Kino Světozor

Black Mozart


(Le Mozart Noir) Director: Raymond Saint-Jean, KAN, 2003, English version / Czech subtitles, 53 min

Le Chevalier Saint-Georges was a truly remarkable man who overcame massive adversities of class, race and societal prejudice to become a phenomenal celebrity in 18th century France. Born to an enslaved mother in Guadeloupe, he eventually rose to become the first black man to lead France's most important orchestras and a composer who inspired Mozart. Saint-Georges was also Europe's finest fencer, a famed lover, and the commander of an army of a thousand black soldiers during the French Revolution - a feat unprecedented in European history. Through the use of historical recreation, archival materials and performances by the world-famous Tafelmusik Orchestra, Le Mozart Noir presents the surprising and expansive story of a forgotten genius.


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