streets explores the history and culture of the streets of New York from the time before the invention of automobiles up…(more)
(Contested Streets) Director: Stefan Schaefer, USA, 2006

Continental Divide Trail – Embrace the Brutality

The Continental Divide Trail is brutal – brutally steep, brutally flat, brutally cold, brutally hot, brutally beautiul, brutally endless. You can face all the brutality…(more)
(Brutální líbánky) Director: , , 2017


'Mark Wahlberg' leads the cast of Contraband, a whiteknuckle actionthriller about a man trying to stay out of a world he worked hard to leave…(more)
(Contraband) Director: Baltasar Kormákur, USA - GB, 2012


A starting inspector Bulucsú finds in his job an escape from reality and a fulfillment of his dream to disappear from the Earth’s surface. Humorous…(more)
(Kontroll) Director: Nimród Antal, MAĎ, 2003


A music photographer and a director of music videos for some of the most important world bands has in his early fifties decided to make his first…(more)
(Control) Director: Anton Corbijn, GB - USA, 2007

Control Room

Qatar television station Al Jazeera has belonged, since its establishment in 1996, among the most controversial news channels in the world. American president George W.…(more)
(Control Room) Director: Jehane Noujaim, USA, 2004

Conversations With God

Conversations with God tells the true story of Neale Donald Walsch that inspired and changed the lives of millions worldwide. The journey begins after he…(more)
(Conversations With God) Director: Stephen Simon, USA, 2006

Conversations with My Gardener

Ayant acquis une honnête réputation de peintre parisien, un quinquagénaire fait un retour aux sources et revient dans le centre de la France profonde prendre…(more)
(Dialogue avec mon jardinier) Director: Jean Becker, FR, 2007


How easy is it for a conscientious objector to refuse military service in today's Russia? Although it is permitted by the constitution, a recruitment commission…(more)
(Убеждения) Director: Tatiana Chistova, RUS-PL, 2016

Cooking fairytales

Czech animated fairytales.…(more)
(Kuchařské pohádky) Director: , CZ, 0000

Cooking History

A documentary film about army cooks and how the everyday needs of thousands of armed stomachs affect the victories and defeats of statesmen. About the…(more)
(Ako sa varia dejiny) Director: Peter Kerekes, SK, 2008

Cool As Ice

There is a common belief that the 1980s were the worst era in the history of modern culture. Wrong. All the evil of the decade…(more)
(Cool As Ice) Director: David Kellogg, USA, 1991


Humorous, ironic, but also a serious film about the meaning and status of Slovak culture. Culture has become one of the ingredients businesses. Hence, its…(more)
(Cooltúra) Director: Miro Remo, SK, 2016

Cop or Hood

A policeman was killed in Nice, and Paris sends a secret agent to investigate the case. The detective is to stop the corruption among the…(more)
(Flic ou voyou) Director: Georges Lautner, F, 1979

Copenhagen – city of cyclists

How did it happen that in Copenhagen, Denmark everyday a third of its population travels around on bikes? The argument “this is simply Denmark, things…(more)
() Director: Michael Thomas, Niels Jensen, DÁN , 2002

Copito de nieve

El pequeño gorila Copito de Nieve sabe qué es ser diferente. Desde que nació en medio de la jungla, en una manada de gorilas, la…(more)
(Floquet de Neu) Director: Andrés G. Schaer, E, 2011

Coppélia | Australian Ballet

This sparkling tale of magic and mischief romps along to Delibes’ lilting score. It’s amusing fun for the whole family – but its playful confusion…(more)
(Coppélia) Director: Australský balet, AUS, 2016

Coppélia | Bolshoi Ballet

Choreography: Sergej Vikarev according to Marius Petipa Music: Léo Delibes …(more)
(Coppélie | Bolšoj balet) Director: Sergej Vikarev , RUS, 2011


Live transmission: Live from the Palais Garnier Ballet in 2 two acts – After Arthur SaintLéon …(more)
(Coppélia) Director: Patrice Bart, F, 2011

Copper Age

A lightning documentary inspection in Zambia, which, despite being one of the largest exporters of copper in the world, is increasingly more dependent on the…(more)
(Doba měděná) Director: Ivo Bystřičan, CZ, 2009

Copy Camp

Copywriters of all countries, unite. The second Prague Barcamp for copywriters is coming. CopyCamp 2013 will focus on the power of WebCopy and and beauty…(more)
(Copy Camp) Director: H1, CZ, 2013


An adventurous girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets…(more)
(Coraline) Director: Henry Selick, USA, 2009

Corinne's Secret

A normal German teenager, cheerful Corinne hikes with friends, takes trips, enjoys evenings out and is looking forward to university. However, she must never forget…(more)
(Corinnes Geheimnis) Director: Maike Conway, D, 2015

Coriolanus | NT Live

A recorded show. National Theatre Live will broadcast the Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus, Shakespeare’s searing…(more)
(Coriolanus | NT Live) Director: Josie Rourke, GB, 2013

Corn Island

The Inguri River forms a natural border dividing Georgia from Abkhazia. One of the spring floods has created a little island in the middle of…(more)
(Simindis kundzuli) Director: George Ovashvili, GE-D-F-CZ-KZ, 2014


Emilie, one of the Human Resources Managers at the Esen multinational, has recently been chosen by her superior Stéphane Froncart for her elegant ruthlessness. She…(more)
(Corporate) Director: Nicolas Silhol, F, 2016

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is a morbid cartoon comedy about love for all different age groups. It tells a story set in 19th century Victorian English village…(more)
(Corpse Bride) Director: T. Burton - M. Johnson, VB, 2005


Parce qu’il commence à perdre la mémoire et pour ne pas devenir une charge pour sa famille, Charles Boyer, ancien commissaire, décide d’entrer dans un…(more)
(Cortex) Director: Nicolas Boukhrief, F, 2006

Così fan tutte | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A winning cast comes together for Phelim McDermott’s clever vision of Mozart’s comedy about the sexes, set in a carnivalesque, funhouse environment inspired by 1950s…(more)
(Così fan tutte | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Director: Phelim McDermott, USA, 2018

Così fan tutte 2014 | Wolfgang A. Mozart

James Levine conducts the first Live in HD performance of Mozart’s barbed romance Così fan tutte. Lesley Koenig’s sleek production will star Susanna Phillips and…(more)
(Così fan tutte 2014 | Wolfgang A. Mozart) Director: Lesley Koenig, USA, 2014

Cosmic fairytales

Fayritales which will take us to distant worlds...…(more)
(Kosmické pohádky) Director: , ČR, 0000

Cosmobile Hobos + concert Cermaque

Official release of their new album GRAVITACE followed by a special concert and a world premiere projection of their documentary roadmovie JUMP INTO THE WATER.…(more)
(Cosmobile Hobos + koncert Cermaque) Director: , CZ, 2016


Set in New York in the near future, this is the dark story of a 28yearold financial magnate named Eric Packer. Ensconced in his luxurious…(more)
(Cosmopolis) Director: David Cronenberg, F - CDN - P- I, 2012


Historia de un empresario secuestrado, que después de nueve meses es liberado, presentándose un mosaico de vidas de una serie de personajes. Con muchos de ellos no se…(more)
(Cosmos) Director: Diego Fandos, E, 2007

Couchsurfing Around the World

How can you travel for a little money? Try couchsurfing – sleeping at the people’s from the internet. Sharing the experience and endeavour to comprehend…(more)
(Couchsurfing Around the World) Director: , , 0000

Country of Dreams

Previously, they had lived in the Vietnamese countryside. They were poor, but relatively content. Then they put their trust in one of many foreign agencies,…(more)
(Země snů) Director: Martin Ryšavý , CZ, 2009

Country Teacher

In his latest film, the director Bohdan Sláma captures the lives of three main characters, whose incidental meeting triggers off a great story of love, friendship and…(more)
(Venkovský učitel) Director: Bohdan Sláma, CZ, 2008


A fascinating documentary dialogue evolved over the course of thirty months between renowned filmmaker, Pavel Štingl and one of the iconic figures of Czech modern…(more)
(Odvaha) Director: Pavel Štingl, CZ, 2016


An ambitious effort from a 28yearold Indian director that won two awards at the Venice IFF in 2014. With its finely spun drama and modern…(more)
(Court) Director: Chaitanya Tamhane, IND, 2014

Court-Jester And Shorts Films

(Dvorní šašek a pásmo krátkých filmů) Director: Grzegorz Linkowski, POL, 2008


Michel Racine est un Président de Cour d’Assises redouté. Aussi dur avec lui qu’avec les autres, on l’appelle « le Président à deux chiffres ».…(more)
(L'Hermine) Director: Christian Vincent, F, 2016

Courtyard of Ballads

A comedy of everyday life from a neighborhood in Lisbon. In a neighborhood in Lisbon, the lives of people living side by side are linked by…(more)
(O Pátio das Cantigas) Director: Leonel Vieira, P, 2015


Sasha is a relatively successful theatre director who has just won his battle with cancer. He returns to his dull, industrial hometown and, in order…(more)
(Kauboji) Director: Tomislav Mršić, HR, 2013

Cowboys & Communists

Ein Ostberliner Wohnhaus, das früher eine traditionelle, staatlich geführte Gastwirtschaft beherbergt hat und in dem jetzt ein Amerikaner ein skurriles Szenelokal betreibt: Besser könnte die…(more)
(Cowboys & Communists ) Director: Jessica Feast, NZ/D, 2007

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Environmentalist Kip Andersen wants to stop the destruction of our planet. He learns that saving water in the shower, limiting car use and sorting waste…(more)
(Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret) Director: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn, USA, 2014


Every year, twenty selected young filmmakers get the chance to develop a short film story in teams of two within a 9day residential workshop. Subsequently,…(more)
(CPH:LAB) Director: various, DK-FIN-PY, 0000

Cracks in the Shell

Set in the world of the theater, this psychological drama presents a novice actress named Fine who, despite the general consensus that she lacks talent,…(more)
(Die Unsichtbare) Director: Christian Schwochow, D, 2011


The film is a provocative and daring excursion into the problematic of a racialised society in today’s United States. A riveting mosaique of human honesty,…(more)
(Crash) Director: Paul Haggis, USA - NĚM, 2004


Based on the 1973 novel by J. G. Ballard, James and Catherine Ballard are a married couple whose sex life has been reduced to recounting…(more)
(Crash) Director: David Cronenberg, CDN - F - GB, 1996

Crash Test Dummies

This comedy takes a light and gentle view of the European polyglot personality. A Romanian couple, Ana and Nicholae, travel from Bucharest to Vienna in…(more)
(Crash Test Dummies) Director: Jörg Kalt, RAK - RUM, 2005

Crazy Heart

Country singersongwriter Otis “Bad” Blake once had a successful career, but now at age 57 he just roams around smalltown bars in the southwestern United…(more)
(Crazy Heart) Director: Scott Cooper, USA, 2009

Crazy N’ The City

Is the life of a police officer as dramatic as it is usually presented in classic Hong Kong movies? That is the starting point for…(more)
(Sun gaing hup nui) Director: James Yuen, Hongkong, 2005

Crazy Wisdom: The Life and Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Crazy Wisdom explores the arrival of Tibetan Buddhism in America through the story of Chogyam Trungpa, the brilliant "bad boy of Buddhism" who fled his…(more)
(Crazy Wisdom) Director: Johanna Demetrakas, USA, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal Steve Carell and Emily Julianne Moore have the perfect life together living the American dream... until Emily asks for a divorce. Now Cal, Mr…(more)
(Crazy, Stupid, Love) Director: G. Ficarra -J. Requa , USA, 2011

Creative Mornings Prague with Bója Šulc

Prepare to be seen in the morning society The next Creative Morning show will take place on Friday 28th March at Bio OKO. …(more)
(Creative Mornings Prague) Director: , , 0000


A true story of two new generation transgendered women in a southern metro of contemporary India and their struggle to lead a dignified way of…(more)
(Creatures) Director: B.Ilangovan, IND, 2010

Cricket and the Meaning of Life

When Sanjay Talreja moved to Canada he expected to put away his youthful passion for the game of cricket. Far away from the troubled politics…(more)
(Cricket and the Meaning of Life) Director: Sanjay Talreja, IND, 2005

Cries and Whispers

"My new film is an homage to my mother". In interviews, Ingmar Bergman said that in this film he wanted to present four aspects of…(more)
(Viskningar och rop) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1973

Crime and Punishment

There is more to today's China than the hypermodern urban complexes and dazzling sports centres which we find in the media. The film Crime and…(more)
(Zui yu Fa) Director: Zhao Liang, Čína - FRA, 2007

Crime and Punishment

(Rikos ja rangaistus) Director: Aki Kaurismäki , FIN, 1983

Crimes and Misdemeanors

An ophthalmologist's mistress threatens to reveal their affair to his wife, while a married documentary filmmaker is infatuated by another woman.…(more)
(Crimes and Misdemeanors) Director: Woody Allen, USA, 1989

Crimson Peak

In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider.…(more)
(Crimson Peak) Director: Guillermo del Toro, USA, 2015


Nelly lives with her fostermother. Jenny, her real mother, arrives and wants to get her daughter back. Nelly abandons her fostermother and goes to work…(more)
(Kris) Director: Ingmar Bergman, SWE, 1946

Critics' Circle Choice

Five Miles Out; director: Andrew Haigh; 2009 September; director: Esther May Campbell; 2008 Cubs; director: Tom Harper;…(more)
(Critics' Circle Choice) Director: various, GB, 0000

Critiques of Art and Media as Commodity and Spectacle

1. The eternal frame
(Critiques of Art and Media as Commodity and Spectacle) Director: Various, USA, 2000


Silvie Dymáková’s raw documentary uncovers the manipulation, humiliation and pressure that exist behind the closed doors of “product demonstration excursions for seniors” in the Czech…(more)
(Šmejdi) Director: Silvie Dymáková, CZ, 2013

Crooks - first night

Silvie Dymáková’s raw documentary uncovers the manipulation, humiliation and pressure that exist behind the closed doors of “product demonstration excursions for seniors” in the Czech…(more)
(Šmejdi) Director: Silvie Dymáková, CZ, 2013


A creative documentary, which reflects upon the impact of images in the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. The film refrains from showing any images from the…(more)
(Crop) Director: Johanna Domke, MarouanO'mara, ET-D, 2013

Crops of the Future

“Modern agriculture is digging its own grave with the application of industrial procedures and the widespread use of chemicals,” said Olivier De Schutter, UN Special…(more)
(Les moissons du futur) Director: Marie-Monique Robin, F, 2012

Crossing Borders

España, 1960. Las amenazas del desempleo y la miseria obligan a dos amigos a emigrar a Suiza, donde un franco vale catorce pesetas. Sin…(more)
(Un franco 14 pesetas) Director: Carlos Iglesias, ŠPA, 2006

Crossing Channels - Beethoven's Hair

Acclaimed director Larry Weinstein presents a new documentary tracing the strange history of one of classical music's oddest pieces of memorabilia a lock of…(more)
(Beethovenovy vlasy / Beethoven's Hair) Director: Larry Weinstein, KAN - RAK, 2005

Crossing the Bridge - the Sound of Istanbul

Director's bio: Fatih Akin was born in 1973 in Hamburg of Turkish parentage and began studying Visual Communications at Hamburg's College of Fine Arts in…(more)
(Zvuky Istanbulu / Crossing the Bridge - the Sound of Istanbul) Director: Fatih Akin, NĚM - TUR, 2005

Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul

Filmmaker Akin centers his musical exploration "Crossing the Bridge" around Alexander Hacke, a member of the German avantgarde group Einsturzende Neubauten. Ensconcing himself in Istanbul's…(more)
(Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul) Director: Fatih Akin, NĚM - TUR, 2005

Crucial Years

(Kristove roky) Director: Juraj Jakubisko, ČSSR, 1967


Pablo Fajardo Mendoza and Luis Yanza from Equador won last year's Goldman Environmental Prize for their battle against Chevron's contamination of the Amazon rain forest…(more)
(Crude) Director: Joe Berlinger, USA, 2009

Crulic – The Path to Beyond

The animated documentary Crulic – The Path to Beyond tells the story of a 33yearold Romanian called Crulic who died in a Polish prison while…(more)
(Crulic – drumul spre dincolo) Director: Anca Damian, RO-PL, 2011


For comicfans, even this rather minimal title will suffice: Crumb. For the others we add that legendary “pig” and satirist Robert Crumb Fritz the Cat is one…(more)
(Crumb) Director: Terry Zwigoff, USA, 1994


Alexey German, jr., Ivan Vyrypaev, Boris Khlebnikov, Petr Buslov, and Kirill Serebrennikov are five brilliant and respected representatives of the young generation of Russian filmmakers…(more)
(Короткое замыкание ) Director: various, RUS, 0000


Combining sheer difficulty with creative style, three athletes execute mindbending feats of bike mastery and redefine technical riding standards. …(more)
(Crux) Director: Alexander Lavigne, CDN, 2007

Crwecon Speciál: Stan Sakai!

(Crwecon Speciál: Stan Sakai!) Director: , , 0000

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and the others

Does your drug dealer require payment in bitcoins now? What are those cryptocurrencies? Can the state seize them? We invite you to an introduction into…(more)
(Kryptoměny: Bitcoin a ty další) Director: , , 0000

CS ❶ Produkce

Financování filmu Umění se vždy pojí s finanční podporou, je film součástí investice nebo je investice součástí umění? Producent stojí v…(more)
(CS ❶ Produkce) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❿ Filmová kritika

Téma, scénář, herectví, mizanscéna, kamera, střih, zvuk... Filmová kritika nabízí v pojetí jednotlivých autorů různorodé přístupy k interpretaci. Proti sobě…(more)
(CS ❿ Filmová kritika) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❷ Dějiny profesí

Základní mezníky ve vývoji filmových profesí Vývoj filmových profesí prošel obrovskou změnou, která neprobíhala osamoceně od technologických, sociokulturních a…(more)
(CS ❷ Dějiny profesí) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS 2013 | Dokumentární režie

Skutečnost a realita Hraný film často vypadá jako skutečný. Skutečnost je často natolik neuvěřitelná, že…(more)
(CS 2013 | Dokumentární režie) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Dramaturgie a scenáristika

Výstavba a logika příběhu Filmový scénář je základním podkladem pro natáčení. Před scénářem je třeba…(more)
(CS 2013 | Dramaturgie a scenáristika) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Filmová kritika

Téma, scénář, herectví, mizanscéna, kamera, střih, zvuk ... Filmová kritika nabízí v pojetí jednotlivých autorů různorodé…(more)
(CS 2013 | Filmová kritika) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Filmový trik

Obraz, efekty, triky Filmové triky se používají k realizování takových obrazů a scén…(more)
(CS 2013 | Filmový trik) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Herectví

Výraz, charakter, ztvárnění Přesvědčil, nebo nepřesvědčil? Toto setkání je připraveno pro všechny, kteří chtějí porozumět filmovému…(more)
(CS 2013 | Herectví) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Kamera

Obraz ve filmu Film je pohyblivý obraz. Filmové dílo vytváří specifický filmový prostor a pohyb. Obraz…(more)
(CS 2013 | Kamera) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Produkce

Financování filmu a producentská dramaturgie Produkce stojí na počátku profesionálního hraného filmu. Umění se vždy pojí…(more)
(CS 2013 | Produkce) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Režie

Jak vzniká film a práce s herci Režisér filmu je podstatnou součástí celé výroby filmu. Stojí…(more)
(CS 2013 | Režie) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS 2013 | Zvuk a hudba

Zvuk, ruch, hudba Občas opomíjená, ale důležitá složka ve filmu. Film je často rozebírán z pohledu…(more)
(CS 2013 | Zvuk a hudba) Director: , CZ, 2013

CS ❸ Dramaturgie a scenáristika

Výstavba a logika příběhu Filmový scénář je základním podkladem pro natáčení. Před scénářem je třeba zpracovat námět a přetvořit…(more)
(CS ❸ Dramaturgie a scenáristika) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❹ Režie

Představení filmových rolí ve vztahu k režii Napsaný scénář se u režisérů transformuje do audiovizuálního vyjadřování. Zároveň je důležitou úlohou režiséra…(more)
(CS ❹ Režie) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❺ Kamera

Prostor, pohyb a světlo ve filmu Film je pohyblivý obraz. Filmové dílo vytváří specifický filmový prostor a pohyb. Obraz je…(more)
(CS ❺ Kamera) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❻ Herectví

Výraz a rytmus Přesvědčil nebo nepřesvědčil? Toto setkání je připraveno pro všechny, kteří chtějí rozebrat filmové herectví a vnímat jej…(more)
(CS ❻ Herectví) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❼ Postprodukce

Čas a dynamika ve filmu
(CS ❼ Postprodukce) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❽ Zvuk a hudba

Zvuk, ruch a hudba Občas opomíjená, ale důležitá složka ve filmu. Film je často rozebírán z pohledu před i za kamerou,…(more)
(CS ❽ Zvuk a hudba) Director: , CZ, 2012

CS ❾ Dokumentární režie

Fikce a realita Hraný film často vypadá jako skutečný. Skutečnost je často natolik neuvěřitelná, že vypadá jako vymyšlená. Dokumentární filmy…(more)
(CS ❾ Dokumentární režie) Director: , CZ, 2012

Cuban animated films

The vampire cocktail of Juan Padrón. Animated film was never the strong suit of latin America. The only artistic eminency was held by Cuba. Only…(more)
() Director: , , 2000

Cuban Rafters

En el verano de 1994, un equipo de reporteros españoles de televisión rodó y entrevistó a siete cubanos y a sus familias en los días…(more)
(Balseros) Director: Carles Bosch, Josep M. Doménech, ESP, 2002


Life for 46year old Henry and his boyfriend Lance is comfortable and settled. But after the most disastrous date night in history – involving a…(more)
(Cucumber) Director: David Evans, Alice Troughton, Euros Lyn, GB, 2014

Culture can be done by other way

Would you want to be an artist, performer or organizator for one day? We can provide it for you. The film evening will be about…(more)
(Kultura se dá dělat i jinak) Director: různí autoři, CZ, 2008

Culture of Afro-American Diaspora

extraterrestrial tidings moderated by: Miloš Vojtěchovský…(more)
() Director: uvádí: Miloš Vojtěchovský, USA, 1960


Curanderos is a film trip through Peru in search of the hallucinogenic brew Ayahuasca. Director Egor Indiani sets off for a journey on which he…(more)
(Curanderos) Director: Egor Indiani, SK, 2018

Current Face of North Korea

Málokomu se podaří do Severní Koreje dostat, aniž by měl vedle sebe všudypřítomného průvodce a byl neustále pod dohledem. Koreanistce Nině Špitálníkové se to povedlo…(more)
(Současná tvář Severní Koreje – přednáška o studijních cestách do Severní Koreje) Director: , , 2015

Curumim: Diary of a Brazilian on Death Row

Marco Curumim Archer was caught thirteen years ago on the Indonesian airport with almost 14 kilos of cocaine. The prosecution was intransigent. Marco was sentenced…(more)
(Curumim) Director: Marcos Prado, BR, 2016


A broken marriage leads to a bitter custody battle with an embattled son at the center in this tense family drama that will keep audiences…(more)
(Jusqu'à la garde) Director: Xavier Legrand, F, 2017

Showing: Thursday 19. 7. 2018 20:45, Friday 20. 7. 2018 20:45, Saturday 21. 7. 2018 16:15, Sunday 22. 7. 2018 16:15

Cvrček a spol.

Cvrček a slepice, 5 minut Cvrček a housličky, 5 minut …(more)
(Cvrček a spol.) Director: různí autoři, CZ, 0000

CvW Filmmaterial

the screening of Clemens von Wedemayer´s films presented by: Clemens von Wedemayer In cooperation with…(more)
(CvW Filmmaterial) Director: Clemens von Wedemayer, NĚM, 2004

Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die

It is a story of a severalweeklong military duty in September 2014. A group of military volunteers comes to Donetsk Airport for the first time…(more)
(Kiborhy) Director: Achtem Seitablajev, UA, 2017

Cycle Cinema | Big Lebowski

I came, I saw, I pedalled... Come to join a…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Big Lebowski) Director: E. Coen - J. Coen, USA, 1998

Cycle Cinema | C'est la vie!

Come to join a cinema powered entirely by pedal bikes. Everyone from the audience can ride the bike powering the cinema's screen and sound. In…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Dokud nás svatba nerozdělí) Director: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano, F, 2017

Cycle Cinema | Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I came, I saw, I pedalled... Come to join a…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Strach a hnus v Las Vegas) Director: Terry Gilliam, CZ, 1998

Cycle Cinema | Matrix

I came, I saw, I pedalled... Come to join a…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Matrix) Director: Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, USA, 1999

Cycle Cinema | Rocky

I came, I saw, I pedalled... Come to join a…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Rocky) Director: John G. Avildsen, USA, 1976

Cycle Cinema | The Smoke

Come to join a cinema powered entirely by pedal bikes. Everyone from the audience can ride the bike powering the cinema's screen and sound. In…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Kouř) Director: Tomáš Vorel st., CZ, 1991

Cycle Cinema | Wild Tales

I came, I saw, I pedalled... Come to join a…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Divoké historky) Director: Damián Szifrón, RA-E, 2017

Cycling with Moliere

A once great actor, Serge Tanneur Fabrice Luchini, has retired from the limelight. Too much pressure meant that one day, he simply decided he would…(more)
(Alceste à bicyclette) Director: Philippe Le Guay, F, 2013

Cyklo Kino | Drive

Come to join a cinema powered entirely by pedal bikes. Everyone from the audience can ride the bike powering the cinema's screen and sound. In…(more)
(Cyklo Kino | Drive) Director: Nicolas Winding Refn, USA, 2011

Cyklofest 2009

(Cyklofest 2009) Director: Various, Various, 0000

Cyklofest 2010 Bicycle Festival

Cyclofest 2010, the fifth bicycle festival, is an international gathering of cycling and bicycle touring people. It is a daylong marathon of cycling and bicycle…(more)
(Cyklofest 2010) Director: various, CZ, 2010

Cyrano Fernández

La versión caraqueña del famoso drama sobre Cyrano de Bergerac traslada la trama al presente y la actualiza. Cyrano Fernández lidera una pandilla callejera que…(more)
(Cyrano Fernández) Director: Alberto Arvelo, YV, 2007

Cyril and Methodius - The Apostles of the Slavs

Film historical reconstruction about two brothers – Cyril and Methodius – responsible for the creation of the first Slavic script, the development of Slavic culture,…(more)
(Cyril a Metoděj – Apoštolové Slovanů) Director: Petr Nikolaev, CZ - SK - RUS, 2013

Czech Allah

Although the wave of migration may have brought only a few dozen refugees into the Czech Republic, a substantial part of the population has been…(more)
(Český Alláh) Director: Zuzana Piussi, CZ, 2017

Czech Beer War

As Czech beer brands are being sold off to foreign breweries, home brewers are bubbling up behind Czech garage doors. This mosaic of the stories…(more)
(Česká pivní válka) Director: Jan Látal, CZ, 2014

Czech Dream

First Czech reality filmshow, a documentary by two students of Prague FAMU about how easy it is for a Czech person to fall for a…(more)
(Český sen) Director: Vít Klusák / Filip Remunda, CZ, 2004

Czech Highlights

We have taken the opportunity and used the anniversary year of our festival to show the best short films made by Czech filmmakers from 1960…(more)
(Czech Highlights) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Czech Hump

Some people come to Sněžka, the Czech Republic's highest mountain, to get married, to take their mind off things, and sometimes even to commit suicide.…(more)
(Pahrbek český) Director: Lucie Králová, CZ, 2009

Czech Christmas Mass | Jakub Jan Ryba

In record Czech Philharmonic, Rudolfinum – Dvořákova síň
(Česká mše vánoční | Jakub Jan Ryba) Director: , CZ, 2014

Czech Journal: Free Smetana and Life and Death in Tanvald

(Český žurnál: Svobodu pro Smetanu a Život a smrt v Tanvaldu - premiéra) Director: Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda, CZ, 2013

Czech Peace

An observational and a strictly unbiased documentary film about the Czechs who – considering their experience with the Soviet occupation as well as the current USled…(more)
(Český mír) Director: V. Klusák - F. Remunda, CZ, 2010

Czech Philharmonic Special Christmas Concert

We would like to inform the listeners that the concert will be recorded and broadcast live at cinemas in the Czech Republic. …(more)
(Česká filharmonie živě: Mimořádný předvánoční koncert) Director: , CZ, 2015

CZECHDESIGN presents: Design future

What does international guest Lars Wallentin think about package and graphic design prospect? Or Czech icons like Petr Babák, Jan Činčera a Fiala&Šebek? …(more)
(CZECHDESIGN uvádí: Budoucnost designu) Director: CZECHDESIGN, CZ, 2015


(Czechoslovakia) Director: Denis Sanders, USA, 1969

Czechs against Czechs

In 2013, Czech nationalism, at its worst, is on the rise and the antiGypsy demonstrations occur almost daily. The director of the film decides to…(more)
(Češi proti Čechům) Director: Tomáš Kratochvíl, CZ, 2015

Čarodějův učeň ve skalách

Slideshow including videos and photos talks about Adam's life as a climber. Adam will explain how he got into climbing and he evolved, icluding the…(more)
(Čarodějův učeň ve skalách) Director: , CZ, 2017

Čarovné pohádky

Tři čarovná pera, 6 min. 40 dědečků, 8 min. Čarovné lyže, 11 min. Čarovná rybí…(more)
(Čarovné pohádky) Director: various, CZ, 0000

Čechomor unplugged

(Čechomor unplugged) Director: various, CZ, 2010


Filmový festival ke 30. výročí černobylské a k 5. výročí fukušimské havárie.
(ČERNO!BYL FEST) Director: , , 0000


Television event of the year arrives finally at full quality on the big screen Černobílo a unique, instantly iconic animated audiovisual phenomenon that throughout…(more)
(ČERNOBÍLO) Director: , , 0000

ČERNOBÍLO - leaked pirate screening

Children's hobby group "Little pirate" is proud that it was able to acquire a pirated copy of premiere of the cult pirate series broadcasted in…(more)
(ČERNOBÍLO - pirátská předpremiérečka) Director: , CZ, 0000

Česká Granada

(Česká Granada) Director: Jan Papoušek, CZ, 2010

České století: Ať si jdou (1992)

Poslední díl unikátní filmové série, která rozkrývá tabu klíčových událostí našich moderních dějin. Od Masaryka ke Klausovi a Mečiarovi. Konec Československa. Transformace ekonomiky se jeví jako…(more)
(České století: Ať si jdou (1992)) Director: Robert Sedláček, CZ, 2013

České století: Je to jen rock´n´roll (1976)

Píše se rok 1976 a před pražským soudem probíhá proces se skupinou The Plastic people. Mimořádný zájem veřejnosti, v normalizačním bezčasí se cosi začíná měnit.…(more)
(České století: Je to jen rock´n´roll (1976)) Director: Robert Sedláček, CZ, 2013

České století: Musíme se dohodnout (1968)

Týden po 21. srpnu 1968. Sovětská okupace, smrtelná rána Pražskému jaru. Šok. Zoufalství i odhodlání. A pak jednání v Moskvě. A kapitulace. Šestý díl unikátní filmové…(more)
(České století: Musíme se dohodnout (1968)) Director: Robert Sedláček, CZ, 2013

České století: Poslední hurá (1989)

Rok 1989 a pád komunistického režimu. Kdo si vůbec pamatuje, co je to skutečná demokracie? Kdo udrží v ruce otěže doby, kde se idealismus potká…(more)
(České století: Poslední hurá (1989)) Director: Robert Sedláček, CZ, 2013

Československá cesta

(Československá cesta) Director: Miloslav Doležal, CZ, 2011


() Director: , , 2000

Člověk - La škola - v mezzaninu

La škola…(more)
(Člověk - La škola - v mezzaninu) Director: , , 0000

ČT Forum: 13. komnata

ČT Forum: 13. komnata presents two documentary films about famous personalities, whose lives were influenced by varying sexual orientation. After screening, there will be a…(more)
(Fórum ČT: 13. komnata) Director: , CZ, 2007

ČT Forum: Q

Q is a queer multicultural program of Czech television. Every week it brings to television screens an overview of the Czech and international queer scene,…(more)
(Fórum ČT: Q) Director: D. Kupšovský - J. Růžička , CZ, 2008

Čtyři v tom III.

The first episode from the documentary Four in a Family Way III. …(more)
(Čtyři v tom) Director: Markéta Ekrt Válková, CZ, 2015