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A Revolution in Four Seasons

A Revolution in Four Seasons

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(A Revolution in Four Seasons) Director: Jessie Deeter, USA, 2016, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 88 min

The authoritarian Tunisian regime fell in 2011 after a wave of demonstrations, and the people could freely elect their political representatives for the first time. This film tracks the lives of 2 influential women, who, post-revolution, are actively fighting for the democratisation of their country, freedom of speech and eradication of corruption, but with differing views on religion’s role in society. Journalist Emna Ben Jemaa looks to “Western” democracy and secularism while Jahwara Ettis, the moderate Islamist Renaissance Party’s representative in the Constituent Assembly, seeks democracy based on Islamic principles. Both women are seeking to combine their personal and public lives while experiencing disappointment in the post-revolutionary developments of their country.


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