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Brutal Relax Show | 2016

Brutal Relax Show | 2016

(Brutal Relax Show ) Director: various, , 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 117 min

A relaxing film package for all those who have long known that the world is much crazier than what the newspapers tell you and that all good intentions are just pure Evil in disguise. This year again we will make one of your darkest nights more pleasurable with films openly admitting that you need to feed the inspiration at all costs, that bank robbers cannot share a car with a single fly, that children should not try to amend their parents and that the world is once again in an urgent need for a true hero with a headband, leather jacket, good heart and great Kung-Fu skills. Once again, Simona Babčáková will take care of your relaxation and guide you through the night.

Super Boost
Jonas Meier, CH, 2013
What would happen if we took advertising literally? What would a „double push-up“ effect look like? A nearly surrealistic film that takes the most absurd claims and tries to turn them into reality.

In Extremis
Gregory Crosbie, GB, 2014
It should have been a super easy job. Just guard those museum cellars, sit at a table, read newspaper and occasionally have a sip from the faithful flask to keep the young staffer warm. However, what seemed to be a dull task swiftly turns into horror when strange sounds start coming out of weird cells with no entrances. In Extremis is a horrifying homage to classic British horror movies from the 1960s and 70s.

Kung Fury
David Sandberg, S, 2015
Detective Kung Fury was chosen to go back in time to fight Adolf Hitler aka “the Kung Führer” and prevent him from a massive shooting at a Miami police station in 1985. There is a system error, however, and he ends up in the dinosaur era, fortunately aided by the Valkyries and Thor himself. This doesn’t make much sense, right? Well, forget pretty much everything you have ever learned about history. Noone cares about that anyway. A nutpulling homage to everything “eighties” that ever came close to your VCR. All concentrated into 30 minutes of crazy ride accompanied by a wonderful 8bit soundtrack. Essentially, a David Hasselhoff’s wet dream.

The Fly
Olly Williams, GB, 2013
When there is a robbery, someone has to wait outside in the car with the engine running. Nerves are wrecked, you could bottle the suspense. There is simply no space for an annoying fly. Man vs. fly in a life and death fight over a car cabin.

He Dies at the End
Damian McCarthy, IRL, 2011
A hear-attack inducing evergreen returning not only to the Prague Short Films Festival. Yet, this social network and festival hit starts rather uneventfully... A man sitting in his office late at night starts to answer a few personal questions that start appearing at his computer screen.

Christian Rivers, NZ, 2015
Inspiration needs to be fed, that is a well known fact. The problem is when it comes from somewhat dark forces with a strange apetite that is growing. Literally.

The Chickening
Force, DenBoer, USA-CDN, 2015
What would Staneley Kubrick’s Shinning look like if it was taken from him by a bunch of insane fans? They would turn a god forsaken hotel into a fast food kingdom, the freaky girls would become a break dance artists and Jack Nicholson a re-animated piece of chicken. The menu is complemented by a cup of looney humor and extra portion of wild animation.

Nils Hedinger, CH, 2014
As the old saying goes, you have to chop a tree to make timber. But what if splinters, logs and stumps suddenly appeared on a deserted island? This is a dark night and this bunch is just trying not to freeze to death. What can be used as timber, though?

Rosto, NL, 2015
"Zip up and let's dance to the sound of breaking glass." A band of sleepy spirits in an ambulance driven by a more than eerie nurse. The third of a series of films within Thee Wreckers music project of one of the most extravagant contemporary animators, Rosto.

Tin & Tina
Rubin Stein, E, 2013
Tin and Tina sit down to have dinner with their father. But there is no way they are going to eat the puree... An atmospheric horror film inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Haneke or Guillermo del Toro where children, big knives and good intentions take the stage.

Bad Guy
Chris McInroy, USA, 2014
Getting a promotion deserves to be celebrated, right? Well, not so much if your field is criminal underworld and services. And especially not if you have just been promoted to Bad Guy #2, the one that is always massacred by the big boss to get the others to work.

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