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Baltic Focus

Baltic Focus

(Baltic Focus) Director: various, , 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 105 min

The three Baltic countries have seen a lot of interesting development in the past years, with films being featured at international festivals. Absurd humor, love in the mortuary, gangsters in action and family dramas, all that in our program focused on the most original works from the region. And of course we will feature the original story Castratus the Boar, which was awarded a Special Mention at the last Prague Short Films Festival. Three countries, three male directors, three female directors.

Giedrius Tamoševičius, LT, 2015
Tom’s parental rights have been restricted and he is left with only a few hours to spend with his beloved daughter Urte in a week. On top of that, all the meetings are supervised by a social worker and his exwife. The circumstances are not in his favor, and so he is fighting mostly with himself. Just keep calm not to lose those precious moments with his daughter. One day, however, he decides to steal a few more minutes just for the two of them. Although this is a school project, Jackie was already featured on several international film festivals. Dainius Jankauskas who played the role of Tom, got Best Male Performance award at the Athens Film Festival.

Castratus, The Boar
Raitis Ābele, Lauris Ābele, LV, 2014
Valter is a loner with a secret. Due to that he cannot really fit in with the community, and so he at least keeps pigs and sings in the church choir. What happens when attempts to approach Aija, one of the local girls? This will not be a traditional romance, that is for sure.

The Noisemaker
Karolis Kaupinis, LT-S, 2014
A small village primary school is expecting an official visit from the ministry, bringing a new bell to the school. Yet the bell is not the only thing missing in the school. There are not enough children in the village to meet the official quota. Two empty slots in a spreadsheet present a real threat – the school may lose state money or even be closed. The school principal, obsessed by the prospect of a bright future, is willing to try anything to prevent the delegation from finding out how many pupils there are. What if there is actually no future for the school and everybody is just postponing the inevitable?

Triin Ruumet, EST, 2014
Andrej and Oliver are two guys, trying to make it through the heavy in-between times in the 1990s Estonia. We enter their story on a chilly morning, when they are about to face a clear task. They have to kill a man called Valerij. We don’t know who ordered the murder or why. What we know is that Andrej is ready to sacrifice anything to give his beloved daughter Nastia a chance of a better life. It seems like a simple enough task. But does Andrej realize the impact of the crime he is about to commit?

All My Dead
Astra Zoldnere, LV, 2014
A comedy infused with chloroform and black humor, telling a story of a brief Christmas meeting of two lonely souls in the midst of a mortuary. The instant romantic spark is strong enough to make the hearts of all those who didn’t make it through Christmas beat again. Yet each of them has different expectations – she wants love, he wants freedom. Where will all this lead?

Anu Aun, EST, 2010
When Miina, obviously a well-off young lady, is caught shoplifting, Mara, a tough policewoman, decides to teach her a lesson. Even the tears of fragile Miina cannot change the strict mind of Mara who gives Miina the highest possible fine. Neither of them knows this is not the last time their paths cross. The two women, as different as can possibly be, share a painful secret they have to face day in and day out within the four walls of their homes. This sharp probe into the world of psychological violence has already gathered 14 awards and was featured at more than 50 festivals around the world, including Clermont Ferrand, Montreal, Shanghai, Uppsala or Rome.

Films listed in this program are sorted alphabetically, they might be screened in a different order.


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