Kino Světozor



(Arianna) Director: Carlo Lavagna, I, 2015, Italian / Czech and English subtitles, 84 min

Young Arianna sets off with her parents to the lakeside house where she grew up. Instead of having peace to prepare for her exams and a carefree, joyous summer, Arianna is full of doubts about her identity and sexuality. Attempts at intimacy with boys usually end in failure, and, unlike her peers, she feels physically immature. When her parents do not provide satisfactory answers to onerous questions, she decides to uncover the secret of her past on her own. Will she succeed in getting rid of her physical and mental insecurity? The atmospheric film is set in the enchanting area of Lake Bolseno in Italy, mesmerizing viewers with the detailed psychological portrait of the main protagonist. The performance earned the unseasoned Ondina Quadria the award for the best actress in a debut at last year's Venice festival. The film is based on a true story.


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