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Boiling Point

Boiling Point

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(Kiehumispiste) Director: Elina Hirvonen, FIN, 2017, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 90 min

Insults and slogans fly through the air. "No savages and monsters in Finland!" "Racists out!" "God gave each nation its own place on earth!" Demonstrations, skirmishes, happenings. Friends who have known each other for years now fight in the sauna about humanitarian aid to refugees. Young Muslim women are afraid to walk in the city alone. Nationalists do not believe the media and establish their own news site. The film shows Finnish society as a fragmented mosaic where the rise of nationalism and neo-Nazism, distrust of the media, the government, the EU and Chancellor Merkel are accompanied by the same rhetoric that can be found in the Czech Republic.


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