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Benefit for Metráž (Yardage)

Benefit for Metráž (Yardage)

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(Benefice pro Metráž) Director: , , 0000, , 300 min

Upcycling – slow fashion – solidarity

Metráž (Yardage) is a workshop for at-risk women in difficult social situations. In a small atelier in the centre of Prague, design fashion and accessories are made by women threatened with or currently experiencing social exclusion, violence, homelessness and poverty. Metráž aims to uplift and aid these women, providing them with creative work opportunities which support, motivate, teach practical skills and ensure earnings. With this benefit, we‘d like to reach our funding goals to secure a long-term (regular monthly) group meeting, facilitated by an experienced therapist, for our team. These meetings are vital, as they serve as a special safe space in which the women can share and process their problems and traumatic experiences, simultaneously improving their self-esteem and their life situations. The benefit will feature three unique workshops (upcycled garments, upcycled jewelry and DIY cosmetics) and a flea market selling a few smart pieces donated by Czech fashion designers from their own wardrobes. Veronika Ruppert of Radio Wave, will moderate the evening, and the festivities will culminate in a performance by Ille and DJ set featuring Radio Wave's Mary C.


Workshop “Make a Ladies' Top from a Man‘s Shirt” Lubica Skalská 5 – 9 pm

Workshop Jewelry-Accessories Metráž 5 – 8 pm

Workshop DIY Natural Cosmetics Jiskry 5 – 8 pm

Concert Ille 8 - 9 pm

Admission: 200,-/1000,- (the admission includes Lubica Sklaská’s workshop for 4 hours - it’s necessary to register in advance at


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