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Thao sale

Thao sale

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(Thao bazar) Director: , , 0000, , 300 min

This shopping spree won't leave you feeling guilty. In we like hand-made clothes, but we also like helping people. So we run a children's home in Nepal from our profits. We already gave home to almost 80 children and are preparing to open our own school in 2017. When it comes to clothes, we pride ourselves in original, unique models and fair-trade approach towards all who we work with. So come to our big clearance sale, get some beautiful new pieces and improve your karma. We are looking forward to seeing you.


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Book: Filmové právo - autorskoprávní perspektiva Book
350 Kč
Shirt: The Plastic People of the Universe - Men Shirt
250 Kč
Book: Republiku a varlata Book
348 Kč
DVD: The Stolen Airship DVD
129 Kč
Book: Conversations with Joseph Brodsky Book
139 Kč
Book: Příběh festivalu: 50 ročníků Mezinárodního filmového festivalu Karlovy Vary Book
550 Kč
Book: Vlastizrady Book
699 Kč

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