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A Blind Date with the Shockproof Aero for the Blind

A Blind Date with the Shockproof Aero for the Blind

(Otrlé Aero naslepo pro nevidomé) Director: , , 0000, Czech simultaneous translation, 89 min

A blind date with The Shockproof Film Festival and cinema Aero. Till the very last minute you will have no clue what film we are going to screen. On the other hand, we do not ask any admission – you simply pay what you want after the screening. And if we screen a film that you already know, you just leave the screening within ten minutes and we will compensate your loss of time with one complimentary beer! Are you in? Well, you probably should know, that the screened film will be of the X-rated quality, rather silly and hairy and on top of everything accompanied by a live Czech dubbing and an audio description for the blind to commemorate the White Cane Safety Day.


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