Kino Světozor

After the rain


(Depois da chuva) Director: Marília Hughes Guerreiro, Cláudio Marques, BR, 2013, Portuguese / Czech and English subtitles, 95 min

In 1984 Brazilians went out to the streets in all major cities. The country was under the rule of military junta for twenty years and the people were frustrated by the lack of freedom, economic stagnation and the one-party rule. In this turbulent time we watch a young teenager Caio, who finds himself in the front line of the political storms while trying to find a place in his own family. And as is the civil society progressively colliding with the impenetrable wall of the ruling generals, Caio is lost in the endless struggle for his own self, his historical role and his first love. The film artfully avoids the melodramatic pathos and exposes the main characters to problematic choices. At the same time, the poetic style and theme of the movie reminds us of Bernard Bertolucci's film The Dreamers. The directors, Cláudio Marques and Marília Hughes Guerreiro, successfully debuted with this film in the genre of live action, when the film was selected for the main competition at the prestigious Rotterdam Festival.


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