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Tears of Steel: Vladimír Stehlík Meets Lubomír Krystlík

Tears of Steel: Vladimír Stehlík Meets Lubomír Krystlík

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(Ocelové slzy aneb Cesta Vladimíra Stehlíka za Lubomírem Krystlíkem) Director: Tomáš Potočný, CZ, 2015, Czech version, 52 min

The screening on Monday, November 16, within the DOcumentary Mondays cycle, will be accompanied by a screening if the best Czech experimental documentary film (as awarded in Jihlava 2015) Listen to the Horizon.

The privatization and bankruptcy of the famous Poldi Kladno steel mill in the 1990s long left its mark on Czech society and the media. The FAMU graduate film returns to the affair many years later from the point of view of its main actors: Poldi Kladno’s CEO Vladimír Stehlík and his personal advisor Lubomír Krystlík. By juxtaposing their remarks with archival television videos, the film provides a humorous look at the ups and downs of two men who contributed extensively to building capitalism in post-1989 Bohemia and who are now learning the art of aging on their meager pensions.

“You have to turn it into a show. Otherwise nobody will find it interesting. Also, there is no point in returning to the past. Document it and enough.” “And how should we turn it into a show?” “For instance by taking a picture of Stehlík’s teeth.”


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