Kino Světozor

The Antichrist


(L'anticristo) Director: Alberto De Martino, I, 1974, English version / Czech subtitles, 110 min

Sure, the 1974 Italian horror Antichrist is a blatant Exorcist knock-off. But while the films’ respective climaxes are similar, De Martino’s effort delves much further into the sexual aspects and blasphemous nature of demonic possession. When sexually frustrated Ippolita, a paralyzed young woman with serious daddy issues, makes a lustful pact with the devil, she quickly regains the use of her legs at the expense of her body, mind and soul! Soon she’s levitating around the ceiling and spewing profanity and green puke all over Rome. But all of that is just a warm-up for the film’s most infamous sequence, an act best described as goatilingus. Move over Linda Blair!


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